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Most Liked Instagram Photos

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Most Liked Instagram Photos: If you follow Instagram Picture contest regularly, you will realize that a brand-new champ was crowned as the most-liked photo on Instagram in the social media platform. There are only six various individuals in the leading 10 most-liked Instagram photos’ list, this shows that it is very hard to get to the top of the Insta-game.

Most Liked Instagram Photos

Listed below are the leading 10 most-liked Instagram pictures from bottom-up at the time of writing this article

10. Cristiano Ronaldo -- 8.2 m likes

9. Justin Bieber -- 8.4 m likes

8. Selena Gomez-- 8.4 m likes

7. Khloe Kardashian-- 8.8 m likes

6. Beyoncé -- 10.3 m likes

5. Kylie Jenner -- 10.4 m likes

4. Selena Gomez -- 10.4 m likes

3. Beyonce -- 11.2 m likes

2. Cristiano Ronaldo -- 11.3 m likes

1. Kylie Jenner -- 15.8 m likes

You can follow this trend of Instagram highest likes on pictures contest to help you with pictures you can upload on Instagram and get recent Instagram Hashtags.
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Top 5 most preferred types of Instagram images

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Top 5 most preferred types of Instagram images: Instagram images ranges from personal pictures, selfies, photos with friends, brand pictures e.t.c. but the top 5 Instagram images often used by users includes the following. 

1. Quotivational Instagram Photos
Not minding the English, everyone has seen these sort of posts at one point or the other, though they seem corny at times, they can however be motivational and inspiring. They're easy, catchy and also relevant.

2. Business Instagram Photos
No one understands why, yet flawlessly crafted pictures of neatly prepared items filling up the screen has actually always been a popular strategy among many Instagram business account owners.

3. Seasonal Instagram Photos
One of the simplest and common set of images involves publishing season-themed pictures around festive periods like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Valentine’s Day, and so on. Everyone's focus will be on similar events and this can prompt posting similar photos

4. Text Message Screenshot Photos
Recently on social media, a common type of photo shared online are images of text chats and messages on social media platforms, this can serve as a form of joke among users, friends and others.

5. Customer Produced Instagram Photos
This type of image is tailored a bit much more to people with a product or service and a restricted audience. Getting your followers actively included is an excellent means to enhance sales or raise your fans.

These are common images you will certainly come across through your experience on social networks
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Good Times to Post on Instagram

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Good Times to Post on Instagram: Instagram, as a highly used social network, is promptly getting the interest of most online users. By now, marketers currently understand the value of photo as well as video in their social marketing strategies, and since Instagram provides the best platform for you to share a selection of photo or video content and connect with your audience in brand new ways, it’s cool to know the Good Times to Post on Instagram.

Good Times to Post on Instagram.

Instagram recently presented polls in Instagram stories, allowing you to ask for friends and followers choice in selection process. For marketing experts, this opens an entire brand-new platform to get much better insight into consumer demands, gather feedback on services and products, and also increase interaction between your brand and also its followers on the social network.

Users additionally can now respond to Instagram posts that has video clips and images including those precious selfies. Responses are sent out directly to customers' inboxes, and with a straightforward button that leads to a drop down text area, they can view reactions from their friends. As Instagram continues its growth among social networks most-used platform, currently with over 800 million regular monthly active customers, it ends up being increasingly crucial for brand names to determine the most effective time of the day to post in order to ensure that their target audiences are engaged and awaits their updates.

Good Times To Post On Instagram

Listed below are helpful information regarding the best period of the day to post on Instagram.

According to a recent post released by CoSchedule and TruConversion, they claim that posts published on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday see the highest levels of comments, responses and likes. Sunday is regarding as a day to avoid sending posts as it records low user engagement, so ensure your posts are scheduled for weekdays.

Best Times to Post on Instagram

Tuesday at 2 p.m. is the most-effective day as well as time to post on Instagram, according to CoSchedule. They also declared that posts sent between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. generally see the lowest degrees of engagement by users. An Instagram post-scheduling software application, Receptacle discovered that the most effective time to post on Instagram is between 6 p.m. and also 7:30 p.m. throughout the week and also around 11 a.m. on the weekend. This may sound to conflict each other, but combining the two can be a great way to increase user engagement on your Instagram profile.

