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Permanently deleting your account - How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently

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Permanently deleting your account - How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently: Facebook makes it possible to delete your Facebook profile – images, messages, videos, and good friends – however before you burn your Facebook bridge and leave the world’s biggest social media network, there are a couple of techniques worth checking out. Facebook can be at its most annoying when bombarding you with notifications, although these notifications are custom-defined. By default, nearly any action on Facebook whether that of your friends or of your personal activity triggers an alert and the majority of those actions instantly fire off an e-mail to let you understand that something has occurred in your account.
Permanently deleting your account - How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently

The news about Facebook users’ data and controversies surrounding it in early 2018 in Britain brought a realization of the exposure to data theft on the platform. The Cambridge Analytica scandal is one of the many stories, which have proven the vulnerability of personal data. It was reported that personal information of millions of people is at stake and has prompted a significant number to consider quitting the platform. So if you have made the decision to avoid this risk of exposing your data or merely interested in deactivating the platform, certainly, you have an effective way out. You can get rid of it completely or temporarily by deactivating the Facebook account.

The difference between Temporary Deactivation and Permanent Deletion

Most users in their decision ponder what exactly is the significance of either deleting a Facebook account or simply deactivate it. So many people worry if they are not about to completely delete their Facebook account when they had the intention of simply deactivating it for a short time. On the other hand, it is frustrating to delete an account only to learn later that it still exists. The real difference is; deactivation provides the flexibility to return whenever you are ready while deleting means you have permanently ended your association with the platform, although using those particular details. Another account can be created later. Here is how to delete a Facebook page.

Deleting Process

The set program is; the account will be deactivated for a month before permanent deletion. This period gives the user enough time to re-think their position and if they want to change their mind. By the end of the month, some people realize the account was more reliable or important so they get back. Any signing in during this period means you forfeit the decision to proceed with the deletion. You will be urged to switch to the deactivation request, but this will deter your efforts for permanent deletion. Ignore this request and instead revoke any app permissions. Follow through by removing all Facebook apps from your devices. You may also choose the account deletion epitaph so your friends can be notified of your departure. You do not want people striving to look for you to no avail because they are not aware of the departure. Some of your important messages can also go wasted and unanswered so avoid the inconvenience by using an epitaph.

What happens to the data?

Basically, deleting the account should rid the account of all data related to you. However, it is a long process that takes up to 3 months. According to closer sources, the National Security Agency Surveillance reports that the data may never be wiped away completely at any time. There are many data-privacy breaches organizations, which hold the same views as well.
Backing up your data before deleting is also a choice to make if you want to save some of the details. You can still wipe out your presence from access to friends. You may remove any sensitive content posted and contact friends about content, which you wish deleted.

Leaving Social Data Behind

Regardless of how keen you are to wipe out all data, there may be some information on your personal identity, which remains. It could be as easy as a name on a message or tagged photo. Unless you have authority over the platform from a top managerial spot, it would be impossible to practically clean out everything about you. As a regular user, you retain little control over such things. The best thing you can do is simply ask your friends to keep away from your information by respecting your choice of privacy.

What Next after deleting?

Facebook has the ability to track non-users in many ways and as easy as using the ‘like’ button. To avoid being tracked again, minimize your comments and like/dislike to keep your privacy. You may also use a tracking blocker app to intensify your privacy. Some people choose to use privacy-enhanced browsers such as Brave to limit exposure and the risk of being tracked. The most effective method today to remain discreet is VPN. Beware that since Facebook owns WhatsApp and other products, which you may still be enrolled, it is easy to track you back.

What to do before proceeding to delete your Facebook Account Completely.

Before you delete your Facebook account, I would like to share with you some important things that you may, or you should remember to do before giving up your social life.
Here are five essential things you should consider before deleting your Facebook profile:

1. Be Very Sure You Want To Leave Facebook:
If you have decided to leave Facebook, be sure that you have made that decision correctly and you won’t click on any ‘like’ button, you won’t wish to chat with anyone on Facebook, and you won’t wish to browse any Facebook page. This is because some people decide to delete their account, but just a day after deleting their account, they log back in and like statuses, chat with friends and other kinds of stuff.

2. Give Your Pages And Groups To Other Users:
If you have created a group or a page on Facebook, and other members are happy using your group or sharing news on your page, let them keep on enjoying Facebook and don’t take the group away from them simply because you want to leave Facebook. Just grant admin privileges to other members of that group or page and let them enjoy while you are out of Facebook.

3. Inform Your Friends:
It’s a good idea to let your close friends and acquaintances know that they won’t find you on Facebook anymore. Just inform them that you are about to delete your Facebook account, by doing this, you can exchange contacts and other means of communication with some other good friends that you will miss and who will miss you on Facebook.

