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Free Dating Online Facebook | Facebook as Dating Site | Facebook Dating Site Free

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Free Dating Online Facebook | Facebook as Dating Site | Facebook Dating Site Free

Free Dating Online Facebook | Facebook as Dating Site | Facebook Dating Site Free – Facebook is a very popular social media platform that can be used for a lot of activities and most of these activities that can be done on Facebook are free. Facebook is a social media platform that allows you meet new people and make friends, Facebook also gives you a platform where you can buy and sell different categories of items (sort of a mini-market) and this can be done on the Facebook marketplace. You can also use Facebook as a dating site with either Facebook dating groups or the recently added Facebook dating feature. In this article, we will tell you all that should be known about Facebook dating.

Facebook dating is one of the latest features of Facebook, though it is not currently available to some regions in the world. Facebook as dating site is almost the same as all other dating sites out there but it has a unique property that is completely free to use and it also has better security and very good privacy policy.
When you use Facebook as a dating site, whatever is done on Facebook dating remains on Facebook dating, it won’t even be seen on your main Facebook page or reflected on your Facebook account profile despite the fact that you access Facebook dating with you general Facebook account login credentials. Facebook dating has a very special tool called Facebook secret crush, with this tool you can pick up to nine of your Facebook friends that you are crushing, they will be notified that you are having a crush on them but your identity will remain unknown only if that person has a crush on you too will your identity be revealed to each other.
When using Facebook as a dating site, you are not required to login with any special login credentials, your Facebook account login credentials is all that is required and some more steps. You can decide to keep your Facebook dating profile completely separate from your general Facebook account just so you can avoid the embarrassment of people interfering in your private life.

How to Use Facebook as a Dating Site

When you want to use Facebook as a dating site, you can use Facebook groups or Facebook dating features. With the Facebook dating feature, we will show you how to use Facebook as a dating site.
  1. Ensure your device is connected to the internet.
  2. Log in to your Facebook account.
  3. A prompt will be displayed on your home screen carrying a message about Facebook dating, click on learn more to activate.
If you do not get the prompt, it means you are either underage or Facebook dating feature is not yet available in your present region.

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USA Christmas Markets LIVE – Best Markets to Shop from in the USA this Christmas

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USA Christmas Markets LIVE – Best Markets to Shop from in the USA this Christmas

USA Christmas Markets LIVE – Best Markets to Shop from in the USA this Christmas – Everyone is always happy and eager to see the end of the year. This factor alone contributes to the beautiful sensation and atmosphere of the Christmas season. Nothing screams Christmas louder than going on a little Christmas shopping to get the necessary items to make your Christmas holiday a remarkable one, thanks to the USA Christmas markets, everything you need to give your home a touch of the Christmas atmosphere is well stocked in all these markets across the country.

While the German markets are mostly considered as one of the best markets for the yuletide season, the USA Christmas markets are there to give them a good run for their money. These Christmas markets are filled with beautiful ornaments and unique gifts, including the German treat ‘, mulled wine’ to enjoy your shopping. In the next section of this article, we shall be looking at some of the best USA Christmas markets and some of their features.

USA Christmas Markets to Visit this Holiday Season
  1. Christkindlmarket, Chicago, Illinois: This is often regarded as one of the largest Christmas markets in the united states. This market records up to a million customers every Christmas season, even now expecting more customers as they’ve recently expanded Naper settlement, Gallagher way. This market is always open from the 16th of November to the 24th of December.
  2. Christmas market, Tomball, Texas: The market has over 163 vendors, loaded with every kind of gifts and merry for the season, located in the lone star state in Old Town, Tomball. The market attracts thousands of customers with its beautifully lit Christmas tree. The markets open through the 8th to 10th of December.
  3. Christkindlmarket, Helen, Georgia: This is another perfect spot to try for your Christmas shopping. The market is well designed to give charm you with its many items. When you step into this market, try grabbing a piece of the German fruit bread and enjoy the view of the beautiful decorations and design. The market is open from the 1st, 2nd to the 8th of December.
  4. Christkindlmarket, Denver, Colorado: Every year, this market is organized by the German American Chamber of Commerce.  This year, market promise to add a ton of non-alcoholic Glühwein to make shopping for customers even more friendly. the market spans from the 16th of November to the 23rd of December. This is so to avoid the rush during the Christmas season.
  5. Christmas city, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania: This is one of the most visited Christmas markets in the US. With over 150 vendors along with the beautiful Christmas songs played around and the goodies available for sale, the market is definitely with the name and hype. The market also opens from the 16th of November to the 23rd of December.
There are many other Christmas markets to try out in the united states, these 5 are based on preferences, numbers, and choice of customers, feel free to browse through other markets and find a fitting one to enjoy your Christmas shopping spree.
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Amazon 2 Day Shipping – Terms and Conditions Associated with Amazon 2 Day Shipping

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Amazon 2 Day Shipping – Terms and Conditions Associated with Amazon 2 Day Shipping

Amazon 2 Day Shipping – Terms and Conditions Associated with Amazon 2 Day Shipping – Amazon 2 Day Shipping -When it comes to online shopping, there’s nothing as comfortable as you placing your order and having it delivered at your doorsteps in a matter of days. Amazon, being the largest online retail company in the world, is always making efforts to make shopping on the platform ad comfortable as it can be for its many users. With the Amazon Prime subscription service, users can now enjoy a swift 2 Day shipping from the day an order was placed.
Amazon 2 Day shipping simply refers to the time interval (a period of 48 hours, 2 business days precisely) that it takes a product to be delivered to the owner’s destination. This service is exclusively for Amazon Prime members only. The 2-day shipping is one of the many benefits users get to enjoy when they subscribe to the Amazon prime service. Other benefits of this service include listening to digital music and videos, Amazon retail partners, amongst many others.