With this in mind, posting on Instagram should be an easy task and engaging your fans should not be difficult since you now know the time or duration of the day in which they are mostly active.
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How to Hide Facebook Friends List

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How to Hide Facebook Friends List: Facebook has recently upgraded its privacy policy which now make it possible for its users to hide their Facebook information from the general public or at least control those that are viewing them, this is believed to strengthen Facebook community as well as individual Facebook user’s privacy.
Fortunately, one of the features that can be hidden is the friend’s list, a Facebook user can now hide his/her friend’s list from the general public view or conceal it from those that are not their Facebook friend who may intend to steal a friend from their list without adding them.
So, if you are actually looking for a way to hide your Facebook friend’s list from others, here is how it is done;
  • Visit your Facebook profile
  • Look for the friends tab, then click on the pencil-like icon in front
  • From the pop-up menu, uncheck the box that quotes “show friend list to everyone”

Now your Facebook Friend’s list is hidden to those that are not your friend on Facebook, you can still hide this from some numbers of friends by registering the exact number of friend you wish to show your Facebook friend’s list.

To manage what other Facebook users sees on your Profile, you can visit your privacy settings at the general settings tab, there you will see different options of what you can actually hide on your profile.

I hope this article was a lot helpful to hide your Facebook friend’s list from Facebook kleptomanias, you can kindly share this with some of your friends so they can learn how to hide their Facebook friend’s list
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How to Deactivate Facebook account On Mac and PC

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How to Deactivate Facebook account On Mac and PC: If you’ve been following our guide on how to deactivate your Facebook account, you should know the differences between Facebook account deletion and account Deactivation by now. In today’s article, we will show you the steps to easily Deactivate Facebook account On Mac and PC 

Deactivate Facebook account On Mac and PC
Follow these easy steps to deactivate your Facebook account on Mac and PC

1. Navigate to Facebook website. Input this link in your web browser https://www.facebook.com/. If you're currently logged into Facebook, this will take you to your News Feed. If you aren't logged into Facebook, enter your email address (or telephone number) into the top-right corner of the screen and click Log In to continue.

2. Click ▼. You'll see this icon in the top-right side of the Facebook page to reveal a drop-down menu.

3. Click Settings from these options. It's toward the bottom of the drop-down menu.

4. Click the General tab. You'll see this alternative in the top-left side of the page.

5. Click Manage Account. It's the last choice on the page.

6. Click the "Deactivate your account" link. This choice is just above the Close button.

7. You will be required to type in your Facebook password. You'll do this in the text field near the middle of the page.

8. Click Continue. As long as your password is proper, doing so will take you to the deactivation page.

9. Click a reason for shutting off. You'll do this in the "Factor for leaving" section near the bottom of the page and choose the duration of your Facebook account deactivation, so that Facebook can automatically help you reactivate your account after the elapsed time.

10. Click Deactivate. It's the blue button at the bottom of the page. You may need to re-enter your password after this step.

11. Click Deactivate now when triggered. Doing so will deactivate your Facebook account. If you wish to re-activate it at any time, just go to the Facebook login page, enter your e-mail address and password, and click Log In. On Successful Login, you have simply reactivated your Facebook account

I hope our article on How to Deactivate My Facebook Account on Mac and PC was helpful? Share with your friends.

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Instagram Verify Account

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Instagram Verify Account: Instagram users get envious of other people’s account when they see the Verified symbol and logo in front of such user’s profile. Many people want the blue confirmation check near their Instagram account.

Sadly, confirmation on Instagram can be tough as Instagram chooses which accounts to validate on its own since there is no application process. Instagram mostly validates individual’s account as well as some companies. As complex as this might sound, a little devotion can raise your opportunities of verification. So engage proactively with various other individuals and get interest by means of other social networks systems. In case you cannot get validated, do not stress. Luckily, there are various other means to show your target market your account is genuine.
Read: How to get likes on Instagram
Instagram Verify Account

Part 1: Getting Enough Fans

  • Use of hashtags: Hashtags are the major means people search accounts on Instagram. Making use of preferred hashtags ensures various other customers can find your messages and ultimately if customers like what they see, they may determine to follow you.
Read our previous post on POPULAR INSTAGRAM HASHTAGS
NOTE: You must also use hashtags connected to your personal brand or your company's brand name, For instance, if you're a comedian, use hashtags that relates with the comedy scene and focus on what's trending i.e. a recent activity.