4. Download Your Information:
It’s also a good idea to download your data from Facebook, these may include your messages, photos, videos, contacts, and other stuff. To download your information from Facebook, read this help: https://www.facebook.com/help/131112897028467
5. Uninstall Mobile Apps, Clear Your Browser History And Log In Sessions:
The last thing to consider and remember to do is to uninstall your Facebook app on your mobile devices and also clear your Facebook log in sessions and history. This will help you because someone else can use your device, either mobile or desktop computer and log in again, reactivating your account in the process if you have left the option of your password being remembered on your device. 

How to deactivate Facebook

Here are the steps you need to follow for deactivation
On the top right of your Facebook page; find the account drop-down menu
  1.    Choose ‘settings.’
  2.    Select ‘general.’
  3.    Select ‘manage your account.’
  4.    Click ‘Deactivate your account.’
You will be prompted to follow some steps, which confirm and re-confirm your decision. Re-activating in case you need to get back is as easy as logging in with your email and password to verify you are the user. Your profile automatically re-installs.
You can as well click on this URL to temporarily deactivate your profile.

Permanently deleting your account

After backing up your Facebook data, it is safe to delete Facebook account permanently
  1. Like the deactivation process, select the settings on the top right of your Facebook page
  2. Select ‘download a copy of your Facebook data on the lower left
  3. Select ‘Start My Archive’
This action will initiate the download of information concerning your Facebook profile. You should be careful to keep it safe too; because it is your personal data.

Click this link after backing up your data to permanently close your Facebook account or copy and paste this in any web browser of your choice.

How to delete your Facebook account

If you still get stuck, go here www.facebook.com/help/delete_account on your browser after you’ve logged into your browser.

We have shown you detailed ways of deleting your Facebook account, which we made extremely straightforward and easy to carry out.
I hope those steps were easy to try out.
Well, a few more things to consider:
  1. When you delete a Facebook account, it is not completely deleted, and you must wait for a minimum of 2 weeks before the account deletion is complete
  2. If you visit your Facebook account during this interval, it implies you have canceled out the deletion process
  3. When you completely delete an account, it can never be recovered. That is why it is advisable to back up your files and Facebook data before you delete your account permanently. You don’t want to risk losing those amazing pictures, moments, and fun times.
  4. You can verify that your account has been deleted by simply searching with a friend’s account.
But when you deactivate your account? What happens
  • Your account is temporarily closed and can be reopened anytime by simply logging in
  • During this period, you will not receive any notification of activities on your account.

How to Delete the Account of a Deceased Person

If you have lost your loved one, you can contact Facebook so that they can delete that account, or they can memorize it.
To request the removal of your loved one’s account, read this help:


  1. Click on the question mark (‘?’) in the right-hand corner of the page,
  2. Click on ‘Help Center,’ you will be taken to Facebook Help Centre,
  3. On the search box, type ‘deceased user delete.’
  4. Then choose ‘memorialize’ or ‘delete’ account.
Facebook requires you to fill out an online form and upload documentation.

Watch Video Tutorial

Remember, if you don’t want to delete the Facebook account permanently, you can deactivate the Facebook account temporarily pending when you want to start using your account again.


Permanently deleting an account is considered a serious decision. Ensure your mind is absolutely made up before you proceed. Whether you are impressed or not, social media is engraved in modern society and is not easy getting out of it. Your decision to leave might likely affect relationships, lower your opportunities for job opportunities and chances to interact widely or build networks with real people. This means you need to think through the consequences before making this serious decision.I hope you were able to get rid of Facebook with the help of this article? Remember to drop your suggestions, comments, and questions in the comment box. Also, hit on the share buttons to recommend others to read. Thank you!
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How to See My Blocked List on Facebook Mobile App - iPhone Android

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How to See My Blocked List on Facebook Mobile App - iPhone Android: If this post on “How to View My blocked list to Unblock Friends on Facebook” does not offer the kind of help you expected, kindly use the search box on this web blog to search for an alternative solution, or simply leave us with your feedback in the comment section of this website, and our administrators will be glad to offer you a help. You can also see this post How to View My blocked List to Unblock Friends On Facebook

We assume that you are a visitor who has just stumbled on this website because you searched for something related to these phrases “Keywords.” Howbeit, whatever keywords it is that you’ve searched for that led you to our web portal, we hope that you’ll find this site very helpful.

