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JAMB UTME Practice App for Android & PC - CBT Software Download 2020

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https://cbtpracticeapp.com/jamb.apk App for mobile phones
https://cbtpracticeapp.com/jambpc.zip Software for Laptop & Desktop PCs
You can now download and install for free, the New 2020 UTME Ready version of the JAMB CBT practice mobile App for Android Devices, which contains over 60,000 Questions, including possible questions that can be asked from the new JAMB Novel, Sweet Sixteen. JAMB CBT 2019 Questions have now been added to our application. Simply update your questions from the app to get them. Once we activate your device, that device is activated for life.

Get JAMB CBT App here from Play Store

No more weekly or monthly renewal payments. Apart from the app granting you access to all JAMB past questions (starting from 1978 to 2019), It also offers you a world-class chatbot and voice (Text-To-Speech) – you can listen to questions and explanations in an interesting way. This is simply the best practice app you can ever have on your phone.
If you were looking for the software that works on Computer Systems and Laptops, then visit the page; Latest JAMB CBT Practice Software – PC Free Download
This easy-to-use app is a must-have for any candidate intending to write the 2020 JAMB CBT UTME, as it provides you with all the tools necessary to comfortably pass your exams.
We will also keep you updated about JAMB, your School of Choice and other important information you need to know. It’s all free!

CBT JAMB App Download Links

There are two options for you to download:
1. You can download it directly from the Google Play Store by searching for Scholarsinfo JAMB App or by visiting this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.iafsawii.scholarsinfojamb
2. If the above does not work, You can also download the raw APK file by using this link: https://cbtpracticeapp.com/jamb.apk

Below is what’s new in the 2020 Version of the CBT App

Don’t forget to get it here: https://cbtpracticeapp.com/jamb.apk
• 2020 UTME Ready.
• 2019 CBT Questions included. Simply Update Questions
• Activate Once, Use it for Life of your device – Very Cheap!
• Access over 60,000 past questions and their solutions for JAMB in an organized manner.
• Access all past questions and their solutions without any Internet Connection, even in remote and rural areas.
• Study Past Question Year by Year – All years included
• Carry all past questions & answer booklets for all subjects on your mobile phone.
• Contains Calculator
• Adequately prepares you for Post-UTME, whether Paper or CBT.
• Practice Exact Post-UTME CBT Environment using custom settings.
• It gives you an idea of what the JAMB CBT environment feels like.
• Prepares you for JAMB CBT and also Post-UTME exams in your school of choice.
• Avoid expensive admission sorting by encouraging learning.
With this Scholarsinfo App and constant practice, you are sure of scoring 290+ in your JAMB CBT Exams.

UTME CBT Practice Software Download URLs

There are two options for you to download:
1. You can download it directly from the Google Play Store by the search for Scholarsinfo JAMB App or by visiting this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.iafsawii.scholarsinfojamb
2. If the above does not work, You can also download the raw APK file by using this link: https://cbtpracticeapp.com/jamb.apk
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Instagram Login with Facebook Account

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Instagram is great. Yeah, certain there's Snapchat where you can take all the selfies you desire and also insect your friends with them. And Twitter, where you could say whatever idiotic thing that comes into your head. And also the beloved (or be-hated) Facebook, where we can share all the important things. Yet there is still an area for Instagram with its simplicity of sharing your pictures for all your loved ones to see, easy captions, hashtags, few bells or whistles. And also the capability to share stated pics to your other preferred social media sites systems - Instagram Login With Facebook Account

So you would certainly believe keeping that ease of use, Instagram would certainly have supplied a way to utilize the app to its fullest extent online now. You could certainly examine your account at instagram.com, however there is still no other way to submit photos from your PC to your Instagram. However what if there was a method? Suppose there was a way to login to Instagram, utilizing your Facebook, online as well as not only examine your Instagram but likewise use the application to its fullest capability? To reword Liz Lemon, 'We wish to go to there.'

Instagram Login With Facebook Account

You can login Instagram making use of the e-mail ID yet to save time and also login instantly you can make use of the Facebook.

Here we are making use of the Mobile App to show this tutorial

Action 1: To login Instagram making use of the Facebook you will certainly see a switch labeled with "Log in with Facebook" on both in the Desktop PC browser and Mobile app.

Step 2: If you touch the "Login To Facebook" button the Instagram ask to access the Facebook account with which you intend to gain access to or set up the Instagram.

Action 3: If you are accessing the Instagram first time it will ask to produce a username. By default, the Instagram provides you some random username based on your Facebook profile data. However you can change it to whatever you like later on by editing and enhancing your Insta's account. For instance, here we have changed the username to rahul_xxxx.

In this way, you could quickly login to Instagram utilizing Facebook. Currently, every time when you intend to log in the Instagram you could utilize the very same Facebook account that you made use of to sign up. But exactly what occurs? If you forget the Instagram password that has actually been created with Facebook due to the fact that you never got the credentials of the Instagram account created using Facebook with the exception of the username. You could locate the solution to this concern later on in this tutorial write-up
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TikTok APK Free Install – Tik Tok App Download for Android

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TikTok APK Free Install | Tik Tok Online Play – Tik Tok is an amazing online platform that has captured the heart of million or probably billions of people from all over the world. Tik Tok is a newcomer in the world social platform but has managed to gain fame with over 500 million active users just within a short period of time. This made the platform better recognized and ahead of other well-known platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and even Snapchat when it comes to teenagers. Tik Tok online play.
If you have made use of Tik Tok before, you should know that it is an online platform that enables users to watch short interesting videos made by other individuals on the platform.
Tik Tok online play can only be accessed on Android and iOS devices, so if you use any device that does not fall under any of these categories, then you will need to change your device. But if you wish to make use of Tik Tok on your PC (windows or mac OS) there is a way for you. The way TikTok is designed really helps people communicate. It features has made one of the latest fast rising social media platforms in the world.