Amazon 2 day shipping and how does it work?

This service is available to some cities in the United States that have been fulfilled by Amazon. You should see the option available for two-day delivery at checkout if your city is eligible for the service. Note that you have to select the two-day delivery option during the check out to proceed.

The charge fee attached to Amazon 2 day shipping option is $ 99 per order, this price can however be reduced to $ 49 per order for a limited period of time for all items available for the offer on Amazon. It’s also important to note that there are terms and conditions attached to Amazon 2 day delivery, which is worth knowing, which we shall be discussing below.

Terms and Conditions Associated with Amazon 2 Day Shipping
The following are the terms and conditions that are associated with Amazon 2 day shipping service on the platform:
  1. The order for the item(s) to be purchased must be placed within the specified time frame on the detail of the product to ensure a successful 2 day delivery, otherwise, the item will be delivered in 3 working days.
  2. The service is only allowed for items fulfilled by Amazon.
  3. Two day shipping is not available for large and heavy merchandise.
  4. Two day shipping is not available for delivery in offices on Saturdays as they may be closed for the weekend.
  5. Amazon will not be held to account for items when they are delivered within the scheduled date when the owner is not available to claim the item.
If for any reason, your item doesn’t get delivered to you within the scheduled date, you may contact Amazon to get a complete refund of the item ordered.

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Virtual US Bank Account for PayPal Withdraw

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 Virtual US Bank Account for PayPal Withdraw

Virtual US Bank Account for PayPal Withdraw – Payoneer As a Virtual Bank Account Solution | Linking Your Virtual Bank Account to PayPal – When it comes to businesses and the transfer of funds over the internet, one might consider PayPal as a medium to process these kinds of transactions. PayPal is an online company that processes the transfer of money from one party to another through the internet. In today’s internet world, having the ability to receive money fast in your account after selling a service is vital for your business and its growth.

Virtual bank account coupled with PayPal’s transaction services is the best choice to make if you want to increase your flexibility and ability to withdraw money from anywhere around the world. The restrictions of a country-based bank would not be a problem for you. Virtual banks simply operate like a regular bank would but are far better when it comes to mobility in the sense that you are not required to pay a visit to a situated bank in a particular location when you wish to execute financial transactions.
Having a virtual bank is beneficial to foreigners who would like to make transactions via PayPal but do not have a bank account they can link to the PayPal account. Even if you are a dweller, you might also require the service of a virtual bank when you eventually travel to a different country. The money deposited into virtual bank accounts is easily accessible from the comfort of your home and from any part of the world.

Payoneer As a Virtual Bank Account Solution

If you are looking for a quick and easy means of carrying out business transactions online and a reliable virtual bank, you can rest assured Payoneer is right for you. Whenever you sell services online you definitely need a means of receiving payments. This is what Payoneer offers. You can also use Payoneer to pay for the services you buy easily since it has worldwide recognition, you won’t face country restriction hassles.
Users of Payoneer are usually sent an atm master debit card for use in withdrawing from their virtual bank accounts from any atm machine anywhere in the world. Signing up for Payoneer is quite easy, all you need do to begin the sign-up process is to visit the company’s website and navigate to the tab labeled sign up. Follow the instructions through till the end, providing all the necessary information required. Once this is done, your account would be created successfully and you can now link it up with your PayPal account.

Linking Your Virtual Bank Account to PayPal

So long as there is an atm near you that accepts Master card, you can receive and withdraw money with your Payoneer account via your Payoneer debit Mastercard from anywhere around the world. Having this debit card is vital for registering your virtual bank with your PayPal account. This is one of the methods of verifying your PayPal account.
PayPal however, secures your personal information and won’t share it with any account you link with it, so you don’t have to worry about security problems. What is important is that you can now link a bank account with your PayPal account in order to verify it. Once your PayPal account has been verified, you can enjoy the full benefits of PayPal, integrating it in your sales page, or paying for services online without worrying about your location.
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Facebook Marketing Developers – Facebook Developers | How to Be a Facebook Developer

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Facebook Marketing Developers – Facebook Developers | How to Be a Facebook Developer

Facebook Marketing Developers – Facebook Developers | How to Be a Facebook Developer – Facebook is one of the most popular online platforms in the world, not just popular but also well-populated and this makes it one of the best platforms for business owners, celebrities and public figures to go viral and promote their brands and products. Facebook is mostly known for chatting, making friends and posting updates, but apart from that, there are other things that can be done on and with Facebook. With Facebook, you can advertise and promote your brand, your business, your product, anything at all, whether you are a small business organization or a big one. For you to do this so effectively you might need the help of Facebook marketing developers.

You can start advertising your brand, business or product by yourself, but surely, a time will come when you will need the help of Facebook marketing developers. There will be a time when you will need to upload a lot of ads, ads upon ads and there are other urgent businesses to attend to too, in cases like this, the marketing developers’ skills are required. In order for you not to lose control of the ads and for you to attend to your other businesses on time, you should get Facebook marketing developers.

Facebook marketing developers are mostly known for creating ads app. Apart from creating ads app, they can also help you manage your ads and help you reach the satisfaction of your goals in your ads campaign. People like this work from home and their service is not free. Surely you will have to pay someone who renders a service to you.

