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How to Use Facebook Marketplace for Business – Facebook Marketplace | Facebook Marketplace Online

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We all know that the world is now on online marketing services, that is to say, so many people do use online marketing services to market their business. What I will be sharing with you today is all about an article that says How to Use Facebook Marketplace for business. If I may ask, are you looking for ways on how you can market your business online on the Facebook platform? Well, here you are in the right place. I will be guiding you on how you can use the Facebook marketplace for marketing your business on the platform.
Facebook Marketplace for Business 

How to Use Facebook Marketplace for Business

Back to our main topic “How to use Facebook marketplace for business”. I now believe that you now understand what the Facebook marketplace is. Using the Facebook marketplace for business is one of the best ways you can market your business. Or what you sell online. Over millions of people have already started accessing the buy and sell groups on Facebook every month. Due to the high numbers of people accessing the buy and sell group, Facebook has decided to launch the marketplace on its platform for peer to peer buying and selling. For you to know more about how you can market your business on the Facebook marketplace, you need to know more about what Facebook marketplace is first.

Facebook Marketplace

Before I will like to go into the article very well, it will be very important if you know what the Facebook marketplace is first. So many sites have their own explanation for facebook marketplace but I want to break it down to you all in layman terms. The word Facebook marketplace is not something new that you should be worrying about going to the internet to read reviews of what the marketplace is on Facebook.
Looking into the header, there is a word called marketplace. What is a marketplace? If you have been marketing your business to people around your location or you have a place where you do conduct your business every day. That place is known as your marketplace same applies to Facebook. The reason why it is called the Facebook marketplace is the reason that you advertise or market your business on the platform. The Facebook marketplace is more like a feature on the platform that can be used in trading like buying and selling of items or products online.
As a business dealer, you can market your furniture business, electronix=cs, vehicles and so much more. You should know that the Facebook marketplace is not available in all countries only some listed countries can use the marketplace on their account. You can only use it or access it if the marketplace is available in your country.
Facebook Marketplace Online
Yes the Facebook marketplace is an online service without an internet connection you won’t be able to access it. This is the reason why it is called the Facebook marketplace online. As a marketer, you can access the marketplace only on the Facebook platform and you must have a Facebook account first. Marketing your business on this marketplace of Facebook has to do with Facebook Ads. Ads is a tool for advertising your business more effectively on the platform to reach out to the number of audiences online.

Using Facebook Marketplace for Business Near Me

There is nothing much about this header. What it is simply talking about is marketing your business on the marketplace of Facebook within your location. If you are living in an area, you can simply market your business within your country or location. Apart from marketing your business within the location you live in. You can also look forward to extending it to other countries like the US, Canada, France, the UK, and so many more countries. Now, let see how you can market your business on the Facebook marketplace.

Steps to Market your Business on Facebook Marketplace

Here is the right place where I will be telling you how you can use the Facebook marketplace for your business. There are processes you really need to step through. You can only do these if only you can follow the steps one after the other. Let’s look into the steps on how to start.
  • The very first step to market on the Facebook marketplace is to access the marketplace. You will find it at the left column of the Facebook homepage by scrolling down the list on the left column. But before you then log in to your Facebook.com account.
  • After accessing the marketplace tab. You will come across a “Shop” icon and it this is your first time seeing it. You will be notified by Facebook and you have to click on it to continue with the process.
  • Now click “Add a Photo. On this part you have to add the photo of the product or business you are trying to market on the marketplace.
  • Also add a title after adding the photo of the product you are marketing. You will see a box that says “What are you selling”. You just have to type the name of what you are selling there which it the title.
  • Next is to add a description. You have to describe the item that you are marketing for buyers to know more about what you are advertising.
  • Place your price. As a marketer you need to set up a pricing amount for your item.
  • Add your location and also category. The place of your business and the kind of category of business you are into.
After providing all these details, you are done with marketing your business on the marketplace.
5 Possible Ways to Use Facebook Marketplace for your Business
If you want to make your business grow really fast. And for the audience to contact you, there are ways you can. With the help of the strategy that I will be mentioning down here. You can grow and use the Facebook marketplace as a way you can market your business.
  • You have to increase awareness and discoverability.
  • Also, you have to build trust with your audience.
  • Search for what sells best on Facebook.
  • Leverage Facebook’s personalization.
  • Then lastly, you have to test out for new products.
I assure you that when you put all these things into action in other to market your business on Facebook. You will grow really fast in marketing your business on the Facebook marketplace.
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Free Messenger – Facebook Messenger App Download | Facebook Messenger Free

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Benefits of Using Facebook Messenger for Facebook