 How to See My Blocked List on Facebook Mobile App - iPhone Android

Related searches:
How to See My Blocked List on Facebook App, How to See Blocked List On Facebook Mobile, How to View Blocked Profiles on Facebook, Facebook Block List Remove, Facebook Block List Android, How to See My Blocked List on Facebook Mobile, How to See Blocked List on Facebook iPhone, How to See Blocked List on Facebook Android

How to View My Facebook blocked list to Unblock Friends

Blocking a friend or other users on Facebook might be the only remedy to trim down unwanted posts and comments. There are several reasons why blocking others is paramount. Reasons you may wish to block someone on Facem may stem from continuous disagreement or fight between you, and it’s fast becoming tense. It can also be a result of you avoiding to become friend with someone or prevent friends from becoming enemies. Whatever the reason may be, this post teaches you how to block a blocked friend on Facebook. Follow the approach below to block a friend
I have had to block several weirdos and creeps on my Facebook account in the previous years, including one of my ex, who just wouldn’t stop bothering my life. Now I would like to review the list. How to see who I have blocked on Facebook?
It sounds like you have had more adventures on Facebook than a lot of people, particularly the creepy stalker. Again, I know several people who have problems with a friend or two. Or should we say “friend” in quotes since, if they’re creepy and bothering you, they’re probably not real friends, right? The social media platform overall has forced us to redefine this whole concept of friendship. Now, your friends on Facebook are just as likely to live about 2500 miles far from you as they are to be down your street. Note: you can as well check out this post written about similar topic “Unblock” here => How To Block And Unblock People On Facebook
On a website where users often share confidential information about their real lives issues, it’s also a good ground for creepy users to be. Well, creepy pals, paying so much interest to others instead of focusing on their individual lives.
Hence, Facebook is one of many social media platforms where there is a necessity for users to have a permanent block button to stop creeps from tracking you, checking what you post, commenting on your photos, or even from mailing you. Facebook took out time explaining this vital nuance and the process too:
Note that blocking is reciprocal, so you also won’t be able to do things like start a conversation with blocked users nor add them as a Facebook friend. Have in mind that blocking people may not prevent all communications or interactions such as in apps or groups and only affects your Facebook experience, not anywhere else on the in.
It turns out that with the recent Facebook redesign, it’s surprisingly easy to see who is on your FB block list.
Step one, search for the icons on the top right-hand side of your own Facebook page.

Any page:
facebook nav bar, right side
See the tiny padlock icon with the lines adjacent to it? That’s the menu you want; it’s Facebook privacy and security.

Navigate the cursor over it, and a menu will pop up.
privacy and security menu
It’s the third option you needed.
Click on the one that says, “How do I stop someone from bothering me?” and it will expand with more information:
blocked user list fb
There you have it. It’s right there! Click or tap on “View All Blocked Users,” and it then shows you, everyone, you have blocked in the past:
users people blocked on facebook
Yes, as you can see, I have blocked Caliban, Desiree, and Suhaimi. All of them were blocked because of unnecessary spamming activities.
To give a blocked user a second chance, all you need to do right away is click on “Unblock,” and they are no longer blocked from seeing whatever thing you post or share to the public domain on Facebook.

How to View/See My blocked list and Unblock People/FB Friends on Facebook – Link URL

The quickest and easiest way to see/view all your blocked friends is to access it from this link URL https://web.facebook.com/settings?tab=blocking
Public? What about being Facebook friends? Nope, not really. Here is how the Facebook team explains it:
NB: Removing someone from the block list will not restore the friend connections automatically. If you had blocked a friend and later removed that friend from your list of block people, you will need to send them a recent friend request.
I do hope that this guide was helpful?


Looking at what we covered in this post, we can boldly say that you have learned so much about “How to View My blocked list to Unblock Friends on Facebook” ranging from:
  • how to unblock someone on Facebook app
  • how to unblock someone on facebook android
  • how to unblock someone on Facebook on iPhone
  • how to unblock someone on Facebook messenger
  • How do you unblock someone on facebook on your phone?
  • how to unblock myself on facebook
  • how to unblock someone Instagram
  • how do I unblock someone on my phone?

Now it’s your turn to implement all that you understood from this guide.


The post “How to View My blocked list to Unblock Friends on Facebook” was easy to follow, right? If you are finding any of the approach difficult or you want to give a suggestion, kindly do so via the comment box in this guide.
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View Your Block List | Facebook Block List

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View your block list | Facebook block list - You may have mistakenly blocked your friend who was giving you difficult times and maybe for just being a total nuisance - perhaps, you forgot about the people you blocked and you want to take a look at the list of people whom you've blocked. In this article, we are going to show you where to find them.