TikTok APK Free Install – Download Tik Tok App

To download Tik Tok for your Android smartphone, all you need do is follow the guide below;
1. Go to Play Store
2. Search for “Tik Tok”
3. Click on “Install” to get the app downloaded and installed on your phone.

Features Of TikTok Video Application

■ Add your favorite music or sound to your videos for free
Easily edit your videos with millions of free music clips and sounds. We curate music and sound playlists for you with the hottest tracks in every genre, including Hip Hop, Edm, Pop, Rock, Rap, and Country, and the most viral original sounds.
■ Express yourself with creative effects
Unlock tons of filters, effects, and AR objects to take your videos to the next level.
■ Edit your own videos
Our integrated editing tools allow you to easily trim, cut, merge, and duplicate video clips without leaving the app.
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How To Create Pinterest Account | Create Pinterest 2020 Account

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To get easily get started with Pinterest sign up, you may need to follow this guide carefully. To do the Pinterest registration, you'll, first of all, go to the Pinterest website here (www.pinterest.com), fill out the important details as required, and next, you click on the Signup button. You are allowed to sign up for Pinterest with either your email address or with your existing Facebook account information. Related: How to Sign Up for a Pinterest Account

How to Set up your profile on Pinterest

After you have duly entered all the necessary information, you will be given the access to start following any popular user, brand or categories on Pinterest.
Howbeit, the very first thing you will need to do is set up your profile account. To start setting up your Pinterest Profile, do this: Click the Profile button located at the top-right corner side of the screen, next, click the hexagon-shaped gear icon (As shown below in the image).
Then, scroll down to your Profile section. From here, you'll be able to add an additional information to your account page and upload a profile image.
That will be all on how to create Pinterest account with Facebook or with email address. If I have done my job by showing you how to pull through the process of signing up and logging into your newly created Pinterest account. I plead with you to share it with at least 5 of your Facebook or Twitter Friends.
Thank you so much in anticipation!
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Yahoo Mail Login Inbox – Log In Yahoo Mail | Yahoo Mail On Facebook

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Yahoo Mail Login Inbox – Yahoo mail is one of the few mail companies that started online mailing and are still relevant in recent time although they had taken some bad decisions in the past concerning their products which cost them a lot of users which switched to google mail and Apple mail which are currently one of the best Email services in recent time.
Yahoo Mail Login Inbox – was created towards the early year 2000, Yahoo mail is still relevant and still-being used by a lot of users for their email services in the world. Although there was a time when they offered the best mail services in the world but in recent there are a lot of good and competent emails services in the world.

Yahoo Mail Login Sign In Features

The Yahoo mail Login is actually no hard at all. Yahoo has made sure that logging or sign in into their platforms is easy because of people from different parts of the world are logging into the platform to use the mail so it has to be Straight forward. These are the main features of the Yahoo account login.
User Friendly
the yahoo account login process is easy to use and doesn’t require much process to login. The Yahoo mail login process is easy and doesn’t any complex registration needed, just connect to the internet and login into the yahoo email platform.
Highly Interactive
the Ymail login process is highly interactive and simple, the way yahoo sets up the home page is very encouraging and straightforward. The home page is created to be very user friendly so users can easily login on their own without any problems or stress.
This are a few features of the yahoo mail login it’s really straightforward and easy to use, using it is very straightforward and not complex. They are also created a very interactive login process and page which is users friendly.

How To Login Into Your Yahoo Accounts

Login into yahoo accounts or Ymail account is not complex, yahoo programmers have made sure that users don’t encounter any hardships when trying to register for their email services. This are the steps to login into yahoo accounts:
  • Open web browsers.
  • Search for the yahoo login page https://login.yahoo.com
  • Put in email and password and sign in.
  • For people with out an existing email account.
  • Click on create new accounts.
  • Put in full name, phone number, birthday , password, email name.
  • A verification code would be sent to mobile number.
  • Put in verification code and complete registration.

This are the easy steps to use when trying to login into yahoo accounts, they are straightforward and easy and yahoo has made it easy so it’s very hard to make mistakes when trying to login.
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Stylish Girls Profile Pictures & WhatsApp Dp Images 2020

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WhatsApp Dp Images is the main feature of WhatsApp. Among many of US,
women such as the most to locate and download Women Stylish Photos DP for
Facebook & Whatsapp. Well, not simply girls, all of the US wants to search for
best and Unique Whatsapp DPs on the internet to use it on our Social
Networking Sites.
Only a few people like to use their unique photograph as Facebook DP or on the other cultural reports whereas remaining people search and download the greatest DP for Whatsapp from Google.
Stylish girls DPs Account Pictures for Whatsapp & Facebook have become popular in these times. Where Females are much interested in changing their Profile picture. As we have experienced, generally they start looking for Pretty and Elegant DP For Women.
Awesome Stylish WhatsApp DP Images and Fb profiles: Nowadays, Everyone wants to create their Cool and Stylish Dp Name Pic, stylish and unique. People look on numerous site but sometimes they get it or sometimes not. These days, elegant ladies' photographs have become common as DP. Here are elegant girls, miserable girls, gorgeous girls, love girls, naughty girl's account images, etc. Nowadays, on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, IMO, twitter, skype, etc. become extremely popular.
If you are a girl and looking for some best DP for Whatsapp and Facebook then this article can help you out. We have several different Girl Pic and Girl DP images for Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook.

