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FB Dating App Download Link – Facebook Dating App Apk

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Facebook Dating App – Facebook Dating App Apk – In the world today, online dating is fast taking over and Facebook is not left with its latest feature, Facebook Dating. The Facebook dating app apk is the latest feature by Facebook. A Facebook dating app is not a Standalone app on its own as it is embedded in the Facebook app itself and it is often called a dating feature. To access the dating, you are not required to download a separate app to use but you are required to set up a dating profile separate from your Facebook profile. The dating app is accessible to users from the ages of 18 or older.
Facebook Dating App
The Facebook dating app has not yet be rolled out globally but the team is working on it. The dating app or feature was beta tested at Colombia and it has been recently launched in Canada and Thailand. Dating is new but yet has some really promising features. The dating feature would be available only on the Facebook app which is compatible with any device range such as iOS and Android devices. A dating feature is pinned at the upper right side of your profile tab.
Facebook Dating App Apk Features
As I said, the dating feature is rising with some really interesting and promising features. The features of Facebook dating are;
  1. There are Ads or promotions popping up.
  2. It is built around for long term relationship.
  3. Will be an opt-in service.
  4. A dating profile is separate from your Facebook Profile which is really nice.
  5. Genders are not discriminated on the app. Genders as a male, female, trans woman and trans man can be found there.
  6. Profiles do not appear on your newsfeed.
  7. Matches are not made with the friends’ users already have.
  8. Communication is done via a separate messaging.
  9. Facebook dating is completely free.
  10. Being the largest and popular platform in the world, you are likely to meet your potential partner.
There are lots of more features within the Facebook dating feature.
How to use Facebook dating App
The Facebook dating feature is easy to use and free. The dating app or feature is accessible only to those with Facebook profiles. To use the feature, you would need to sign up for a new Facebook account or login if you already have an account. Signing up for a new account is free and can be done using the mobile app or website. Follow below to sign up;
  1. Open the Facebook mobile app or open your browser and type in facebook.com
  2. Type in your first name and surname on the text field provided.
  3. Then choose your birthday.
  4. Enter your email address or mobile number on the text field.
  5. Select your gender and create a password for the account.
  6. Hit on Sign Up.
The new Facebook profile will be created and Facebook will send a confirmation to you via text or email.
Facebook Sign In Guide
If you already an account, you can simply log in to your account via app or website. Follow the guides below;
  1. Access your browser and enter facebook.com or open the app.
  2. Enter your mobile phone number or email address and password.
  3. Hit on login.
  4. The profile will be loaded on the device. If you have lost your password, you can reset it by hitting on “Forgot password”.
How to set up Facebook Dating Profile
Even as the app is embedded in the Facebook app, to use the dating feature you would need to set up a profile. Setting up a Facebook profile is simple, free and fast. To set up, follow the steps below;
  1. Sign in to your Facebook profile using the Facebook mobile app.
  2. Tap on the Heart icon at the upper right side to open it.
  3. Choose your gender and confirm the location you’re in.
  4. Tiles (12) will be displayed with each having either a question or answer.
  5. Tap any of the questions and answer the question you are presented with.
  6. Give the correct answers to the questions as it helps your matches know more about you.
  7. Add a clear photo of you for the dating profile.
  8. Indicate the kind of matches you want to be getting.
The Facebook dating profile will be created and you can start finding potential matches for yourself. Facebook will send matches of potential partners for you depending on the information you provided them with. And that is all.
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Hooking Up Facebook Singles – Facebook Hook Up Groups – How to Get a Date on Facebook

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Facebook for Hooking Up – Facebook Hook Up Groups – How to Get a Date on Facebook – Hooking up using Facebook is one great way you can get just that perfect date for yourself. Facebook is all about possibilities and before the introduction of dating sites and apps, FB has helped in filling up this gap. Individuals all around the world are appreciating Facebook for the fact that it enabled them to get a hookup.
Facebook for Hooking Up
Facebook Platform for Online Hooking Up Importance
The reason why FB is an excellent platform to find a date is because it has created an opportunity for several relationships. You get to meet with people living happily with them telling you that their journey started on Facebook. FB has different tools which were designed to assist their users in connecting better. For example, you can communicate using a text chat, video chat or even voice chat. This is something which dating sites and apps do not have.
Here on Facebook, you get to express yourself using more advanced features. You can properly go through people profiles and know who they actually are. Better still, Facebook has hook up groups for singles who are looking for a date.
Facebook for Hooking Up – Facebook Hook Up Groups
When talking about Facebook Hook Up Groups, what you should have in mind are singles and dating groups. These groups are very interesting groups to join when looking for the perfect date for you. To gain access to lots and lots of hook up groups, just follow these procedures:
Facebook Account Login or Sign In
  1. Get on the search bar at the top of your page and search “Facebook Hook Up Groups”.
  2. Click “Groups” at the top right beside “Apps”.
You will come across different hookup groups and with just a click on “Join” you can become a member of any. In these groups, you can meet with thousands and millions who are in them for the same purpose as you. Aside from learning about relationships, you get to mingle with several singles like yourself and anyone who catches your attention, you can make a move towards the person.
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Facebook Help Business – How You Should Tell Your Story When Advertising Your Business

