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See how to delete Facebook account immediately

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See how to delete Facebook account immediately- Are you are tired of Facebook and you want to delete your account? There are two ways you can take yourself off of Facebook, DEACTIVATING or DELETING. In this article you will see how you to delete Facebook account immediately. But before we continue, take a look at the differences between the two:

Choosing to deactivate your Facebook account means that:
  • You can reactivate the account whenever you want
  • People will not be able to see your Timeline nor search for you
  • Some information like the messages you exchanged with friends may remain visible.
Choosing to delete your Facebook account means that:
  • Access to your account can't be regained once its deleted
  • Deleting your account may be delayed for a few days after you have made the request. This deletion request will be cancelled if you log into your Facebook account during this period of time.
  • Deleting your data in the back-up system may take up to 90 days and for that reason, your information will not be accessible during this time.
  • Some things are not stored in your account. For example, your friend may still have the messages you both shared after deletion of your account.
  • Copies of some materials like your log records may still remain in Facebook's database but they are disassociated from personal identifiers.
Let's now see how you can delete FB account with no stress:


If you decide to delete your Facebook account permanently or Delete your account, here's what to do:
*You are advised to download a copy of your Facebook data before you delete your account for future purposes.*

To download a copy of your Facebook data: 
  • Click the downward arrow at the top right of any Facebook page
  • Select "Settings"
  • Click on the link at the bottom of the main menu that says "Download a copy of your Facebook data".
After you have downloaded your data, all you need to do is visit this link: https://www.facebook.com/help/delete_account, click on "Delete my account", then follow the steps to confirm.
Remember to hit on the share buttons so your friends will see how to delete their accounts on FB immediately.
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How you can change your Facebook password now

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How you can change your Facebook password now- If you feel that your account has been hacked, the best course of action to undertake is to change your password. Here's how to know if your account has been hacked:
  • Your email or password have changed
  • Your name or birthday have changed
  • Friend requests have been sent to people you don't know
  • Messages have been sent that you didn't write
  • Posts have been made that you didn't create
So, here's how you can change your Facebook password now and secure your account

On Your Application

  1. Login to your Facebook account.
  2. Select the Menu  button located at the upper-right corner.
  3. Scroll down and select “Account settings“.
  4. Choose "Security and Login".
  5. Scroll down and select "Change Password".
  6. Fill in the "Current password""New password" and "Re-type New password" fields.
  7. Select the “Save changes” button when you’re done.
On Your Browser
  1. Log in your Facebook account details
  2. Click  in the top right corner of any Facebook page 
  3. On the drop down menu, select "Settings"
  4. Click on "Security and Login" on the left hand side of the pop up page.
  5. Under "Login" click on "Edit" at the right-hand of "Change password"
  6. Fill in the "Current", "New" and "Retype New" fields. Current is your current password, New is the new password you want to change your current to and Retype New means you should retype that your new password.
  7. Click on "Save Changes".
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View your block list with zero stress

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View your block list with zero stress- You may have blocked some of your Facebook friends for one reason or another and you've decided to unblock them but you don't know where to find them. The best thing to do is to go to block list and check them out. In this article, we will direct you on how to view your block list with zero stress:

View your block list with zero stress

There are two ways of viewing your block list on your Facebook application:


  1. On your Facebook app, tap on the menu button (☰)
  2. Tap on "Account Settings' (for iPhone users tap on "Settings")
  3. Tap on "Blocking"
  1.  Tap on the menu button (☰)
  2. Tap on "Privacy shortcuts"
  3. Scroll down and tap on "How do I stop someone from bothering me?"
  4. On the drop down menu, tap on "Blocked users"

  1. Click  in the top right of any Facebook page
  2. Click "Privacy Shortcuts"
  3. Click "How do I stop someone from bothering me?"
  4. Click "View All Blocked Users".
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How to delete Facebook Account permanently

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There are plenty of reasons why you’d want to delete Facebook. Maybe you’re concerned about privacy, maybe you want to rebel against modern social paradigms, or maybe you’re just sick of endless cat memes. Whatever the reason, it’s not too difficult to sod the whole thing off. Here’s how.

Delete or deactivate Facebook account – what’s the difference?