Stylish Girls Profile Pictures & WhatsApp Dp Images 2020

Here are more than 100+ stylish Girls DPs for Whatsapp and Facebook. Don’t worry, all types of Photos you will find here including Girls Love DPs, Women Perspective DPs, Sad Woman pics, Alone lady Attitude Profile Pic for Whatsapp, closest friend DPs For Women, etc… I mean, you don’t need to visit another site for brand new Page picture after watching most of the images paste below. So download Women DPs and demonstrate your character on cultural sites. If you like Love DPs, you’re able to check our best Romantic images which we shared before this.
Stylish Girls Whatsapp DP Images: Need To Transform your Whatsapp or Facebook DP? Looking for Latest Stylish Girls WhatsApp DP Images for the set as your profile picture / DP? Just Get the latest page image collection or women DP from this article. All of you’re currently using Facebook and Whatsapp; the pattern is to alter DP time to time and allow your friends to see it and like /comment on Facebook or offer a compliment on WhatsApp. If you are searching for women DPs, then you will get it out of this post easily.

Check out: How to Deactivate Facebook Account Now


Love DP For Girls | Girls DP for Facebook

You can choose some of the best Girls Profile Pictures for Facebook and WhatsApp DP. If you are a girl with an attitude then these girl pics will help you to select your perfect Profile picture.

Cute Girl Profile Picture For Whatsapp

Starting a conversation with a girl on Facebook isn’t as easy as you might believe. WhatsApp messaging is considerably more dynamic than SMS. Its user interface is really easy and user-friendly and enables users to delete messages merely by sliding them to the left. With Attractive WhatsApp DP images, you can impress any girl on WhatsApp and Facebook. We also added Fb Profile Pics 2018 in this article.

Dashing DP for Girls – Girls Stylish Profile Pics

You can also share these beautiful Girls Profile pics and WhatsApp DP images for Girls and Women. We have some awesome collection of these pics. Please Share this article if you find it useful.
WhatsApp DP images are among the most common social messaging apps that allow users to chat with their buddies, make free voice and video calls. It is possible to customize the color to discover the correct tone for your brand.
Sometimes only a little bit of text is all you require. The message includes a snapshot of your story. Therefore it will be instantly clear what their message references. If you’re searching for messages in distinct languages like Hindi, you won’t be let down in any respect.
The free area of social sharing is unconditionally confined to sources of information that obey the status quo. Once you have selected the contact number and mobile handset you would like to send from, download WhatsApp and make an account. In the Jaguar post, you’ll see quite a few hashtags listed after the caption.

Girls Stylish Profile Pics

We’re revealing a few of the best Stylish Girls Profile DPs for Whatsapp & Facebook in this article. These are some of the best Stylish Girls DP for Whatsapp and Facebook. You will get new Whatsapp DP Images for females in the above section. I mentioned all categorized DPs for females including Fashionable Girl, Attitude Women DP for Facebook, Pretty, Beautiful Lady, etc.

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Here is the best and huge Whatsapp DP series which is particularly contributed just for Ladies. If you’re interested in Kids DPs, check our recently shared Elegant Children DP series. Share these best WhatsApp DP images with your friends. Above we have shared more than 100+ stylish Girls DPs for Whatsapp and Facebook. Don’t worry, all types of Photos you can find here including Girls Love DPs, Girls Attitude DPs, Sad Girl Pics, Alone girl DPs, Best friend DPs for Girls, and more. Share this article and share your best WhatsApp Dp.

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Youtube Sign Up Register Account: Youtube Sign in Login

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Youtube Sign Up Register Account: Youtube Sign in Login | www.Youtube.com

Youtube Sign Up Account is usually a Youtube registration page to create a new account. So many new users are yet to understand that the Youtube website is also owned by Google, and once a Google account has already been created, one can always use it to sign up or sign in to youtube account.
Now, after you have created the Youtube account – go to your profile to add a profile picture and other info you might like to add.

To Sign In Youtube Account

Still on the official website www.youtube.com, now you have created this account, and you know your login details, which are your user ID and password. Use it to login to your account.

How to Create a New Youtube Account Online

  1. To start, go to the YouTube.com home page and click the “Create an Account” button at the top far right, as shown in the image above.
  2. You’ll be taken to the basic Google signup form.
  3. You will be required to enter your desired Google username and password, gender, birthday, country location, current email address, and mobile phone number.
  4. Finally, it will ask you to type a few squiggly letters to prove you’re not a robot.
  5. One challenge you might face is finding and choosing a username that you can’t skip. So make sure to find one you like and also always remember.
  6. Click “Next” to submit the information.