  • Interact with other users: Communications are among the very best ways to get fans and followers on Instagram. To boost your list of followers, you need to like random pictures and make comments on various other user's accounts. This could urge other users to follow you in return. Avoid posting any spam related content online. Individuals may get annoyed if you upload things like, "Hey! Trendy photos. You need to follow me!" Rather than this, make cool captions to your images.
  • Promote your Instagram account on various other social media sites: If you're popular on other social media sites accounts, link these up with your Instagram. If you have a big Twitter follower’s base, see to it to cross-post across your Instagram photos on Twitter. You can make use of the Instagram app to connect your Instagram as well as Twitter, Facebook, and also other social media platforms.
  • Study the time of the day when your followers are active: Recent survey proves that Instagram users are mostly available by 2am and 5pm. To maximize the number of people that checks out your messages and use prominent hashtags during these times.
  • Create a great biography that brings in followers.
Part 2: Obtaining Instagram to Verify You

  • Supply proof of your legitimacy: Instagram will only confirm your account if they are sure your account solely belongs to you and is run by you and not by an impostor.
  • Connect to your other social media sites accounts, especially if they are validated.
  • Use real pictures and generic photographs of landscape and post some personal web content in order to help with the verification procedure.
  • Seek Facebook verification: Facebook verification for your business or your personal account could increase the probability of Instagram verification. If you have a fan web page on your own or a general web page for your firm, go to the "settings" tab on Facebook from your profile. Click "general" then "web page verification" and then "get going." You should provide Facebook your phone number or email address so they can send a confirmation code to include on your profile. After this, Facebook will certainly start processing your request for verification.
  • Gain popularity on various other social networks: Instagram does not validate just any person. Usually, someone needs to meet some certain condition as a star, celebrity or Internet character to be verified on Instagram. For business, your firm should be relatively well-known to get verified. 
  • Other means to show your followers that you're authentic: Instagram is not likely to verify your account unless you meet certain criteria. Individuals and companies are less most likely to be validated. If you discover Instagram will not verify your account, take various other measures to show that your account is authentic. Notable among these steps are connect your Instagram account to your personal internet site or your company web site and cross-post Instagram articles with other social networks websites like Facebook and twitter.
Part 3: Staying Clear Of Adverse Practices
There are some things that limits your chances of getting verified on Instagram, these activities includes the following and must be avoided.
  1. Buying of Instagram followers.
  2. Use of spammy comments.
The best action to do is to evaluate and follow Instagram's terms of use guidelines. Instagram is unlikely to confirm accounts that do not comply with community standards.
  • Only post and also share videos you can share. Do not post information that are guided by copyright.
  • Avoid sexually explicit web content or points like nudity.
  • Do not upload anything unlawful.
  • Leave respectful, purposeful remarks on other people's blog posts.
I hope this article was helpful?
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How to Make Pictures Fit On Instagram

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How to Make Pictures Fit On Instagram: Instagram is a social media platform that allows posting of photos and video to entertain and educate other users following you, you can also advertise your products using these photos and videos uploaded on Instagram. But Instagram has a specific specifications for photos that should be uploaded, anything outside these specification is not accepted and won’t be uploaded.

Instagram may receive images in landscape orientation but will crop it to a square orientation after submission, this can be done when you tap on the round gray arrow icon at the bottom corner of the photo preview.

Instagram’s photos should have an aspect ratios of 1.91:1 for landscape images, 4:5 for vertical photo orientation and 1:1 for standard square photos, any picture going against any of the above aspect ratio will be cropped automatically.

When considering the image quality, Instagram does not really change this, its resolution remains as it is so far the image does not defile the aspect ratios. The normal image resolution of 320 pixel to 1,080 pixel is used on Instagram, any photo that has a resolution lower than this will be changed automatically to 320 pixels, and this might affect its size and appearance.