How to Be a Facebook Developer
If you already know how to create an app and you want to be a developer on Facebook, all you need to do is create a Facebook developer account. You can create a Facebook developer account with your main Facebook account but it is not so advisable. To know how to be a Facebook developer, follow the steps below.
  1. Log out of your main Facebook account and create a new in (optional).
  2. Log in to the new account.
  3. Paste this link in your browser’s URL http://www.facebook.com/developers/become_test_account.php
  4. On the next page click on the link that has to make your account name a developer, for example, make Carl Johnson a developer.
  5. You will be redirected to the confirmation page and you are already a Facebook Developer.
The email address used at registration is what will be used to login to your developer account whenever you want to carry out an app testing.
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How to Open a PayPal Account – Features of a PayPal Account | How Does PayPal Work

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How to Open a PayPal Account – Features of a PayPal Account | How Does PayPal Work

How to Open a PayPal Account – Features of a PayPal Account | How Does PayPal Work – Since the advent of electronic means of payment, buying and selling has now become more of transactions being done online than the older traditional means, today, with a PayPal account, people can do a whole lot of transactions that involve payment just within the comfort of their phone and an Internet connection, which is why it is of importance for us all to have the knowledge of what PayPal entails and how to open a PayPal account.
How to open a PayPal account | what is PayPal?  -PayPal is an online service that facilitates sending and receiving money. This serves as a better alternative to traditional means of sending and receiving money. Your PayPal account can be used for a variety of commercial uses which include online auctions, receiving payments for goods and services, which in return, requires just a token for the transaction.

Features of a PayPal Account

One major reason why PayPal is very popular today is attributed to the fact that it allows people to pay for products overseas with just an Email address, it is very convenient and can be operated on both smartphones and desktops some notable features of a PayPal account include the following below :
  • Online payments
  • Credit card reader
  • Inventory tracking
  • Express checker
  • Online invoicing
  • Shopping cart
How to Open a PayPal Account |How does PayPal work?
PayPal operates in a simple manner and makes it convenient for both buyers and sellers alike. If you’re buying through PayPal, you won’t be charged for it, although the currency conversion fee may apply for payments overseas. You only pay a token fee after you make a sale, and that is the crux of PayPal service.

How to Open a PayPal Account

Now that we have an idea of PayPal and how the service operates, let’s delve into the process of getting started with PayPal, and to do this you need to open a PayPal account. Below are the steps to guide you through:
  1. Ensure you have an active Internet connection on your device.
  2. On your preferred browser, log on to paypal.com to get started.
  3. Select “open an account for free “.
  4. Select between a personal or business account and then “continue “.
  5. Enter your country, first name, last name, Email address and password (enter twice for authentication) and then select “continue “.
  6. A confirmation message will be sent to your Email address for you to confirm the account opening process.
Once you’re done with this processing, a welcome message will be sent to your Email notifying you that you’ve successfully opened your PayPal account and ready for you to start making transactions with your account within the comfort of your device.

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Register Yahoo Email Account for Free – How to Create a Yahoo Mail Account for Free | Create Yahoo Mail for Free

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Register Yahoo Email Account for Free – How to Create a Yahoo Mail Account for Free | Create Yahoo Mail for Free

Register Yahoo Email Account for Free – How to Create a Yahoo Mail Account for Free | Create Yahoo Mail for Free – Yahoo mail is one of the few mail companies that started online mailing and are still relevant in recent time although they had taken some bad decisions in the past concerning their products which cost them a lot of users which switched to google mail and Apple mail which is currently one of the best Email services in recent time
Yahoo mail services offer different kinds of plans for different kinds of users these plans come with different features and the higher the plan the more additions to what the user is capable of they offer the yahoo basic plan. The yahoo advertisements free plan. yahoo plus plan, yahoo business plan these different plans have their advantage and disadvantage.

Create Yahoo Mail for Free

Yahoo mail services have one of the most user-friendly features or home page that comes with Email services, yahoo mail actually is very user-friendly with them being very diverse they are one of the top emails services they offer different websites to countries they English isn’t their native language which brings in more users. These are some of the major features of how to create yahoo mail for free
  • Yahoo mail allows users to send attachments along with their emails so users can attach any kind of file not more than 10 megabytes of data to am outgoing email. Yahoo mail also allows users to set up folders that help with the storage and management of their emails. it also comes in two different views which are the yahoo classic and yahoo mail.
  • Yahoo mail although one of the original mail services has fallen out of sorts with people, they still have some great features which still allow customers to use their email platforms like they allow users to it’s free to use. They allow users to archive and search for messages easily.
Yahoo mail services have made users understand they They are the primary target for the yahoo services they are the main reason why so many adjustments are made to the Yahoo websites regularly because yahoo considers all their users when creating websites and features are being added into the website.
How to Create Yahoo Mail for Free
Creating mail is not complex, yahoo programmers have made sure that users don’t encounter any hardships when trying to register for their email services. This are the steps to create yahoo mail for free
  1. Open web browsers
  2. Search for the yahoo login page https://login.yahoo.com
  3. Click on create new accounts
  4. Put in your full name, phone number, birthday, password, email name.
  5. A verification code would be sent to the mobile number.
  6. Put in verification code and complete registration.
  7. After the successful registration used can now use their yahoo mail.
These are the steps to use to create yahoo mail for free, by following these steps users can create yahoo mail easily.
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AliExpress Black Friday – Tips on Getting Best AliExpress Black Friday Deals

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AliExpress Black Friday – Tips on Getting Best AliExpress Black Friday Deals

AliExpress Black Friday – Tips on Getting Best AliExpress Black Friday Deals – The thoughts you get straight away when you hear Black Friday in recent decades is a day which is a Friday set aside to get discounted sale of items hence on that day you get the item you place an order for, way cheaper than it normally is and several items have varying discount percentage attached to the products up for sale on the Black Friday.
But first, we have to know the traditional meaning of Black Friday. Black Friday basically is an informal name for the Friday that comes right after Thanksgiving Day in the United States which is a holiday usually celebrated on the fourth Thursday of the month of November. This in essence means that the Black Friday for 2019 comes up on 29th November 2019.