How To Watch YouTube Videos Online

To watch a Youtube video is very easy to do. If you are accessing the Youtube website, www.youtube.com on Desktop computer or a laptop once it opens, you will see all kinds of videos. It is now left for you to use the search bar to search what type of video you want to watch at that time.
But one thing always occurs which I do not want you to get confused about. Which is – any time you access the Youtube Video website or/and select a particular video you want to watch, it doesn’t start immediately.  An advert video comes out playing first before your own choice will begin playing.  YOu always can stop and skip them whenever it pops up to play by clicking the click the “X” button or “Skip” at the upper right.
Youtube Sign Up Register Account: Youtube Sign in Login | www.Youtube.com
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How To Reset Your Yahoo Password

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How to Reset Your Yahoo Password: Did you forget your password on Yahoo account and wish to reset it to something new? Well, this article deals with that. You can actually change a password for a Yahoo account in two different ways. In the first instance, you may know your current password but you still want to change it due to security reasons. In the second instance, you don’t even remember your current password and need to gain access to your account via an alternate method such as another email, a mobile phone or by answering security questions.

When You Know Your Current Password

  • Log in to your Yahoo email account, then click "Account Info" under the "Help" icon.
  • Select "Change your password" in the Sign-In and Security section.
  • Type in your new password twice in the space provided and make sure it is the same else it will be rejected. Click "Continue" to set your new password and to be routed back to your Account Information page.
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When You Don't Know Your Current Password
  • Simply go to Yahoo's password helper page and then choose "I have a problem with my password" and click "Next."
  • Enter your Yahoo ID and click "Next."
  • Choose from any of the options for resetting your password. Depending on your Yahoo account information, several options display, they include; providing a mobile phone number, an alternate email address or answering a secret question. Yahoo displays only choices to reset your password specific to your account, so you may see different options than those pictured here. Click "Next."
  • Follow the instructions for resetting your password. Depending on the choice you selected,
  • When on the new password page, enter a new password twice. Click "Continue" to submit your password, be logged into your account, and be routed to the Yahoo home page.
See this: How to Reactivate Facebook
And that's all, I hope this was helpful to change your password? Why not share this with your friends so they would grab how to change their password on Yahoo account.
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Fit Picture To Instagram | How To Fit Picture To Instagram

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Fit Picture To Instagram: Instagram supports images in the rectangle-shaped landscape and also portrait orientations-- as long as you change it from the default square shape prior to you publish the data. To do that, touch the round gray arrowhead symbol in the bottom edge of the image preview.

Fit Picture To Instagram

Instagram's aid guide says the solution supports pictures as well as videos only with facet proportions between 1.91:1 (a horizontal wide-screen/landscape shape) and also 4:5 (a vertical picture shape); the traditional square form has an aspect ratio of 1:1. If the picture you publish is not in among Instagram's sustained element proportions, it will be chopped instantly.
As for the picture high quality, Instagram does not change the picture resolution if the image has a width from 320 to 1,080 pixels, as long as the documents is in among the supported facet ratios. Little, low-resolution photos are enlarged to a width of 320 pixels when you submit them to the service, which might misshape them.
Many good smartphones nowadays take relatively high-resolution resolution photos-- 12-megapixel (or much better) cameras prevail currently in the front runner designs from Apple, Google, LG, Samsung and also other firms. The images these mobile cameras could generate are generally much larger than 1,080 pixels vast, however if you upload an image that is bigger compared to Instagram's requirements, the service resizes the image to satisfy the optimum 1,080-pixel width.
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How To Create A PayPal Account

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Create a PayPal AccountPayPal is the leading service for online payments. Created in 1998, today is the most used service for making payments, normally the “Internet jobs” for freelancers are paid by PayPal, it’s a fast and secure way to handle money in the web.


A lot of online stores such as eBay, Google Play, Play station Store, Netflix, Steam, and Best-buy accept PayPal as a payment option. You can create a PayPal account in just a minute, and it’s free, although there are some paid versions. You can create three types of different account;
  • Personal account: For those who only need PayPal to buy, you can use it in any store or service that accepts it. You need to add a valid credit card when buying; the fund will be charged to the card, your information’s will be 100% secure, maybe the most popular feature of PayPal, is its security.
  • Premier account: It counts with more features than a personal account, it allows you to send and receive money (with little charges), and you can add multiple credit cards and a bank account to cash out your money (only in some countries). It’s the regular account for those who make a living working on the internet, and also need to receive and pay for things. The fees on PayPal are about 5-6%.
  • Business account: Similar to the Premier account, but it can be accessed by multiple users (workers of a company), usually for companies or certified sellers.
When you create PayPal, remember that it is like creating a bank account, all the data must be correct, you’ll be asked for necessary profile information like (name, address, and age). When adding bank information (bank account number or credit card number) don’t worry, there won’t be charges, PayPal doesn’t work like that. Just follow the instructions, and you’ll be ready with a personal account, if you want a Premier account, PayPal will charge 2$ from your credit card and send 2$ to your funds as well to verify it’s a valid card.


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Marketplace on Facebook – Facebook Marketplace App | Marketplace Facebook App

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Marketplace on Facebook – Facebook Marketplace App - Do you want to know about the Marketplace on Facebook? Well, it is a shop on the Facebook platform for businesses where you can either buy or sell items. Marketplace on Facebook can also be explained as a convenient and easy way in which individuals on the Facebook platform can buy and sell items or stuffs locally without leaving Facebook. On its app, you can find great and numerous listings or search for the items you want near you.
Marketplace on Facebook

You can as well list out your stuff or items which you intend to sell and be sure to find great deals directly within Facebook. The Facebook marketplace app is not a standalone app like the likes of Facebook Messenger app, the marketplace app is inbuilt on Facebook i.e within the Facebook app itself, and therefore you are not required to download or set up an account to use the marketplace.
With the marketplace on Facebook, you can reach out to thousands of individuals around your area or your locality. The marketplace app is usable on any device including the Android and IOS devices. It can also be used on your desktops and laptops too. You can find different household items and stuff such as clothes, TVs, real estates and cars to purchase on the app. Both new and old stuff is being sold on the marketplace app. Buying and selling on the marketplace is very simple and you get to connect with other marketers to be able to see the items in full before making a purchase.