Note that any image that has a resolution larger than 1,080 pixels will has its resolution reduced, this is so for images captured from high resolution cameras of modern phones from Apple, LG, Samsung, HTC and various others. These phone may capture images with resolution as high as megapixels.

I hope this article was helpful? Kindly share with your contacts so they can know the correct image specification for Instagram photos.
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APPLICATION TO IDENTIFY THOSE THAT UNFRIEND YOU ON FACEBOOK: Facebook is a worldwide social network which enables users to control their activities themselves through it various setting and privacy policy but it is unfortunate that it does not allow users to know or identify those that unfriended them. This urge displayed by users to detect those that unfriended them has brought about this article which will discuss on two basics ways to know those that have unfriended you on Facebook.

The use of web browser Addon/extension
  • Mount the add-on or extension plugins onto your web browser preferably Firefox or chrome browsers
  • Then login using the browser into your Facebook account
  • Wait until your friends list is up to date, uploading them might take up to 3 min depending on how plenty your friends are
  • The browser will continue to notify you whenever some unfriends you on Facebook
  • But to detect those that have unfriended you before, simply go friends, then click on lost friends
  • The displayed list of friends are those who have unfriended you.
The use of a 3rd party site
  1. Simply open www.who.delete.me on any browser
  2. On this site, login to your Facebook account and enable crucial authorization
  3. When successfully logged in, a list of those that unfriended you on Facebook is displayed
Now you see it extremely easy to detect that friend of yours who backslides and broke the oath by unfriending you on Facebook. Since this article has helped you acquire that, why not share it with those loyal friends, so they can also detect their disloyal friends.
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How to Make Shoutouts on Instagram

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How to Make Shoutouts on Instagram: I recently received lots of demand from people requesting the best methods to make a shout out on Instagram and also the best way to make the shout out page as unique as possible, due to this, I’m bringing up an article which treats this issue on how to make a shout out on Instagram.

Instagram shout out simply means advertising your personal Instagram account to other users by showcasing your bio details as well as asking others to follow you. This is the most effective way to get more followers on Instagram, more people are likely to click on what Instagram itself suggests rather than what other users suggest. So if you wish to have an innovative way of making a shout out on Instagram, which will attract more followers, read below to get some ideas on what you can do.

So you could make a shout out by regularly posting of likable pictures and videos, These attract more Instagram users faster than any other acts, people themselves will have to reference your Instagram account to others most especially their followers when they like the pictures you posted or the videos they just viewed on your account.

Another method is to start a contest among your followers, make sure the contest involves only your followers, so those that are interested will have to follow you to participate. If the contest is interesting, then your followers will definitely invite their followers to come join it.

Again, make sure you follow back anyone that follows you on Instagram, this is because that is what the platform entails, following users back won’t cause you any harm, so as soon as you noticed a new follower, kindly follow the individual back. This will encourage people to follow you and also make a shout out at your account because they are certain of a follow back.

Make sure your Instagram account is visible to all, don’t in any case make your account private, this will allow other Instagram users check up your previous post, thereby, attracting them to follow you so they can catch up your next set of posts.

Finally, you can as well make a shout out of other users account, this can be done by either tagging them in your post or recommending their account via text format. This when done may be reciprocate in turn, add up to your followers.

In order to make a shout out to other Instagram users’ account, you can follow this suggestion which may attract more people faster than other methods of shout outs;

  • First, locate the account you wish to make a shout out to, then go to its previous posts and screenshot about 10 posts together
  • Go back to your Instagram home page and add a new post, select the screenshot you just capture from your gallery.
  • Now write some interesting notes about the Instagram account in the photo caption and also tag the owner of the account you are making a shout out to
  • And finally, upload the post.
I hope this was helpful in making a good shout out? Kindly share to your friends to make them learn how to make a shout out on Instagram.
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Facebook Messenger Not Sending Messages Issues

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Facebook Messenger Not Sending Messages Issues: One of the various benefits of the Facebook Messenger is the provision of sending text without the expense or restrictions of SMS. This benefit becomes counter-productive when you’re not getting messages promptly. In some instances messages are gotten on the Facebook app whereas it is not gotten on the Facebook Messenger app, in this instance the issue might be connected to the app. It might also occur that messages are gotten but alert are not, then this might be a problem with settings.