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Facebook Help Business – How You Should Tell Your Story When Advertising Your Busines – sThere are not less than 40million working small business pages on Facebook now. Facebook continues in helping businesses grow and achieve their goals, which is one of the reasons the launched Ads manager app and built creative and educational resources for small business owners earlier this year.
facebook help business
Facebook has announced a new way for Facebook marketers to contact them, which is known as online chat support. Businesses that are being advertised on Facebook can now access one-on-one support via online live chat. Advertisers can be able to chat with a trained Ads specialist to get quick answers all their Facebook advertising questions just by clicking on “get help”.
How to Promote Your Business App on Facebook
Facebook is one of the most stress-free ways to promote your app, you make videos or screenshots of your business and post on your business app for your customers to see. You can get to people using Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks by using the Apps installs advertising objectives to make it easier for people to download your app.
Facebook gives free measurement results that give you awareness OF how perfectly your mobile app Ads are performing.
How You Should Tell Your Story When Advertising Your Business
Even if you would prefer to use words, images or videos, there are Facebook Ad formats for business stories. Here are some ways in which you can tell your story:
The use of photo Ads offers a clean and simple format to features alluring copy and imagery. You can reveal who you are and the business you do by using high-quality images.
Slideshows Ads are like video Ads made up of text, sound, and motion. With slideshows, you can tell your story across connection speeds and devices.
The use of messenger Ads helps people to start up conversations with your business.
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Facebook Dating Feature – Free Facebook Dating Online | How to Enable Facebook Dating | Facebook Dating

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Facebook Dating Feature – Free Facebook Dating Online | How to Enable Facebook Dating | Facebook Dating – Facebook Dating Feature – Facebook is a very popular social media platform that is well known for the vast services and features it offers, it is also well known because it charges so little for the few services and features that are paid for. A lot of things can be done on Facebook like buying and selling on the Facebook marketplace or Facebook buying and selling, advertising with the help of Facebook ads Manager, you can play games on Facebook too, Facebook can also be used as a dating site via Facebook dating feature or Facebook groups.
facebook dating
Facebook dating feature is one of the newest Facebook updates, though, it is not available in some countries at the moment. If you want to use Facebook as a dating platform and the Facebook dating feature is not available in your region, you can search for groups to find singles. They are a lot of groups on Facebook to find dates. FB dating feature is like most dating websites but it is unique in its own way as it has better privacy and security settings and the dating feature is completely free, unlike most dating sites and apps.
With the Facebook dating feature, there is a tool called secret crush, the secret crush tool allows you select nine of your friends you have a crush on, though Facebook will notify them that someone is crushing on them but Facebook will never reveal the personal identity. The only situation where you can know who is crushing on you is if you eventually have a crush on that person too. One of the best parts of Facebook dating feature is if you that whatever happens within Facebook dating remains there always, it will not be shared with your friends or posted on your profile or newsfeed.
If you want to use the Facebook dating feature, no special login or sign in required, all you need is your Facebook account and some few more steps to activate the feature. Everything you do on Facebook dating feature can remain that way, unknown to the public, in case you feel embarrassed by people coming in to your private affairs. But if you do not care you can share it with your main Facebook profile.
Active Facebook Dating Feature
Since the release of Facebook dating feature, a lot of Facebook users from different corners of the world want to turn on this feature but do not know-how. If you are under that category then you are in the right place. Read on to know how to activate FB dating feature.
  1. Ensure your device has an active internet connection.
  2. Log in to your Facebook account.
  3. Go to your profile.
  4. Click on the read heart icon
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Facebook as Dating Site – Free Dating Online Facebook | Facebook Dating Site Free

