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Facebook profile tracker app – Spying tool for Facebook

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Facebook profile tracker app – Spying tool for Facebook – Tracker Download – Monitor Someone – Facebook as an online based social media platform is the most visited today with over a million active users daily. It is a platform which is loved and at the same time used by all, children, adults and even the old respectively. With this type of huge traffic coming to Facebook comes a lot of risks like hacking and cyber-crime. Mostly children and teens are victims of this because they are so anxious about new things.

Facebook tracker is more like a spying tool for Facebook. Children and most teens spend a huge amount of valuable time on social media platforms. These platforms include Facebook, Instagram, and others unknowingly to their parents or wards. Even workers most of the time spend a lot of productive time on social media hence putting your company at loss.

What Facebook profile tracker app Does

With Facebook tracker, the activities of teens, children, and even workers can be monitored. You can now spy on your underage kids with ease from wherever you are and at any particular time. Facebook chat messages and conversations can now be viewed and can also gain access to all notifications of your Child Facebook account with this tool.

According to a Facebook tracker tool user, he says and I quote thanks to this Facebook amazing tool, now I can monitor my daughters Facebook account 24/7 no matter where I am, whether at home or at work. this tracker tool increases transparency in general. It also helps you to discover friends who checked your profile and strangers who checked your profile. That is those persons or users that are not even your friends on Facebook. You should know that only those who have a Facebook account can get access to the Facebook tracker tool. If you don’t have an account and would love to make use of this spy tool, create a Facebook account today at www.facebook.com/signup

Importance of Facebook profile tracker app

You might consider making use of the Facebook tracker if you are a parent or you a company. But basically, anybody can make use of this tracker tool. You might be worried that your child or ward spends too much time on Facebook or on social media in general. It may be you are concerned about the time your workers spend on the social network, thereby causing you and your firm valuable production time. With this tracker tool, these problems can be identified and rectified in time.

Note that this tool can be accessed through standalone apps. All you have to do is identify with the one you want to use, download, install and get the best out of your tracker app.

Facebook profile tracker app Features

Facebook tracker features are those services you get from using the Facebook tracker tool. These features include;

  • Access to all Facebook chat conversations.
  • The access to all notifications and activity of the user on Facebook.
  • Time and date stamps with full Facebook page history.
  • it can be accessed from any part of the world.

these are some of the features Facebook tracker can provide amongst others.
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Chat With Crush on Facebook – Facebook Dating App

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Chat With Crush – Chat With Facebook Friends – Download Facebook Date App – We are going to be talking about Facebook girls on this article today. So don’t be surprised like I know most people are already. I myself was like oh! It’s a beautiful day, so how about we give our feminine counterparts the recognition they deserve that is already due. I will be talking about Facebook girls in particular.

You might even be curious as to what to expect when you meet a girl for the first time on Facebook. I can boldly tell you this based on personal experience, the reaction is pretty the same as meeting a girl in person for the first time, though there may be few differences. You can go through their profiles to get little basic information like name, age, academic history and so much more to help you get through some formalities.

Some guys who are naturally shy will be discouraged to chat with girls online due to the fact that they lack the courage to do so or fear of rejection or maybe their friends have told them about a bad experience they might have with Facebook girls. The Facebook social media is meant for connectivity, so, therefore, there is nothing to be scared about when meeting a girl for the first time on a social media platform like Facebook.

When meeting a girl for the first time on Facebook there are a few things to put in mind and play in order to get the maximum satisfaction you want. To be able to have an experience with Facebook girls you need to be an active user. In other words, you need to own a Facebook account. Sign up today for an account at www.Facebook.com

How to Chat With Facebook Girls

This is a very important aspect of this topic. Some people may just be too ordinary or they just lack the words, right words rather to employ when chatting with Facebook girls and they may spook this girl in the process unknowingly to them. I myself was once a victim of this particular aspect, until I somehow found help and overcame the issue.

Here are a Few Tips on How to Improve your Chat Ability with Facebook Girls

  1. You should first work on yourself (profile). Present the best of you in your online profile. According to research a girl will first go through your profile immediately you message them. Post a profile picture or a post that accurately represents your personality. Keep your profile very simple and smart.
  2. Try using a different pattern of greeting rather than the traditional hi, hello’s, hey’s and so on which are totally overused these days. You would want to try out greetings that will make you sound interesting and stand out. Try greetings like hello beautiful, wotsup wonderful, howdy and so on. What i am trying to say here is that you should try to be creative with your openers.
  3. Avoid asking yes or no questions. Ask open ended questions so as to keep the conversation going and interesting. Instead of asking if she likes school, ask her about her academic background.
  4. Do not send multiple baseless messages at the same time. Only send one message at a time. Messages sent should be for each one received, thereby encouraging conversation.
  5. As conversation grows with time you might want to flirt or tease her a bit. Flirting with her should be from information gathered from your conversation. Phrases like you are sexy should be avoided as it may send the wrong message. Try remarks like you just made my day; it was nice finally meeting someone like you just when I thought everyone online was fake.
  6. Try to keep the conversation mutual by finding common interests that you can both relate to. Always try to keep her involved in the conversation by showing you are interested in the things she is.
  7. Express joy for having the opportunity to talk to her, let her know that you want to talk again by casually creating the opportunity to chat again. You can try something like, this has been awesome. I hope we can talk again soon.
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Facebook Android Gaming App Download | Install Games on FB

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Facebook Android Gaming App Download | Facebook App For Gaming | Play Gaming On Facebook: Do you know that Facebook has done it again, by launching this new app into beta on android? According to the description on the Facebook gaming app on Google play, that this app allows Facebook gamers and fans to discover a universe of gaming content and by also joining communities to play instant games like the ever wings, words and friends, FRVR, basketball and so on. Apart from these, there are other interesting things about this app. like from the screenshots; you can be able to see how the Facebook gaming app let the user to tap navigation buttons on the top to find streamers to watch or in other to view the streamers that they are already following among other things.