The benefits of Facebook messenger are too numerous to be outlined. For this reason I would just make a brief list of some of them. Here are the benefits of the Facebook messenger app.
  • The Facebook messenger app allows you to message anyone on Facebook without having their contact like WhatsApp.
  • The Facebook messenger allows you to rally your group using polls. This means that you can create polls using Facebook messenger.
  • Easily customize your chat using GIFs, colors, and stickers.
  • Easily send video and audio files with an optional filter feature.
  • You can hang out with friends using video chat. Facebook Messenger also allows you to customize and edit you are seen on video chats.
  • You can also challenge your friends on Facebook through messenger games.
To begin using Facebook messenger for free, you need to download and install the Facebook messenger app.
Free Messenger
Facebook Messenger App Download
The latest version of the Facebook messenger app can be downloaded from the Google play store or iOS store. Some devices do not have this store. For these devices the app can be downloaded from an external server following this link (Here). To, therefore, download the Facebook messenger app from your devices play store, follow the steps below;
  • On your mobile device, locate the google play store or apple app store icon.
  • After locating your devices app store tap on it.
  • On your device’s app store, using the search bar, enter the ‘Facebook messenger app’ as a keyword and hit on the search tab.
  • From the search results, tap on the Facebook messenger and then on the get or install tab.
The Facebook messenger app will be installed immediately to your device after tapping on the install or get tab.
Facebook Messenger Free
Using Facebook messenger for free is pretty easy, all you need is a network provider sim card. When you get the sim, follow the steps below;
  • Put the sim on your device and turn on the data connection.
  • Launch the Facebook messenger app and sign in using your Facebook account details.
  • If you use any of the sim card mentioned above, you would receive a pop up saying that you can use some feature on messenger for free.
You can use Facebook messenger to send messages and stickers for free.
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Facebook Avatar App – Facebook Avatar App on Androids | Facebook Avatar App on iOS

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With Facebook Avatar App, you can now create and share a personalized sticker in comments, stories, and more. With the roll-out of the Facebook avatar feature, Facebook users can create an avatar of themselves. This avatar can be featured in stickers, shared in Facebook stores, used as comments, and sent as text messages amongst many other things. It is quite obvious that in order to make use of this feature, you need a registered account with the platform (Facebook). Registering for an account on Facebook is really simple, free, and fast. Facebook above all provides a means for you to communicate with friends and family without cost.
Facebook Avatar App 

Facebook Avatar App

You should treat this article more like a guide as there is a lot you are going to learn. Probably you know some of the things that will be discussed in this article but the bottom line remains that there is still always something to learn. Amongst other things, in this article, you would learn how to create your Facebook avatar. Speaking of the Facebook Avatar App, some people do not know that it is the Facebook official app. Yes! The Facebook Avatar App is the Facebook official app. The Facebook official app is currently the only app you can make use of to create your very own Facebook avatar. Due to the importance of this app, we will be discussing how to download and install it on various device.
Facebook Avatar App on Androids
Android devices can not only download but also install the Facebook official app (Facebook Avatar App).
  • Open the Google Play Store on your android device after turning your device data connection on.
  • Tap on the search bar and search for “Facebook”.
  • Tap on the platform official app which you should find amongst the first five results.
  • Hit the “Install” button and follow the onscreen prompts given to you afterward.
After downloading the Facebook Avatar App on your android device, you are now ready to create your avatar.

Facebook Avatar App on iOS

iOS devices are a little complicated for some individuals. Nevertheless, you can also download and install the Facebook Avatar App.
  • Open the apple app store on your iOS device after turning on your device data connection.
  • Making use of the search bar, search for “Facebook” and tap on the Facebook official app.
  • Tap on the “Get” or “Install” button depending on the option displayed to you and follow the onscreen prompts given to you afterward.
Note that some iOS devices would require you to input your device touch ID or password before you can download and install the app.
How to Create Your Facebook Avatar
Now that you have the Facebook Avatar App on your device, it should be easy for you to create your avatar.
  • Open the Facebook official app installed on your device and sign in your account.
  • Tap on the three horizontal lines which is the menu icon and a list of options should display.
  • From the list of options displayed, tap on the “See More” option and then on “Avatars”.
  • Hit the “Next” button on the next screen and then on the “Get Started” button.
  • Select a desired skin tone from the options of skin tones available. There are over twenty skin options to choose from.
  • Customize your avatar by picking a hairstyle, eye, outfit and so on. Just in case you do not remember exactly what you look like, you can tap on the camera icon at the top of the screen to open the front-facing camera of your device.
  • After customizing your avatar, tap on the checkmark icon at the top right side of the screen.
  • Tap “Next” and then on the “Done” button.
That is all you need to do to create your Facebook avatar for free today. You can make use of your avatar in different sections of the Facebook website. Take for instance, you can make your avatar your account profile picture or make use of it in comments and text messages on the platform.
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Best Dating Apps – Best Dating Apps In The World

