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Facebook Following Me- The New Hoax

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The new false alarm making rounds on Facebook claims that there is a way to see accounts that are secretly following you.
Facebooks's following me- the new hoax
It is good to know that the "following me" claim is NOT true. According to fact-checking site Snopes, the supposed spies are found by going to the ''Block Users'' section under Settings.
They are then revealed when you type in "following me" in the search field.
In actual sense, what users are getting is a list of people with the words "following" and "me" somewhere on their profiles, not a pack of clandestine agents.
Snopes pointed out that a similar false charge was made earlier in the year around January. That time, the ''Men in Black'' were discovered by typing "Facebook security" in the field.
Users of the social media site have to navigate these types of hoaxes every few months. Previous scare tactics included a "copyright claim" to prevent losing ownership of posted content and a hacker named "Jayden K. Smith."


If you do want to limit who really can see your postings, the Facebook Help Center provides information on how to change settings.
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How To Clear Your Facebook Search History | Clearing Search History

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News about Facebook privacy breaches, Facebook policy legal battles and other discouraging news have led people to the fear of wondering if their account privacy has been breached. The question on many people's lips is now how do I clear my Facebook history? How do I remove third-party apps? Ultimately how do I delete Facebook permanently? Well before you consider all these, it is better to review your account profile, remove all associations and probably clear your history.
Facebook Search History
The two major things to consider to strengthen Facebook security are:
  1. Remove associations between third party apps and Facebook account
  2. Clear your Facebook history
Remove associations between third party apps and Facebook account
To remove third party permissions, do the following:
  1. Sign in to your Facebook account
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Click on the Apps and Websites alternative
  4. Check all apps and then click "Remove."
Now we will move to easy ways to clear your Facebook history.


How to Clear Your Facebook Search History

If you tend to visit Facebook in a browser, you can wipe your search history by doing the following:
  1. On your profile page, click the View your activity log button. In a browser, the button is on the right-hand side.
  2. In the menu on the left, under Photos and Videos, Likes and Reactions, Comments, click More.
  3. When the menu expands to show all filters, click Search historyHow to Clear Your Facebook Search History Facebook Search History Browser 1
  4. You’ll see a full chronological list of everything you’ve searched for on Facebook. You can delete individual searches by clicking the Edit button.

How to Clear Your Facebook Search History Facebook Search History Browser 2
  1. You can also wipe your entire search history in one go by clicking the Clear Searches button.

How to Clear Your Facebook Search History (Mobile)

If you tend to access Facebook more on your phone, you can access this setting in the social network’s mobile apps.
  1. Go to your profile page and tap the Activity Log button underneath your profile photo. (On iOS, the button is third from the left, while on Android it’s on the far left.)
  2. Tap Filter at the top of the screen.
  3. Scroll down to find and tap Search history.
  4. You can clear your entire search history by tapping Clear searches and tap Confirm.
  5. To delete individual entries, tap the icon next to the entry in question and tap Delete. (On iOS the icon is an arrow, while on Android phones it’s an X.)

Gain access to your search activity on Facebook
Login to your Facebook account as well as click on the Activity Log button.
This will show you a list of all your Facebook recent activities. On the right-hand left you will see a drop-down to choose Apps and Blog posts. From the checklist select “Search”.
Update: The image listed below is from an older Facebook layout. The Articles and Applications appears on the left-hand side currently. You could simply visit the appropriate setup clicking this link.
Now you can see all your search activity almost categorized under its relevant date. You could remove search task by clicking on the “Clear Searches” switch or erase the questions one at a time.
I think by removing the Facebook search background, Facebook is expected not to utilize that data to serve advertisements. I am unsure if Facebook does that or not yet there is no harm in trying.
Facebook is most definitely going to treat what people search for on its website with a whole lot more seriousness than previously. It will certainly become part of any money making plan on their mobile system in the future, so it might not be a poor idea to really eliminate your search history on it.
These are simple steps to make your Facebook account more secure but ultimately consider changing your password often. I hope you do enjoy a private Facebook Life.
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How To Recover Hacked Facebook Account