There are two different ways to get your Facebook account offline. The first is deactivating, which means:
  • You can reactivate your account whenever you want
  • People can’t see your Facebook Timeline, or search for you
  • Some information may remain visible (like messages you’ve sent)
  • Facebook saves your account info (like friends and interests) in case you reactivate
But deleting your account is a much more serious matter. If you delete your account:
  • Facebook delays deletion for a few days after the request is made. If you log in during the grace period, the deletion is cancelled
  • You can’t regain access to your Facebook account once it’s deleted
  • It can take up to 90 days for your data that’s stored in backup systems to be deleted. However, your info isn’t accessible on Facebook during this time
  • Some things aren’t stored in your account, like messages that you’ve sent to friends – these will remain active
  • Copies of some material (like log records) may remain in Facebook’s database, but are “disassociated from personal identifiers,” according to the company
Basically, deactivating is a way to cool off from Facebook for a while, while deleting is a permanent solution that you should think carefully about before choosing.

How to deactivate Facebook account

To deactivate your Facebook account, follow these steps:
1. Click the account menu down arrow at the top right of any Facebook page in your web browser
2. Select 'Settings'
3. Choose ‘Security’ in the left column
4. Choose ‘Deactivate your account’, and then follow the steps to confirm your decision
To reactivate your account after deactivating it, simply log into Facebook your e-mail and password. Your profile will be entirely reinstated.

How to delete Facebook account

Deleting your Facebook account is a serious decision, so make sure it’s definitely the right decision for you. Whether you like it or not, social media is ingrained in society, and your Facebook profile can affect friendships, job prospects, and social opportunities. Plus, you may miss out on some memes by deleting Facebook.
If you’re set on binning the social network off for good, click the following link and choose the ‘Delete my account’ option:
Before deleting your account, it may be worth downloading your information from Facebook. To do this, follow these steps:
1. Click the account menu down arrow at the top right of any Facebook page in your web browser
2. Click ‘Download a copy of your Facebook data’ at the bottom of your General Account Settings
3. Choose ‘Start My Archive’

The file that begins downloading will contain your Facebook profile information, so be very careful about where you keep it.

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How to remove a tag from a Facebook photo you are tagged in

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Facebook tag feature works great when users are using it right but almost all members of my friends list are abusing this great tool. See: How do you delete photos of you on Facebook?

If your friends are like mine then you should un-tag yourself from those photos so you can stop receiving annoying Facebook notifications.

How to remove a tag from a Facebook photo you're tagged in

How to untag yourself from Facebook photo tags

In order to remove a tag from a post you've been tagged in, click on the "V-shaped"   icon at the top right of the post and select Remove Tag.

How to remove tags from multiple Facebook posts at once

  1. Go to your activity log
  2. Click Photos in the left column
  3. Click to check the box to the left of the posts you'd like to remove a tag from
  4. Click Report/Remove Tags at the top of the page
  5. Click Untag Photos to confirm
Keep in mind that Removed tags will no longer appear on the post or photo, but the post or photo is still visible to the audience it's shared with. 
People may be able to view the post or photo in places like News Feed or search results. To permanently delete that photo from Facebook, ask the person who posted it to remove it.

If you have any qualms removing tags from a Facebook photo that you are tagged in - don't hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box. We'll get back to you ASAP.

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How To Block Someone On Facebook Messenger?

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Imagine that someone who is not your friend sends you a message on Facebook messenger or you have been chatting with a friend and the conversation turned sour or went down a road you have no control over and you want to block or bar that person from sending messages and reaching out to you on Facebook messenger.
We have decided to show you how to block someone on your Facebook messenger. Follow the steps below:
  • Log on to your Facebook Messenger using your Facebook email ID and password. 
  • Select and tap on the person whom you want to block. As a result, the contact information of that person will be shown to you. 
  • At the upper right side on the app, you will see “Name of Selected Person” with an arrow pointing rightwards. Tap on it.
  • At the bottom of the page, you will see “Block” option. Tap on it.
  • Tap on “Block this person on Facebook”.
  • As a result, Facebook app will be opened, opening Facebook profile of that person. At the upper right corner of that person’s profile, you will see an opened box with an arrow pointing upwards. Tap on it. When the sub-menu appears, tap on “Block”.
  • Confirm the message by tapping on “Block”.
Now, that person can neither send you any messages on Facebook Messenger, nor see your Facebook profile.