Furthermore, this day called Black Friday which is the day after Thanksgiving has been set aside and regarded as the beginning of America’s Christmas shopping season and this tradition dates back all the way to 1952. It should be noted that the term “Black Friday” wasn’t always used up until a couple of decades ago. Black Friday, even if observed, it is not necessarily a public holiday. However, the State of California and other states observe it as a holiday for state government employees. Most stores open very early, such as at midnight and offer hugely promoted items for sale on Black Friday while some may even open on Thanksgiving Day.
Speaking of stores and Black Friday, we will be focusing on AliExpress Black Friday 2019.

 AliExpress is a store which is pretty much the biggest e-commerce platform in the world. The store has a dedicated subpage which displays all available discounts on items up for sale on Black Friday as well as the terms and conditions of purchasing these items at the specified discount rate.  AliExpress usually prepares its main sale for Black Friday through to Cyber Monday. However, some items are made available beforehand at discount prices, so in order not to miss out on anything, visit the AliExpress website and place order for whatever interests you.

Tips on Getting Best AliExpress Black Friday Deals

You should not that year on year there are varieties of promotions available on AliExpress, so what you have to do is to check out the previous year for deals you like the most because there is a high probability or chance that the deal may be same or even better this year. The store has an overwhelming number of products promoted so if you wait until the Black Friday or few days beforehand to make your decision on items that are of interest to you, the whole bazaar might end up unsuccessfully for you.
Finally, get your research done thoroughly and if need be adding items you find interesting to your cart that way you will not lose sight of them. Also, a useful tip is to download the mobile app which enables you to get exclusive vouchers and coupons which help you save big before it is even Black Friday and importantly, get your payment information ready for quick online orders.

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Whatsapp vs Signal List Of Features – Signal Vs Whatsapp

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Whatsapp vs Signal List Of Features – Signal Vs Whatsapp

Whatsapp vs Signal List Of Features – Signal Vs Whatsapp – Whatsapp is a mobile or web application that is available on all mobile devices. Whatsapp is used for instant messaging and making calls both voice and video calls. Whatsapp is one of the most common applications in recent times. While Signal is a free open-source application that is also used for instant messaging.
What’s app and signal are two instant messaging apps that are very much alike, they are both private messaging application only that signal is open, secure and private. Signal allows for all its messages to be encrypted, so for users looking to use a very secure mode of messaging they would prefer to use signal over Whatsapp.

What You Need to Know About Whatsapp and Signal

What’s app vs signal is an argument that’s is always argued by tech experts frequently and this is because on both applications, they allow for instant messaging. But they must always have different features so we’re going to quickly highlight some of the features of both what’s app and signal. These are some of the major features of WhatsApp vs signal.
  • What’s app being one of the most used application in the world boasting of about 1 billion users worldwide offers regular video calls, but the difference between signals video calls and regular what’s app calls is that signals video calls are encrypted unlike the regular what’s app calls that aren’t encrypted.
  • Signal allows for users to have a more secure atmosphere for talking and chatting, they also don’t keep much data of the users. The online keep the basic Information of users unlike on Whatsapp where users can share a lot of their details on the application, they can even create business accounts.
This are some of the major features of what’s app vs signal application. They are both very similar the only major difference is that Signal is more encrypted than the regular what’s app which isn’t very secure. Signal users enjoy a very secured application that allows for all their texts and calls to encrypted.

How to Get Whatsapp Or Signal

WhatsApp or signal are applications that are applications that available for download on both Apple and Android stores for their devices and are also accessible on the web, which means that users can enjoy it also by using their laptops. These are the steps to get Whatsapp or signal application on mobile devices.
  1. Open application store for android phones, google play store and for Apple, App Store.
  2. Search for either of the two apps and download
  3. Download the application into devices.
These are the easiest steps to get the Whatsapp or signal application on both android devices and Apple devices.

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Email Marketing Service – Importance of Email Marketing | How to Get Started with Email Marketing

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Email Marketing Service – Importance of Email Marketing | How to Get Started with Email Marketing

Email Marketing Service – Importance of Email Marketing | How to Get Started with Email Marketing – Email marketing service has been around for a long time and still remains one of the best ways of connecting with your audience, growing and turning them into customers, making you win out over other marketing platforms. 

In the course of this article, we shall be discussing what Email marketing entails, and how to use this platform in the best way possible.
What is Email marketing service? – This is a constructive and valuable digital marketing strategy that involves sending messages to prospects and customers alike through the use of Emails. The concept of Email marketing finds its usefulness in turning your potential customers to full-time customers and one-time customers into loyal, consistent fans.

Importance of Email Marketing

Now that we have an idea of what Email marketing is, let’s see why this platform is important and why it should be an important tool for every marketer:
  • Email converts better: It is a known fact that marketing through Email has a huge ROI of over 4000%, and has an average order value three times that on social media platforms. It’s simply the fastest way to convert your leads to customers.
  • Email is one of the best communication platforms: However, Cliché it may sound, a lot of people, both old and young still regard Email as one of their best means of communication, and they tend to check and reply messages from their Emails faster than any other platform.
  • You’re in control of your leads: using Email as a marketing platform, you have the advantage of owning your lists, unlike other social media accounts that can be blocked or suspended for one reason or the other.
These, amongst many, are some of the major relevance of Email marketing that puts it next to none in the marketing business.