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Dating apps are taking over the world and there are lots of them on the internet today. Best dating apps are the top-rated dating apps that individuals can use to find love. If you’re searching for, he best apps to use in finding a date, then you are on the right guide. If you are looking for free or paid dating apps or the sites, they are available on. Read on to find out more about the best dating apps to use.
Best Dating Apps 

Best Dating Apps

Best Dating Apps makes connecting and finding love easy and fast. There are individuals who are very shy and can’t maintain a facial conversation with people. But the help of online dating now individuals can share, connect, and communicate with potential matches before planing out dates. And gives you a lot of time to gain your confidence before meeting up. There are lots of dating apps you can use for finding love or casual dating. But, the stress comes when you want o make the choice if which is best to use.
Best Dating Apps In The World
Regardless of what you want, I’ve got you covered. Now let’s dive in and look at the best dating apps you can use.

Facebook Dating

Facebook dating is not yet made available worldwide but has a promising future for us. This feature is within the Facebook app. It is an optional dating service. The service is free and compatible on any mobile phone including iOS and Android devices.


Now is an online dating app for iOS users. This platform is targeting those who are busy and helps to save them time by arranging an actual meeting time. Users on the platform, select their schedule just so their match would know the right time that will suit them. The app is free with paid keys to unlock certain features.

Coffee Meets Bagel

This is a great dating app, especially for ladies. Coffee Meets Bagel is presented in the form that, the men will receive matches known as Bagel. Then, like or pass on their options. If the men show interest in the ladies, the app will present the best among the men to the ladies. The app does the matching for the ladies. This is an effective way of online dating. It’s free and compatible with iOS and Android devices.


Hinge is a bit linked to Facebook. it operates by helping users find potential matches with those they share mutual friends with on Facebook. It also creates smart matches between individuals who are searching for something similar. The platform is free but also offers a paid premium version. Compatible with iOS and Android devices.
This is another platform that is fast rising in popularity. Crush puts the most power in the hands of the ladies, that is to say, the ladies decide to unlock the match or not. Although it is similar to Tinder, users swipe through profiles to find matches. The difference and one of the best things about a crush is, the lady gets to ask the match (guy) a question and he must answer it. If the lady accepts or likes the answer, she can unlock the match and start a conversation. In this free best dating app for iOS and Android devices, the ball is in the hands of the lady.


Bumble is yet another dating app that puts the power in the lady’s hand. The men have to wait for the lady to message the first line, otherwise, the match will expire. If the guy doesn’t reply in 24 hours, it will expire. This platform is one of the fast-rising apps. A friendly user interface and has similar functions are similar to Tinder. Bumble is free, but users have to pay Bumble coin to unlock certain features. The platform is compatible with iOS and Android devices.
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What Is Messenger? – Facebook Messenger App Download | Facebook Messenger Sign In

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What is messenger is really one of the most important questions if you are a Facebook user? Facebook messenger is one of the fastest means of communication for Facebook users. This is said to be true because of the features that come with this app. the compatibility is also unique in its own different way. After reading this post to the end, you can take advantage of the Facebook Messenger app to make you chat like a pro on Facebook. You can customize your Facebook chat using different colors, emojis, and stickers. You could also express your feelings using emoticons.
Facebook Messenger App
Facebook Messenger App Download
Accessing this feature is one of the many reasons why people ask “what is Messenger?”. you can access this app from the Google play store which makes it even easier to get updates as you would be notified of any new updates. The Google play store also makes this app available to anyone using a Google supported device. I personally enjoy using this app. to download and install the Facebook messenger app from your device app store,
  • Launch the app store installed on your device. Note that this could be the Google play store, iOS store, or Microsoft store.
  • When the sore loads, hit the search bar and search for “Facebook messenger”.
  • If a result page is loaded, make sure to click the first result from the page.
  • When the app page is loaded, scroll down to find the install button and click it.
  • Wait for the app to be installed and make sure to keep your data connection on during the download and installation.
After the installation process, you can now use the app by clicking the icon from your apps list. After launching the Facebook messenger app, you would have to log in to access the entire features. You cannot skip this process. This is one reason why you need to have a Facebook account before now. If you do not have one you can create one at Facebook.
Facebook Messenger Sign In
If you are lost or still confused on the steps to take search this webpage for “how to create a Facebook account” using the search bar. After opening the account, make sure you used a mobile number or email address and password you can easily remember as you would need it to sign in. To sign in, launch the Messenger app again and fill in your Facebook account username and password in the text field provided. Click on sign in to sign in.
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Facebook Bitmoji – Facebook Bitmoji App | Facebook Avatar