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For most people, Facebook is pretty much the sum total or entirety of their online presence. Many people upload the pictures of their kids and plenty of friends as well as their personal data, with all these important and personal information, ’s on Facebook you don’t really want someone else to access or hack your account. How to recover a hacked Facebook account is one of the most important things you should be aware of as a Facebook user.
How to Recover Hacked Facebook Account - Recover Facebook Hacked Account
Irrespective of the preventive measures you use from preventing your account from been hacked,it still doesn’t guarantee the fact that your Facebook account cannot still be hacked. This is one of the main reasons why you should be knowledgeable about how to recover a hacked Facebook account.
How to Recover Hacked Facebook Account
This article will be enlightening you on the various techniques that are available for usage on how to recover a hacked Facebook account. Hacking Facebook account is one of the popular or trending topics on Facebook, many people have become a victim to those people who have hacked their accounts and unfortunately not being able to recover it because they are ignorant on how to recover hacked Facebook accounts. How to recover hacked Facebook accounts depends solely on the nature of the hacking, to recover a Facebook account we must first be aware of the nature of the hacking, this will determine the recovery techniques to be used.
How to Recover Facebook Hacked Account with a Changed Password
This is the most common case and rampant form of hacking, this type of hacking involves the changing of only the password. How to recover a hacked Facebook account with a change password is actually one of the simplest forms of recovering techniques on how to recover a hacked Facebook account. To recover your hacked Facebook account in this case you have to present your email address used in the registration of your Facebook account. To recover a hacked Facebook account with a changed password, you have to follow the below guidelines;
Make sure you have a device with a stable internet connection
Go to the Facebook forgot password option
Then enter your email address or surname in the text box and click on search
You would see your profile with a recovery email address
Select the email address and click continue
Check your mailbox for the recovery code.
Enter the recovery code
Then set your new password and get back to the using of your account
As said earlier this method of recovering is quite simple but has simple as it is without you been knowledgeable on the step by step processes on how to recover hacked Facebook account with a changed password you might not be able to recover your account.
How to Recover Hacked Facebook Account with a Changed Password and Email address
If you are in a situation where your Facebook password and email address are both been hacked, then you have to switch to the usage of the phone number you used in registering your Facebook account. How to recover a hacked Facebook account with a changed password and email address can only be possible if you remember the phone number used in the registration of your Facebook account. It has the same process as that of the situation where it’s only the password that was changed, but here you have to input your phone number, not your email address. Below are the steps to follow;
Ensure an active data connection on your device.
Login to Facebook forgot password option.
Enter your mobile number in the text box and click search
You would see your profile with a recovery email address and phone number.
Here you input your phone number and click continue
Then check your mobile inbox for the recovery code and enter it.
Then reset your Facebook password
Following the above guidelines will enable you to Recover Hacked Facebook account with a changed password and email address effectively.
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Facebook Games for Groups – Games for Groups | Facebook Games Group

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Facebook Games for Groups – Games for Groups | Facebook Games Group – Facebook is a social media networking platform that is originally designed for college students but is now announced from 13 years of age or older. Users can create information about them and upload their own profile pictures and videos. Facebook games for groups are free and made very easy for you to play online. Firstly you need to have a Facebook account to be able to play free games or access free games and also to see games on the Facebook list.
Facebook Games for Groups – Games for Groups | Facebook Games Group
This social media platform have brought out over 17 Facebook free games list to be enjoyable and fun to play on the news feed and messenger. If there is any probability you don’t have a Facebook account you really have to create a Facebook account before you could play games on FacebookFacebook games for groups make it possible for you to enjoy these games with your friends on Facebook. Also the Facebook official website on your web browser or mobile app on your device.

Best Facebook games for groups

There are lots of free games here on the Facebook platform which allows you to play and enjoy with your friends and colleagues. These are few of the most popular Facebook games for groups such as:
  • Farmville: Farmville is a virtual force to be reckoned with where you build and monitor assets or just love farm animals.
  • World challenge: in word challenge you are given 6 letters. You need to generate many letter words from them as quickly as possible.
  • Mafia wars: the mafia wars have over 25 million users doing crime jobs for cash. Fighting to be the ruling the family in the fictional New York.
  • Yoville: you can start up with your own apartment and do virtual work to get the money to decorate it.
  • Bejeweled Blitz: this comes from the highly regarded house of Pop Cap Games.
  • Zynga poker: If you’re a car enthusiast looking for something fun to pick up on Facebook, you’re in good company here.
All these are the freest games on Facebook. It is so easy and fun to play on your web browser. Also on your mobile device with Facebook friends. With several gazillions other Facebook game options out there, we’re sure we’ve omitted some of your favorites.

How to Play the Best Facebook Games for Groups

The Facebook game comprises of lot of actions, challenges, strategy and lot more. These allow you to play games in groups that comprise your friends on Facebook whereby most games require you to invite a friend to play in groups. For an instant, in order to play the Ludo game on Facebook. You need to connect with four 4 players to play the game.
To access the Facebook games for groups click on the link www.facebook.com/games/.  Then you can use the search categories or search engine to locate games to play with friends. In addition the Facebook games for groups most time it is hard to find so you can pick out of the games suggested above to play with friends
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Facebook Dating & Singles Groups – How to Find Singles Free on Facebook

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Facebook Dating & Singles Groups – How to Find Singles Free on Facebook – Every human being will one point in time seek a soul mate or try dating someone. Well, thanks to the technological age this is a lot easier. Users can now find a single near them without passing through stress. Facebook social media makes this possible for its user. Although many people still don’t know how to find singles free on Facebook social media.
It’s no doubt they are lots of online dating community on the web, but still users still look for how to find singles free on Facebook. Why not, Facebook is a top priority to many device owners when it comes to socializing service. The fun fact is users do not need to pay a dime to date on the platform. With this article, users will know how to find singles near them.
How To Find Singles Free on Facebook Social Media
Facebook makes it possible for users to access free dating features om their account. Facebook dating is something many users seek to practice when they meet singles on Facebook social media. Well first things first, users need to first know how to find singles free on Facebook. Users can do this in two ways on their Facebook account.
Facebook friends.
Joining Facebook Singles or Dating groups.
The first option is very straightforward since users can add as many Facebook friends as they like. Users can use this opportunity to chat with their new friends over Facebook messenger. While doing this, a user can ask the person about their relationship status to clear things up. With this in place, users will definitely find a single person who is ready to mingle and date online.
Facebook Dating Groups to Find Singles – Facebook Singles Groups
With the number of people that visit Facebook daily, not everyone has the patience of adding friends to find singles to date. The Facebook free dating groups users can join that contains members who are single and ready to date. So users can simply search for the keyword “Facebook dating” on Facebook, select the group result and start joining the ones they like.
Users can also spice up the keyword anyhow they like. For example, if a user resides in the USA, they can search for the “Facebook USA singles” on Facebook. A result containing Facebook singles groups with members that possibly reside in the USA will come up. So, it’s left for users searching for how to find singles free on Facebook to utilize the Facebook search engine.
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Facebook Avatar App Features – See How to Make Your Very Own Avatar