Another thing which Facebook gaming app can do, they can also participate in live conversions during game play with other viewers and they can as well react to each other by sending emoji symbols like, ha signs,  hearts and so on. Facebook has finally challenge twitch and other kicked off in this eeriest this year that is so amazing. Apart from that, do you also know that these Facebook gaming app for android version of the fb.gg beta app is launched on October 9, and as already has over 10,000 installs, according to Google play? Some people do ask questions how can i access Facebook gaming app. To access Facebook gaming app, is not as hard as most people think and I am just going to show you how to access the Facebook gaming app.

How to Get to Facebook Game using your Android Phone  – FB Android Gaming App Download
Note that getting to Facebook gaming app you must be a Facebook account holder on Facebook platform. in case it happens that you don’t have a Facebook account on Facebook platform, and you love to play these Facebook gaming game on the app, then, you most first sign up to Facebook by following this step.

  • Go to www.facebook.com on your web browsers.
  • Then follows this details by entering your email address or your phone number
  • Your name, date of birth password and your gender
  • Enter create an account to finish creating your account
  • What you need to do now is to confirm your email address or phone number that you enter recently.
  • When you finish creating your account. Sense you cannot install the Facebook gaming app on your android phone and it will be difficult to play the game on the Facebook website by using your android phone browsers.

How to Play & Install Facebook Games

The best way to play Facebook game is by installing the game from the play store if it happens that you have the amazon devise, open the amazon app instead.to play the game on Facebook gaming app simply make uses on this step below.

  • First open your play store on your mobile phone to install the game.
  • Go to the Google search bar. You will see it at the top of the play store screen.
  • Then tap the name of the game you love to play. Search for the name of the game you love to play of your Facebook.
  • Tap the app in the list of the search result. Compare the name and the icon to the game on Facebook website.
  • Tap on the install button. Much game that you play on Facebook will be available for free on android.
  • Installing the app. You can install by opening the amazon app or the play store in other to make search for Facebook
  • Then tap on the Facebook app. Open your app list by clicking on the menu icon button on your home screen
  • Then type in your Facebook information and tap sign in and you Facebook feed will be load and your Facebook account will be log into the Facebook app.
  • Press home button in other to return to the home screen.
  • What you needed to do now is to tap the game you installed. You may find it on your home screen or you can tap the app button menu to find it on the list.

How to install Facebook Gaming App on PC – FB Android Gaming App Download

Do you what to know on how to install Facebook gamming app on your pc? to install the Facebook gaming app is very easy but first be assure you are using the computer that is running windows 7 and above to access this app. To install the Facebook app for your pc, simply make uses of this step below.

  • Go to www.facebook.com/gameroom and click on the download game room
  • Simply follow the instruction that required to download and install
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Facebook help delete – Delete Facebook Forever

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Facebook help delete – Delete Facebook Forever – Delete Facebook Account Permanently – Delete Facebook Forever – Facebook users have several reasons behind them wanting to delete their Facebook account. Some of these reasons may be that they just want to stay off social media for a while, relieve themselves of the pressure social media brings, tired of certain people in their social sphere, etc. Truly speaking, Facebook is one very lovely social media platform and is of no doubt the best in the world. On Facebook, users get to meet new friends, hook up with old friends, start new relationships, do business, play games, and lots more. It’s just all about connecting people.

Facebook is a liberal platform and because of how liberal the developers are, they gave options to their users to delete their accounts any time they want to. When talking about deleting a Facebook account, there are two sides to the coin. It’s either you delete your account temporarily or permanently.

Delete Facebook Account Temporarily

Most time, Facebook user delete their Facebook account temporarily just to stay off Facebook for some time. You can call it “Taking a Break” if you like. When you deactivate your Facebook account temporarily, you are indirectly saying you going to be back and you want your details intact. Nothing about your account will be temper with. You will still have your posts, photos, videos, and profile intact. Another thing is, you are allowed to still make use of Facebook Messenger. Your friends will see your profile photo on Messenger and can still send you messages since they can search out your name. Also, you are still allowed to sign in other apps and platforms using your Facebook details. When you delete your account on Facebook temporarily, you can decide to come back any time you feel like it.

How to Delete a Facebook Account Temporarily

  • Log in your Facebook account
  • Get to the menu icon at the top right of your screen (It has three horizontal lines on mobile and an inverted triangle on the web version)
  • Click “Settings” from the menu options
  • Under Facebook Information, click “Account Ownership and Control”
  • Tap “Deactivate and Deletion”
  • Choose “Deactivate Account”
  • Click “Continue to Account Deactivation”
  • Lastly, confirm after following the onscreen instructions

It is wiser to delete your Facebook account temporarily in case there are details you want to fall back to.

Delete Facebook Account Permanently

This option is different because after 30 days, it is totally irreversible. All details regarding your Facebook account will be whipped off from Facebook’s database. It’s going to be like you never existed on Facebook. This is Deleting Facebook Forever. You won’t be allowed to use Messenger and your login details won’t work if you try making use of them to sign in any app or platform.

How to Delete a Facebook Account Permanently

  • Log in your Facebook account
  • Get to the menu icon at the top right of your screen (It has three horizontal lines on mobile and an inverted triangle on the web version)
  • Click “Settings” from the menu options
  • Under Facebook Information, click “Account Ownership and Control”
  • Tap “Deactivation and Deletion”
  • Tap “Continue to Account Deletion”
  • Follow through and select “Delete Account”
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Facebook Games Online | List of Games you can play on FB

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Facebook Games Online – Discovering Facebook has gaming features is one of the shocking discoveries I’ve made in 2020 if you’re in the same boat say “Aye”. The most shocking wasn’t just the discovery of the games, but to know that this feature has been running for a few years now and hundreds of millions of Facebook users are already familiar with the feature. I honestly felt that I was left behind time.

Facebook remains the most widely used social network and with its distinctive features and constant upgrades, it’s only understandable that it continues to top the chart in numbers of users.