View Your Block List | Facebook Block List


To view your blocked list on your mobile application, there are two ways:


  1. On your Facebook app, tap on the menu button (☰)
  2. Tap on "Account Settings' (for iPhone users tap on "Settings")
  3. Tap on "Blocking"

  1.  Tap on the menu button (☰)
  2. Tap on "Privacy shortcuts"
  3. Scroll down and tap on "How do I stop someone from bothering me?"
  4. On the drop-down menu, tap on "Blocked users"


  1. Click in the top right of any Facebook page
  2. Click "Privacy Shortcuts"
  3. Click "How do I stop someone from bothering me?"
  4. Click "View All Blocked Users".

If you find this article helpful, kindly share it with friends who might be in a dire need of it. Thank you.
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Free Facebook TV Broadcast – Facebook TV Shows | Facebook TV Watch – Facebook TV Live

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Free Facebook TV Broadcast – Facebook TV Shows | Facebook TV Watch – Facebook TV Live

Facebook TV Shows – Facebook TV Broadcast | Facebook TV Watch – Facebook TV Live – Facebook TV shows can also be known as Facebook watch, which is a video-on-demand service that has the function of video sharing and premium content combined in it. This feature of Facebook allows creators to upload all kinds of videos they own, whether long or short. These videos may be in the form of news programming, comedy or drama. Like most Facebook features and services, this one is also free and requires only a Facebook account
Facebook TV shows are inbuilt in FB and you can access it from your web browser via FB web or by using Facebook mobile app on your mobile devices or other streaming devices. It has its own tab just like the FB marketplace and messenger has theirs. Now, do not mistake FB TV shows for a replacement of cable. It is more like YouTube and less like YouTube TV because it doesn’t have live TV from networks and cables included. It is also similar to Instagram TV.

Facebook TV shows are a mixture of contents from Facebook users and other professionals that are paid by Facebook to produce and provide contents on Facebook TV shows. It has a lot in common with YouTube premium in the sense that it has exclusive original contents and regular contents but a free version. There are several ways you could find videos on FB TV shows.

One of the ways to find a video on Facebook TV shows is the editor’s picks, here, the videos are available on a large banner on the main watch site, you can toggle through by selecting the arrow on the right. Another way is via top picks. Top picks use your location, interests, videos you previously watched and your hobbies to display videos to you to watch. The editor’s picks are displayed at the top of the page while the rest of the page is covered with top picks. You can also search for a video you’d like to watch using the search option.

How to Use Facebook TV shows
To be able to use FB TV shows, you need an active Facebook account, though you can use FB TV shows without an account by just navigating to the Facebook TV shows page and playing any video this will display a lot of pop-up messages asking you to sign up. With the steps below, you will know how to use FB TV shows.
  1. Ensure your devices are connected to the internet.
  2. Open Facebook and login to your account.
  3. Navigate to the menu bar and select a watch.
Facebook TV shows or Facebook watch is denoted by a TV icon and like Facebook messenger and FB marketplace it is integrated with Facebook but has a totally different interface from the main page.
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Create a Facebook Business Account – Facebook Business Login | Business Account on Facebook

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Create a Facebook Business Account – Facebook Business Login | Business Account on Facebook

Facebook Business Login – Create a Facebook Business Account | Business Account on Facebook – A social media platform that creates an avenue whereby all kinds of business interactions can be made has more than three billion users thereby had a very large market filled with different kind of users with different wants. Facebook started out as a means of communication between introverted people but today has grown with time to become one of the biggest online stores or malls that connects people at worlds end with goods and services at rates hard to look past. This development pushed Facebook developers to create tools under Facebook which would assist business persons with the day to day running of their respective business activities.

Tools like pages, Facebook business manager, rooms, ads and so on helps business personnel to keep abreast of their business activities. As a business personnel looking to drive your business and advertise it on Facebook, you could start by creating a Facebook business page. Think of it like a room or sub-platform where people who need your goods and services can easily contact you and inquire about it.

To create or login to your Facebook business account, visit on your browser business.facebook.com and select create an account, after being directed to Facebook, provide your Facebook login credentials to confirm your identity with Facebook.  Furthermore, you could download the Facebook mobile application on your phone and type the name of your page on the search bar to find your business page. If you do not have a page before and you have downloaded the mobile application:
  • Log in your Facebook account
  • Go to the menu and click create page
  • Name the created page and select the category of page you created which should be business
  • Select a sub-category
  • Click on “get started”
  • Select a description I.e. the purpose of the page, make sure to be concise and honest with this as this would determine the type and amount of Facebook users that would visit the page.
Your Facebook page would be linked to your personal Facebook account so as to direct Facebook users interested in the things advertised on your page who would prefer to talk privately, although not all of your personal information is disclosed on your Facebook page for privacy reasons and you could also choose to link your Facebook page to another account (a business account). Being business personnel, you might need to create multiple pages that would still be linked to a single account or different account depending on your preference, though I will advise you set up a Facebook business manager for a smooth and easy experience managing your various Facebook pages.