Where can I find the Marketplace on Facebook?

The Marketplace app on Facebook has not reached the whole world, it has only be used in just 50 countries for now but the team is working hard on making it worldwide. To use the marketplace app, you must be 18 years and older and it can only be used on old Facebook accounts. These are the places the marketplace is available for now;
  • Argentina.
  • Australia.
  • Austria.
  • Belgium.
  • Belize.
  • Bulgaria.
  • Canada.
  • Chile.
  • Costa Rica.
  • Croatia.
  • Cyprus.
  • The Czech Republic.
  • Denmark.
  • Ecuador.
  • Estonia.
  • The Dominican Republic.
  • Finland.
  • France.
  • Germany.
  • Greece.
  • Hungary.
  • India.
  • Ireland.
  • Italy.
  • Latvia.
  • Lithuania.
  • Luxembourg.
  • Malta.
  • Mexico.
  • The Netherlands.
  • New Zealand.
  • Norway.
  • Panama.
  • Paraguay.
  • Peru.
  • The Philippines.
  • Poland.
  • Portugal.
  • Puerto Rico.
  • Romania.
  • Singapore.
  • Slovenia.
  • South Africa.
  • Spain.
  • Sweden.
  • Switzerland.
  • Thailand.
  • The United Kingdom.
  • The United States.
  • Uruguay.

These are the places the Marketplace on Facebook is available for now.


How can use the Marketplace?

Like I said before, to use the marketplace app, you must be 18 years and older in the locations that it’s available to and also to access the marketplace you need to have an old Facebook account because you can use it in your old accounts. If you have, you can follow the instructions below to sign in to your account;
  • Launch the Facebook apk or access your browser and go to www.facebook.com
  • Input your login details (phone number or email address and password).
  • Click on log in.
The account will be loaded on the account if the details are verified to be right.


How can I get Facebook Marketplace icon?

Getting the Facebook marketplace icon on your device is very easy to go by; you can get the icon your Android and IOS device. It can be found your desktop and laptop Facebook page. To get the Facebook marketplace icon, you would need to update to the latest Facebook version on your device. Follow the simple guides below;
  • Update your Facebook.
  • A new shop icon will be displayed on the page.
  • The marketplace icon will be at the top of your Facebook page on your Android device and the bottom of your IOS device.
  • If you are using a web browser, you can find the Marketplace icon at the left side of the page.
You can tap on the shop icon to load the Facebook Marketplace icon.
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Facebook Avatar Maker | Create My Facebook Avatar

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Facebook Avatar Maker | Create My Facebook Avatar: Facebook has recently launched its new features of the Avatar for their user to express their emotion with the avatar on Facebook. The features allow you to share a range of felling and expression of digital personal that is uniquely representative of you. The avatar creator can also be used for other things on features on Facebook such as the comment, stories, messenger, and will also be available to text posts with backgrounds too. Moreover, the avatar lets you react and engage more in legitimate with family across the app. Personalize your avatar represent your unique, legitimate self. Which make avatar on Facebook added some new range of cosmetics such as new hairstyles, complexion, and nice outfit.
The FB avatar can also be placed on your Facebook profile pictures and also be used in text messages on your mobile phone. Meanwhile, the Facebook avatar can be done on any of your operating system such as the IOS, Android, PC, and lot more.  Using the create Facebook avatar will make Facebook lively for you to operate in because using it more like using the Facebook bitmoji to express yourself on Facebook. You can also make use of the avatar messenger to chat and show your emotion to comment chat and others on Facebook app.

Install the Avatar Creator App

Downloading the avatar is a very simple step to do only if you can read in this article carefully and properly. The avatar can be download on any of your mobile devices as was said earlier. How can you now download it into your devices? Lunch your devices play store or apple store, then make use of the search to find the Facebook avatar creator, click on it to install, and download on your devices. Once you are able to successfully download it, lunch the FB avatar app from the homepage and start making use of it.

How to Make Avatar with Your Own Look

If you wish to create your own avatar follow the below steps and instructions below this article. Open up the Facebook app on your operating device.
  • Locate the three straight lines at the bottom right-hand corner of the Facebook page screen.
  • Scroll down to find the See More and tap on it.
  • You will find the Avatar App on the page click on it to get started.
It’s so simple to locate the avatar on your Facebook platform. You can now start the editing on how you want to edit your avatar look like.
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Facebook Notification Settings

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Since Facebook joined the long list of social media networks, the platform has served as the best medium for people to communicate with one other, with several features enabled on the platform, you can easily add friends both old and new across the world! The Facebook notifications feature is one of the many amazing features available on the platform.
With this feature, you can get a reminder of things that matter. However, this feature can also be a real distraction. The social media giant offers several types of notifications. Most of these are useful, but some are not. That said, based on your preference, you can manage and choose what notifications you receive and disable others.
In this guide, we will discuss extensively the Facebook notification settings and shared methods to turn on/off Facebook notifications in different categories.


What will be discussed?