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Creating a Facebook Avatar 2020 is now possible. The best part of it all is that you can create your avatar for free. A Facebook avatar is more like a double identity of yourself in a cartoon-like image.
Surely you do not need me to tell you how rough of the year 2020 is. It is only fair if there is a moment of happiness so if there is any way to catch fun, you had better hop on the ride. The Facebook avatar feature has currently been putting smiles on the faces of Facebook users. This is one of the latest Facebook features and so far it has been a massive breakthrough. Thanks to Facebook for such an amazing feature, users can create images of themselves in a cartoon-like character.

Facebook Avatar: Here's how to make yours

Facebook Avatar 2020

With the kind of fun, users are catching making use of the Facebook Avatar 2020 feature; you would not want to miss out. If you have not begun your use of this feature, then take this as an invitation as you are surely going to enjoy your use of the feature. What’s fun about it is that you can use the avatar you create within and outside the amazing social media platform. Not just that, if you wish to make use of it within the social media platform, you can send it to other users or leave it as a comment on posts on the platform.

Facebook Avatar Creator App 2020

The Facebook Avatar creator is in other words the Facebook official app. It is the Facebook official app because the Facebook official app can help you create your Facebook avatar. Know that there are several Facebook apps and it is only the Facebook official app that can help you create your avatar. If you do not have the Facebook official app installed on your device, then it is high time you do so as it is the only app you can use in creating your avatar.

How to Create your Facebook Avatar 2020

Follow the steps below to create your Facebook Avatar.
  • Open the Facebook Official app. You can download it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Sign in your account and tap on the menu icon.
  • Tap on the “See More” option and then on “Avatars”.
  • Tap on “Next” and then on “Get Started”.
  • Select a skin tone and customize your avatar until you are satisfied.
  • Choose a body shape and an outfit.
  • After customizing your avatar, tap on the Check Mark icon at the top of the screen.
  • Hit the “Next” and then the “Done” button.
Above is how you can for free create your very own Facebook avatar.

How to Use Facebook Avatar 2020

Using your Facebook Avatar is simple as you just have to tap on the smiley face icon on the text area of any page and locate your avatar. You could also edit your avatar by tapping on the pencil icon on your avatar.
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Facebook Dating App Features

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Downloading the Facebook app for dating gives you access to Facebook dating features. With the inception of the feature, people have misinterpreted it to be a standalone application developed by the Facebook team simply for Dating.
The Facebook app is meant for people who are looking to connect. So if you are looking for new friends or searching for new dates, you can try out this Facebook dating feature. The dating feature is integrated into Facebook’s official app which can help in locating matches for friendship and dates.

Facebook Mobile Dating App

People now count Facebook as one of those platforms that offer dating services with the new Facebook Dating App that helps users get friends and dates.
As at the time this article was written, there are millions of singles making uses of this Facebook dating feature. This dating feature is going viral haven been launched in over twenty countries.
This interest you and you may feel like downloading the Facebook mobile dating app, Well, to use the app, you need to download the Facebook official app. It is the official app that houses Facebook Dating features, so you can only get this feature from the app. Now we will discuss the steps to download the Facebook App.

Facebook Official App Download

The Facebook Application can be downloaded from the application stores of devices, In this guide, we will reveal how mobile device users can easily download this app.
On Android
Android users should follow these steps to get the Facebook Mobile Official app on their device.
  • Make sure that your Android mobile device is connected to the internet.
  • From the application list available on your device, simply tap on the app store which is known as Google play.
  • On the Google play store, Enter the term “Facebook” in the search bar to search for the app.
  • Locate and tap on the Facebook official app and then on the “install” button on the app download page. Ensure you download the app credited to Facebook.inc
  • Simply accept the terms and conditions of using the app if prompted to do so.
  • Once you have downloaded it, simply install the application on your device.
On iOS
For iOS users, follow these steps to get the Facebook App.
  • Ensure your device is connected to the internet.
  • Locate and tap on the app store which is known as Apple Store.
  • On the Apple App Store, hit the search field and simply enter “Facebook” as your search term.
  • Tap on the Facebook official app and then on the “install” button on the app download page.
  • Accept the terms and conditions of using the app if prompted.
  • After that simply download and install the app
On Computers (PC)
There has been a certain misconception on the part of people as they tend to feel the Facebook Application is not available on PC, However, PC users can download the Facebook app by following these steps:
  • Ensure your PC is connected to the internet.
  • From any web browser on your computer, simply enter the Facebook URL in the address field and hit enter
That is all you need to do to access the Facebook platform on computers.
Note: Although there are some third-party applications and platform that offers the Facebook application for PC, it is best to use the step discussed above as it is safe and carries no risk whatsoever.