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What is Facebook Bitmoji? The Facebook Bitmoji is a new feature on the platform that allows you to share your and express your emotion. With the new Facebook Bitmoji, you can say goodbye to the Facebook old pattern of expressing your emotions. Before now, emotions are expressed on the Facebook platform through generic sad, angry, happy, and thumbs up emoji. Facebook rolled out a new feature called a Facebook avatar and it would soon become a global thin. Since the feature is new and still rolling out, it is not quite accessible to all. We would be talking about everything I think you should know about the Facebook Bitmoji in this article.
Facebook BitmojiFacebook Bitmoji
If you’ve used Snapchat before and you loved the Snapchat emoji, then you would love the Facebook Bitmoji since they are very similar. Facebook Bitmoji is also known as Facebook avatars on the Facebook platform. Most of our conversations on social media most especially WhatsApp is done with emoji and stickers. I guess that’s why this feature was introduced to Facebook. The Facebook Bitmoji features a lot of emotions and expressions that you can choose from. Most importantly, Facebook’s avatar allows you to create a cartoon avatar of yourself and engage with communication more authentically. Facebook Bitmoji can be used in comments, conversations in Facebook Messenger, and even Facebook stories.

Facebook Avatar

Like I have established earlier, the Facebook avatar is the same thing as Facebook Bitmoji. Now, a Facebook avatar or Bitmoji can be created in just a few minutes. It all depends on the type of avatar you are looking for. The Facebook avatar can be created by using the latest version of the Facebook app o the latest version of the Facebook messenger app. If you don’t know how to create an avatar using the Facebook app, then you should keep reading as I would be showing you just how you can do that later on in this article.
Facebook Update 2020
There has been a lot of updates on the Facebook platform since this year began. The Facebook platform is working tirelessly to provide users with a working and genuine social environment to meet new people. In just this year, a lot of Facebook features have been rolled out. Some of these features are the Facebook “Care” feature, Facebook dark mode, Facebook new layout, and now even the Facebook Bitmoji. As you can see, you can be left out with all these updates. I have detailed articles on each of the new features and I am still writing more about these features. I urge you to bookmark my website or subscribe to our newsletter to stay connected to us.
Facebook Bitmoji App
If you’ve been following up on the article, then you would know that there is no special app for the Facebook Bitmoji. The Facebook Bitmoji which is technically the same as the Facebook avatar is a feature on the Facebook platform. This means that it is embedded somewhere on Facebook. Do you want to know where to find it? You should read this article to the end as I would be covering it in about heading to this article.

How to Create Facebook Bitmoji on Facebook

Before you can even create a Facebook bitmoji using the Facebook app, you must make sure you are using the latest version of the Facebook application. The Facebook app can easily be updated to the latest version using the mobile store on your device. After updating, follow the steps below to create a Facebook Bitmoji with the Facebook App.
  • Open the Facebook application on your mobile device.
  • Next, click on the menu icon at the top right corner of the app. Note that it is represented with three horizontal lines.
  • From the menu, select the “See More”.
  • Under the “See More” options, click on “Avatars”. Note that you would only see this option if it is accessible to you. If you don’t see it, it means you have to wait for a few months before you can see.
  • After clicking on “Avatars”, click on “Get Started”.
  • Now, you can begin creating your own avatar. You would be provided with several options to create your own Bitmoji. You’ll have to start off with skin tone and then move up to the head eventually. First things first, click on a skin tone you like.
  • After selecting a skin tone, you can now select a hairstyle you like, there are various options you can use to customize the hairstyles. There are options like hair color and hair length.
  • Next, you go through editing your face suiting your likes. You have options like eye shape, face shape, eye color, eyebrows, makeup, nose shape, facial hair, body shape, and even outfit. There is even a separate segment that you can use to add face lines just to get to the extreme details about your bitmoji.
To see what your bitmoji looks like, you can click the mirror icon at the top right corner. After customizing your avatar and you love how it looks, just click hit “Done” checkmark. After the screen finishes its loading, click the “Next” option again. And finally, click “Done”. Note that you can always change your bitmoji whenever you like.
How to Create Facebook Bitmoji on Facebook Messenger
I am sure the steps above have covered most of the details you would be needing. So, I would be showing you how you can access the option to create a Facebook Bitmoji on Facebook Messenger. Follow the steps below to access the Facebook Bitmoji creator on Facebook messenger.
  • You must be using the latest version of the Facebook messenger to proceed further.
  • Now, launch your new Facebook messenger app and open a conversation.
  • Next, click on the sticker option beside the text field provided.
If you haven’t created any Bitmoji before, you would see an option saying “Make Your Avatar”. Click on it and start creating your avatar.
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Facebook Stories – Facebook Stories Settings | How to Post Content on Facebook Stories