You have now learnt how to block someone on Facebook Messenger app.
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How to Block A Person on Facebook

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Blocking someone is more serious than unfriending them. When you block someone, they will no longer be able to do things like tag you in posts or see posts on your timeline. If you’re friends when you block them, it will automatically unfriend them. Think carefully before making this choice.
If you still want to block someone after thinking about it, don’t worry. It’s a relatively easy process.

How to block someone on Facebook1. Go to Privacy Shortcuts

At the top right of every Facebook page, there’s a little question mark. Click on the question mark and select Privacy Shortcuts. This will take you Facebook’s policing area for harassment.

2. Tell Facebook who is bothering youUnder Privacy Shortcuts, you’ll see an option marked “How do I stop someone from bothering me?” When you click that link, Facebook will prompt you to enter the name of the person you’d like to block. Once you’ve entered their name, click Block.

3. Confirm you want to block themBlocking someone is a big step, so Facebook will ask you to confirm your choice. Once you click Block the first time, Facebook will bring up a list. Select the specific person the list that you want to block, then click Block again. You’re done!

People will not be notified when you block them, so don’t worry about immediate blow back. Most people won’t even notice you’ve blocked them. When they go to look for you, it’ll appear like you’ve deleted your account rather than banished them from your daily life. Besides, you can always unblock someone on Facebook if you change your mind. Sometimes you just need to step away for your own sanity.

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How to turn off messenger notifications | Fb notification

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How to turn off messenger notifications | Fb notification- Imagine how mortifying it will be if you are in the presence of your boss and your phone keeps alerting you to activities on Facebook. Embarrassing isn't it? Well, we've found a solution to that. Check it out:


To turn off notifications for all your conversations:
1. Open your Facebook messenger application
2. Tap on this button at the top right hand of the page
Facebook button
3. On the screen that pops up, scroll down to Notifications & Sounds and tap on it.
4. On the screen that pops up, tap on Notification previews
5. Tap on it to turn off all Facebook messenger notifications and conversations


To turn off notifications for a single conversation:
1. Open your Facebook messenger application
2. Scroll down to the particular message you want to turn off notifications for
3. Tap and hold the conversation
4. On the pop-up screen, tap on mute notifications
5. On the pop-up screen, tap on the length of time you want the notifications of the conversation to stay on mute
6. Tap on Ok
As simple as that! So go ahead, concentrate on your job and that meeting or get your privacy and some ''me'' time without any interruptions or diversions from messages from Facebook friends.
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How to edit and upload photos

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How to edit and upload photos- Many at times, you see people add images, frames and stickers to their photo and you are wondering how they did it. Don't worry, we've got the answer for you. We'll be showing you how to edit your photos as you upload them, how upload and edit your photo and how to add a text to the photo.


  •  Adding a filter
  •  Tagging friends
  •  Cropping the photo
  •  Adding text
  •  Adding stickers


  1. Click on ''Add Photo/Video'' at the top of your News Feed
  2. Select the photos you'd like to upload
  3. Hover over the photo you'd like to edit and click on 
  4. Click to choose your edit option on the left
  5. When you're done editing, click on ''Save'' 
  6. Then click on ''Post''


To add a text on top of a photo, click , then click .
  • Click and drag the text box to move it
  • Click on  to rotate and resize the text
  • Click on ''X'' in the top-left of the text to delete it from your photo.
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How do you go about blocking someone on Facebook Messenger

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How do you go about blocking someone on Fb Messenger- We all have that one friend who keeps sending us nasty messages, pictures, GIF's and videos. As a lady, we all have that one admirer who wouldn't quit harrassing you with romantic messages or requesting for nude pictures, its grating on your nerves and you just want to put a stop to it because, frankly, it is getting on your nerves.
The good news is, you can block that person on Facebook messenger without blocking him as a friend. Wonderful, right?..
This step-by-step guide will show you exactly how to do it, so stick along for the ride!


To block someone on Facebook messenger:
1. Open your Facebook messenger application
2. Scroll down to the person's conversation you want to block
3. Tap the conversation and hold
4. On the screen that pops up, tap on Block
5. On the screen that pops up, you will get a prompt asking you to ''Block all messages'', tap on it
6. Next, tap on any part of the screen apart from the prompt asking you to ''Unblock all messages''.
Easy peachy! Go ahead and block that pesky and annoying Facebook friend on your Facebook messenger and get back your peace of mind.

