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Facebook Secret Crushes Singles Dating – Facebook Dating App Secret Crushes Near Me

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Facebook Secret Crushes Singles Dating – Facebook Dating App Secret Crushes Near Me – People have many Facebook secret crushes and admirers which they can date by simply sending messages, using the new Facebook secret crush feature on the Fb dating app. Facebook is a largely populated social network that is known for reconnecting with long lost friends, making new friends, chatting with friends and posting pictures, videos, texts, and other files.
Facebook Secret Crushes Singles Dating – Facebook Dating App Secret Crushes Near Me
Not long ago Facebook brought a new feature to its platform, this feature is called Facebook dating, under Facebook dating there is a sub-feature called Facebook secret crushes, Facebook secret crush is a feature that allows you to select your crush or crushes from Facebook dating, when picking your crushes no one knows about it, it is just a secret between you and yourself.
With Facebook secret crushes you get the opportunity to pick up to nine people you are crushing on, after selecting them, they will be notified that someone has a crush on them but the profile of the person won’t be revealed, if you pick your crush and your crush picks you back then you will both be notified that you have a crush on each other and the identity and profile of your crush will no longer be a secret to you.

Activating Facebook Dating | Facebook Secret Crushes Singles

Activating Facebook dating is the only way in which you can have access to Facebook secret
crushes, activating Facebook dating does not require any form of payment, the only requirement is a Facebook account, Facebook dating can be activated with the following steps
  • Launch Facebook
  • Sign in to your account
  • After sign in you’ll receive a prompt concerning Facebook dating, click learn more to start activation.
Facebook Dating Profile
Facebook dating profile is your profile in your Facebook dating page, it is entirely different from your Facebook account profile, you will have to set it up to have a complete and valid Facebook dating account so when your Facebook secret crushes view your profile they will know you are real, with the following steps you can set up your Facebook dating profile
  • Log in to Facebook and open your Facebook dating page
  • Open the profile page and update your gender
  • Select a gender you are interested in
  • Choose your location
  • Edit your bio
  • Answer the question tiles – question tiles are dating related questions, tap on any tile to answer the question it bears.
  • Upload a picture of you
After updating the above you can later add more photos to your profile and later change or edit your dating profile.
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Facebook Messenger App And Features – Facebook Messenger 4 Latest Update

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Facebook Messenger App and Features – Facebook Messenger 4 Latest Update – Messenger 4 is the most recent version of Facebook Messenger App. The functionality isn’t in anyway different from the former version. It just comes with some changes in themes and certain things which would be discussed shortly. Facebook started by giving users a hint of what this new App would look like from the App stores screen shots of Facebook Messenger App.
The most amazing part about this particular version is that it was made available for all devices at the same time be it IOS, Android or Windows. Facebook Messenger App is one of the most used messenger apps in the world and in order to keep up with this record, it is vital that upgrades are made for better user experience.
Messenger 4 is less complex compared to the former version. It was designed for user’s ease as they carry out several activities using the App. You will agree with me that understanding the older version needed some time but with Facebook Messenger 4, a new user can understand and go through all the functions in just a few minutes.

Facebook Messenger App and Features – Facebook Messenger 4 Latest Update

Facebook Messenger 4 Features

As said above, this new version isn’t so different from the old in terms of functionality. It’s just that the user interface is quite different. Below are the features of Messenger 4:
  1. Less Tabs (tabs have been reduced from nine tabs to three tabs).
  2. These tabs are; Chats, People and Discover.
  3. You can find the camera icon at the top of your screen including the Create New Conversation option.
  4. The color of your message balloons can be changed (You have 4 different gradient options for this and as you scroll, the message balloons changes with movement of the scroll bar).
  5. The rest of the features are not different from the old version.
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Facebook Dating App – Facebook Dating Link

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Facebook Dating App – Facebook Dating Link: Is what we as users on Facebook needs if we want to date on the Facebook platform. Am so grateful for the features and benefits the Facebook platform offers to users on Facebook. If you remember correctly, Facebook is not only used for communication anymore. It is also used for business and marketing purposes. There are lots of things that you are eligible to do on Facebook. You can watch a movie, play video games and also advertise your business on Facebook. This also includes the Facebook dating link. Now don’t be confused what the Facebook dating link is, I will explain it for you to grab a quick understanding about it.
Facebook Dating App – Facebook Dating Link
Features Facebook Dating
The Facebook dating link is the dating feature on the Facebook platform. It is a feature that allows you to find other single men and women out there to date or mingle with on Facebook. Facebook has made this possible, and now users are enjoying the benefits. When I say benefits I mean that this Facebook dating service, you are going to see a lot of matches and also to date on Facebook is free. You don’t need to pay an annual or monthly fee when you want to date on Facebook. But there are others on this platform that has the thought that Facebook dating is another way to drain data from you. Well, it is not the normal data rate that you used to chat on Facebook, you can also use it to date.
Facebook Dating Site
There are two ways in which you can use to date on Facebook, through the Facebook dating app that is attached to the website. Secondly, you can date when you join dating groups on Facebook. Now, this Facebook dating app is not available in every country, but if it is not available in your country, then you can try the alternative way. The alternative way is the dating groups, you can easily join the Facebook dating groups when dating app is not accessible. So I will show you how to join the dating groups and also access the dating feature on Facebook. But you must have a Facebook account to do that.