Listed below are some troubleshooting to be done:

1. Check Connection

In some cases you might be getting messages on the Facebook Site but not on your phone, this might be as a result of your connection. Ensure you have proper access to the internet on your devices. For Android devices, Navigate to ‘Settings’, then ‘SIM cards & Mobile Networks’ and ensure Mobile data is ticked. Check pics below for illustrations:

In case of Wi-Fi Connection, ensure you are properly connected to a Wi-Fi network that has proper connection to the internet. For Android devices, Navigate to ‘Settings’, then ‘Wi-Fi’. Activate and connect to the available Wi-Fi network of choice.
Note: You have to put in mind that some public Wi-Fi network will require you to accept terms before you can access the Web.

2. Latest App Update

It might be that you have not set the App Market place on your device to auto update, this situation might be understandable in cases where you only have access to unlimited data allocation for internet usage. The issue with this is that you might have missed an important Facebook Messenger app update. The solution to this is to always update manually by navigating to the App Market place of your device. For Android Devices; open ‘Play Store’, Navigate to the ‘Menu’ panel by making a left to right swipe, click on ‘My apps & games’, All the apps and games installed on the device will be listed, the ones in need of Updating will be highlighted. Update the Facebook App and Facebook Messenger App.

3. Refresh or Reboot Phone

If this issue is still new, it might be a short-time issue. A number of hardware and software related issue might just be as a result of congestion of foreground and background operations. A simple refresh of the RAM which involves force closing all foreground and background operations on said device might just be what is required.

In cases where refreshing of the RAM does not work, rebooting the said device might be the best bet in solving the issue. After rebooting, open the Facebook Messenger App and initiate a discussion to ensure the app is now properly working.

4. Contact Support

If all the above troubleshooting has been done and you’re still encountering issues with getting messages, the Facebook Assistance center suggests you contact their support. To do this, open the ‘Menu’ in the Facebook Messenger App and click ‘Assist’ or ‘Report Bug’. You can make your complaint here.

5. Facebook App

The Facebook app can serve as an alternative for the time being in the case of issues with the Facebook Messenger app. On the issue of not getting alerts when a brand-new message is received, you can change your alert settings by navigating to the app settings and ensure ‘Messages’ is turned on under Notices.

The Facebook App should stop alerting you immediately the Facebook Messenger app starts working.

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How to Save Instagram Photos to PC

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How to Save Instagram Photos to PC: There are uncountable ways you could save Instagram photos to your Personal Computer, some of this methods are discussed in this article which are the best methods that can be asked for to save Instagram photos on your PC. Below are the ways you can save photos from Instagram on your PC

Use of Instaport
This is the fastest and easiest way to save photos from Instagram into your Personal computer, it involves visiting the Instaport site on computer. It will instantly save the desired photo to your PC and can also save a large number of photo in a zip format, so below is how you can use instaport;
  • · Visit the Instaport site via www.instaport.me
  • · Then login using your Instagram login details
  • · Now provide the link or number of the photo(s) you desire to save on your PC in the space provided and then click download botton.
  • · Then you give it some time depending the size and number of photo you are saving and when it’s done, you can go to your download page and simply unzip it to access the Photos
Use of Mobile Device
You can also save photos from your Instagram page using the mobile device, to do this follow the steps below;
  • · Open your Instagram app into your account
  • · Go to Option by clicking the three vertical dots
  • then scroll down and turn on the save original photo switch
  • · Then as soon as that is done, your mobile device will create a folder that contains all your Instagram photos, you can simply back them up on your PC
Use of Facebook
By linking your Instagram and Facebook account, you can save photos on Instagram, this is how it can be aechieved;
  • · First link your Instagram account with your Facebook account via your mobile device
  • · Then on your Facebook account, go to your Profile > photos > Albums > Instagram Photos
  • · Then from here, simply pick one picture at a time and save it on your PC using the option “Save image as…” when you right click on the enlarged photo
I hope you’ve being able to save your Instagram photos on your personal computer, you can share this with your friends and family so they also can save their Instagram photo on their PC
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How to View your Facebook Profile as Public

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How to View your Facebook Profile as Public: The top ways to view your Facebook Timeline Profile as a public user in order to monitor users who see exactly what and what on your Facebook profile.