How to Get Started with Email Marketing
You may be wondering how Email marketing service works, it’s actually an easy skill to learn, one that will be of great benefit to you in your business. Below are steps broken down for better understanding:
  1. Start with your list: the first step is to start building your leads and reaching out to your leads. There are many suitable platforms where you can gather your leads, this allows you to direct your focus on one path before choosing a marketing service.
  2. Add an Email service provider: there are many Email service providers out there, starting from Gmail, Yahoo mail, AOL, to name a few. Choose an email service provider that shit’s you and get started.
  3. Start growing your Email list: after gathering your list and choosing an Email service provider, the next step is to start growing your list, in order to do this, it is advisable to employ a lead magnet, which we shall be discussing shortly.
A lead magnet more like something tangible you give away in order to get an email address in return. A lead magnet can be anything at all, it could be a webinar, eBook, free trials, quotes, coupon, etc. Find you a suitable lead magnet and start building your business straight away using Email marketing service.
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Facebook Christmas Market Place | Facebook Christmas Greetings | Facebook Christmas Messages

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Facebook Christmas Market Place | Facebook Christmas Greetings | Facebook Christmas Messages

Facebook Christmas Market Place | Facebook Christmas Greetings | Facebook Christmas Messages – Facebook says Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings to all their current users and more to join their platform. Facebook is giving out a lot of unique gifts to give users an awesome experience this Xmas. A lot of Xmas Messages, Greetings, Pictures, Frames and even ideas to make your Christmas bubble. Facebook is giving users the opportunity to enjoy a happy Xmas with all their family and friends worldwide.

Facebook makes connectivity easier. Celebrating and wishing your Facebook friends a Merry Xmas is now really easy. You can have any of the following to feel their presence:
• Facebook Video Call
• Facebook Voice Call
The above facilitate communication fastest and you can spend a lot of time with your friends on Facebook. This is one great opportunity Facebook has brought to its users.

Facebook Christmas Greetings
Aside from the Christmas Greetings Facebook sends to all its users all around the world, Facebook is giving out Christmas Greetings Cards to share to all those you love. You can use the Facebook search engine to find which suits your taste. There are a lot of beautiful Facebook Xmas Cards you can give to anyone. The internet has made things even easier since you can now send cards in soft copy. Thanks to Facebook also.

Facebook Christmas Market

This is the best time to get discounts from all purchases and one of the best markets you can visit to purchase your Xmas items is the Facebook Marketplace. FB Marketplace is the closest market near you and this is true because you can do your shopping with your device anywhere you are since you spend time on Facebook. A lot of marketers are giving out bonuses in this season. Lots and lots of Christmas bonanzas are currently ongoing so visit the Facebook Marketplace and be one of the lucky persons Facebook made their Christmas a success.
Send a beautiful Christmas message from Facebook’s platform today and put a smile on someone’s face.

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Merry Xmas Cards for Facebook – Facebook Christmas Cards | Christmas Cards for Everyone

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Merry Xmas Cards for Facebook – Facebook Christmas Cards | Christmas Cards for Everyone
Merry Xmas Cards for Facebook – Facebook Christmas Cards | Christmas Cards for Everyone – Hello Everyone!! It’s Christmas here again. When you hear Christmas, a lot of things come to our minds. Celebration, Joy, Love, and Giving. In this period, we share love and love is an action (a verb). So, this is just the time we give out love and make so much merry. Despite all we’ve been through in the year, it’s time we show gratitude.
Cards are very useful when we celebrate anything. They pass lots of messages to people and tell them how we actually feel towards them. We send our best wishes to people using cards. Although, the world has gone digital and when can now send messages to millions of people all over the world with just a tap. We send cards to people to celebrate the following:
  • Birthday’s
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Christmas
  • New Year
  • Child Birth
  • Anniversaries
  • Thanksgiving, etc.
We send our good wishes to people using cards as an effective tool. We can even create our own cards using simple tools we can download from our app stores. Nowadays, cards are very simple and the messages in them are straight to the point.

Christmas Cards for Facebook

These Christmas Cards are in picture format so don’t for one-minute think Facebook gives out hard copy cards. If you check my contents on Facebook Christmas Photos you would see the procedures on how to get your best Photos this Christmas.
The cards are also photos. That is, you can use your FB search bar and search “Facebook Christmas Cards”, then click “Photos”. In those photos, you will see several of them have messages in them. Those are the cards.
Although, every Christmas day, Facebook celebrates with its users by sending them cards they can also share with their friends and loved one this Christmas.

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How to Increase Wifi Speed – How to Increase Wifi Speed in Laptop | How to Get Better Wifi Speed

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How to Increase Wifi Speed – How to Increase Wifi Speed in Laptop | How to Get Better Wifi Speed

How to Increase Wifi Speed – How to Increase Wifi Speed in Laptop | How to Get Better Wifi Speed – Increasing of wifi speed is a common question that comes up in recent times, Internet users hate slow internet so they are always trying to find ways to make their internet go as fast as possible, that’s why you see internet users looking for service providers with the fastest networks, you see them switching from 3G to 4G and now 5G
How to increase Wifi speed is a common question that comes up on technology blogs or that is one of the most frequently asked questions most internet users don’t know the difference between WiFi’s so they just buy anyone or the cheapest one available but it’s always advisable to buy either one of this  802.11ac and 802.11ad, they are about 3 times faster than the regular WiFi .