Facebook App Login

After downloading the application on any device, you will need to login to the platform and to do that, follow the steps listed below
  • Launch the installed Facebook app on your device.
  • On the welcome screen enter your account login details and hit the login button.
  • That is all you need to do to log in to your already existing account on the Facebook app.

Navigating to the Facebook Dating Feature

Now that you know all it takes to get the Facebook platform and access the Facebook platform, we will now move a step forward to explain how you can easily access the Facebook Dating App feature. To do this, simply:
  • Launch the Facebook app and log in.
  • After that, go to your profile page and tap on the heart icon at the top of the page. You can also get there by going to your account menu
  • From your account menu, locate and click on dating.
  • Now you will be required to carefully set up your dating profile and confirm it.
These are the steps to access and enjoy the Facebook Dating Feature. I hope this guide was helpful?
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Facebook Bitcoins Marketplace | Buy FB Bitcoin Marketplace On Groups 2020

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Do you know that the Facebook Bitcoin Market is available for you? If you are not aware, of course, it is! Well, this does not mean that Facebook owns bitcoin. It only means that Facebook can use it as a marketplace for the trade of bitcoins. You should also know that bitcoin is not the only product or service being traded on the Facebook platform. There are other products, good, and services offered on the Facebook marketplace, however, our article of today talks mainly on bitcoin. See also: Instagram Login Sign in with Your Facebook Account
Bitcoin is a digital currency that is available in US Dollars, Pounds and Euro currencies. This means it is a digital money. To make use of this currency, you will need to have a bitcoin wallet. But this wallet is a digital wallet, not a physical one. This wallet helps you to send and receive bitcoin from others. This online cash can be used to purchase products and goods. However, not every store accepts it as a method of payment.

How Does Facebook Bitcoin Market Work?

This bitcoin is a currency stored in your wallet. You can send and receive this currency using your smartphone or computer device. These transactions made are recorded in a file known as the blockchain. For you to get bitcoin, you can buy bitcoins, you can sell products and get your payment as bitcoins, or create one. That’s how it works. And this is how the Facebook Bitcoin Market comes in.
This marketplace established on Facebook also features the trade, sales, and buying of bitcoins too. On Facebook, you will get people who sell bitcoins. You can also find people who buy and so on. This is how this marketplace works.
However, you should know that Facebook does not offer sales itself. People only engage in the trade of this digital currency using the Facebook marketplace.

How to Create a Facebook Account

Are you wondering why you will need a Facebook account? Of course, you do need one. To get full-time access to the activities on the Facebook site, then you will need an account.
  • Go to the Facebook site on www.facebook.com.
  • In the spaces provided, enter your full name.
  • Enter a phone number or email address.
  • Provide a password for the account.
  • Add your date of birth.
  • Select a gender.
  • Click on SIGN UP.

How to Access the Facebook Bitcoin Market

The Facebook Bitcoin Market is available as Facebook groups and Facebook pages. Facebook groups and pages are known as a marketplace on Facebook. And certain groups/pages specialize in the trade of bitcoins.

Let’s look at the steps on how you can access these marketplaces.

  • Get on your Facebook account.
  • In the search bar, search for and find Facebook Bitcoin Market.
  • On the next page, click on Groups or Pages.
  • Clicking on Groups will take you to groups that engage in the bitcoin market. And clicking on Pages will take you to pages that engage in the bitcoin market.
  • When you find a group or page, click on any one of your choices.
  • Join the group or page and get started.
Following these steps, you will be able to get connected to groups and pages that exist as a Facebook Bitcoin Market. You will find people who sell bitcoin. If you are a seller, you can also showcase your sales too. You share and gain ideas about bitcoin. You get updates and much more.
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Near By Friends Location On Facebook | Nearby Facebook Friends Location

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Near By Friends Location On Facebook | Nearby Facebook Friends Location
Facebook recently updated its mobile App and included a major feature to find out the nearby friends using the location history and present location of the Facebook app. It will show the list of your friends sorted based on the distance from your exact location by getting location data from you and your friends. This feature has ever since been an interesting one especially useful to the traveling people to find out their friends' updated the location as and when they are using the Facebook App. Activating and using this feature is simple and I can assure you that almost everyone can use this feature without any worries.
We will see how to set up and use the location history data and Nearby friends feature in Facebook App.
Open your Facebook app on your smartphone and need to go to the Settings screen. There you might be seeing Nearby friends option under favorites which can be used as a shortcut to reach the settings for location history and Nearby friends feature. If your device is already activated by the Nearby friends’ feature, then you can see the nearby friends under the next screen else you will be prompted to enable this feature ON. We will see here the normal menu way to make the Nearby friends feature ON.
Go to the bottom of your Settings screen of the Facebook App on your smartphone. There you can see many settings for the App including the App Settings, Newsfeed preferences, Account settings, etc there. Open the “Account settings” menu which will be opened in the next screen with a lot of options like General, Security, Privacy, etc.
nearby friends facebook
In the Account Settings screen, we need to find out the “Location” option under the various options given. This screen will open up the location settings screen of the Facebook app on your smartphone. It will be having options like Nearby friends, Place tips, Location history, and your device location settings etc.
In the location settings screen, first, we need to verify that your device location history is ON. If your device location history is not yet turned ON, then the Facebook app itself will prompt you to turn it ON. Once the device location history is turned ON, then you can turn-on the Facebook location history by tapping the button against it.
nearby friends facebook
After the Facebook app location history is turned ON, then we can enable the Near by Friends feature by selecting which of the friends we need to see the location in your various groups. Before that, we need to tap on the Enable button to show up the options to select the group. It will show your different groups have an option and you need to specify which group you wanted to know the location.
nearby friends facebook
Once specifying the group you wanted to know the location, you can come back to the home screen and again settings to Tap on the Nearby friends option there. It will open the Nearby friends’ screen and will show the location of your friends reported by the Facebook app.
nearby friends facebook
By tapping on each of the friends, you can control how much duration, your location to be reported back to your friends through the Facebook app. You can also stop reporting your location to specific people by tapping on the “compass” button against that person and choosing the “stop” option. Also, you can change the group you wanted to know the location by tapping on the Settings button on the Nearby friends’ screen.
I hope the usage of this feature is tempting enough for you to try it out. Also kindly share this guide with your friends. I hope it was helpful?
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How To Unfollow People On Twitter