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Credit Cards on Venmo – Venmo and Credit Cards Acceptance Today

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Credit Cards on Venmo – Venmo and Credit Cards Acceptance Today

Credit Cards on Venmo – Venmo and Credit Cards Acceptance Today – Venmo is one of the most popular and widely peer to peer payment platforms in the world today and this is owed to the fact that it possesses an advantage over on of its major competitors known as Zelle because unlike the later, Venmo actually allows credit card transaction. It is a simple payment service which has grown significantly and well known all across the globe. This service is used to send and receive money with anyone that is willing to sign up for a Venmo account.
The payment platform is also used by people to do things like forwarding cash to one person to cover a group gathering, sending money to an owed friend on the platform or even paying rent to your landlord. Just like with many payment services, Venmo provides a number of ways to fund the payments sent by you to others. Examples of these options include the use of your bank account, debit cards or credit cards, however, some users of the platform have reported that charges on Venmo payments usually code as purchases, and not as cash advances.

More Info

This is vital to note because besides the fact that cash advances generally do not count towards a credit card’s minimum spend for sign up bonus purposes. It also makes you start piling up large charges on cash advances from the day the charge posts rather than you getting the regular 25- or 30-days grace period to be able to settle off your bill in full. Note that Venmo Credit card transactions usually code as regular purchases but has a 3% fee attached to it so it is advisable that if you are using Venmo make sure it is for a profitable reason and not just to move money around because the company has been known to quickly shut down accounts that do not seem to be engaging in legitimate transactions.

While Credit cards can be used to send payments, funds cannot be transferred from your Venmo account to your credit card which means you will have to transfer funds to your bank account or your debit card. One thing to note is that there are some Venmo authorized businesses which are merchants that accept Venmo as a payment method. Therefore, if you purchase items at these authorized businesses, you will not be charged a fee by Venmo even if you make use of the Credit card.

There are also some Credit cards that allow you to choose the category on which you can earn the most rewards which is more than 3% rewards on some cards. This way, you can see how your credit card categorizes Venmo and know how you can enroll in that category. There is a Venmo user agreement that states that your credit card issuer may treat a transaction as cash advance if the credit card was used to pay someone through Venmo however, it also states that it is a violation of Venmo terms of service to use the platform to get a cash advance or help someone get one and because such transactions are restricted, chances are your credit card issuer is unlikely to treat Venmo transaction as cash advances.

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Credit Cards in USA – Best Credit Cards in the USA | Top Credit Cards in USA | USA Credit Cards

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Credit Cards in USA – Best Credit Cards in the USA | Top Credit Cards in USA | USA Credit Cards – Credit card helps users to build credit, meet everyday expenses in life and also make convenient payments. Getting an understanding of How credit cards work will enlighten you on all the benefits of having one credit card over a debit card. Understanding how credit card works provide useful insight into managing your debit card more responsible.
Credit Cards in USA – Best Credit Cards in the USA | Top Credit Cards in USA | USA Credit Cards

Obviously, you might be tempted to be in online shopping website or want to try online product, but requires your credit card which is Mandatory to must provide. With that reason, that’s why there is a development of valid credit card. Credit card has become a relevant tool in financial industrial that solve complex procedure during all kinds of transactions. It has a problem that is significant to any user.  If you buy a credit card from a popular or known merchant or market place, there will be no card fraud in the financial industry. On the other hand, you may want a product that is available in an unknown store. In this scenario, you have to be careful most especially when adding the card numbers.

Best Credit Cards in USA

Credit card is not one size fit all unlike other things in life. Depending on some social factors such as how often you travel or whether you have a bigger family and even bigger grocery budget, one credit card can be better than another depending on their purposes. Christmas and New year are upon us, which means a time for one to evaluate his or her goals, not only that but also to evaluate the wallet. Below are credit cards for different purposes.
Discover it® cash book (best no-annual-fee cash book card).
Discover it cash book earns 5% cashback rotating categories on each quarter you activate, currently $1,500 (up to the quarterly maximum, then it’s 1% back) and 1% cash book on all other purchases. Discover it credit card doesn’t have an annual fee. It offers 0% intro APR on purchases and balance transfer for 14 months.
  • Citi simplicity® card (Best for long intro APR)
Citi simplicity card charges no annual fee. It offers and an industrial-leading 0% APR intro of 21 months on balance transfers and 12 months (a year) on purchases. The Citi simplicity credit card doesn’t charge Late fee or penalty rates which give users some pieces of mind.
  • Capital one® Quicksilverone® cash rewards credit cards (Best for average credit)
Cardholders with average Credit will love the capital one Quicksilverone cash rewards credit cards because it was made available for those with average, fair or limited credit and offers solid cashback rewards. If you make your first 5 monthly on time, you will get access to a higher credit limit.