Facebook games online are easily accessible and do not require download. You can find them by logging into your Facebook account (while on your browser), On the Homepage, you’ll find the “Instant Games” icon just below the “Search” icon on the top left of the screen. When you click on it, you’ll see a full display of all the games available. Some of the games available are;


I was particularly excited when I discovered that Criminal Case was among the list. Criminal Case is a Crime Investigation game with pretty awesome graphics and several plots. The game requires you to crack cases and figure out who the killer is, of course with clues, and finally make an arrest as a detective. There are several levels in the game and each presents a unique case to be solved.


Piano Master is another interesting game especially for classical music lovers, with a wide range of music selection, it gives the feeling like you’re actually playing a song on the piano, as every tile you touch is a musical note.


Candy Crush is quite an addictive game, where you basically have to align similar candies to create a burst, every stage is more challenging than the previous, and while playing it creates excitement.


My Talking Tom is a simulation game, although it’s not challenging like the typical kind of game, its quite entertaining, as you can have a conversation with a cat, which of course has been programmed.


Pearls Peril is definitely for people that are easily affectionate, it is an adventure game and the plot surrounding the 1930 explorer Pearl Wallace.


Mahjong is an Asian traditional game, and one of my personal favorites, it may seem as merely matching cards, but it requires some skill and calculation to eventually unlock and match all the cards.


Bubble Witch 3 Saga is quite similar to Candy Crush Saga and its also produced by “King” the creator of Candy Crush Saga. Although in this case it involves shooting bubbles.

FIFA 2020

This game is specially for football lovers, and though the graphics are not necessarily in HD, one could derive a lot of fun playing it.

In summary, Facebook is quite generous to provide its users with an extra feature that will keep them entertained even while exploring other things, these are in no way all the games available online from Facebook, there are a lot more like

  • Farm Heroes Saga
  • Bejeweled Blitz
  • Jigsaw World Cruise
  • Glow Hockey
  • Asphalt 9: Legends
  • Chess
  • Dragon City
  • Ludo King
  • 4 Pics 1 word
  • And so many more.
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Facebook Shortcuts | List of web browser FB Shortcut

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Complete list of Facebook Shortcuts on web browser: This is a complete compilation of shortcuts for your Facebook On Web Browsers:Facebook is currently the most popular social media website in the world, it has become a hub where connections are made with loved ones, business brands are built and created awareness for.

So in today’s post, we will show you shortcuts to navigate through your browsers while browsing through your Facebook profile.

Before we proceed you have to keep in mind that keyboard shortcuts can differ by browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer).

Listed below, are the right combination of keys based on your browser, you just have to replace # with the access key number listed under Access Keys below.
  • Internet Explorer for PC: Alt + #, then Enter
  • Firefox for PC: Shift + Alt + #
  • Safari for Mac: Ctrl + Opt + #
  • Firefox for Mac: Ctrl + Opt + #
  • Chrome for Mac: Ctrl + Opt + #
  • Chrome for PC: Alt + #
Access Keys : These are the access keys and where they take you to once you click on them
  • 0 – Help
  • 1 – Home
  • 2 – Timeline
  • 3 – Friends
  • 4 – Inbox
  • 5 – Notifications
  • 6 – Settings
  • 7 – Activity Log
  • 8 – About
  • 9 – Terms
Keyboard Shortcuts
News Feed
  • j and k – Scroll between News Feed stories
  • enter/return – See more of the selected story
  • p – Post a new status
  • l – Like or unlike the selected story
  • c – Comment on the selected story
  • s – Share the selected story
  • o – Open an attachment from the selected story
  • / – Search
  • q – Search chat contacts
  • ? – Open a list of these keyboard shortcuts while in News Feed
For Web Messenger:
  • CTRL + g – Search conversations
  • CTRL + q – Show/hide keyboard shortcuts
  • CTRL + Delete – Archive/unarchive conversation
  • CTRL + j – Mark as spam
  • CTRL + m – Start a new message
  • CTRL + i – Go to Inbox
  • CTRL + u – Go to Other
If you have any problem using all these shortcuts, please let us know in the comment section below. We will gladly respond quickly.
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FB Followers | Know Those who Follows you on Facebook

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Your friends automatically follow you. You can also let people who aren't your friends follow you.

To manage who can follow you:
  1. Click at the top-right corner and select Settings.
  2. Click Public Posts on the left.
  3. Select Friends or Public next to Who Can Follow Me.

Additional Settings

  • Public Post Comments: Allows you to select who can comment on your public posts. Learn how to adjust who can like or comment on your public posts.
  • Public Post Notifications: Allows you to select if you want to get notifications when people who aren't your friends start following you and share, like or comment on your public posts.
  • Public Profile Info: Allows you to select who can like or comment on your public profile information, which includes profile photos, profile videos, cover photos, featured photos and News Feed updates about changes to your Intro section. Learn how to adjust who can like or comment on your public profile information.

See Who's Following You 

If you've allowed people to follow you, you can see a list of your followers by going to your profile, clicking Friends below your cover photo and then clicking Followers. If you don't have any followers, you won't see this option.

If you let people who aren't your friends follow you, people who send friend requests that you ignore or delete will automatically start following you. If you don't want someone to follow you, you can block them at any time.
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Facebook Security | Change Your Facebook Password

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Your account should represent you, and you should be the only person who has access to it. If someone gains access to your account, or creates an account to pretend to be you or someone else, Facebook's team could help but you need to help yourself first.

If you think your account has been hacked or taken over, you should visit this link https://web.facebook.com/hacked to secure your account. From there, you'll be asked you to change your password and review recent login activity.