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As a Twitter user, you should fully understand that following someone is not a guarantee they will return the favor, and that’s fine. Life can be unpredictable to which Twitter is no exception.
There are some awesome tools online that you can use to know which users aren’t following you back, inactive persons on Twitter, and much more. Below are four great tools that you can take advantage of and the best part is that they’re free.
ManageFlitter is an impressive app that will give you a complete report of those that you’re connected with in some way on Twitter. Through your Twitter account, you will have access to lists of those who aren’t following you back, inactive users, and spam accounts, among other variables.
ManageFlitter is convenient too, especially in the list format, you can unfollow users with one simple click. When using this tool, it’s important to see who is inactive. While these users may already follow you back, if they’re designated as ‘inactive,’ it means that they haven’t tweeted in at least thirty days. If they aren’t tweeting, why follow them?
Friend or Follow
One of the great features of Friend or Follow is that it doesn’t just focus on Twitter, but it takes a look at Instagram and Tumblr as well. In terms of Twitter, you can sort users by various factors, including whether or not they’re verified, when they last tweeted, how old their account is, or how frequent they tweet, for example. While this is another great tool to see who isn’t following you back, it’s a little bit more time consuming than ManageFlitter, in that to follow someone, you need to open their profile into a new tab or window. However, great features make up for that. While you have the option to pay for additional features with Friend or Follow, the free version of the tool more than serves its purpose.

Unfollowers is another helpful tool that even includes a mention tracker, so that you can see who (either that you’re following or who follows you) has interacted with you in the past. Not only that, but you can set the layout to either have a list, grid, table, or button format, with the table format being shown above. Through the various layout options, you’re given informative statistics on the Twitter users that you’re following and that are following you, and just like with ManageFlitter, it’s very convenient to follow and unfollow, all with one click.

Another free tool, twitNERD, is great in that it has a unique feature for you to use to find people to follow. Through the ‘Follow by Keyword’ tab, you are able to input any keyword or phrase, which will introduce you to various influencers and popular users on Twitter that fit the particular description of what you’re looking for. This is a great way for finding new users to connect with. Not only that, but twitNERD has a great feature in that it will automatically generate ‘Follow Friday’ tweets for you, based on factors such as those who retweet you and mention you the most. This will save you time, while also crafting a tweet on your behalf that sends a ‘thank you’ out to your loyal followers.
Through social media, it’s important to see who is connected with you. What tools are you using to see who is and isn’t following you back on Twitter?
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Face Time for Windows | Face Time for Windows Download 2020

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Facetime for windows is one of the best video calling apps you can find on PC nowadays. The Facetime app is a very unique app that comes with a lot of features. The Facetime app for PC is very popular to the extent that it is even used to hold business meetings. It is built in a similar structure to the Facebook messenger video call. Like I said before, what makes this app so different from other apps is its video quality when calls are being made. One more thing you should know is that Facetime can be used from anywhere in the world.

Facetime App – Facetime App Download

Facetime is Free

Most people don’t know that Facetime is free. It is probably because they are thinking, how can a perfect app like this be totally free? Well to clear your doubt, Facetime is also one of the freest apps you can find on the web today. Facetime is available on a wide range of devices. These devices include iPhones, iPods, iPad, Mac, and even Window devices. Facetime is free on whichever device you want to use it one.

Installing Facetime on your Device

Installing Facetime on your device is one tricky thing to do. You would not even know where to get started is you have little or no idea about Facetime. But that is the exact reason I am writing this article. To successfully install Facetime for your PC, you have to install bluestacks on your device. Installing bluestacks on your device is so easy if you have the software. If you are confused about where to get bluestacks, go to www.bluestacks.com. All you have to do is run the Windows executable file and wait for the installation to be complete. After installing face app, follow the steps indexed below;
  • Launch the favorite web browser on your device and wait for the browser to be loaded.
  • After loading, follow this link to download the app. After downloading. Hit “save” when you are prompted to download the Facetime app.
  • After downloading, run it with bluestacks and it would be installed on bluestacks.
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Close Facebook

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Are you tired of Facebook and also you are confused on the choice to take: Closing it briefly or completely? You have to have the ability to set apart in between the two. Bear it in mind that Closing it Briefly means DEACTIVATION while Closing it Completely suggests REMOVAL. So, let's see the differences between both.