  1. Step by step to turn On/Off Facebook Birthday Notifications on both Web and App
  2. Methods to Stop Notifications about Friends’ Posts/Status Updates
  3. Ways to Stop Facebook Group’s Notifications
  4. Customizing Facebook Page Notification Settings
  5. How to stop comments’ Notifications on Facebook


Step by step to turn On/Off Facebook Birthday Notifications on both Web and App

Since Facebook’s inception, the platform has been known to remind friends of each other’s birthday. This has eliminated any chance of forgetting your friend’s birthday. Personally, this is the way I get to know certain people’s birthday daily.
Now, we will see how to enable/disable the Facebook birthday notifications feature.
We will start with how to do this on PC

Method 1: Enable/Disable Birthday Reminder On Facebook Full Website
Follow this step if you are accessing your Facebook account from a PC
  1. Launch Facebook in any browser of your choice and log in to your account.
  2. From your account homepage, click on the drop-down arrow at the top right corner and select Settings.
  3. Under Settings, choose notifications from the left sidebar.
  4. Locate and click on the Facebook row at the top.
  5. Under the label “What You Get Notified About”, you should see Birthdays. Click on the drop-down menu and select On/Off as desired to either enable or disable Facebook Birthday Notifications.

Method 2: Enable or Disable Facebook Birthday Notification on iPhone/Android App
The step to disable Facebook birthday notification is similar on Facebook apps for all devices, so regardless of the device you access Facebook from, follow these steps:
  1. Open the FB app on your smartphone and tap on the menu at the bottom right corner.
  2. Locate and select Settings, this should be located at the bottom of the page and then click on Account Settings.
  3. Next, select Notifications.
  4. Under “What Notifications You Get”, select birthday.
  5. Check/Uncheck the box next to Get notifications to enable or disable the settings respectively.


Methods to Stop Notifications about Friends’ Posts/Status Updates

Do you have thousands of friends on Facebook and each time these friends post an update or upload status, you get notified by Facebook? This notification includes those of random friends who are not even on your Close Friends list. Well, this sounds absurd, but this is the reality most of us face. Fortunately, we will reveal the solution to stop notifications from Facebook friend's profile and status update.
Tired of the notification, “Mr. ABC” added a new Photo, simply follow the steps listed below:
  1. Open the Facebook app and tap on the icon at the top right corner for mobile app users
  2. Next, choose Settings which can be found at the bottom and from the settings options, select Account Settings.
  3. Under Settings, select Notifications.
  4. Afterward, choose close friends activity under “What Notifications You Get”.
  5. Finally, tick off the Get notifications by tapping on it. As the case may be in your device or application version, you may be required to simply toggle on the Allow Notifications Facebook button to OFF.
If prompted to confirm, simply confirm to save your new settings.
That is the simple and short way of disabling notifications for Facebook friend’s update, if you wish to disable notification for a specific friend, simply follow the steps listed in the method below

Disable notification from a particular Facebook Friends Status Updates

To disable notification from a specific Facebook friend, follow these steps:
  1. Open the Facebook app and go the profile of that particular friend
  2. Under their profile, tap on Friends and select Edit Friend Lists.
  3. Select Acquaintances from the next page that loads and tap on done at the top right corner.
  4. The previous action will remove the friend from Close Friends List and this implies you won’t get notifications about their new status updates. So if you have multiple friends you need to disable notifications from, repeat steps 1 to 4 above for each friend.


Ways to Stop Facebook Group’s Notifications

Facebook Groups allows several users to be added. Each time a user is added to the group, notifications of such an event are sent and received by all group members if it is not disabled. It is possible to save notifications for later read but this unwanted group notification is still something most people find annoying. So in this section, we will discuss how to turn off notifications for a specific Facebook group on Facebook’s full website using PC, for Android users and also for iOS.
Method 1: How to disable group Notifications on Android | iPhone | iPad
We will start with the mobile users, If you are an Android, iPhone or iPad user and you wish to disable those annoying notifications you get from groups that you do not want, we will tell you how to do so even without unfollowing the group. Below steps will teach you how to turn off specific Facebook group notifications.
Note: The steps listed here are the same for Android as well as for iOS.
  1. Open the Facebook app, tap the menu icon at the top right. In iOS, this icon is located at the bottom.
  2. Locate Groups in the drop-down option and tap on it to list out all the Facebook Groups you belong to.
  3. From this list, choose the particular group you want to disable notifications for.
  4. Once the group interface comes up, tap on the info (i) icon at the top right. This will open Group Info. Here, you are required to search for and select Notifications.
  5. From the notifications option, locate and click on the “Off” option and tap it. Congrats, you’ve successfully turned off notifications for that particular Facebook group without unfollowing it.
Fast Alternative:
You can do a direct search from your Facebook homepage to access any of the groups you belong to and afterward continue from step 4.
Method 2: How to Disable All Facebook Groups Notifications At Once
I trust you enjoyed the previous section on how to disable notifications for specific groups, but there are cases when users get tired of group notifications and wish to simply delete for all groups. Wondering how you can disable notification for multiple groups at once, then follow these steps.
  1. Launch the Facebook App and tap on the menu icon from your account homepage.
  2. Locate Settings and tap on it.
  3. Under General, tap on Notifications Settings. This will list all the notification items and their current status (on or off).
  4. Look for the Groups option and tap on it to disable group notifications. Doing this will disable notifications for all the Facebook groups you belong to.
Method 3: How to Turn Off Facebook Group Notifications On PC
Now we will move to step by step guide to stop Facebook group notification on PC, follow these steps to disable notifications if you access the Facebook full website from your PC
  1. Initially, log in to your Facebook account on your PC.
  2. Then tap on the drop-down icon at the top right. From the list of options, click on Settings
  3. This next thing to do is look for the Notifications option on the left panel and click it. Once the notification settings come up, click on Edit next to “On Facebook“.
  4. Now scroll down and look for the Groups activity then click on Edit.
  5. A pop up with the list of all Facebook groups you’ve joined will come up.
  6. To disable the notifications for any particular Group, simply click on the group and toggle off to disable notifications from the list of options.