Your account may have been hacked if you notice:
  • Your email or password have changed
  • Your name or birthday have changed
  • Friend requests have been sent to people you don't know
  • Messages have been sent that you didn't write
  • Posts have been made that you didn't create
So, here's how to secure your Facebook Account by changing your password

How to secure your Facebook Account- Change your password

On Your Application

  1. Login to your Facebook account.
  2. Select the Menu  button located at the upper-right corner.
  3. Scroll down and select “Account settings“.
  4. Choose "Security and Login".
  5. Scroll down and select "Change Password".
  6. Fill in the "Current password""New password" and "Re-type New password" fields.
  7. Select the “Save changes” button when you’re done.
On Your Browser
  1. Log in your Facebook account details
  2. Click  in the top right corner of any Facebook page
  3. On the drop down menu, select "Settings"
  4. Click on "Security and Login" on the left hand side of the pop up page.
  5. Under "Login" click on "Edit" at the right-hand of "Change password"
  6. Fill in the "Current", "New" and "Retype New" fields. Current is your current password, New is the new password you want to change your current to and Retype New means you should retype that your new password.
  7. Click on "Save Changes".
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Facebook Login | How to Login FB Mobile

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This article will be talking about how you can have simple access to your Facebook account directly using your mobile. With this app, you can be deeply ingrained to Facebook using your mobile. You do not need to login every time you intend to access your account or do anything pertaining to its functions.

Facebook mobile Login

Facebook Mobile Login

Facebook mobile login page can be gotten to by going to this web page. The website opened up is https://m.facebook.com/mobile/. By going to this link, the Facebook mobile application can be downloaded to your phone and installed on it. Then, according to the availability of your data plan, access to this app is simply a click away and your whole world of Facebook features is simply a click away.

Facebook app

This feature is an added advantage. It is not just available for mobile but also for smart devices making use of Android as well as iPhone software programs. Today, more than 50% of the Facebook users are accessing it via mobile. Thus, the demand to develop different Facebook applications for different smart phones, iPads, iOS and Android mobiles and also the need to produce the Facebook Mobile Login iPhone is constantly growing.

Facebook simple mobile login

Facebook mobile Login

This feature was presented by Facebook to ease login on mobile. This aided the customer in that he/ she does not experience the onerous login procedure every time he/ she wanted to login to Facebook. Nevertheless, this feature was a predecessor to now available Facebook Apps which are so user friendly as well as very easy to access and also give you the included advantage of remaining on your gadget as an icon which just should be clicked to access the Facebook account.

Facebook.com Mobile Login

Facebook mobile Login

Facebook is as good as a body organ in a human body these days; so it goes without mincing words that Facebook is among the social platforms that provides it numerous users with the very best mobile experience out there. All you got to do is get the Facebook application installed on your mobile phone. Presently, Facebook has apps for the following smart phones:

  1. Android
  2. iPhone
  3. Windows Phone

Once the app is installed on your mobile phone; you could make use of the very same Email/Phone and Password combination to log in to your account. You would also see that the mobile version has several interesting features that you would certainly not find in the desktop version. A great deal of individuals say that they discover the Facebook 'mobile' version to be way better compared to the desktop version.
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Facebook Pokes – Find Pokes on Facebook

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Facebook Pokes – Find Pokes on Facebook Now: This submit teaches the steps concerned in finding My Facebook Pokes 2020, Test Pokes Acquired By Me  and See All FB Pokes Dispatched: In the midst of this tutorial, you will note easy methods to view your Facebook Pokes and easy methods to poke again those that poked you...

Additionally, earlier than the top of this submit, you’ll have the ability to test pokes obtained by you and people dispatched FB Pokes. So in case you’re searching for the steps on how to view my Facebook Pokes, test pokes obtained by Me and FB Poke Dispatched, this submit bought you coated.

This Facebook guides will present you easy methods to view my Facebook pokes and see pokes set by me with ease.

Learn how to see your pokes on Facebook – A “poke” on the social networking web site; Facebook is used to attract the eye of one other person– there are not any set pointers about how pokes can be utilized. However, they can be utilized as important suggestions, as pleasant greetings, and for quite a few different capabilitiesFacebook friends who've poked you may be seen on the aspect of the Information Feed while you initially test in, and if you would like, you may obtain electronic mail alerts of pokes additionally. You may select to return, conceal or neglect every poke message.

Poking Suggestions & Warnings: Any of your verified Facebook good pals, any friends of friends, and anyone in a shared community can poke you. The identical pointers govern people; you have got the power to poke in return.

Hiding a poke from view removes it completely. For these of us who aren't conscious, be it recognized to you that Facebook retains no long-term report of the pokes that you've gotten. Test that the e-mail deal with and cell quantity entered into your account settings are right to be sure that poke notices attain you.

The place can I see what number of pokes I’ve dispatched? You may see what number of pokes you’ve dispatched in your pokes web page. It would start exhibiting your pokes exercise with a good friend after you’ve poked them.
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Delete Facebook Page Permanently | Guidelines to Delete FB Page

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Delete Facebook Page Permanently

Do you need to delete your Facebook page right now? Have you made up your mind to loose all your Facebook friends? Have you prepared storage to backup all your photos and videos that you have posted on Facebook, have you also made up your mind to loose all pages, groups, and connections you have made on Facebook? These are questions you should answer if you intend to delete your Facebook account.

Typically you begin a Faceboook web page with one of the best intentions. You propose on posting to your Faceboook web page usually, you propose on utilizing your Faceboook web page to attach with prospects and shoppers, and also you began with a bang! However then you definately acquired busy, your Faceboook web page fell to the wayside, and now it’s been months since you could have posted something.

Or possibly you spent a whole lot of time posting stuff about your small business and noticed a really low return in your time spent and are giving up… That’s okay. On this put up, I'm going to indicate you Delete your Faceboook web page step-by-step. Social media advertising and marketing isn’t a magic tablet resolution. It additionally isn’t a fast outcomes resolution. Social media advertising and marketing can yield a HUGE payoff, but it surely takes time. Social media advertising and marketing, particularly with Faceboook, is a long-term funding in interplay and constructing relationships. It's a long-term funding in making a neighborhood of people that really feel like they matter and who really feel concerned in your brand.