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Facebook as Dating Site – Free Dating Online Facebook | Facebook Dating Site Free – Facebook is a very popular social media platform that can be used for a lot of activities and most of these activities that can be done on Facebook are free. Facebook is a social media platform that allows you meet new people and make friends, Facebook also gives you a platform where you can buy and sell different categories of items (sort of a mini-market) and this can be done on the Facebook marketplace. You can also use Facebook as a dating site with either Facebook dating groups or the recently added Facebook dating feature. In this article, we will tell you all that should be known about Facebook dating.
facebook as dating site
Facebook dating is one of the latest features of Facebook, though it is not currently available to some regions in the world. Facebook as dating site is almost the same as all other dating sites out there but it has a unique property that is completely free to use and it also has better security and very good privacy policy.
When you use Facebook as a dating site, whatever is done on Facebook dating remains on Facebook dating, it won’t even be seen on your main Facebook page or reflected on your Facebook account profile despite the fact that you access Facebook dating with you general Facebook account login credentials. Facebook dating has a very special tool called Facebook secret crush, with this tool you can pick up to nine of your Facebook friends that you are crushing, they will be notified that you are having a crush on them but your identity will remain unknown only if that person has a crush on you too will your identity be revealed to each other..
When using Facebook as dating site, you are not required to login with any special login credentials, your Facebook account login credentials is all that is required and some more steps. You can decide to keep your Facebook dating profile completely separate from your general Facebook account just so you can avoid the embarrassment of people interfering in your private life. 
How to Use Facebook as Dating Site
When you want to use Facebook as dating site, you can use Facebook groups or Facebook dating features. With the Facebook dating feature, we will show you how to use Facebook as a dating site.
  1. Ensure your device is connected to the internet.
  2. Log in to your Facebook account.
  3. A prompt will be displayed on your home screen carrying a message about Facebook dating, click on learn more to activate. 
    If you do not get the prompt, it means you are either underage or Facebook dating feature is not yet available in your present region.
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Facebook Apps – Apps for Facebook | Facebook Apps Download and Update

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Facebook Apps – Facebook App 2019 | Apps for Facebook | Facebook Apps Download and Update – When you think of a social media platform, while there are other impressive social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and more, what comes to mind first is Facebook. This is mostly owed to the fact that it has been around a while longer than it’s other counterparts however it is anything but primitive as keeps up to date with the latest developments and improves the sites often to offer its users the best experience.
facebook update
Facebook is the most popular social network which has the largest user base boasting of billions of monthly users around the world. It is a worldwide recognized app that is used to connect with family and friends. The social media app offers so many features such as posting photos and videos, like, comment and tag people in post, chatting on Facebook Messenger, posting a status, playing Instant games, do business with the Facebook Marketplace, and lots more. Looking at these, you will know that as a user of the social media app you will get to have an all-round experience having features of all the things you can possibly want in a social media platform offered to you.
Facebook Apps are the other applications that are integrated into the social networking platform which allows you to explore many more. They are a decent collection of apps that helps you do various things. While they may be changed from time to time, it lets you interact with Facebook in several ways. Below are some of the Facebook Apps and what they do;
  • Facebook and Facebook Lite: the face of the social media sites is represented by Facebook and Facebook Lite. While the regular version of Facebook has more graphics and more features, the Facebook Lite concentrate more on working better on the lower-end phone and consumes fewer data. You can check notifications, interact with friends and family, watch videos, see event and do all the normal things Facebook does. So, if you like Facebook but you do not fancy the normal Facebook, you are recommended to try the Facebook lite.
  • Facebook Messenger, Messenger Lite and Messenger kids: this is a free app on Facebook that allows you to properly interact by chatting with family and friends. These three Messenger apps are chatting services. Firstly, Facebook Messenger is the standard Messenger which has all the necessary features, including the chat head functionality.  The Messenger Lite on the other hand, holds back the features to better serve the lower end phones and useless data. Finally, for Messenger kids, it is basically for minors with parental supervision and oversight. 
    The last we will talk about is the Facebook page manager which is a free Facebook as well which is an app for managing pages on Facebook, it is essential for interacting with your followers, seeing analytics about your page, checking page notifications and even used for replying messages.
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Singles To Date On Facebook – FB Dating App – Facebook Dating App Name