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Facebook Year in Review Book – Photo Books on Facebook – Facebook Yearbook

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Facebook Year in Review Book – Photo Books on Facebook – Facebook Yearbook

Facebook Year in Review Book – Photo Books on Facebook – Facebook Yearbook – Facebook is a very popular social media that was created for the primary reason for communicating with friends and family both near-distant for free. 

But as time went on, it upgraded and began to add some certain features. Now Facebook is a multipurpose social media platform that can be used for almost anything and the best part still remains that most of these added features of Facebook, while they are charged for by other platforms, Facebook offers them for free. Today we shall be discussing some of the features of Facebook and Facebook yearbook.
Before proceeding to talk about Facebook yearbook, there are some certain features of Facebook we will like to point out and how they can be of use to people in that line. Now, for a businessman or any public figure at all or a brand, Facebook page can be used to advertise and reach out to customers or fans within a very short period of time, these same categories of people can also find Facebook ads manager very useful as it will serve as an advertising agency to publicize and broadcast their products and brands across a lot of online platforms.

Apart from the fun part of Facebook that we are all used to, Facebook can also serve as a platform to find and meet your soulmate with the use of Facebook dating features or Facebook dating groups. Facebook can also serve as an e-commerce platform where buying and selling take place in both large and small scale, to do this, you must be on Facebook marketplace, Facebook online stores or shops or Facebook buy and sell groups. Now that you are more enlightened about Facebook and the services it offers, let’s talk about Facebook yearbook.

Print Facebook Yearbook
Your Facebook yearbook contains images of you, both the ones posted by you and the ones you were tagged for the current year. You can print these images to have the joy and experience in an offline and physical copy. To print Facebook yearbook, follow the steps below.
  1. Connect your device to the internet.
  2. Launch any web browser on your device.
  3. Search https://moments.pastbook.com/create/facebook/album/
  4. From the main menu, click create then Facebook book.
  5. Click on the Facebook album then click the button that says select your Facebook album.
  6. Select an album from your Facebook albums then create.
That’s all and you will have your Facebook yearbook compiled in an album, two photos per page and you can print whenever you feel like.

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Free Dating Online Facebook | Facebook as Dating Site | Facebook Dating Site Free

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Free Dating Online Facebook | Facebook as Dating Site | Facebook Dating Site Free

Free Dating Online Facebook | Facebook as Dating Site | Facebook Dating Site Free – Facebook is a very popular social media platform that can be used for a lot of activities and most of these activities that can be done on Facebook are free. Facebook is a social media platform that allows you meet new people and make friends, Facebook also gives you a platform where you can buy and sell different categories of items (sort of a mini-market) and this can be done on the Facebook marketplace. You can also use Facebook as a dating site with either Facebook dating groups or the recently added Facebook dating feature. In this article, we will tell you all that should be known about Facebook dating.

Facebook dating is one of the latest features of Facebook, though it is not currently available to some regions in the world. Facebook as dating site is almost the same as all other dating sites out there but it has a unique property that is completely free to use and it also has better security and very good privacy policy.
When you use Facebook as a dating site, whatever is done on Facebook dating remains on Facebook dating, it won’t even be seen on your main Facebook page or reflected on your Facebook account profile despite the fact that you access Facebook dating with you general Facebook account login credentials. Facebook dating has a very special tool called Facebook secret crush, with this tool you can pick up to nine of your Facebook friends that you are crushing, they will be notified that you are having a crush on them but your identity will remain unknown only if that person has a crush on you too will your identity be revealed to each other.
When using Facebook as a dating site, you are not required to login with any special login credentials, your Facebook account login credentials is all that is required and some more steps. You can decide to keep your Facebook dating profile completely separate from your general Facebook account just so you can avoid the embarrassment of people interfering in your private life.

How to Use Facebook as a Dating Site

When you want to use Facebook as a dating site, you can use Facebook groups or Facebook dating features. With the Facebook dating feature, we will show you how to use Facebook as a dating site.
  1. Ensure your device is connected to the internet.
  2. Log in to your Facebook account.
  3. A prompt will be displayed on your home screen carrying a message about Facebook dating, click on learn more to activate.
If you do not get the prompt, it means you are either underage or Facebook dating feature is not yet available in your present region.

