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How to Post a Job to Facebook Marketplace 2020

Post Jobs on Facebook Marketplace
Facebook, the largest social media in the world is a perfect platform for job postings. Recruiters can easily get clients or candidates for certain types of jobs. This is because most people around the world spend more time on Facebook than any other online platform.
Facebook has taken advantage of this opportunity by adding a feature called the marketplace, and job postings. This post gives you a perfect guide on the job postings and how to post jobs on the Facebook Marketplace. 
Also, the Facebook Marketplace and job posting features are available in Tier 1 countries like the United States, Canada, and still expanding.

What is Facebook Marketplace?

The Facebook marketplace is a feature added to Facebook, where users can put up items for sale and buy as well. The Facebook marketplace is not only limited to buy and sell. Recruiters can also put up job postings on the Facebook marketplace. Read more about the Facebook Marketplace
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How to Make an Engaging Job Posting On Facebook

  • Nice Post Length. Before posting any job on Facebook, the content length has to be optimized. Just like another posting on the online platform, the content should be very short and precise. Most readers don’t like reading a lengthy post on their mobile devices. To ensure they don’t skim through the post, it is important that the first few words tell what the jobs are about.
  • Pictures and Images. Facebook has shown in its insight that posts on Facebook receive more engagement from users when there is a picture attached. The images to be used in your job posting should tell why people will like to work for you. You can include a happy employee or show a beautiful work environment. Also, ensure that you follow the correct banner size for the Facebook job post.
  • Others. You can also create more job post engagements with animation gifs, videos, and more. Videos play automatically on Facebook and usually get more user engagement than text or pictures.

How to Post Jobs on Facebook Marketplace

You can post jobs on the Facebook marketplace by clicking on the discussion tab. Simply enter the information about the job available. The information posted would have to be done manually and may not seem too professional. That’s why Facebook has added another feature called the jobs tab feature. This can only be accessed in the united states and Canada but the updates are still rolling.


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