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Facebook Dating App – Facebook Dating App Name – Singles Dating On Facebook – So many people have heard about the dating app on Facebook, and have wondered about the Facebook Dating App Name. Facebook recently launched an online dating feature on its site. This online dating feature has been able to bring so many singles together. However, it is meant for singles who make use of the Facebook social media platform. Just like any other dating site, Facebook now allows singles to meet and date online. Of course! If you are a single on Facebook, you can be able to find and hook up with other singles who would want to date just like you.
Facebook Dating App
However, Facebook launched this online dating feature right inside its site. So, Facebook singles can hook up with each other with a few clicks on their Facebook apps. If you have been a Facebook user, you should know that Facebook has its amazing nature of launching helpful features to its users. Now, it is working towards changing the relationship status of the singles who are on its platform. This Facebook dating app is available to singles in different locations; however, you do not have to download a different app to access it. It is right inside the Facebook app. But the thing is, so many people are interested in finding out what the Facebook Dating App Name is. Let’s dive in.
Facebook Dating App – Facebook Dating App Name
Facebook is now into the online dating game, as it launched its dating app, right inside its main app. Hoping to change the relationship status of millions of singles, it has been able to make this dating app available in several locations. So far, the Facebook dating feature has been launched in about 18 countries, while the other countries cannot access it at the moment.
The Facebook Dating App Name is Dating. Dating is the feature that brings millions of singles on the Facebook platform. It has been recorded that over 200 million people have marked themselves as singles, and are currently using this amazing feature.
Dating exists as a dating home, which is located inside the main Facebook app itself. So, now you see why Facebook is referred to like the Facebook dating app. In this dating home, you will be prompted to create a dating profile before proceeding further. This dating profile is separate from your Facebook profile and is used only in the dating home.

Singles Dating On Facebook

Now, you know the Facebook Dating App Name. You now know how Dating on Facebook works. You can actually proceed to make use of it. However, if you have been following this article, you will find out this Facebook dating feature is not yet available in all locations. So, only Facebook users in the countries where it has been launched can use it at the moment.
However, we do not know when this Facebook dating feature will roll out to other parts of the world. But, when it comes to your country, you will be notified just at the top of your Facebook news feed. Let’s get to the part of finding and accessing Dating on Facebook.
  1. Get on your Facebook account.
  2. In your account, go to your Facebook profile.
  3. You will find a Heart icon at the top of your profile, tap on it to get to the dating home.
  4. Now, you have to set up your dating profile by providing your gender, location, interests, and a photo of you.
  5. Confirm
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How to Edit Your Already Created Facebook Avatar | Edit Facebook Avatar

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Facebook Avatar is the most recent trend on Facebook. This feature has brought a lot of happiness to Facebook users thereby increasing the engagement on Facebook. People see it as an interesting tool to help them communicate and lots of them are also making use of their created avatar as their profile pictures.
These avatars are cartoonlike images of Facebook users. The area where you have this feature comes with several sections to help users create their avatar to look very much like them. There is so much fun Facebook users are having as they get to create their avatars and publish them for others to see. At the most, other countries are still excepting to get the Facebook Avatar feature but the truth about it is, only a few countries have it at this time. These countries include; the United States of America, New Zealand, Australia, and a few more.
Some Facebook users in these countries still complain about not having the feature despite the fact it’s in their country and they have even updated their Facebook official app over and over again. If you find yourself in such a category, this should help.

Edit Facebook Avatar

For those who have already created their avatars, it is possible you found out you made some mistakes after creating it. Hopefully, you want to edit it but you just don’t know-how. Perhaps, you’ve been told it’s impossible and because of that, you are thinking of creating a new avatar. Not to worry, I have you covered in this article. I will be showing you shortly how to edit your Facebook Avatar after you’ve created it. Let’s go…
How to Edit Your Very Own Facebook Avatar
Now, to give your avatar that touch which brings it to perfection, follow the steps below:
  • Locate the comment section of any post at all on Facebook
  • Also, you can open a chat window with a friend on Messenger
  • In the text area, click on the Smiley
  • Click the Edit icon represented with a pencil found on your avatar
  • Now, you can start editing
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Facebook Marketplace PC – Facebook Buying & Selling

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Facebook Marketplace PC – Facebook Buying and Selling: What is the Facebook marketplace PC? Do you know that you can use the Facebook marketplace on PC? Yes, it is very possible. The existence of the Facebook marketplace does not only end on mobile devices, but it also can be used on smarter and enhanced devices like your PC and desktop. The Facebook marketplace as you already know is an intelligent Facebook feature that allows you to sell goods and services. This platform alone has helped a lot of people and if you want to facilitate sales on your business, you should probably try it out.