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USA Christmas Markets LIVE – Best Markets to Shop from in the USA this Christmas

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USA Christmas Markets LIVE – Best Markets to Shop from in the USA this Christmas

USA Christmas Markets LIVE – Best Markets to Shop from in the USA this Christmas – Everyone is always happy and eager to see the end of the year. This factor alone contributes to the beautiful sensation and atmosphere of the Christmas season. Nothing screams Christmas louder than going on a little Christmas shopping to get the necessary items to make your Christmas holiday a remarkable one, thanks to the USA Christmas markets, everything you need to give your home a touch of the Christmas atmosphere is well stocked in all these markets across the country.

While the German markets are mostly considered as one of the best markets for the yuletide season, the USA Christmas markets are there to give them a good run for their money. These Christmas markets are filled with beautiful ornaments and unique gifts, including the German treat ‘, mulled wine’ to enjoy your shopping. In the next section of this article, we shall be looking at some of the best USA Christmas markets and some of their features.

USA Christmas Markets to Visit this Holiday Season
  1. Christkindlmarket, Chicago, Illinois: This is often regarded as one of the largest Christmas markets in the united states. This market records up to a million customers every Christmas season, even now expecting more customers as they’ve recently expanded Naper settlement, Gallagher way. This market is always open from the 16th of November to the 24th of December.
  2. Christmas market, Tomball, Texas: The market has over 163 vendors, loaded with every kind of gifts and merry for the season, located in the lone star state in Old Town, Tomball. The market attracts thousands of customers with its beautifully lit Christmas tree. The markets open through the 8th to 10th of December.
  3. Christkindlmarket, Helen, Georgia: This is another perfect spot to try for your Christmas shopping. The market is well designed to give charm you with its many items. When you step into this market, try grabbing a piece of the German fruit bread and enjoy the view of the beautiful decorations and design. The market is open from the 1st, 2nd to the 8th of December.
  4. Christkindlmarket, Denver, Colorado: Every year, this market is organized by the German American Chamber of Commerce.  This year, market promise to add a ton of non-alcoholic Glühwein to make shopping for customers even more friendly. the market spans from the 16th of November to the 23rd of December. This is so to avoid the rush during the Christmas season.
  5. Christmas city, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania: This is one of the most visited Christmas markets in the US. With over 150 vendors along with the beautiful Christmas songs played around and the goodies available for sale, the market is definitely with the name and hype. The market also opens from the 16th of November to the 23rd of December.
There are many other Christmas markets to try out in the united states, these 5 are based on preferences, numbers, and choice of customers, feel free to browse through other markets and find a fitting one to enjoy your Christmas shopping spree.
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Amazon 2 Day Shipping – Terms and Conditions Associated with Amazon 2 Day Shipping

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Amazon 2 Day Shipping – Terms and Conditions Associated with Amazon 2 Day Shipping

Amazon 2 Day Shipping – Terms and Conditions Associated with Amazon 2 Day Shipping – Amazon 2 Day Shipping -When it comes to online shopping, there’s nothing as comfortable as you placing your order and having it delivered at your doorsteps in a matter of days. Amazon, being the largest online retail company in the world, is always making efforts to make shopping on the platform ad comfortable as it can be for its many users. With the Amazon Prime subscription service, users can now enjoy a swift 2 Day shipping from the day an order was placed.
Amazon 2 Day shipping simply refers to the time interval (a period of 48 hours, 2 business days precisely) that it takes a product to be delivered to the owner’s destination. This service is exclusively for Amazon Prime members only. The 2-day shipping is one of the many benefits users get to enjoy when they subscribe to the Amazon prime service. Other benefits of this service include listening to digital music and videos, Amazon retail partners, amongst many others.

Amazon 2 day shipping and how does it work?

This service is available to some cities in the United States that have been fulfilled by Amazon. You should see the option available for two-day delivery at checkout if your city is eligible for the service. Note that you have to select the two-day delivery option during the check out to proceed.

The charge fee attached to Amazon 2 day shipping option is $ 99 per order, this price can however be reduced to $ 49 per order for a limited period of time for all items available for the offer on Amazon. It’s also important to note that there are terms and conditions attached to Amazon 2 day delivery, which is worth knowing, which we shall be discussing below.

Terms and Conditions Associated with Amazon 2 Day Shipping
The following are the terms and conditions that are associated with Amazon 2 day shipping service on the platform:
  1. The order for the item(s) to be purchased must be placed within the specified time frame on the detail of the product to ensure a successful 2 day delivery, otherwise, the item will be delivered in 3 working days.
  2. The service is only allowed for items fulfilled by Amazon.
  3. Two day shipping is not available for large and heavy merchandise.
  4. Two day shipping is not available for delivery in offices on Saturdays as they may be closed for the weekend.
  5. Amazon will not be held to account for items when they are delivered within the scheduled date when the owner is not available to claim the item.
If for any reason, your item doesn’t get delivered to you within the scheduled date, you may contact Amazon to get a complete refund of the item ordered.