Before we dive straight into this article, we need to clarify two things, deleting Facebook and Deactivating Facebook are two different things.
  • Delete Facebook: This means you have permanently gotten rid of your Facebook account and cannot be recovered.
  • Deactivate Facebook: This implies that your Facebook account is temporarily unavailable at the moment and you can activate it back anytime you need to

Any such advertising isn’t for everybody or each enterprise. If you wish to, you possibly can delete any Faceboook web page that you've got admin rights to.
A phrase of warning! Deleting a Faceboook web page is everlasting and cannot be undone. So, when you do select to delete your Faceboook web page, be sure to wish to delete it… and examine with anybody else who's an admin for the web page to verify.
  •  Login as an Admin of the Facebook page
  • Click on “Settings” at the top of your Facebook Page

  • Click on General

  • Click on “Remove Page” at the bottom of the window

  • Click on "Delete (Page Name)"

  • Click on "Delete Page Name"

Note: Deleting your Facebook Page means that nobody will be able to see or find your page. Once you've clicked "Delete", you'll have 14 days to restore it in case you have a change of mind. After that, you'll be asked to confirm if you want to delete the Facebook page permanently. If you choose or decide to unpublish instead, only admins will be able to see your Facebook Page.

That’s how to delete a Facebook page. I hope this helped!
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Facebook Marketplace | LA Marketplace

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Are you among the over 2.2 billion active monthly Facebook users and reside in Los Angeles?
Are you aware you can use the Facebook marketplace to sell your products and services on Facebook?
This post is all about the Facebook marketplace in Los Angeles. This article teaches how you can easily locate and access Facebook marketplace LA.

Facebook Marketplace Los Angeles refers to the Facebook marketplace available in LA. The Marketplace is a convenient location filled with thousands of people who engage in the act of buying and selling.

The thousands all consist of businesses, brands, companies, marketers, and individuals who want to get their business to people who may be interested in the services that they offer.

These thousands also consist of people who also want to buy unique products and goods from others.

Facebook Marketplace LA Direct URL


This Marketplace is available on Facebook, but it has not yet launched in all parts of the world, but it is available in Los Angeles and a few other parts of the world.

So, if you reside in Los Angeles, you can now access the Marketplace on Facebook. The Marketplace is now available in your Facebook app.

Here, in the Marketplace, you can either buy or sell. The buying and selling of both new and used goods and products are featured right in this location.

If you are a seller who wants to get your business to the large audience out there, Facebook is just here to help you out.

Are you a buyer who wants to shop for unique products? Some people have got the right products just for you.

Facebook Marketplace LA

The Facebook marketplace is an easy and convenient location that features buying and selling. In this Marketplace, you can either buy or sell products and goods to the thousands of people in your area.

It allows you to explore, discover, buy, and sell items between the thousands of people who make use of this Marketplace on Facebook.
Here, you get to connect, being a seller or a buyer. As a seller, you can receive orders from buyers and connect with them. And as a buyer, you can contact the seller and place orders for your favorite products.

In the Los Angeles Marketplace, you can list out your products for sale. Right in your sitting room, you can be able to sell to so many people out there. This feature of the Facebook Marketplace also applies to buyers; you can place your orders sitting on your couch. It is as easy and as convenient as that.

Facebook Marketplace Los Angeles is now available for Facebook users who reside in Los Angeles. The Marketplace is a buy and sells feature located right on the Facebook site, and it is gradually moving on to so many parts of the world. It is currently available in USA in the city of Los Angeles. Here, Facebook users can get on the Marketplace and engage in the act of buying and selling.
It is on record that millions of people buy and sell within the Facebook site. And this Marketplace is also a location within the Facebook site that features millions of people who buy and sell. In this Marketplace, you get to find big and small businesses who want to get their products and services to the large audience out there. So, if you are an individual who wants to increase your business awareness and sales, the Los Angeles Marketplace on Facebook is just available for you.

Marketplace LA on Facebook

This Marketplace on the Facebook app is available in about 85 countries. So, if you reside/live in any of these locations, you will be able to make use of the Marketplace either for buying or selling both old and new products. With the Marketplace feature launched on your Facebook app, you can either buy or sell from the comfort of your home. Right on the Facebook app, you can even place an order for so many products while chatting!

If you are an individual who has got unique products for sale, the Marketplace is open to you. As long as the Facebook Marketplace Los Angeles is launched in your location (of course, it is), you can offer your products for sale. Right from your couch, sitting room, desk, and anywhere, you can offer your works for sale on Facebook. The Facebook marketplace feature of buying and selling from anywhere also applies to individuals who need products to buy. You can also place your orders within a few minutes.

Facebook LA Marketplace Tab

The Facebook marketplace tab is the marketplace icon on your Facebook homepage. Through this tab, you can be able to access the Marketplace on your Facebook app. This feature also applies to Facebook Marketplace Los Angeles. If you are a Facebook user who lives in Los Angeles, then you can access the Marketplace on your Facebook app through the tab on your Facebook homepage. To make use of the Marketplace, you need to have devices like Android, IOS, and Computer.

For Facebook users who are using Android OS, the FB Marketplace tab is identified by a Shop logo at the top of your Facebook homepage. iOS users have to click on the menu button on the Facebook homepage, from the list of options on the menu, select Marketplace. For Computer users, you will find Marketplace written on the left side of your news feed.

How to Use Los Angeles Facebook Marketplace

The FB marketplace is located right on the Facebook app for mobile devices and Facebook website for a computer. So, if you want to buy, sell, or engage in both, you can access the Marketplace on Facebook. Let us see how to use the Facebook Los Angeles marketplace.
For Android users, you have to click on the Shop icon on your homepage. In the Marketplace, you have to select your preferred option; Buy or Sell. You will have access to directions that will help you to complete the transactions.
For iOS users, you have to find the Los Angeles Marketplace by clicking on the three horizontal lines on the right-hand side of your Facebook homepage. Select your option and get started.

Computer users have to access the Marketplace on the left side of the Facebook homepage through the Facebook Website. Select your preferred option; Buy or Sell

Where Is Facebook Marketplace Los Angeles?

The Marketplace is a feature launched right on your Facebook app. If you have the Facebook app, then you also have the Marketplace too!