In conjunction with the upgrade of Facebook Timeline, Facebook has offered users the ability to release ‘public’ status update.

Without doubt, this function is a nice addition but, you might wish to have the ability to be able to keep track which of your posts on Facebook have been published publicly to ensure that you’ve not revealed certain information to the general public that you initially did not envisage.

Interestingly, Facebook in their generosity has provided a simple method to view your Facebook profile as a public user.

Below are steps to take in order to view your Facebook Profile as a Public User;

1. Navigate to your Facebook Profile page.
2. Click the ‘Icon’ beside the Activity Log Link.
3. Click ‘View As…’.
4. The next step is to have a look at the area above your Timeline profile. Click the highlighted word ‘public.’
5. With this, you will now be able to view your whole Facebook Profile as a public user. These includes; status updates, photos, likes etc.
6. Another option, is to type in a friend’s name into the available text box and view your profile the way your profile will appear to that friend.
7. If you notice a large number of your posts are been shown to the general public, you can follow my tutorial on how to restrict view of your posts to certain sets of users.

I hope this article was helpful?

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How to Put Photo in Instagram

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How to Put Photo in Instagram: Instagram is a social media platform which allows you to capture photos, modify them and then upload them so other users can see and react to it. You could also take already existing picture from your photo gallery and also edit by cropping, adding filter and so on to it before uploading. All these can either be done with a mobile device or your PC depending on whichever you prefer.

If you’ve being searching for how you could upload your photos on Instagram, below are the steps to take to achieve your aim.
  • follow this link http://instagram.com/ & login to your account using your Instagram login details
  • it is better to download "Instagram" app on your Android device from the Play store & open it.
  • click 'Camera' icon which is located at the bottom on the display.
  • You will see 3 options i.e. "Gallery", "Photo" or "Video", select "Photo"
  • Tap the blue circle to select an image.
  • Add up some filters to the selected photo
  • "Share To" page opens up.
  • Write a caption as well as "confirm" which is at top right corner on the screen.
Now your picture will be submitted to Instagram on Android device.

I hope you’ve learnt how you can upload a photo on Instagram, kindly share this article to others on your contact so they can as well learn also.

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How to Get Rid of 'People You May Know' on Facebook with Adblock Plus

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How to Get Rid of 'People You May Know' on Facebook with Adblock Plus: Facebook utilizes an HTML aspect called a DIV to recommend new friends in ‘People You May Know box. You can’t disable this preference on Facebook's site. However, you can alter your browser from showing the DIV aspect by utilizing Adblock Plus.

You can alter the DIV by utilizing a feature of Adblock Plus known as the Block element tool. Adblock Plus is one of the most popular third party extensions for both Google Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox browser. On Mozilla’s Firefox further set up is needed to enable the Block element tool.
Note; Illustration is before explanation.
Set up for Google Chrome

Step 1: Open Facebook on Google Chrome, click the Adblock Plus icon and choose Block element.

Step 2: Move Mouse pointer over the top of ‘People You May Know’ box situated to the right of package title and click as soon as whole box is picked. The package should be highlighted in yellow when it is picked.

Step 3: Click the Include button to produce a brand-new Adblock Plus filter and allow it. ‘People You May Know’ box is concealed right away; you do not have to reboot the browser.

Set up for Mozilla’s Firefox

Step 1: Open the Element Hiding Helper tool for Adblock Plus on the Mozilla’s Add-Ons site and click the ‘Add to Firefox’ button. Click the ‘Install Now’ button to set up the extension. No reboot is needed.

Step 2: Click the Adblock Plus button and pick ‘Select an element to hide’ from the drop-down menu to utilize the Element Hiding Helper tool.

Step 3: Move Mouse pointer over ‘People You May Know’ box and click it when the whole box is surrounded by a red summary.

 Step 4: Click the ‘Add element hiding rule’ button to conceal ‘People You May Know’ box instantly. You do not have to reboot the browser. The rule is used whenever you open Facebook on Firefox.
I hope this article was helpful?

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How to Hide ‘My Friends List’ on Facebook

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How to Hide ‘My Friends List’ on Facebook: A number of features are available on Facebook, one of which is the control over who sees exactly what on our Facebook accounts. Facebook provides users with personal privacy and security settings so that users can have a safe and smooth experience. 