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Virtual US Bank Account for PayPal Withdraw

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 Virtual US Bank Account for PayPal Withdraw

Virtual US Bank Account for PayPal Withdraw – Payoneer As a Virtual Bank Account Solution | Linking Your Virtual Bank Account to PayPal – When it comes to businesses and the transfer of funds over the internet, one might consider PayPal as a medium to process these kinds of transactions. PayPal is an online company that processes the transfer of money from one party to another through the internet. In today’s internet world, having the ability to receive money fast in your account after selling a service is vital for your business and its growth.

Virtual bank account coupled with PayPal’s transaction services is the best choice to make if you want to increase your flexibility and ability to withdraw money from anywhere around the world. The restrictions of a country-based bank would not be a problem for you. Virtual banks simply operate like a regular bank would but are far better when it comes to mobility in the sense that you are not required to pay a visit to a situated bank in a particular location when you wish to execute financial transactions.
Having a virtual bank is beneficial to foreigners who would like to make transactions via PayPal but do not have a bank account they can link to the PayPal account. Even if you are a dweller, you might also require the service of a virtual bank when you eventually travel to a different country. The money deposited into virtual bank accounts is easily accessible from the comfort of your home and from any part of the world.

Payoneer As a Virtual Bank Account Solution

If you are looking for a quick and easy means of carrying out business transactions online and a reliable virtual bank, you can rest assured Payoneer is right for you. Whenever you sell services online you definitely need a means of receiving payments. This is what Payoneer offers. You can also use Payoneer to pay for the services you buy easily since it has worldwide recognition, you won’t face country restriction hassles.
Users of Payoneer are usually sent an atm master debit card for use in withdrawing from their virtual bank accounts from any atm machine anywhere in the world. Signing up for Payoneer is quite easy, all you need do to begin the sign-up process is to visit the company’s website and navigate to the tab labeled sign up. Follow the instructions through till the end, providing all the necessary information required. Once this is done, your account would be created successfully and you can now link it up with your PayPal account.

Linking Your Virtual Bank Account to PayPal

So long as there is an atm near you that accepts Master card, you can receive and withdraw money with your Payoneer account via your Payoneer debit Mastercard from anywhere around the world. Having this debit card is vital for registering your virtual bank with your PayPal account. This is one of the methods of verifying your PayPal account.
PayPal however, secures your personal information and won’t share it with any account you link with it, so you don’t have to worry about security problems. What is important is that you can now link a bank account with your PayPal account in order to verify it. Once your PayPal account has been verified, you can enjoy the full benefits of PayPal, integrating it in your sales page, or paying for services online without worrying about your location.
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Facebook Marketing Developers – Facebook Developers | How to Be a Facebook Developer

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Facebook Marketing Developers – Facebook Developers | How to Be a Facebook Developer

Facebook Marketing Developers – Facebook Developers | How to Be a Facebook Developer – Facebook is one of the most popular online platforms in the world, not just popular but also well-populated and this makes it one of the best platforms for business owners, celebrities and public figures to go viral and promote their brands and products. Facebook is mostly known for chatting, making friends and posting updates, but apart from that, there are other things that can be done on and with Facebook. With Facebook, you can advertise and promote your brand, your business, your product, anything at all, whether you are a small business organization or a big one. For you to do this so effectively you might need the help of Facebook marketing developers.

You can start advertising your brand, business or product by yourself, but surely, a time will come when you will need the help of Facebook marketing developers. There will be a time when you will need to upload a lot of ads, ads upon ads and there are other urgent businesses to attend to too, in cases like this, the marketing developers’ skills are required. In order for you not to lose control of the ads and for you to attend to your other businesses on time, you should get Facebook marketing developers.

Facebook marketing developers are mostly known for creating ads app. Apart from creating ads app, they can also help you manage your ads and help you reach the satisfaction of your goals in your ads campaign. People like this work from home and their service is not free. Surely you will have to pay someone who renders a service to you.

How to Be a Facebook Developer
If you already know how to create an app and you want to be a developer on Facebook, all you need to do is create a Facebook developer account. You can create a Facebook developer account with your main Facebook account but it is not so advisable. To know how to be a Facebook developer, follow the steps below.
  1. Log out of your main Facebook account and create a new in (optional).
  2. Log in to the new account.
  3. Paste this link in your browser’s URL http://www.facebook.com/developers/become_test_account.php
  4. On the next page click on the link that has to make your account name a developer, for example, make Carl Johnson a developer.
  5. You will be redirected to the confirmation page and you are already a Facebook Developer.
The email address used at registration is what will be used to login to your developer account whenever you want to carry out an app testing.
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