Facebook Marketplace PC – Facebook Buying and Selling

With the simple existence of the Facebook marketplace on PC, users now get enhanced and better view of the platform at large. Also it is now easy for the users of the platform to navigate their ways around the platform making the Facebook marketplace more interesting. With this idea in mind, a lot of people now think that this is worth exploring. Indeed this feature is worth exploring and there are a lot of things to learn from it.
Access Facebook Marketplace PC
Accessing the Facebook marketplace on PC can be quite difficult but it is entirely worth it. As a matter of fact, you can access the Facebook marketplace using the steps below.
  1. Go to www.facebook.com which is the official URL to visit the Facebook website
  2. Next login your account by entering your login details into the specified boxes and clicking on the login button.
  3. By the left side of the screen, locate the explore section and click on the marketplace link form there. If you are having issues with that, you can use this link to visit the Facebook marketplace https://www.facebook.com/marketplace.
  4. That is it for accessing the Facebook marketplace on PC. If you are directed to a page with an error message saying this content is not available right now, that means you cannot use the Facebook marketplace at that time.

Sell an Item via Facebook Marketplace PC

As long as you can access the Facebook marketplace, this is very easy. To do so;
  • Go to the marketplace official website using the steps above.
  • Tap on the “sell something” icon on the Facebook marketplace website.
  • Next, click on the “item for sale” icon and enter the title for your listing. Usually, the name of your product.
  • Add a price, location and a category for the item. Also if you feel like, add a description of the product.
  • Add some photos to describe your item better and click on the post icon.
  • Once you click on the post icon, your item would have been successfully listed out for sale on the Facebook marketplace website. You can also visit the Facebook help center to learn more about the platform.
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How To Create Facebook Marketplace Ad Boost – What is FB Marketplace Ad & Boost Listings From Marketplace

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How To Create Facebook Marketplace Ad Boost  – the Facebook marketplace is just a convenient place for placing your items on sale on Facebook in order to reach your target audience and expand your market.
Facebook marketplace is a convenient for people to buy and sell locally, which has made Facebook one of the most used online marketing platforms. People can easily purchase items using their Facebook app on their mobile device and business owners can place items for sale using their Facebook app, and conduct transactions with customers on the platform.

What is Facebook Marketplace Ad

A Facebook marketplace AD makes it easy for people to reach your products and patronize your business. When you create an ad for your products on marketplace, you are promoting your business and creating a wider market for your products.
Marketplace ad makes it possible for people to see the placements of your product ads on news feed, marketplace, Instagram, messenger and other audience networks when you select automatic placements option.
People can easily see your ad when they shop on Facebook marketplace; your product will be made available on marketplace along with other important products for customers who are interested to click and check out your business.

How To Create Facebook Marketplace Ad

By creating a marketplace ad for your products you are promoting your business and expanding your market, thereby reaching more people and gaining potential buyers. Follow these steps to create your marketplace ad:
  • Go to Ads Manager, and then choose Brand Awareness, Reach, Traffics, Video Views, Lead Generation, Messages, Conversations, Catalog Sales or Store Visits as your ad objective. Then tap the CONTINUE button
  • Select your Destination
  • Select your Audience and also define your targeting
  • Then you have to choose either AUTOMATIC PLACEMENTS or EDIT PLACEMENTS, automatic placements are often recommended.
  • Also select your Budget and Schedule, and then click NEXT once you are done
  • Select your Ad’s creative format
  • Click DONE and then PLACE ORDER once you are done setting up your ad.
  • Your ad will be made available on the marketplace for people browsing through marketplace to view once your ads get reviewed and approved.

How To Boost Listings From Marketplace

Boosting your listings from Marketplace has a way of increasing the level of exposure of your products to people who visit the Marketplace,when people click on your ad, Facebook will alos how your ads to similar users.
The boosted items often appear with a small sponsored annotation and boosted items are made available to a wider range of people on the platform. The Facebook boosting option is quite simple and limited to necessary steps like setting an ad budget and how long the ad will run. The boosted items add will automatically be optimized for clicks. And it will only be available for users up to 18 to see and will also be shown to only users nearby.
To boost your listing from marketplace on your phone:
  1. Go to your marketplace profile
  2. Click boost listing
  3. Set your total budget
  4. Choose how long your ad will run
  5. Choose your payment method
  6. Preview your boosted listing
  7. Click boost listing now
Facebook has helped millions of business owners reach their target audience and expand their businesses on the platform. Facebook marketplace is not just about placing your products on sale for few buyers to view and purchase, but also about promoting your business and driving up sales.
Marketplace ads are just the tool you need to enable you reach a wider audience and expand your business on Facebook. Boosting your products and using marketplace ads will increase the visibility of your listings to more people in your local area.
How To Create Facebook Marketplace Ad Boost – What is Facebook Marketplace Ad & Boost Listings From Marketplace
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