Some users might wish to hide their friends list so that it can only be viewable by them. Users have various features to hide their information. The following steps below are to be followed if you wish to hide your friends list from the general public.

1. Firstly, navigate to your Facebook profile. You can do this by clicking your name on the top middle of the Facebook homepage.
2. Next, you will see a row of tabs listed below your cover image. Among this is a label 'friends' click this label.
3. Right above the ‘Friends’ label, a pen-like icon is visible, click it, you will see a label with the words 'Edit privacy' appear in a little window, click this label.
4. Next, a new window will appear that reveals settings for ‘Edit privacy’. Two options are visible here, the ‘Friend list' and ‘Who can see your friend list’. Move mouse pointer over the second option.
5. To the right side of that area, you will see a label that states either ' Public' or 'Friends’ or ‘Only Me’. Click that label, and a list will appear below. Select the option that states 'Only Me' to make sure that your friends list is viewable by only you.
6. Next, click the label 'done.' This is a white button at the bottom corner of the window.

After a few seconds, the new options chosen will be saved and effected. Now, just you will be able to view your friends list. You can return and alter this alternative at any time and as frequently as you like.

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Archiving, Deleting and Recovering Facebook Messages

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Archiving, Deleting and Recovering Facebook Messages: The process of Archiving Facebook messages involves hiding several conversations from the Facebook's Inbox folder briefly. This process differs especially from deleting, in that it is done to ensure the safekeeping of the said messages. The whole history of the conversation will be kept safe in addition.

Users may prefer to archive Facebook messages to avoid flooding of their inbox with the messages that they do not want to use regularly. Once the friend whose conversation you have archived sends you a new message, the whole conversation gets un-archived and reappears in the Inbox folder.
  • How to Archive Facebook Messages

Method 1: Archiving From the Conversations List (Offered in the Left Pane of the Messages Page).
  • Sign-in properly into your Facebook Account.
  • From your profile's primary page, click the label 'Messages' from the left pane.
  • After opening the messages pane, ensure that you remain in the Inbox area.
Note: The 'messages' label will be highlighted provided you are still in the Inbox area.
  • Select the conversation that you wish to archive.
  • After selecting, click the 'Archive' label at the bottom-right corner of the selected conversation to archive all its messages.

Method 2: Archiving directly from an Open conversation (In the Right Pane of the Messages Page).
  • From your profile's primary page, click the 'Messages' label from the left pane.
  • Next, from the shown conversations in the left pane, select the one that you wish to archive.
  • After selecting, from the ideal pane, click the Actions tab from the top-right corner of the message window.
  • Select Archive from the drop down options.
  • Optionally, you can push Ctrl + Del or Ctrl + Backspace to archive a opened conversation. 

  • How to Checkout Archived Facebook Messages
Although an archived conversation immediately reappears when the very same friend sends in a new message, you can open the archived conversation manually from the Archived folder by following the steps below:
  • From your opened Facebook account, click the 'Messages' label in the left pane of the homepage.
  • Next, click the 'More menu' above the conversation list in the left pane.
  • Select 'Archived' from the drop down options.
  • You can now see all the archived conversation in the Archived folder that opens. 

  • How to Delete Facebook Messages
There is an inbuilt feature on Facebook which allows users to either erase a whole conversation or erase a specific message from within a conversation.

a. How to delete an entire conversation:

1. Ensure that you are properly signed-in to your Facebook account.

2. Click the 'Messages' label in the left pane of your profile's homepage.

3. Next, from the shown conversations, click to open the one that you wish to delete.

4. Click the 'Actions' label on the top right corner of the opened conversation window in the right.

5. Select 'Delete conversation' from the drop down options.

6. Click ‘Delete Conversation’ in the opened ‘Delete This Entire Conversation’ verification box.

b. How to delete a particular message from a conversation:

1. After signing-in to your Facebook account, click the ‘Messages’ label in the left pane of your profile's homepage.

2. Next, from the opened Messages page, navigate to the left area, click to open the conversation from which you wish to delete the messages.