How Deactivate Facebook Account
You can deactivate your Facebook account temporarily and choose to come back whenever you want.
To deactivate your account:

  • Click the account menu  at the top right of any Facebook page
  • Select Settings
  • Click General in the left column or visit: web.facebook.com/settings?tab=account
  • Choose Manage your account then follow the steps to confirm

If you deactivate your account your profile won’t be visible to other people on Facebook and people won’t be able to search for you. Some information, such as messages you sent to friends, may still be visible to others.
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How I Remove Facebook Account 2020

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How I Remove Facebook Account 2020

Deleting Facebook Account
Recent events could have you pondering a break from Facebook. That's not a choice for everybody; because case, simply tighten up your account settings. How I Remove Facebook Account: However if having your data extracted for political purposes without your authorization sketches you out, there are means to liberate yourself from the massive social media.

If you await a social media sites break, below's the best ways to erase Facebook.

How I Remove Facebook Account


Facebook offers you two options: 2 choices: deactivate or remove

The first couldn't be simpler. On the desktop computer, click the drop-down menu at the top-right of your display as well as select settings. Click General on the top left, Edit next to "Manage Account" Scroll down and also you'll see a "Deactivate My Account" web link at the bottom. (Below's the direct link to use while visited.).

If you're on your mobile device, such as using Facebook for iOS, similarly go to settings > Account settings > General > Manage Account > Deactivate.

Facebook doesn't take this gently - it'll do whatever it can to keep you about, including emotional blackmail regarding how much your friends will miss you.

Because of this, "Deactivation" is not the like leaving Facebook. Yes, your timeline will vanish, you won't have accessibility to the website or your account using mobile applications, friends can't post or contact you, as well as you'll shed accessibility to all those third-party solutions that use (or require) Facebook for login. However Facebook does not delete the account. Why? So you could reactivate it later on.

Just in case that expected re-activation isn't really in your future, you should download a copy of all your data on Facebook - posts, pictures, videos, chats, and so on-- from the settings menu (under "General"). What you discover could shock you, as our Neil Rubenking figured out.

Account Deletion

To fully remove your Facebook account forever and ever, most likely to the Delete My Account web page at https://www.facebook.com/help/delete_account. Just know that, per the Facebook data use policy "after you get rid of information from your profile or delete your account, copies of that information might remain viewable somewhere else to the level it has actually been shared with others, it was or else dispersed according to your personal privacy settings, or it was copied or stored by other users.".

Translation: if you wrote a discuss a close friend's status upgrade or photo, it will continue to be after you remove your personal profile. Several of your posts as well as photos might spend time for as long as 90 days after removal, also, though just on Facebook web servers, not survive on the website.

Deletion on Behalf of Others

If you intend to alert Facebook concerning a user you know is under 13, you can report the account, you narc. If Facebook can "sensibly confirm" the account is made use of by someone underage-- Facebook prohibits children under 13 to adhere to government legislation-- it will certainly erase the account quickly, without notifying anybody.

There's a different type to demand removal of represent individuals who are clinically incapacitated and therefore not able to utilize Facebook. For this to work, the requester has to verify they are the guardian of the individual concerned (such as by power of attorney) as well as deal an official note from a medical professional or medical facility that spells out the incapacitation. Redact any information required to maintain some privacy, such as medical account numbers, addresses, and so on.

If an individual has died, a legacy call-- a Facebook friend or loved one who was assigned by the account owner before they passed away-- can get access to that person's timeline, as soon as approved by Facebook. The heritage call could need to give a link to an obituary or various other paperwork such as a death certification. Facebook will "memorialize" the page so the departed timeline lives on (under control of the tradition call, that cannot publish as you), or if liked, remove it.

Mark a details heritage call person to handle your account after your passing away. You can locate that under settings > General > Manage Account > Your Legacy Contact. As soon as you established one up, you'll obtain a notification yearly from Facebook to check that the call ought to remain the exact same, unless you opt out of that. You could likewise take the additional action of making sure that after you die, if the heritage call does report you to Facebook as departed, your account obtains deleted (even if the tradition get in touch with wants the timeline to be memorialized).

How I Remove Facebook Account 2019 4.5 5 Sahibul Anwar Thursday, January 31, 2019 Recent events could have you pondering a break from Facebook. That's not a choice for everybody; because case, simply tighten up your ac...
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How to Instagram Online - This Year

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How to Instagram Online - This Year

Instagram is among the most preferred socials media being used today. The official mobile apps for iOS and also Android gadgets enable individuals to catch or submit photos and also videos plus engage with all their fans and users they follow themselves - How To Instagram Online.

Instagram is mostly indicated to be used from a mobile phone by means of the main Instagram application, however it can be accessed and used from internet browsers too. So if you wish to check out Instagram online from a laptop computer, desktop or even the web internet browser on your smart phone, below's the best ways to do it.

How To Instagram Online
Check out Instagram.com

You can visit Instagram.com in any web internet browser and also log in to your account or develop a brand-new account if you do not already have one. When you have actually logged in, you'll be taken directly to your news feed tab that has a similar format to just what you'll see on the mobile app.