It can be accessed using the following devices; Android, IOS, and Computer. Using these devices, you can buy or sell anywhere you are.

However, this Marketplace has not been launched in all locations yet. But Facebook Marketplace Los Angeles is now available, and Facebook users in Los Angeles can access and use the Marketplace on their Facebook app.

Is Facebook Marketplace Los Angeles Free?

The Marketplace is free of charge! For you to buy or sell, you can access the Marketplace on your Facebook app all for free!

Is Los Angeles Facebook Marketplace Safe?

When you conduct any business over Facebook Marketplace, you' are likely to run into bad actors than you are in the real world. Be on the alert, and walk away if something doesn't feel right to you.
Should you find yourself the victim of any form of scam/fraud, you should take action:
  • If you suspect any Facebook Marketplace scammer, report them to the Facebook team as explained here.
  • If you believe that you have been scammed/defrauded, notify law enforcement. Get information to your local police agencies, and also consider filing this report to the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). The FBI is not promising to follow up on all Facebook marketplace scam cases, but registering scams helps them to uncover fraud trends and patterns that can help thwart cyber-crooks activities.

How to Use Facebook Marketplace Los Angeles

Hey, Facebook users in Los Angeles! Are you ready to make use of Facebook Marketplace Los Angeles? Using your Android, IOS, or Computer, you can access and find the Marketplace.

The Marketplace on Facebook allows thousands of people from different areas to buy and sell.

Following the steps below, you can either buy or sell on Facebook.

 Use Facebook Marketplace Los Angeles On Android Devices

  • Get on the Facebook app.
  • On your homepage, click on the Shop icon. This action will take you to the Marketplace.
  • Select an option; Buy or Sell.
  • To sell products, you will have to provide details for the products and posts.
  • To buy products, you have to have to search for the product and contact the seller.

With the steps above, you can buy or sell products in the Marketplace using your Android devices.

 Use Facebook Marketplace Los Angeles On IOS Devices

  • Get on the Facebook app in your IOS device.
  • Click on the Menu button and select Marketplace.
  • Select your preferred option; Buy or Sell.
  • To sell goods in the Marketplace, enter the details of the products and post.
  • To buy, search for the products, and contact the seller.
  • With your IOS device, you can buy or sell in the Marketplace.

Use Facebook Marketplace LA On Computer

 The Facebook app is not available for computers, so you have to visit the Facebook website on www.facebook.com.
  • Click on Marketplace. The Marketplace icon is on the left side of the homepage.
  • Select an option; Buy or Sell.
  • Provide the details of the item you want to sell and post.
  • To buy, find the product, and contact the seller on Facebook.

Following these processes, you can access and use the Los Angeles Marketplace together with thousands of others who are there already.

 How to Stay Safe on Facebook Los Angeles Marketplace

Below are five suggestions to make your Facebook LA Marketplace experience great and well secure:
  1. Ensure to use a secure electronic payment service or a credit card or for all deals. The FB Marketplace doesn't currently have any built-in payment system, so you have to make an arrangement for payments directly with the other party in a deal. Bad characters may insist on gift cards, cash, or any other untraceable payment mechanism, and unscrupulous buyers may offer gift cards that end up being worthless. Card issuers and payment processors such as PayPal— but not its sister application Venmo— will investigate fraud/scam claims on your behalf as a buyer, and they also provide better trading security for sellers using their services. Reputable Los Angeles Marketplace business traders will welcome the use of secure services, which will benefit legit buyers and sellers alike.
  2. Make sure to Inspect before making any payment. If you are buying an item, make sure you can "see the goods" before you authorize payment. If the items are pieces of jewelry or collectibles, bring with you an expert who can truly verify their value. If it is an electronic device, plug it in or add batteries to make sure it works correctly as expected.
  3. Check out seller/buyer profiles. When you click/tap on an item that is up for sale, ensure that you check the seller's profile under "seller information" tab. Make sure they are residing in your location and check Facebook to see if you have any mutual friends. If they have only been on Facebook for a short period, or if they have very few Los Angeles friends, that could be a warning sign. Also, search on their name on Facebook via the Facebook search box; if you see multiple profiles using the same name and photo, that also raises a red flag.
  4. Avoid deals that don't involve local sellers/buyers. In theory, Facebook only shows you, potential buyers and sellers, within your local community. (You can choose a radius as small as wide as 100 miles or two miles, but the default is set to 40 miles.) If a seller tells you that they will have an item shipped from a higher distance, there is a possibility the order will never arrive or that it won't be what they promised to send. And if a buyer asks you to ship an item to a longer distance, especially overseas, consider steering clear, it's a red flag: The scam in this is for the buyer to terminate or cancel the payment once the item is in transit and irretrievable by you.
  5. Meet the seller/buyer in a public place. Some police departments allow people to meet in their station lobbies or parking lots to seal their deals and finalize exchanges; barring that, you should consider picking a public spot like a restaurant, or a coffee shop. Bring a friend along, and if you feel uncomfortable, record a video or take snaps of the exchanges, so you can identify the other party easily if there are any disputes later.

Facebook Marketplace can be a fun place to transact business within your neighborhood as well as a vibrant source of great deals. If you are on an alert for the potential scam as you are while bargaining deals, you are very likely to have a good Marketplace experience.

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The New Facebook Messenger Dark Mode | Update to Messenger Dark mode

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Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger now has a new feature "Dark Mode" which is a little bit difficult when activating it.

10 top best messenger apps and chat apps for Android

The use of an app "AOL Instant Messenger" was the first method of texting message to friends and loved ones, organization or company and gradually we started using SMS and MMS to text messages.
It enable you to send an emoji of your choice to any of your contacts.
Also Google has a feature similar to the Facebook dark mode which is "Native dark mode" in Android or iOS user's.

Recent Messenger updates
"Unsend" features added to Facebook Messenger.
February 5th 2019: Facebook introduce a new feature which is "Unsend feature".
features of "Unsend"
  • It is an added suite to tools of popular chat app.
  • It enable you delete a message you’ve sent in a way that the message was never sent.