3. Click the ‘Actions’ label from the top-right corner of the message window on the right.

4. Select ‘Delete messages’ from the drop down options.

5. Next, inspect the checkboxes, representing the messages that you wish to delete.

6. After selecting the message(s), click ‘Delete’ from the bottom-right corner of the message window.

7. On the shown ‘Delete These Messages’ verification box, click the ‘Delete Messages’ button to delete the selected messages.

Note: When you delete a discussion or its messages, the action can’t be reversed, and you can’t recover the messages. However, deleting a conversation or its messages from your Facebook account doesn’t remove them from the other party’s inbox.

  • How to Recover Archived Facebook Messages

1. Click the ‘Messages’ label in the left pane on your Facebook profile’s homepage.
2. When you are on the ‘Messages’ pane, click the ‘more’ label above the conversation lists in the left pane.
3. Select ‘Archived’ from the drop-down menu to see the archived conversations.
4. Find the conversation that you wish to recover on the left pane.
5. Click the ‘unarchive’ icon at the bottom-right corner of the target discussion to move all its messages back to the Inbox folder.

Note: The read/unread status of the discussion stays the same on archiving or un-archiving.

Archiving messages is similar to moving the unimportant files to a cabinet for safekeeping, instead of losing them by process of deleting.
The process of Archiving tidies up your inbox by getting hardly utilized messages from your conversations list while allowing you easy access to them in the future. Whereas, deleting the messages removes them from your account without any way to recover them.

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How to Schedule A Facebook Post

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How to Schedule A Facebook Post: Whatever kind of page you're running, an energetic stream of web content could assist keep your viewers engaged. To prevent needing to regularly release new posts, timetable posts beforehand! You can do this with Facebook's integrated attributes when you're uploading as a group, yet with third-party applications, it's feasible to schedule personal account posts also.

If you are Facebook page owner and you are faced with challenge of having to come online and post various images, videos or articles on hourly or daily basis so you could keep your viewers entertained, then I have a good news for you. You can now schedule your Facebook post by linking your Facebook page or even account to a stream of web content which helps to post different things at specific time intervals. This prevent constant releases of posts as well as constant login to your Facebook account. This can be done using the Facebook’s integrated attributes which is highlighted below using desktop browsers;
  • · Login into your Facebook account using an internet browser on your PC
  • · Then go to the page you want to schedule posts for by clicking the arrow pointing down at the top of the screen, then select “pages” and then the exert page you are looking for
  • · On the page, click on “what’s on your mind” to create a new post but don’t fill in anything into the box yet but you can insert a video clip or photo into the box before scheduling it
  • · Now tap the arrow pointing downward beside post and then from the drop down menu select “schedule”
  • · Then you select a specific date or time for the post to automatically upload, click the small calendar icon to do this
  • · Finally, click on the “Schedule” tab, the post will be posted automatically on the exert date and time you’ve set.
To confirm if truly you have scheduled a post, check your timeline, you will see “I Scheduled Post” which you can quickly make any change from there whenever you feel like there is something wrong, you can also publish or deleted at any time. Note that you can schedule your post for at least 10mins and as long as up to 6months.

I hope this article was helpful to schedule your post till your specified time? Kindly share this with all your contact so they can also learn how to schedule a post on Facebook.
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How to Send a DM on Instagram

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How to Send a DM on Instagram: The general knowledge is that Instagram is used to share photos and videos to other users, not everyone knows that they can actually send a Direct Message to their followers on Instagram. This write-up will show how you can send a DM on Instagram to your followers in some simple procedures which is below;

  • First select a picture normally as you would do when you want to post pictures, apply some editing features like crop and filters, when done, tap NEXT 

  • Then from the top of the page select DIRECT, you then input your message in text format

  • Now tap OK

  • Your follower’s list is revealed after, scroll through and mark as many followers as possible you feel like sending the DM, then when done, tap SEND below the list

  • As soon as they receive it on their account, a notification will be seen at the mailbox

  • By clicking the mailbox, the sender of the DM will be revealed
  • Then they can click on the sender Instagram username to see the DM sent
  •  They can then reply the sender immediately at the bottom of the message

Now I believed you have learnt the way to send a DM to follower(s) on Instagram, I hope you share this write-up with your followers so they can also send you a DM whenever they have something to tell you.
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