Surf Your Information Feed and also Like or Comment posts

As you scroll down via the posts that are shown to you in your news feed, you can connect with them virtually precisely similarly as you can on the application. Simply seek the heart switch, the comment area or the book mark switch below every post to like it, leave it a comment or wait to your bookmarked posts. You could likewise click the three dots in the bottom right edge to embed the post into a website or record it as inappropriate web content.

Discover New Users and Their Content

On top of the screen, you'll see 3 icons-- among which need to appear like a little compass.

You could click this to see an easier variation of the Explore tab in the application, featuring suggested customers to adhere to as well as a couple of thumbnails of their newest posts.

Examine Your Communications

Clicking the heart button on top of the display will certainly cause a little window to open listed below it, showing a recap of all your most recent communications.

You could scroll down this little home window to see them all

View as well as Edit Your Profile

You could click the individual symbol on top of the screen to see the web version of your Instagram profile, which very closely looks like the one you see in the app. You'll see your account photo in addition to your bio and also additional information plus a grid of your newest posts below.

There's additionally an Edit Account switch next to your username. Click this to modify your account information as well as various other account details like your password, authorized applications, remarks, e-mail and also SMS setups.

You could click any image on your account to see it completely size. It's displayed the same way specific post pages have always been presented online, yet with the communications appearing to the right of the post as opposed to below it.

It's worth recognizing that Instagram also has actually committed Links for every single account. To see your very own Instagram web account or anybody else's, you can simply check out:


Simply change "username" to whatever your own is.

Instagram Privacy Problems

Now that we have internet profiles and as long as your profile is public, anyone on the internet could access your profile as well as see all your pictures. If you do not desire strangers considering your photos, you should establish your account to exclusive.

When your account is readied to exclusive, only users you accept to follow you will certainly have the ability to see your photos within the mobile application and on your web account-- as long as they are checked in to the accounts you have actually accepted to follow you.

Limitations With Instagram via the Web

You can do a great deal with Instagram from a normal web browser-- other than really post brand-new content. There's currently no alternative to post, modify and also post photos or videos to your account from the internet, so if you intend to do that, you'll need to download and install the Instagram app on a suitable mobile phone.

You additionally can't connect with Facebook good friends, see posts you have actually linked, set up two-factor verification, handle your blocked users, make your account private/public, button to a company profile, clear your search background and do a few other things that you can only do through the app.

(You can, nevertheless, briefly disable or completely delete your Instagram account via the internet and also not through the application).

Regardless of some of the constraints of using Instagram by means of the internet, it's still wonderful to understand that you could search your feed easily, discover brand-new material, configure your individual setups, and interact with other customers just like you were doing it from the app. This might be a seriously handy option when small screens as well as touch keyboards start to seem like even more of an inconvenience compared to an assistance.
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How to Change Profile Pic On Facebook

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Facebook's profile picture is exactly what represents you visually on Facebook. Below's exactly how to place it to function. This web page deals especially with the Facebook profile Picture. I also have a more in-depth overview of making use of images on Facebook.

The majority of people make use of a photo of themselves-- and also that's actually what it's made for-- yet you can make use of any picture you such as, also a logo. Some individuals use an image of their kids. Some utilize it making a political declaration.

How To Change Profile Pic On Facebook
Exactly how Do I Modification my Facebook profile Photo?

1. Most likely to your Facebook profile.
2. Hover over your profile picture so words "Update Profile Picture" appear, and click on that.
3. In the editing and enhancing box, pick "Upload Photo" on top left to choose a photo from your computer system.
4. You'll after that be triggered to crop the image. If you do not desire to, click "Skip Cropping" in the bottom left.
5. Click "Save" to finish.

In choosing an account image, pick something that will certainly function well at small dimensions. While the one that's presented with the cover image is an affordable dimension, the same profile image is also used much smaller sized elsewhere on Facebook like alongside any kind of comments you publish. Additionally bear in mind that your profile photo is constantly public (as is your cover image).

It's always displayed as a square. You can publish a rectangle-shaped image, yet it will certainly be cropped to a square shape.

It will certainly be displayed at 170px by 170px on computer systems and also 128px by 128px on mobile phones.

The slim white boundary is added instantly as well as there's no chance to eliminate it.

Profile Photo on the TimelineThe profile picture that shows up following to your name on comments and also posts is the exact same photo yet is automatically scaled down to 40px by 40px.

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Facebook Cancel Account

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Facebook Cancel Account - No doubt, Facebook has emerged out as a large social networking site where countless individuals have their accounts and numerous advertising business using this platform to publicize their services. However if you no longer want to use your Facebook account as having a sensation that it has seriously permeated into your privacy and security. You can quickly end cancel or erase your Facebook account. Follow the following steps:

Facebook Cancel Account

- First you have to sign in to your Facebook account.

- After signing in, click on the Account menu on the top upper right corner of the page.

In Account menu, click on 'Setting' tab. There you will find an option at the bottom "Deactivate Account". Click it.

As soon as you clicked Deactivate Account, Confirm Facebook Account Deactivation page will be packed. It might ask you to supply reason for deleting or deactivating your account. You can select form the list or you can Click on 'Other' to provide your own specific factor for leaving the Facebook. It is not always essential to offer a reason, you can avoid this also.

- In future, if you do not desire to receive any invites, tag in images, or group invitation and notification of buddy requests; just tick the 'Opt out of getting e-mails from Facebook' check box. You will not receive any e-mail invites and notifications from your friends.
- Now you are prepared to click Deactivate button.
- After clicking the Deactivate button, the following message will appear on your screen:.