Remember: Blocking someone on Facebook messenger app doesn't mean you have blocked the person on Facebook entirely, the person is still your friend. To block someone entirely on Facebook, click on this link: How to Block a Facebook Friend.
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Countdown clock maker; Facebook

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Countdown clock maker; Facebook: Countdown counter, just like it is called is a Facebook feature which helps users to countdown to a particular anticipated event, though there are more uses, but this is its primary function on Facebook. Some other function other than counting down to a loved one's birthday, a long-awaited summer vacation or a business that's launching a new product or website on the countdown date may include, acting as a reminder of an event and so on. The Facebook app that offers many countdown features which I could recommend is the TimeAndDate.com Countdown application, this app lets you post to your profile wall, friend's wall, group wall, event page or Facebook page.

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If you have an upcoming event you wish to countdown on Facebook, then here are the steps to take in order to set one up;

1. Browse to facebook.com and log in to your personal account

2. Type "TimeAndDate" into the top search box and click the "TimeAndDate Countdown" app from the drop-down menu.

3. On the next page, click the "Go to App" button and give the application permission when prompted

4. Fill in the basic required information of the event in the Event section, it includes the text, location, data and time of the event

5. Click the design options for the countdown ticker. You can choose from the default themes or choose your own colors for the background and different text elements.

6. Go to the Wall Post Preview and then check the button of where you wish to have the countdown counter posted, for Facebook page, click "Fan Wall".

7. Click "Preview & Share" button. From the pop-up box, type an optional message to describe what the countdown counter is for.

8. Finally, click "Share" button to post it to your Facebook page.
See this: How to get Unblocked on Facebook
Now the timer starts counting down till your set date. I hope this article was helpful? Please share with your friends so they can learn how to set up a countdown timer on their Facebook page.
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Search Friends on Facebook with Phone Number

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Search Friends on Facebook with Phone Number:  Facebook is now one of the most popular social platforms for everybody to connect and share their life on a daily basis. As a matter of fact if I state our lives are significantly insufficient without at least an hour of Facebook daily, almost everyone would certainly agree with me. Facebook as gone past the era of communication alone as it is now used for adverts, for brands and promoting businesses so follow our guide on - Facebook Public Search to easily harness the full potential of the platform.

Search Friends on Facebook with Phone Number
Individuals from all over the globe are part of the Facebook family especially since anyone can join and have the privilege to discover individuals from all nationalities, ethnic backgrounds, race, religious beliefs as well as interact with them without being bound by boundaries and also visas. Facebook search by phone number option was enabled for those that wish to connect with loved ones without the need to send requests wrongfully to unknown people with similar names, so if you have their number and you are sure they are registered on Facebook then you can search for them by following the steps listed below.
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The best ways to Search Friends on Facebook with Phone Number
  • Login to your Facebook Account
  • In the search bar input the number you want to search
  • Press Enter, and the result will be presented to you with the individual who holds the number
  • If the number is not registered or is not public, Facebook will certainly not display any kind of outcomes
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  • Make sure the number is public
  • Once you see the suitable profile, you could send a friend request by clicking the "Add as Friend" switch on the account
That is how easy it is to Search Friends on Facebook with Phone Number.

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What Does Poking Mean on Facebook Sexually

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What Does Poking Mean on Facebook Sexually: Facebook has an amazing Feature known as Poke, this is a feature that was the talk of the town in previous social media decades, where users poke each other, nut over the years there has been a considerable reduction in the use of this feature and recent survey attributed this to people’s negligence of the meaning of the Facebook term “Poke”. So in today’s poke we will discuss what it means to poke a user on Facebook.

For guidelines on how to view your Facebook Pokes Read our guide on How do I see the person that poked me on Facebook.
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Sexual Meaning of Poke on Facebook

It’s time to explain what this feature actually means, Facebook’s “poke” is a feature that allows users to get the attention of others with its unique method. Most of Facebook users precept this feature to mean a form of safe flirtation, while others consider it an expression of interest, something of a sign of request that are you available? I wish to connect with you as it is assumed that the individual you have poked will understand you have an interest when he/she gets the notification, well there’s absolutely nothing beyond people’s assumption as Poking Someone on Facebook is just a way of saying Hi! Are you there, Just wish to declare my interest in you, might be to chat for the moment, be  friends, gist partners and any form of reasons behind your show of interest.
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While no one knows exactly the sort of social status or explanation behind poking somebody nowadays, the poke feature has been assumed as irritating than helpful, so with Facebook’s growth in popularity and user base, the poking function has been relegated to the world of Facebook apps.