Facebook Messenger redesign now live

January 18, 2019A new feature "Google Play Store" was updated to enable Facebook messenger make its way to all user's through a slow rollout, a delay, restart and a halt.
New Facebook Messenger feature which translate messages
June 22, 2018: A new feature was updated. This feature enables you translate a post, comments or message from English to Spanish or from Spanish to English.
Facebook Messenger lets you send 360-degree pictures and HD videos
April 3, 2018A feature was updated to Facebook messenger. This feature enables you send 360-degree images, 720p video using your Facebook messenger.
Facebook Messenger gets admin privileges and joint links
March 21, 2018: A new feature was added to Facebook messenger. This feature enables you as an admin to approve new members, post and also remove group members. It also enable group members create a link to be sent as an invite to friends.
 NoteIf the admin privileges are turned off, people who click on the links will be automatically added to the group.
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Facebook Gameroom | Play Farmville on FB

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These days, there are countless regular gamers and online games that helps keep people busy and active even in their boredom. I was one for over a year. I have not really played in some weeks now though but I’ve signed in a couple of times to see what’s brand-new with the game. Initially when I started, I began playing due to the fact that somebody wanted me to and I did really enjoy it then.
I gave the game a shot and my feelings about it was a positive one. So in today's guide i will introduce a new game, Farmville!

Farmville On Facebook Play Now

As time happened I had the power to buy extra merchandise for housing animals, embellishing my ranch and likewise protecting decors. The amount of crops I can develop elevated in addition to there being a number of brand-new additions to the farm The final enhancement I noticed to the Farmville game was the aptitude to have a second farm in England I feel it was. I received my second farm in addition to haven't performed since.

Enhancements within the recreation included not having to manually collect every animal and tree with the enhancement of farm arms and likewise arborist which permitted sooner harvesting. One click on was now all that it required to get each tree and pet on the farm.
collected conserving hrs of time. These assistants can now be gotten as presents, from gathering the horse steady or by shopping for them within the trade.

Regardless of having the big variety of timber and likewise animals being launched usually, seasonal merchandise and likewise the aptitude to improve ranch autos the online game is of no curiosity to me any longer. It’s only a sequence of clicks, rearranging gadgets in addition to viewing the display freeze up for me. When Zygna went to the brand-new message middle it made the display freeze up much more for me. I may solely present the sport a 2 for all the issues it has even supposing it has a variety of capabilities that preserve others so intrigued.

I actually recognize enjoying this prepared quite a lot of causes. One being that the graphics are cute and is one thing that may be taken pleasure in with shut mates on Faceboook. It provides people a sense of completion I anticipate when it includes computer gaming on account of the truth that they might attain brand-new levels broaden their farm and likewise gather brand-new gadgets. All avid gamers take pleasure in video games that they might get to a proficiency diploma and still have the power to get to some goal of gameplay. The merchandise is to be the best farmer, earn one of the money and attain the best stage there's within the recreation.

To have the ability to recognize this recreation, you have to a Faceboook account. If this recreation appears like it could be one thing you will surely take pleasure in enjoying, which I want that you just do, after that it's essential to seek for the Farmville utility on the Faceboook on-line group.

I hope this guide was helpful?
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Facebook Avatar Setup | Create and Edit FB Avatar

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Faceboook avatar is the newest function on Faceboook that received all its platform users wowed. If you're not new to Faceboook, you in all probability will need to have heard in regards to the Faceboook courting function launched two years in the past. And now, Faceboook has created a brand new function name the Faceboook avatar, telling you the way Faceboook is about all its platform users. The Avatar app is not only one other random function on Faceboook, however one thing that may blow your thoughts. The Faceboook avatar is extra just like the “you emoji” Sure, You get to arrange your individual Avatar on Faceboook. As an alternative of commenting and chatting with emojis, you utilize the Avatar you created as a substitute.

There may be extra to Faceboook Avatar setup than you understand, you probably have seen the function and have used it, then it's best to know the way fascinating the Faceboook avatar Characteristic may be. The function doesn't simply assist you textual content and touch upon Faceboook, but additionally Faceboook has made it attainable for platform users to utilize the Avatar on different social media platforms. On this article, I might be supplying you with extra than simply what Faceboook avatar is, but additionally the right way to arrange Faceboook Avatar in your Faceboook and extra.

Faceboook Avatar Setup Evaluate

Faceboook Avatar Creator App is the foremost factor you'll want to do in different so that you can arrange your individual cartoon-like emoji character. The app is not only an odd app; Faceboook made positive so as to add sufficient choices on the app to assist platform users create a pleasant and ideal lookalike avatar for themselves. Everybody on Faceboook who has been designing their very own Avatar has confirmed the usefulness, and you'll even see it exhibiting within the Avatar they designed.

Learn how to Entry Faceboook Avatar Creator  App

Accessing the avatar app will not be so arduous. The step is as simple as accessing Faceboook gaming. However, in different to entry the Faceboook avatar app, you should be doing it in your Faceboook cellular app.  With that stated, steps on the right way to entry Faceboook avatar app is said under:
  • First, open your Faceboook app,
  • Then click on the menu icon on the high left
  • On the menu click on to see extra
  • After which, you'd discover the app, lastly, click on it, and you'd be within the app.