Facebook Account Registration

To create a Facebook account, all you need to do is to sign up on the Facebook platform, which is very easy. This process is not difficult, even if many found it to be. Now here are some steps below to make this process a very easy one;
  1. Go to the Facebook website.
  2. Then just click the “sign up” or “create new account” link or button.
  3. After that just enter in your details and then click on the sign-up tab below.
  4. Once you have done that, you will now have to verify your account creation.
  5. When you have typed it the digits needed to verify your account, just click “confirm” or “continue”.
This is how to have a Facebook account.
Facebook Singles Dating Groups
Here are the steps below for you to join the Facebook dating groups;
  1. Just login to your Facebook account.
  2. Then access your search bar at the top of the Facebook page.
  3. Now type “Facebook dating groups”.
  4. Then click search.
  5. You are going to see lots of dating groups, just select the one you would like to join.
  6. Then click join, now there might be questions asked since is rated over 18.
  7. Once there are questions, just answer the questions correctly, then click on submit.
This is how you can easily join the Facebook dating groups.
Facebook Dating App Guide
If you want to make use of the Facebook dating app, if it is available in your country then read the guidelines below;
  1. Just also just go to your profile and you will see a heart icon at the top.
  2. Then click it. This will lead you to the Facebook dating room.
  3. Now I will show you how you can create an account, a dating account.
  4. Go to the dating room.
  5. Then select a gender.
  6. Also, confirm your location.
  7. Now there will be 12 profile tiles, each tile is either a photo or an answer to one of the Facebook dating questions.
  8. Just tap on the questions you want displaying on your dating profile.
  9. Then answer the question in a very interesting way. Questions are also very to let matched know more about you.
  10. After that select your dating photo, a very unique one.
  11. Once you have done that you can now specify your match criteria in the dating settings.
However, the above information is the necessary guideline on how to create a dating profile or account on the Facebook dating app. when you have done it, you can now explore and find who to date.
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Facebook Games Room – Games On Facebook All Games To Play – Facebook Apps And Games

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Facebook Games Room – Games on Facebook all Games to Play – Facebook Apps and Games – Facebook is now one of the leading platforms in the world when talking about games. Before now, a lot of people visit different gaming websites which they meet to play games but as you know, FB is a very large community which helps brings a lot of people together. This simply means you have more games and gamers at your fingertips.
However, You may be wondering where you can find these games on Facebook right? It is a place called “Facebook Games Room”. This is a world of games which brings gamers in different categories together. So, if you think you are a game lord, wait until you play with other players in the Facebook Gameroom. FB has it all together and is putting in more effort as regards games. As for Gameroom, you also have the Facebook Instant Games which comprises of brief but interesting games to keep you occupied.
Facebook Games Room – Games On Facebook All Games To Play – Facebook Apps And Games
Facebook Games Room
When talking about the Facebook gaming platform, it is important you are educated on how to get to it. To download and install the FB Gameroom, simply follow these steps:
  1. Using your web browser, visit www.facebook.com/gameroom.
  2. Select “Free Install”.
  3. Create a folder on your device where you desire to save the app.
  4. Simply open up the application and sync it with your Facebook account.
  5. Then, click “Continue”
I promise there isn’t any genre of game you won’t find here. Trending games, of course, are one of those things you get first hand here.

Facebook Apps and Games

Aside from using the link above to get Facebook games, you can also use https://www.facebook.com/games/. Now, for you as a user to gain access to all the games Facebook offers, you need to sign up to become a part of the Facebook world. You can sign up on www.facebook.com
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Facebook Gameroom App Install – How To Download Facebook Gameroom App

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Facebook Gameroom App Install – How to Download Facebook Gameroom App. The Facebook Gameroom is a whole new world of games which functions separately from the normal FB platform. It is important to understand that Facebook is a powerful service. They are most interested in connecting the world than anything else.
This application isn’t for mobile as some people think. On mobile, you have the Facebook Instant Games which is very fun for those who make use of the FB Mobile App. Instant Games are brief games which users can play swiftly and enjoy themselves. The Facebook Gameroom App is different from the Instant Games in the sense that it has more advanced games and functions as an application on PC Windows.