Increasing Wifi Speed

Increasing WiFi speed is a necessity because, with slow WiFi, people can do limited things online, and being online is very necessary in recent times. That’s why users need fast internet although they can be a number if things hindering their internet speed it could be where they placed it in their house. These are some major features of how to increase WiFi speed.
  • People want to increase their WiFi speed so they can have access to the fastest internet that their service providers is providing for them, fast internet means they can always have an online presence. And In recent time online presence is very important and necessary because without online presence it’s like one’s dead.
  • Having an increased WiFi network means users can have stronger signals and quick cloud access, most users keep their files and pictures on the cloud of their phones and to access the cloud they need Internet access without this access they can’t have easy access to their cloud storage.
Increasing WiFi speed works in different ways for different individuals, for business-oriented people it means that they have smooth and easy access to their business online and for traders who trade on the forex platform which means foreign exchange, they need internet so they can always be online on their accounts.

How to Increase Wifi Speed

Increasing of WiFi speed is necessary, nobody likes slow internet it reduces productivity and allows for users to slack behind. Fast internet is helpful to everyone from business owners to regular people who just the WiFi to surf the Internet and watch videos online. These are some steps on how to increase WiFi speed.
  1. Change position of WiFi
  2. Get a stronger antenna
  3. Keep router updated
  4. Buy WiFi booster for large places
  5. Cut of WiFi leaches.
These are some of the steps to use when trying to make WiFi connection stronger they are a lot more other ways but these are a few ways.

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jQuery Review – Advantages of jQuery | Getting Started with jQuery

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jQuery Review – Advantages of jQuery | Getting Started with jQuery

jQuery Review – Advantages of jQuery | Getting Started with jQuery – jQuery is a JavaScript library that is fast and concise in simplifying HTML documents, Ajax interaction for web development and event handling. To change the way, we write JavaScript we use jQuery. It is an amazing JavaScript framework, mostly use in every project work. Itbus one of the fastest programming tools, very simple and website compatible. jQuery is also seen as a research programming Bootcamp that is widely used for years.
jQuery is an open-source, free and Introductory guide to important part of JavaScript. It is a highly designed book aimed at audience rather than coding knowledge. It was Developed by John resig and launched in 2006 Barcamp NYC gathering. John resig was busy looking for a way to boil down the unnecessary markup and take repetitive task blocks in JavaScript. He developed a smart, short, and understandable recipe called method. Developers would call their method to take action instead of each task block over and over.

Getting Started with jQuery

If you are ready to learn how to use jQuery without being grounded in JavaScript will be of no value. The first step to learn jQuery is to learn JavaScript, you have to be conversant with the syntax and commands because of it quite familiar with jQuery. As stated above, jQuery is a library of JavaScript commands and syntax. JavaScript and jQuery have the same basic structure, obviously, JavaScript commands, Basic function and structures are probably hard to mastering jQuery. Having strong understanding of JavaScript is necessary because all the actions of jQuery is accessed via JavaScript. Working with jQuery improve your proficiency as it helps to structure and debug codes. It can hard to cope with jQuery without the essential knowledge of JavaScript.

Advantages of jQuery
This platform makes it easy to use JavaScript. jQuery has a lot of advantages in programming, database, and adds support to the website. jQuery library simplifies different types of programming operations. The advantages offered by jQuery are as follows:
  • jQuery allows separation of HTML and scripting: web developers and web community thought that HTML, CSS, and JavaScript should be written separately, but the recent discovery shows that script can also be written into HTML documents. There must be a way to add the scripts with specific HTML documents and events but sometimes sounds complicated. Another easiest way to do this without introducing jQuery is to associate event attributes to HTML documents that use the JavaScript function.
  • jQuery encourages developers to write shorter, simpler and clearer scripts; jQuery is a concise design framework. jQuery also serves as JavaScript in some projects work as both play the same role. jQuery code will be simpler, clearer, and shorter than the JavaScript core to improve transparency.
  • Eliminate cross-browser inconsistency; jQuery was developed to handle cross-browser differences and eliminate cross-browser inconsistency while JavaScript is designed differently by different browsers.
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MoneyGram Pick Up – Pick Up a MoneyGram | MoneyGram Pick Up Near Me

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MoneyGram Pick Up – Pick Up a MoneyGram | MoneyGram Pick Up Near Me

MoneyGram Pick Up – Pick Up a MoneyGram | MoneyGram Pick Up Near Me – MoneyGram is a money transfer provider and it is the second-largest in the world. It has an expected network with about 350,000 kiosks and locations in over 200 countries. There are also different ranges of payments and receiving options which include the delivery of cash and in some markets, phone reloads. The transfer process is usually fast especially when it is cash but bank transfer may take from an hour to maybe a day or so depending on the destination of the pickup. Today we will be discussing on MoneyGram pick up and how you can pick up too.
Using MoneyGram is not free, a cost is attached to it, MoneyGram is one of the most expensive transfer providers. The minimum amount that can be transferred is $1 and the maximum $100,000 per online transfer and it is also the maximum amount that can be transferred per month too. If you want to send larger amounts then you can send it from a MoneyGram pick up agent location. The minimum amount of transferable will depend on where you send it to.