Learn how to Arrange Your Very Personal Faceboook Avatar Emoji

Organising your Faceboook avatar will not be so arduous; plenty of platform users have carried out it, so it shouldn't be so arduous with you. however in case you discover it arduous to arrange, comply with the steps said under:
  1. As soon as you might be within the avatar app, choose avatars
  2. Click the “subsequent” icon after which get began
  3. First, choose your most well-liked pores and skin shade out of the 27 choices laid down so that you can select from
  4. As soon as your pores and skin tone is chosen, click on subsequent
  5. Choose the coiffure to your Avatar. You can also make it lengthy, brief, or medium among the many kinds of hairstyles obtainable. Upon getting chosen your most well-liked Avatar, click your most well-likedshade.”
  6. Subsequent, the face of your Avatar, on this level, you'd be required to pick the face form, complexion, and face strains.
  7. Upon getting carried out that, click the attention icon and choose a watch, eye shade, and lash size. As soon as you might be carried out with that, transfer on to the forehead form and shade. you might be free so as to add glasses if you would like
  8. Choose the nostril form, lips, lips shade, and facial hair then subsequent
  9. Choose your most well-liked physique form and outfit. You'd be giving the choice so as to add another gadgets.
  10. As soon as you might be carried out with customizing your Avatar, click the checkmark icon within the high proper nook. Click Subsequent, after which carried out.
As soon as you might be carried out, you possibly can entry your Avatar with the smiley face icon on the write a remark and messenger. The Avatar would provide you with a greater expression than you anticipated
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Login your Instagram account with your Facebook Account | How to Access IG with FB

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Instagram Login with Faceboook - Instagram Login Signal In 2020 Up to date

To hyperlink your Instagram account to your model's Faceboook Web page, you first have to be an admin of that Page on Faceboook.
To hyperlink your Instagram account to a Faceboook Web page:
How to Install Instagram On iPhone 4

Easy methods to hyperlink your Instagram account on Android

  • Go to your profile and click  within the high proper.
  • Scroll down and click Linked Accounts, then choose Faceboook.
  • If you have not already, enter your Faceboook login info.
  • By default, your Instagram account will hyperlink to your private Faceboook Timeline. To hyperlink to a Web page as a substitute, click Faceboook once more and select a Web page that you simply handle under Share to.

Instagram login sign in: How to sign up to Instagram - how to create an Instagram profile

Easy methods to hyperlink your Instagram account on iPhone or Home windows Telephone

  • Go to your profile and click  within the high proper.
  • Scroll down and click Linked Accounts, then choose Faceboook.
  • If you have not already, enter your Faceboook login info.
  • By default, your Instagram account will hyperlink to your private Faceboook Timeline. To hyperlink to a Web page as a substitute, click Faceboook once more, then click Share to and select a Web page that you simply handle.

In case you've already linked Faceboook in your telephone or pill and wish to modify accounts, you'll be able to unlink your Facebook account from Instagram.

When you have any questions on linking/connecting your Instagram account to Faceboook, kindly go away your remark within the remark field instantly after this put up.
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Play Messenger OMG Games Online | OMG Video Games

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Easy methods to Play Faceboook Messenger OMG Recreation On-line | Questions in Faceboook Messenger OMG RecreationFaceboook Messenger OMG Recreation is of little question top-of-the-line video games one can play of Faceboook and it may possibly’t be denied that it is without doubt one of the hottest video games on FB. Though, it's fairly straightforward to play and really attention-grabbing.

Easy methods to Play Messenger OMG Recreation On-line – OMG Video games Play On Faceboook Messenger

That is really a query and reply recreation that offers principally with issues regarding you as an individual. It has totally different segments and these segments include totally different questions on their very own.
Not each recreation offers you the consolation Faceboook Messenger OMG offers. As you get requested these questions, auto-suggestion solutions pop up which might be humorous however typically true. It's one such recreation which may also help you realize your self even higher and turn into your greatest good friend. Lots of instances, we one thing to wish one thing to assist us loosen up throughout our leisure. Play OMG Recreation on Messenger is of little question an awesome concept. The solutions could make you snigger out loud particularly whenever you understand it’s true. It's one in all such video games you will get hooked on, I promise. To play this recreation, comply with the steps beneath:
* Launch your Faceboook Messenger Cell App
* On the high, get to the search bar and enter “OMG Recreation
* Find the sport with the outline “Lol – Mind Check Quiz”
* Click on “Play” and await it to complete loading
* Faceboook Messenger OMG Recreation Questions
* How many individuals wish to kiss, marry or kill you in 2019?
* What reward will you obtain at Christmas?
* What's your reward from God?
* Which type of pixel artwork is best for you?
* What's your psychological age?
* What elemental class do you belong to?
* What number of youngsters are you destined to have?
* How is your coronary heart really divided?
* What’s the perfect card recreation for you?
* What's going to your final phrases be?
* Can we predict your future?
* Which Christmas Carol describes your life proper now?
* How outdated can you reside?
* Which four issues are completely true about you?
* What's the most attention-grabbing card recreation?
* Which 2 careers are best for you?
* How will you end the 12 months?
* four truths about you
* What do you appear like whenever you had been 80?
* What are your three sorts of age?
* Are you able to guess the proper reply?
* What's your mind product of?
* Will your different half cheat on you?
* What must you do when you're bored?
* 5 issues that make you totally different
* What award must you get?
* Will you be married, single, or pregnant?
* What number of buddies you might have?
* What courting recommendation do you want most proper now?
* Which shade do you embody?
* Do you suppose extra like a person or girl?
* How uncommon is your persona?
* What's your legendary pet?
* Are you able to surpass 2048?
* What's your DNA ancestry based mostly in your show image on Faceboook?
* Which animal stands for the damaging aspect of your persona?
* When will you might have a stupendous child?
* How outdated are you based mostly in your appears in your photograph?
* When are you more likely to journey to in 2019?
* What's going to your three main blessings be in 2019?
* You’ll be blessed with?
* How imply are you?
* What do you want based mostly in your zodiac signal?
* What are the 5 truths about you?
* Which animals, superstar, and cartoon character do you appear like?
* What number of youngsters would you might have sooner or later?
* What's going to your three main blessings be in 2019?
* What sort of life have you ever lived?
* The place are you more likely to journey to in 2019?
* When will your luckiest day be in 2019?
* The very first thing individuals discover about you earlier than every other factor?
* What are the nice and dangerous information about you?
* Who're you in line with your identify?
* Plan your marriage ceremony, and we’ll inform you the place to go in your honeymoon?
* Select which course to take, and we’ll inform you which Marvel character is your soul mate
* What shade matches your persona take a look at?
* What age are you usually mistaken for?
* How outdated are you based mostly on appears in your photograph?
* What had been you born for?
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