I hope this guide on What Does Poking Mean on Facebook Sexually was helpful?

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How to get my Archived Messages on Facebook

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How to get my Archived Messages on Facebook: Love it or dislike it, Facebook is already a part of our daily lives, it is a reality of our lives that sometimes we just sit back and reminisce on past events. Frequently, when most of us obtain messages, we sometimes determine to keep them, reasons been so we can easily access it or because they are just too important to be deleted or relegated down our list of chat.
So if you’ve heard about this feature and you wonder how you can access archived Facebook messages or how do i get to archived messages on Facebook, follow the steps outlined in the guide below. 
How to get my Archived Messages on Facebook
Follow these steps to access Archived Facebook Messages
  1. Login to your account and go to your message box i.e where your complete messages and chats are stored.
  2. From there, you will see at the top left of the screen "Inbox", "Other" and "More". In the field for “more”, you will see a drop down arrow, Click on "More” to reveal the drop down menu and from the options, select "Archived."
  3. This is where the list of messages you’ve archived are stored. 
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This is a nice feature on Facebook, go ahead and archive your important messages.

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How to Locate someone with phone number

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How to Locate someone with phone number: Facebook is a platform where users can interact with one another, during the process of creating an account with Facebook, each user is required to fill in their personal bio data which includes users phone number, address and others. But Facebook allows users to show or hide their contact information depending on preference, but when you are desperate to get the phone number of a fellow user, this is pretty easy to do if the person decides to let you see it but if not then it might be a little difficult.

Below are the steps to follow in order to locate someone’s phone number on Facebook;
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Log into your Facebook account using any browser.

Enter the name of the user who you want his/her contact information into the "Search" field, and then click the search; the small magnifying lens

From the search result, click the individual profile picture to go into the persons profile page

Now scroll down the profile to the Information area. If the contact information is unlocked, you would see the individuals phone number. You can also see other contact information such as an Instant Messenger screen name or an email address.

If the phone numbered is hidden, simply send a direct message through Facebook, and humbly request for the persons phone number and include your reason for requesting that information.

If your reasons are genuine, then the person should forward his/her phone number to you through Facebook too or better still, you can drop your own phone number together with the message you sent so the individual can call you as soon as he sees the message.

There are other illegal means which can be used but I would not advice you to use such methods if your intensions are pure.
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I hope this article was a lot helpful to locate a phone number using Facebook? Kindly share this with your friends so they can locate their lost friends phone number.

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Create New Facebook Account

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Create New Facebook Account: Facebook is among the world's most preferred websites when you talk of social networks no wonder it is always in the list of mentions in tech forums. Facebook has a smooth and user friendly landing page – amazing sign up and check in homepage.

In order to Open up Facebook Account, check out these neatly outlined steps:

How to Create New Facebook Account

To open a Facebook account, you need to access the Facebook Sign Up Homepage
  • Initially, you are required to key in Facebook's site address in the address field so enter https://www.facebook.com/ in order to Login to Facebook.
  • This page has the simple description of the important things you can do on Facebook to the left of the page and the Sign Up procedure on the right while on top, you will notice a dark blue bar, with Facebook’s logo in the left wing as well as the two boxes in the login field on the right. 
Check Out: How to Reset Facebook Password
  • If you own an account already, you can simply create a web page for your brand, a musician, star, or company by picking the web link below the user-friendly "Sign Up" box.
  • So fill in the required fields for Facebook Sign up
  • Then Click Sign Up.
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  • A notification will be sent to check your mail for account verification link or enter the code sent to the phone number you are accessing Facebook from.
  • After verification, then you've successfully managed to create a Facebook account.
Congratulations now you own a social networking account on Facebook, The largest and most popular social networking platform.

Hope this helps to open up Facebook account.

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Facebook Stalker

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Facebook Stalker: You Posted an amazing picture, video or remark on Facebook and wonder who are those who are actually viewing this on your account, well there’re no direct steps to know who views your account but with a little tweak, you know it is possible.

So read our guide on Facebook Stalker

Facebook Stalker
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I wonder why Facebook is overly reluctant in disclosing the identity of User’s Facebook account visitors. But that is none of your concern again as we show you how to view your Facebook account visitors with this easy guide.