Customizing Facebook Page Notification Settings

Facebook users have one or more Facebook Pages to which they belong, managing these pages alone is a tough task to ask to talk less of checking through their notifications. We’ve discussed how to stop Facebook Group notifications, now we will reveal steps to customize Facebook Page notification settings.
Steps to Customize Facebook Page Notification Settings
To customize your Facebook page notification settings, follow the steps listed below.
This specifically helps to change the notification setting of a particular Facebook Page.
Note: This method is the same for mobile and the Web.
  • Launch the Facebook application and sign in to your account if you are not currently signed in then move to the Facebook page whose notification settings you want to customize.
  • Next, tap on the 3 horizontal dots and then select the Following.
  • On Mobile Devices
    • For PC/Mac: A list of options will pop up, to stop all the notifications from that specific Facebook Page, simply click on All Off under Notifications. But if you want to make changes in the current notification setting for an individual page then click on the pencil icon against Notification.
    • For Android/iPhone App: A new screen titled “Your Subscriptions” will open. (To stop receiving all the notifications, turn off the Get Notifications toggle button) But to customize the setting, tap on Edit Notification Settings.
  • A new screen will open where you can change the notification setting for that particular page based on your needs.
  • To receive notifications for all the posts from that particular page, then you need to choose “All Posts under Posts option”. By default for all posts, the notification is off.


How to stop comments’ Notifications on Facebook

We’ve been discussing Facebook notifications ever since, but we are yet to discuss the most irritating notification, getting notifications when someone comments on a post. Well, it is cool to leave the best for the last. Facebook comments are quite unlimited as it ranges from comments on one’s post, respond to comments on friends’ post and many more. Unless you want to keep an eye on who is commenting on your friends’ post, it is advisable to simply turn off these notifications. We will discuss two methods to stop Facebook comments notifications.
Method 1: Stop Facebook Notifications When Someone Comments After You
Follow these step by step guides to stop getting notifications on Facebook from friends’ posts.
For App & Desktop: The procedure for Android, iPhone and desktop users is the same.
  1. Launch Facebook and sign in to your account (on browser/app).
  2. Open the post you wish to disable the notifications.
  3. Now click on the drop-down or 3 dots icon at the top right of the post.
  4. Afterward, choose “Turn off notifications for this post” option.
That’s the simple way to stop receiving notification for any post on Facebook.
Method 2: Turn Off Notifications On Facebook for Specific Post
This method can only be achieved with the Facebook full website, so if you assess Facebook from your PC, use these quick steps.
  1. Launch the Facebook website from any web browser.
  2. Sign in to your account, click on the notifications icon and look for the specific notification you want to disable.
  3. Now, click on the three dots next to the notification.
  4. Choose “Turn off notifications about this photo” option.
As soon as you choose the above option, you will stop getting notifications for that particular post on Facebook. Simply do this for all posts you wish to disable notifications for.
This brings us to the end of our comprehensive guide on FACEBOOK NOTIFICATION SETTINGS. We know Facebook notification is good as a source of reminder and help get things done but this should not come in the form of disturbance to us. Use this guide now and tweak your Facebook notifications settings as desired. I trust the guide was straight forward and helpful? Let us know in the comments if you have any questions.
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Facebook NewsFeed Settings - Fb News Feed Setting

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Is your Facebook newsfeed full of posts and content that you don’t always like? Do you know you can tweak your Facebook newsfeed from the Facebook news feed settings?
However, not many persons know about the Facebook newsfeed settings. With the Facebook Newsfeed settings, users can prioritize meaningful content on their news feed, like controlling and managing stories, Facebook friends, family, brands, businesses, pages, groups and so much more.
If you are wondering how to tweak your Facebook newsfeed, then don’t worry, as, in this post, I will guide you on all you should know about the Facebook news feed settings.

How to Set Up Facebook News Feed Settings

Facebook has made it easy to edit access your News Feed Settings and edit your preferences for your
news feed. Here is how to do that.
  1. Log into your Facebook account, in the
    upper-right side of the Facebook screen, click on “News Feed Preferences” or
    click on “News Feed”, you will find options, click on “Edit preferences”.
  2. From there, you can adjust and set up some of
    your preferences and settings.
  3. Below are the preferences you can adjust and
  4. Decide whose posts and stories to see first –
    this lets you decide whose posts and storied you always want to appear at the
    top of your news feed. You could choose up to 30 friends or pages to see first
  5. Unfollow some Facebook users in order to hide
    their stories and posts – this lets you choose people whose posts and stories
    you do not want to see.
  6. You can get connected to people who you
  7. Explore and find the pages and groups that match
    your likes and interest – in order to add more contents and stories to your
    feed, you can suggest the pages whose stories you want to get on your newsfeed
  8. See more options – this section includes other
    options and settings like the apps you would want to hide from your news feed.
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How To Uninstall And Install Facebook | Install And Uninstall Facebook Account