" Your Facebook account has been shut down.

To reactivate your account, just log in as you generally would, and we'll send you a reactivation email.

Return soon!

The Facebook Team".

Your Facebook account is shut off successfully. You can still reactivate your account later with all your good friend list and settings intact. Facebook Personal privacy Policy doesn't remove your info immediately from the backup. Your details remains in the backup for a reasonable time, but throughout that time your information is not available to individuals. You may have to await couple of months or year, if you desire your details to be gotten rid of totally from the Facebook servers.

No matter how much the time it will take to eliminate your profile details completely, your info and profile will stay unreachable to other Facebook users up until you alter your mind and reactivate your profile once again
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How do I Unblock A Friend On Facebook | Unblock Someone on Facebook – Facebook Unblock User

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Lets begin the How do I Unblock A Friend On Facebook | Unblock Someone on Facebook – Facebook Unblock User post. Continue below:
How do I Unblock A Friend On Facebook | Unblock Someone on Facebook – Unlock Persons ? This guide will help you to unblock anyone you desire to unblock from your blocked list. First and foremost, you will need to login to your account and access your blocked list.
How do I Unblock A Friend On Facebook | Unblock Someone on Facebook - Facebook Unblock


To unblock someone you blocked, you should login to your Facebook account.
At the top right of your account, you’ll find the the question sign (Quick Help).
Next, go to Privacy Shortcuts
Tap on how do I stop someone from bothering me?
Click on View all Blocked users.
Locate the person you wish to unblock on FB and tap on unblock by the side – next to the persons name.


  • Click on More Button >> Account Settings >> Blocking >> Tap on Blocked User.
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Deactivate | Delete Your Facebook Accounts Help

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Lets begin the Deactivate | Delete Your Facebook Accounts Help post.
Continue below:
Deactivating | Deleting Accounts Facebook Help
To deactivate your Facebook account:
1) Click the account menu at the top right of any Facebook page

2) Select Settings

3) Click Security in the left column

4) Choose Deactivate your account then follow the steps to confirm

If you deactivate your Facebook account your profile won’t be visible to other people on Facebook and people won’t be able to search for you, though some information, such as messages you sent to friends, may still be visible to others.
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Forgot My Password for Facebook – Reset my facebook password

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Lets begin the Forgot My Password for Facebook – Please Help!!! post.
 Yes you can login to your Facebook account if you forgot your email password and Facebook password.
If you forgot your Facebook password or you are not able to login to your Facebook account and you need instant help then you can contact Facebook Password Recovery Number Or if you want to try it yourself then here you have to follow some easy steps so you can recover your Facebook account password. Kindly follow these steps carefully :-
  • First of all Go to the official website of Facebook i.e Log In or Sign Up
  • Now here you have to enter your email address and click to forgot account button.
  • After clicking the button you are on the recovery page for security code
  • Here you have choice to recover your Facebook password :-
  • Method 1 :- You can recover your Facebook password via email address if you have your email address then you can recover it via email id but if you don’t have email id then you can recover your Facebook password via another method
  • Method 2 :- in this method you have to enter your mobile number which is registered with your Facebook account after few seconds you can get a security code.
  • After getting the security code enter it in desired field and click to submit button.
  • Now after submit the security code you can reset your Facebook account password.
Hope these above mention steps helps you to recover your Facebook account password without email.
If you need more assistance on Facebook technical error like recovery without phone number, without email or any other Facebook related issues then you can dial their support number where you can get solution with amazing tips and tricks.
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How do I deactivate my facebook account?

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Here is a post about Deactivating a Facebook Account?
Facebook is good, but sometimes your sanity would require you to take long breaks from time to time. This is where the deactivation of facebook account comes into play. Checking your news feed every 30 minutes can get tiring. Deactivating (Disable) your account will hide your profile from everyone on Facebook, but preserve your information for when you feel like going back.


Here is the fastest way to deactivate your facebook account today.
step 1: Make sure you’re logged into your facebook account.
step 2: Click on this Facebook deactivation link
step 3: Re-enter your facebook password. Then select any reason for leaving.
step 4: Scroll down and click the Blue button to complete the process.
blue facebook deactivate button



If you want a detailed step by step guide + screenshots on how to deactivate facebook account. This is the section for you:
  1. First, you have to login Facebook :

2. Once you’re logged in. Click on the facebook drop down menu at the top right side of the page.
click fb drop down icon

3. On the drop down that shows, Click on Settings.
facebook settings

4. On the page that loads up. Click on Manage account.
manage account

5. Scroll down to the Deactivate facebook account section. Then click on the “Deactivate your account link“.
deactivate facebook account

6. Enter your password and click on Continue.

7. Choose a reason for leaving.
reasons for deactivating fb

8. Scroll down a little and click the blue deactivate button.
blue facebook deactivate button


1. First, you have to login Facebook :
2. Then, click here and retype password (maybe) :
3. Choose reason you want deactivate account (anything):
4. Next, choose Close:
5. Next, click Deactivate:
6. Finally, choose Deactivate Now:
Now, nobody can see you on Facebook, but if you log in your account will Reactivate.
Can you please share this(How Do I Deactivate My Facebook Account?) on facebook and all??
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