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Facebook stories allow you to post a short user-generated video and pictures collection that enables your friends to view it more than twice. And this Facebook story can only last for 24 hours and disappears after 24 hours. This is a new feature on Facebook that was added in the year 2017 march 28th and since then it has been one of those features that have been used continuously. And it is seen as a news feed for Facebook. Facebook stories allows users to use interesting filters to their pictures or videos. And also allows users to add their location to their photos and videos.
Facebook Stories 

Facebook Stories

Just as I have written in the previous paragraph. Facebook stories is a new feature. It is therefore one of the many features that make spending time on the Facebook social media platform all worth it. This feature will be bringing a new breath of fresh air to the platform. And if you haven’t gotten in on the act yet, then you should as it is really cool and fun. this feature is a free feature as you don’t get to subscribe to it to make use of the feature.
Facebook Stories Settings
Just like every other Facebook feature, Facebook will not release a feature without giving users the ability to control that feature in the manner that best suits them. With theses stories settings you can choose who you share your story with on the platform. To change the privacy settings of your story on Facebook follow the steps below;
  • Upload a story on your Facebook account.
  • In the bottom right corner of your story, click on the audience selector, and from there you can select who views your status such as public, friends and connections, friends, and custom.
  • When set on public, your friend’s followers and everyone you have chatted with will see your stories. Anyone who follows you can also see your story but only your friends can reply to your stories.
  • For friends and connections, your messenger connections and Facebook friends will see your stories.
  • When set to friends, only your Facebook friends will see your story. Your connections on messenger will not see your story.
  • And lastly when set on custom, you will be able to select the people who will be able to see your stories.
To hide your story from specific people
  • Open the Facebook app on your android or iOS device.
  • Next, you will need to set your privacy to friends and connections or just friends.
  • Next, tap on the ‘hide story from.’ tab.
  • Select the persons you would like to hide your story from and lastly tap on save.
Note that if you have placed anyone on the restricted list, the said person will not be able to see your story. When you make changes to your Facebook stories, the changes will apply o every item on your story at the moment and beyond. Also know that you can make changes to these settings anytime you choose.
Features Of The Facebook Stories
Facebook stories include the following;
  • Animated selfie glasses
  • Emojis
  • Fine art styles
  • Specified country filters etc.
Just about anything listed from videos to animated gifs can be uploaded as a story on the Facebook platform.

How Facebook Stories Work

Facebook stories appear at the top corner of your Facebook page. And before you can view these stories all you just have to do is to tap the circle where your friend’s name appears. When you are viewing these pictures, you also have the chance to reply to their story with a direct message. And when your friends reply to your stories it can be viewed in your story. Or will be directed to your messenger. Facebook even allows you to see the number of people that view your story. And if you want to pause a story, all you just have to do is to click and then you hold.
Steps On How To Post Content On Facebook Stories
These steps are very simple if you follow them carefully. All you just need to do is;
  • Go to the right corner of your Facebook account homepage to use the camera
  • Click on the circle shape at the bottom of the screen to take a photo. And if you want to record a video you will just have to tap and hold the circle shape.
  • You can also take pictures from your gallery on your screen. And if you want to add any filter to your content you will just have to swipe up and choose your preferred choice.
  • All you need to do is to click on alphabet A to add any text and click on the pencil icon to draw on your content.
  • Then all you will just have to do is to click on the arrow facing the right direction to post your story.
How To Post Facebook Stories When Using Facebook Lite
Posting on your Facebook story is easy, but it is only easy when you have don’t it before. If you haven’t posted a Facebook story, follow the steps below;
  • Login to our Facebook account via the web or the Facebook mobile app.
  • at the top of your Facebook newsfeed, you will find the add story tab.
  • Click on the icon add story. Then you click on your preferred pictures you want to put in your Facebook stories. Then you look carefully and click on the next icon at the bottom of the page. Before this story can be posted you will see the settings concerning your Facebook.
  • You can also choose who you want to view your story and who you don’t want to view your story.
  • Then you click on add to story at the bottom of the screen.
Enjoy using your Facebook account, because Facebook is another way of communicating with your friends from different parts of the world. And you can also share photos with your family and friends. Indulge with this new feature given so you can enjoy using it at all times.
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