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Guide to uninstall and install Facebook - If you have deleted or deactivated your Facebook account, you can uninstall the Facebook app to free up more space on your phone. Also, if you want to reactivate your Facebook account, all you have to do is to install the Facebook application again. So do you want to learn how to uninstall and install Facebook?
For Android
To uninstall the Facebook app from your Android:
Go to your Android's settings and open your application manager or apps management
Tap on "Facebook"
Tap on "Uninstall"
Do you want to delete Facebook account temporarily
How to uninstall and install Fb
How to remove phone number on Facebook
To Reinstall the Facebook for Android app, download it again from the Google Play Store.
iPhone and iPad
To uninstall the Facebook app from your iPhone or iPad:
Press and hold the app icon
Tap the "x" that appears
To confirm, tap "Delete"
To reinstall the Facebook app on your iPhone or iPad, download it from the iTunes App Store.
Facebook for Every Phone
To reinstall the Facebook for Every Phone app, download it from https://web.facebook.com/mobile.
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Facebook Messenger Video Call | Video Chat on Facebook Messenger

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Facebook Messenger Video Call: Facebook messenger video call can easily be made from the Facebook messenger app. This can be done irrespective of the messenger app you are using. I mean you could be using the Facebook messenger or the Facebook messenger lite. The Facebook messenger calls are totally free; all it costs is a good internet connection. To begin you must have a Facebook account. This cannot be skipped otherwise Facebook messenger would just be a normal SMS messaging app. There are many things that can be done for free on the Facebook Messenger app, but as I said before, you must have a Facebook account to access this feature. It may also impress you to know that any of the Facebook messenger apps allows you to make voice calls for free too.
Accessing Facebook – Facebook Messenger Video Call
Accessing the Facebook platform and opening an account is extremely easy, to do this follow the steps indexed below.
  • Navigate to the Facebook site that can be located at www.facebook.com. You could also launch any of the Facebook apps if you desire to.
  • Scroll down to find the sign up form if you use a Pc. If you use the mobile app or the web version of Facebook, click the sign up link at the bottom of the page.
  • Fill the form and hit “sign up” again.
After that walk through the Facebook verification and set up steps to complete your account sign up.
Making Calls with Facebook Messenger – Facebook Messenger Video Call
This can be done using you’re the web version of Facebook on your PC or the Facebook messenger app on your mobile device or smartphone. To start with, launch the messenger app on your smartphone or go to www.facebook.com and sign in using your Facebook account details if you haven’t done so already.
Open a conversation with the person you wish to call by clicking the person’s username from the chat page.
On the conversation window, click the camera image and wait for the call to be processed.
The recipient’s phone would now make a sound to alert him or her that there is an incoming call. If the person answers the call you two would be connected immediately. Always make sure to hit the hang up button at the end of your call otherwise the call may continue to stream. The same thing applies for voice calls but instead of hitting the camera image, you would hit the telephone image.
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Facebook Home Page Full-Site | Full Site Home Page Facebook

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The Facebook platform is automatically set to reroute all request for access to the website back to the default for the actual devices so if for instance you are trying to access the Facebook platform from a mobile device, instead of opening the Facebook full site, you will only be able to access the FB mobile version as the platform automatically reroutes devices’ back to device detected.
But in today’s guide we will show you the little tricks you can apply in order to use the Facebook corporate site, even from a mobile device.
Facebook Home Page Full-Site
Read: How to View Old Facebook Messages
  • We will start with the simplest method to access Facebook corporate site, follow the follow steps:
  • From any Web browser be it from a mobile device or your PC, type http://www.facebook.com/home.php in the address field to simply navigate to Facebook Full Site.
  • To permanently save this link or make it easier for you to access some other times, simply bookmark the website link.
  • An alternative method to use is the request Desktop Site method, to use this method, follow this format.
For Firefox users
  • Go to facebook.com from your web browser. Tap on "More" then simply tap on "Desktop Site".
Check Out: The Meaning of Facebook Application
For Chrome Users
  • Open Facebook on Chrome browser. Then tap on the three upright dots to the top right side of the page. Afterwards touch on 'Request Desktop Site' from there.
For Safari Users
  • First, open Facebook on Safari. Touch the options symbol located at the bottom of the browser, scroll to the right and after that touch on 'Request Desktop Site'.
These are just the simple tricks to access Facebook home page full site. I hope this article was helpful?
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How To Name Groups On Facebook

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Facebook Group Names. Actually, it's not that the setting doesn't exist, it's that you have to play whack-a-mole to find it in the most recent Facebook user interface. In their passion to earn it easier as well as much easier to utilize, the Facebook layout group maintains making refined adjustments that move thing about, remove options, and also often retain old choices, however make them a lot harder to locate.
Compounding the issue, if you're not an admin for a Facebook team, you will not have accessibility to the setups choices like transforming the team name.
However let's consider it much more carefully, starting with a quick peek into the Buddies of Ask Dave Taylor group. The leading banner for the team looks like this:
Notification I have actually clicked on the "• • •" button on the visuals and a menu has actually appeared. Allow's consider the menu a bit more very closely:
You could add participants, send a message, pin to shortcuts, etc, however exactly what we want for this discussion is the highlighted choice: Edit Team Settings. If you don't see that, you do not have adequate authorization to change the setups for the group concerned.
Assuming you do, nonetheless, below's just what you'll see:.
Here's where I can straight change the name of the group. Actually, I'm most likely to do just that by adding ". com" to the group name. I'm likewise going to transform the dull default group icon to another thing. That's accomplished by clicking on the current symbol, which turns up a menu complete of fun choices:
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