Use of Social Profile | View Notification

Social account View is a Google Chrome extension that gives you the ability to check those who viewed your Facebook profile. To use Social Profile View Notification Google Chrome Extension, Follow the steps listed below.
  • From your PC/Laptop using a Google Chrome browser, go to Social Profile View Notification Extension page.

  • Download and Include this Facebook profile site visitors extension to your Chrome internet browser and activate it.
  • Once this is active on your web browser, you will see an additional field on your Facebook home page named “Visitors”
  • Each time you wish to detect your account visitors, all you are required to do is click on the visitors tab and yep, you have uncovered the mask on your account stalker’s face.
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Using Facebook Source Code Inspect Technique
Another very easy step to access your Facebook visitor’s list is to use the source code on your Facebook profile.
  • Login to your Facebook account through any internet (Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) browser and browse to Facebook home page.
  • On this page, right click and select View Page Source (in Chrome) or Page Source (in FireFox).
  • Doing this will certainly open your Facebook homepage's source code in new tab.

  • Using the browser’s built-in search function or by pressing (Ctrl+ F) combination from your keyboard, search 'InitialChatFriendsList'.
  • Locate this 'InitialChatFriendsList'. Term on the page that loads and from there, you will certainly see some numbers, these are Facebook account ID. Copy these numbers
  • Then Open a new tab in your internet browser and type in www.facebook.com followed by the ID copied in the previous step, the new address will now be www.facebook.com/ID
  • When this loads, it will reveal to you the profile of that fellow that visits your Facebook profile. 
Do this for all numbers and with ease you’ve been able to identify those that viewed your profile.

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Download GIF from Twitter App

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Download GIF from Twitter App: Occasionally, there are several trends that goes on the amazing social network twitter. Let’s assume it’s another throwback Thursday #TBT and your Twitter feed is awash with funny GIFs reflecting cute photos and events way back.

You may wish to save a few of your favorites to your desktop or phone, so you can easily share them with your friends, but when you check on the Gif and simply click around it there’re no download button to easily download that particular Gif. You may feel that's unusual and wonder Just How to Save Gif From Twitter. You have never ever had an issue saving other images from Twitter (or GIFs on other social networks platforms) and wonder why is this different, worry not as we reveal how easy it is to Download GIFs
Check Out: Facebook Help Support Contact
How to Save a Twitter GIF to your Phone.

To easily save a Twitter GIF to your phone, you have to download an app that will assist you to do precisely that. We will list out two of the best Apps to easily download GIFs from twitter to your Mobile device.

For Android Users, download and set up Tweet2Gif then follow the following actions:
  • Go to tweet.
  • Tap the tweet to broaden it.
  • Tap the alternatives icon in the upper right-hand man corner.
  • Select Copy Connect to Tweet.
  • Open Tweet2Gif.
  • Paste the link into Tweet2Gif.
  • Tap Download GIF.
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For the Apple Ios users, Download and set up GIFwrapped then simply follow these steps:
  • Go to tweet.
  • Tap the tweet to broaden it.
  • Tap the alternatives icon in the upper right-hand man corner.
  • Select Copy Connect to Tweet.
  • Open GIFwrapped.
  • Paste the link into GIFwrapped.
  • Tap Conserve to Library.
How to Save Twitter GIF to your Computer System.

You may wonder is the Gif Downloader only available for mobile devices? Well for the PC twitter users, follow these set of actions to easily download GIFs on Twitter to your System. We will reveal two amazing websites that will help with easily downloading Gifs to Computer System.


  • Locate and broaden the Tweet you're attempting to save and then copy the URL.
  • Go to Savedeo.com.
  • Paste the URL into the field provided.
  • Click Download. The tweet will download as an MP4 file.
  • Go to a GIF making website.
  • Publish the MP4 for conversion into a GIF.
  • Another amazing Website to use is Ezgif.com
  • Locate and broaden the Tweet you're attempting to save and copy the URL.
  • Go to EzGIF.com.
  • Eliminate the middle male and paste the URL straight into the EZGIF GIF maker.
  • Take pleasure in
These are the easiest ways to save twitter GIFs. I hope this guide was helpful?
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How to Set Profile Picture Size in Facebook

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How to Set Profile Picture Size in Facebook: Facebook is all images and videos, so it is important to get their sizes right before uploading it on your Facebook account, uploading a wrong image size may cause havoc on your pictures by either shrinking it or making it blur or reducing its qualities.