How to receive money on MoneyGram

If money is sent to you, the next thing is to receive the money. If it was sent to your bank account, it is quite easy, you do not need to do anything because it will go straight to your account. What if it was sent to you through MoneyGram, how are you going to go about it? Well you do not need to worry, in this article we will show you how to receive money on MoneyGram, all you need to do is follow the steps below.
  1. Firstly, connect your device to the internet.
  2. Launch any web browser on your device.
  3. Search for a MoneyGram pick up location by clicking on the link http://moneygram.com.ng/en-locator.
  4. If it is required, fill in the form completely. Do not forget to enter the reference number that was given to you by the sender.
  5. Lastly, submit the completely filled form and your valid ID card to the agent then collect your money. Your ID card will be given back to you.
There are other ways which you can always receive money on MoneyGram, you can receive money if it is sent directly to your bank account or your mobile wallet.
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Facebook Christmas Wallpaper | Facebook Christmas Cover Photos – Facebook Christmas Backgrounds

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Facebook Christmas Wallpaper | Facebook Christmas Cover Photos – Facebook Christmas Backgrounds

Facebook Christmas Wallpaper | Facebook Christmas Cover Photos – Facebook Christmas Backgrounds – Season Greetings everybody and Merry Christmas. Facebook is making this a very blissful season with their Xmas Cover Photos, Xmas Backgrounds, and Wallpaper. Facebook is also giving a lot which is what Christmas is all about. They are also making use of their platform to help others give out also. Make your cover photos extremely beautiful by using the Facebook Christmas Cover Photos, Wallpapers and Backgrounds.

Xmas is not a day, it’s a season and this is what everyone has to realize. You need to get in the Christmas groove and Facebook is helping you do this. For this Christmas, edit your Facebook page and profile using:
• Facebook Christmas Cover Photos
• Facebook Christmas Backgrounds
• Facebook Christmas Wallpapers
I know you would want to use other search engines to get the above but since you spend a lot of time on Facebook, it is advisable you get these things from Facebook. You would be shocked to find out that you can get a lot of beautiful ones from the FB platform.

How to Get Facebook Cover Photos, Backgrounds, and Wallpapers

Using the Facebook search engine you can get just anything you want. Beautiful and quality photos for you cover photos, background photos and wallpapers. Here is how you get them:
• Log in your Facebook account
• Go on your Facebook search bar
• Type any of which you want (Facebook Christmas Cover Photos, Facebook Christmas Backgrounds or Facebook Christmas Wallpapers)
• A lot of them will appear
• Save the ones you like and use them
Give your Facebook profile that Xmas touch that everyone will admire. Use this opportunity to get all your friends on Facebook. Show them your Christmas photos and tell them to sign up with Facebook to get theirs.
Have a blissful Xmas
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Create Facebook Business Page – Procedures for Creating a Great Facebook Business Page – Business Page Setup by Facebook

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Create Facebook Business Page – Procedures for Creating a Great Facebook Business Page – Business Page Setup by Facebook
Create Facebook Business Page – Procedures for Creating a Great Facebook Business Page – Business Page Setup by Facebook – Facebook has more than three billion users, a staggering large increase in the number of users from the last decade. 

This was possible because of its very unique communication qualities that have the ability to touch almost every part of the world. These days you don’t need to watch news feed or read newspapers to know about what’s happening in the world, just have a Facebook account and log in to get interesting news feed. As of recent, small businesses have used Facebook as a platform to promote their businesses and inform the public about their products.

Most big businesses started small, nothing ever starts big, it took hard work, commitment, patience and a whole lot of advertisements. Facebook has been developing features that will assist its users to promote and improve their businesses. The Facebook business without doubt one of those features, it helps to invite potential customers and create awareness about your product. It’s like creating a profile for yourself just with the difference that this is more like creating a profile for your business. it is not advisable to create a Facebook profile for your business, so make sure to create a page.
A Facebook business page should contain;
  • Your business name and entities involved in it.
  • All information concerning your business products or services.
  • Posts or Ads that are eye-catching so as to invite people or other Facebook users to your page thereby increasing the activities on your page and people’s recommendation about your page.
  • Facebook verification; the grey or blue badge, this might take time and resources to accomplish but worth it. It’s like a Facebook kind of endorsement.
  • Personal information like contact address, pictures, mail address. Not all personal information should be added for privacy reasons, just useful information that proves your originality and a way for people to contact you.
  • Photos of your products or services and the price tags, Things that Facebook users or potential customers can interact online with.
  • Valid government-issued I.D.

Creating a Facebook Page

As earlier stated, creating a Facebook page is like creating a profile for your business, so it will literally contain information about your business, how it works and its goods and services. Let’s take a quick run through the steps.
  • Go to facebook.com/business and click on create a page, you will be given different options of business types of page. Make sure to think like a customer and select one which you think customers will search for and one that best describes your business.
  • Fill in the detail log i.e. business name and address and all other useful information and click get started
  • Add pictures; This is your profile photo and cover photo, make sure to choose a photo that is eye-catching and is well associated with your business brand. These photos could be uploaded from your gallery, after selecting, click on upload photos.
  • Go through your new page and follow Facebook prompts, Facebook is great on giving directions and guides.
  • Add a short description about your page, a brief and concise note about your page
  • Create your page username, this will be what Facebook users will use to find you, so make sure it’s short and easy to remember.
  • Click on about in the left-hand menu of your Facebook page where you can edit all information about your business like it’s working hours, location, type of business and so on.
  • Create your first post; before you start inviting people to your page or start promoting your page, make sure to create a post that is eye-catching and hard to look past so visitors will be inclined to stick around. Also make sure this post is reasonable, brief and electrifying. You can even start with a product offer or bonus.
  • Engage your followers, invite people to your page, be creative and conversational.
  • Optional, but I will also advise you set up a call to action button for customers on your page so they can inform you about what they would like to see or not see on your page.
Creating a page is easy, but the work comes with maintaining and improving it, you will ensure your business page is interesting and fun to visit. By doing this, you increase the number of people that visits your page, therefore, increasing the number of potential customers
Tips:   If you have posted on your page you don’t want people to miss out on, you could pin the posts by clicking on the three dots on the top of the created posts and select “pin to the top of the page”. Once done, a blue thumbtack pin-like icon will appear in the top right corner. Make sure to like other pages that are related to your pages that will not create competition and share some of their content, learn from them and be creative.