Facebook Gameroom App Install – How To Download Facebook Gameroom App
How to Download Facebook Gameroom App
Why would you want to install the FB Gameroom on your PC? If you may know, Facebook is the worlds leading social media platform and is committed to contributing to the world in a huge way. The idea behind this gaming platform is to help millions of games all over the world find trending games with ease. Here, you have a catalog of games and could be overwhelmed by the different kinds of games you will see there.
You can find the following types of games:
  1. Puzzle games.
  2. Strategy games.
  3. Racing games.
  4. Combat games.
  5. Adventure games.
  6. First person shooter games.
  7. Sports games etc.
Be assured of all genre of games here. To download and install the Facebook Gameroom app so you can start enjoying the best games in the world kindly follow these steps:
  1. On your web browser, launch www.facebook.com/gameroom.
  2. Tap “Free Install”.
  3. Follow true and complete your installation.
It’s that simple so don’t get confused. It’s as easy as the way you install apps on your app store just that Facebook makes it very easy after visiting the site. You will just see “Free Install” and with one click, you gain access to the Gameroom.
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Facebook Dating App Guideline – Facebook Dating Feature

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Facebook Dating App Guideline – Facebook Dating Feature – Facebook Dating is a new feature on Facebook which is only available in just a few countries for now. FB carried out a test in these countries and it was a huge success. Gradually, this feature is coming to other countries and regions of the world. If you have made use of dating apps and sites, I promise FB dating is even better. First, it’s important to realize that everything about Facebook is connectivity base. That is, as you have fun you are also connecting to your world.
On the other hand, you must have heard of Facebook Dating Groups. These groups are focused on helping individuals from all over the world hook up. If you are single and ready to mingle, FB Dating and Singles Groups are just all you need. These groups span across different areas of the world including; countries, continents, states, communities, etc. Trying them out would also be a great idea. Because of how successful Facebook has been with their dating groups, the vision to create a safer and more effective platform for dating came through which is “Facebook Dating”.
Facebook Dating App Guideline – Facebook Dating Feature
Features Of Facebook Dating App | Facebook Dating App Guideline
Facebook Dating isn’t an app as some people will envision it to be. It is a feature on Facebook just like any other. You can relate it to the way you see other features like; FB Watch and FB Marketplace. Just like other dating sites and apps, you get a match close by just based on similarities. Facebook works well when it comes to auto-suggestion so this is a very great advantage for users.
One thing which makes this platform very easy is the ability to synchronize it with other FB features on the go. Imagine enjoy connectivity will all the FB features. The experience is one of a kind. Most dating apps are limited to what they can do but Facebook Dating has no limits. In terms of security and being legit, you are allowed to access peoples profile and get to know who they really are. Note, you can function and enjoy FB even as you use the dating platform.
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Yahoo Mail Latest Update – Features of the New Update

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Yahoo mail is now out with the latest update and that is why we are talking about yahoo mail latest update in this article. The yahoo mail latest update has a lot of features. This update was done on the yahoo mail application. If you do not have the latest version then you are missing a lot.  This app comes with a lot of features that you cannot find on the old version of the app. Of course, this is the main purpose of the update. Let us take a broad look at some of the features on the yahoo mail latest app.
Yahoo Mail Latest Update
Features of The yahoo Mail Latest Application
These features may be very easy to find while some of them may easily be visible. Here are some of the features.

Fixing of Bugs

From my experience and from the yahoo corporation, this app automatically fixes bugs periodically. This is done to enhance the functionality of the app. This makes the app respond to navigation and movements easily.

Automatic Update

The new version of the yahoo mail app also comes with an auto update feature. This allows the app to update itself when it is out of date. This app relies on the google pay store for its updates. Therefore, if you do not have google play store running on your device, the auto update function will not work for you. But you can also do manual update whenever you feel like. The auto update feature can also be turned off from the app settings.
Quick Search
The latest version of the yahoo mail app lets you to easily browse through your messages using the search bar provided.

Theme Selection

The new yahoo mail app lets you customize your view, and select the theme that suits your mood or style. The theme selection give you a sense of not using that dull old version mail.


You can also make use of the latest yahoo mail app to get creative and make your mails stand out from others. This app allows you to customize your mails by adding animated GIFs and images.
You should also know that there are many more features of the yahoo mail application which I cannot list here because it would be too lengthy. This app is also optimized for use with the famous talkback.
How to Get The Latest Yahoo Mail App
The latest yahoo mail app can easily be downloaded from the google play store or iOS app. If you do not have any of these stores, you can download it from an external server following this URL (https://yahoo-mail.en.softonic.com/download).
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