In order to avoid this, here are the specific image sizes of every Facebook image;

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Facebook Image Sizes

Profile Picture
· Must be at least 180 x 180 pixels.

· Photo appears as 170 x 170 pixels on desktop, 128 x 128 on smart phones, and 36 x 36 on most feature phones.

· Profile pictures are located 16 pixels from the left and 176 pixels from the top of your cover photo on desktop.

· Profile pictures are located 24 pixels from the left, 24 pixels from the bottom and 196 pixels from the top of your cover photo on smart phones.

· Photo thumbnail will appear throughout Facebook at 32 x 32 pixels.

Business Page Profile Picture
· Must be at least 180 x 180 pixels.

· Photo appears as 170 x 170 pixels on desktop, 128 x 128 on smart phones, and 36 x 36 on most feature phones.

· Photo thumbnail will appear throughout Facebook at 32 x 32 pixels.

· Business Page images will be cropped to fit a square.

Cover Photo
· Minimum size of 400 x 150 pixels.

· Displays at 820 x 312 pixels on desktop and 640 x 360 pixels on smartphones.

· For best results, upload an sRGB JPG file less than 100 KB.

· Images with a logo or text may be best as a PNG file.

· Business Page dimensions are exactly the same as personal accounts.

Shared Image: 1,200 x 630

A shared image is one of the most common forms of sharing on Facebook. These images will always appear on your timeline, and ideally they will show up in most of your followers’ News Feeds — though with the decrease in organic reach, it’s unlikely that everyone will see your post. The more people engage with your post, the more likely it is that the rest of your followers and their followers will see that activity.

Image Guidelines
· Recommended upload size of 1,200 x 630 pixels.

· Will appear in feed at a max width of 470 pixels (will scale to a max of 1:1).

· Will appear on page at a max width of 504 pixels (will scale to a max of 1:1).

Shared Link
· Recommended upload size of 1,200 x 628 pixels.

· Square Photo: Minimum 154 x 154px in feed and 116 x 116 on page

· Rectangular Photo: Minimum 470 x 246 pixels in feed and 484 x 252 on page

· Facebook scale photos under the minimum dimensions. For better results, increase image resolution at the same scale as the minimum size.

Highlighted Image
· Will appear on your page at 843 x 504 pixels.

· Choose a higher resolution at that scale for better quality.

Event Image
· Facebook scales down to minimum dimensions as 470 × 174 px

· Shows in feed as 470 × 174px

See this: Welcome to Facebook Signup Learn More

Now all you need to do is crop or edit your pictures to fit the recommended sizes before you upload on Facebook. I hope this has helped you know the Facebook pictures sizes? Kindly share with all your pals so they also can know the Facebook picture sizes.

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Download Google Play Facebook Lite

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Download Google Play Facebook Lite: Facebook lite is the best application to use when it comes to devices with low memory accessed from a bad or poor connectivity area and with slow processors. So if you want to access and enjoy a fast Facebook experience on low memory phones and poor connectivity the best is to download the Facebook lite app.

As new as the Facebook lite is, it now has many users worldwide who actively use the Facebook lite application, however before you can join the experience, you are required to Download Facebook Lite for your Android phones, iPhone and other devices.

How to Download Google Play Facebook Lite
For android users, simply click on this link Download Facebook Lite to simply download and set up the Facebook app
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How to Download Google Play Facebook Lite for iPhone
For the iPhone users, launch the iTunes app shop and with the search button, type in Facebook Lite and when the application appears, click the setup button to Download Facebook Lite for IOS.

Facebook Lite Account Sign Up
The Facebook Lite account Sign up is similar to that of the corporate Facebook site, so follow the step by step guide as instructed in the onscreen Instruction. Or simply read our guide on How to Sign up Facebook Account.

Facebook Lite Account Login

To Login to Facebook using the Lite app, simply launch the application from your device and supply your Login details and click on sign in.
Read Also: How to Contact Facebook Help Support
That’s the little detail about Facebook Lite Version APK and how to download it, the app is super Fast, energy saving, and works even with slow connection, 2G.

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Searching for “Facebook Dating Near Me”? I believe you already know about dating on Facebook, some users date on Facebook using dating groups or pages. They do this because they think is the only way they can use to find love or dates near their area or around them. Well, it is not the only way neither the best, but even one of the old ways to find love online. I am going to show you the best way you can use it to date.