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Opencart Marketplace | Benefits of Using Opencart for Business

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Opencart Marketplace | Benefits of Using Opencart for Business

Opencart Marketplace | Benefits of Using Opencart for Business – Opencart is also called an e-commerce shopping cart by some business organizations. This is an open-source shopping cart that a user can easily use, upgrade and own by downloading the platform from the website. 
This is a complete e-commerce solution that enables you to manage your product, allows users to launch online add and store. Customer does use opencart to order goods and services and it process deliver the goods ordered to any given destination. Moreover, opencart provides all online store services requested by a customer.
Opencart is always a one-step solution for open-source e-commerce with millions of available add-ons and active users. A user who is grounded in programming, coding and Internet marketing will be able to deliver opencart service at a granular level. It provides a user-friendly feature that is attractive. Two things that you need to acquire in other use this service are the ability of you to create a website and a little knowledge of coding. Opencart is easy to learn, user interfaces and features are user-friendly.


Opencart comes with user-friendly features Incorporated in it that can meet the necessary service expected as a shopping cart. Novice needs to get enough of these features to maintain a level in opencart. The required functionalities necessary to run a site come with the application, customization, and development. These unique features of opencart are as following:
  • Infinite listings: it allows unlimited listing of different products, categories, and marketers.
  • Multi-language and muti-currency: English language is the default Language. Your admin can make changes both in Languages and currencies. For example, the admin may list the product in British pounds, USD or Euros depends on the market strategy and exchange rate of these currencies.
  • Reports and modules: in online marketing, it advisable to check the report of day-to-day service rendered. The person should view the report for sales products, viewed products, purchased products, and delivered products. Opencart comes with a module that add functionalities to your cart such as Google analytics, featured, bestsellers and category.
  • Product review: A comment box is always available for customers to give feedback on any product, may be viewed or purchased product. This will enable you to know which product is highly demanded and how you can place those products available according to their ratings.
  • Multi-store: one can own and manage multiple storefronts from any available panel.
Opencart is always the key for any option given and it offers the following advantages:
  • A flexible and easy-going tool for merchants and users who are non-tech.
  • Its quick set-up, user-friendly functionality allows a user to monitor and manage multiple online stores from one panel.
  • A lightweight e-commerce service that can process and deliver ordered goods and services nad also runs in AJAX technology.
  • Robust community and extensions provide users with will a huge functionality.
Opencart service is best considered In terms of investigating other subcategories of the e-commerce shopping cart which sometimes made available in the software review. It obvious that for a user to purchase shopping cart software, it is sacrosanct not only to see how effective the software is but also consider whether the robust community, the companies and individuals are satisfied with product. Software might be mostly used or it’s tending all over the world, but the question is that as a user does it offers you what you want. There are number of shopping cart used in our business world, opencart is best for online shopping service.

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WordPress Review – Features of WordPress | How to use WordPress

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WordPress Review – Features of WordPress | How to use WordPress

WordPress Review – Features of WordPress | How to use WordPress – WordPress allows you to add any function to a website thanks to its host of various functions, template system (themes) which allows you the power to manipulate and create beautiful/ingenuous responsive designs for any device (Operating System) with ease and efficiency.
WordPress easy to understand and navigate layout gives regular none programming clients the ability to update self-owned websites personally with little or no computer programming language, what’s more, fascinating is that anyone can create a website using the WordPress system with little amount of time invested into web designing research you can build a user-friendly website using WordPress.

Features of WordPress

WordPress is believed to be the best content management system in comparison to Joomla, shopify, Drupal and the rest by a majority of its users’ thanks to its wide range of functionalities, features, settings and control it gives users in creating their own websites and uploading contents. WordPress is an open-source content management system that can be hosted by almost or all host site because of features like:

  • Adaptability and flexibility: WordPress's original function and reason for creation may have been blogging but WordPress versatility finds it creating websites for multinational corporations, host podcasts, social groups, run mini business, etc.
  • Offers multiple choices: Thanks to free themes WordPress users an abundance of choices in the tuning and choosing of an appearance for web creation and its layout in general.
WordPress offers an array of functions and features with benefits that are staggering and put it’s in a competitive spot with other CMS based programs such as Joomla and the rest. WordPress websites continue to rank among the best and top sites thanks to the versatile functions it provides clients and users in content and web creation.

How to use WordPress

Here are a few steps to help you on your way while you get familiar with the WordPress layout and website creation in general. Join the WordPress community to get connected to the millions of WordPress users and stay on top of new releases, community-created features and advice to help you enjoy your stay on WordPress. Meanwhile, follow these steps to use WordPress:
  • Go to the WordPress website
  • Create a web address for your blog
  • Come up with a name for your blog
  • Choose a theme for your blog
  • upload your first blog content
  • Add more contents and pages to your blog
When creating a blog, it is essential to add something that sets it apart from other blogs saturating the media market or your blog would get lost with the millions, also promoting is a good form of making your blog known.
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