Facebook Dating Near Me

The dating app is all you need. The Facebook dating app is an app that allows users to date online for free. This is a feature that makes finding love very easy online. The app or service comes with lots of benefits and also features that make it more fun to use. The dating app is a whole new world of dating. But before you can access it you must be a Facebook user, very mandatory. If you are not a Facebook user then you cannot make use of the dating app.

Facebook Dating Site Near Me

The dating app is not available in every country, but only some countries have access to the feature or service. The dating app hasn’t been launched yet in other countries. And if you want to know if your country is among the ones dating is available in then you should keep on reading. To know if the dating app is available in your country. You will see dating as an option on your Facebook app when you click the three dots or lines at the top.
Notice: The dating app cannot be downloaded. But can be accessed through the Facebook app. It is not a standalone app, that is why it cannot be downloaded, but you can make use of it through the Facebook app. The best thing, download the updated version of the Facebook app, then you are good to go. The device that can make use of the dating app is Android and IOS devices.

Facebook Dating Singles Near Me

Once you have this app then you can see dates around you or area to date. But you must first complete the steps to date on Facebook. Before one can date on Facebook, he or she must have a dating profile. This Facebook dating profile is different from the Facebook account, but you must have a Facebook account to create a Facebook dating profile. If you don’t have a Facebook account then read below to create one:
  • Go to the Facebook website facebook.com.
  • Then click the sign-up button, you will be taken to another page.
  • On this page, you will enter information about yourself.
  • When you are done click the sign-up button again below.
  • Now you will have to verify your Facebook account with the codes sent to you.
  • Once you enter this code or digits then you must click verify or confirm.
When you follow all these steps then you have created a Facebook account successfully.
Facebook Dating App for Singles

Now if you want to create the dating profile then you must follow all the procedures below for directions:
  • First of all, open the Facebook app.
  • Now sign in to your Facebook account.
  • Then tap on the menu icon or three lines and tap on see more.
  • Also, tap on the dating notification or the heart icon.
  • Now fill in your gender.
  • Then confirm your location.
  • Now arrange in order the 12-profile tile which is either a photo or an answer to one of the dating questions.
  • Also, select a dating photo to make your profile look unique.
  • Then specify your match in the dating settings on your account.
You can now date on using the dating app.

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Facebook Dating Near Me – Facebook Dating App for Singles | Facebook Dating App Download Free

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Facebook Dating Near Me, Back days, the way most of our parent find love is different from today world. According to the saying “Love is the air” actually significant secret crush on someone. Nowadays so many people are falling in love like flies and while others are still on the verge of finding the perfect one. Thank to online dating, people can easily build their love life and one of them is Facebook dating (Facebook Love). Learn more about the Facebook love and how you can start a love life.

Facebook Dating Near Me – Facebook Dating App for Singles | Facebook Dating App Download Free

On the contrary, Facebook love, a term used to classified a relationship or when someone expressing an interest with the other party. Using the dating service allows you to build or find a love life through what you like. Whereby based on aspects of building a love relationship or a love life suggest matches based on people you’re interested in. Moreover, Facebook love is universal, invincible, and brings two or more people together which what Facebook dating happens to be.

Features of the Facebook New Dating Service to Find Love on Facebook

Besides using the normal Facebook platform which is basically not a dating site but a social media platform introduces a digital service which integrated into the app. The release of the online dating service within the Facebook main app. Therefore allows users to search and connect with people to find love by creating a separate dating profile. When you show affection with another profile, you’re allows communicating with the person.
Although, based on the expression of Facebook love, while using the dating service. You match with people that you have something in common. As well as matching you with your friends on Facebook and not the one which you already friends with. The dating service’s not meant everyone. But people in countries like the US, Canada, Colombia and is expanding within other more countries.

How You Can Find Love Through the Facebook Online Dating Service App

Moreover, finding love on Facebook through the dating service allows you to connect with millions of people all over the world and isn’t restricted to any specific region. Since the dating service isn’t a standalone app. Hence you can install the Facebook app and note, the feature isn’t available in countries. Or you can visit www.facebook.com/dating and click Get Started.
This will redirect you on where you can install and access the feature launched on your mobile phone. Perhaps when you click on the link and you experience the message “Facebook Dating is Unavailable”. Also, note that only the age of 18+ requires and roll out to iOS and Android users.
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