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Facebook Dating USA Launch – Facebook Dating USA Launch Date

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The title “Facebook Dating USA Launch” can be really confusing. Some people might have already guessed or had an insight as to what it is. Others may not have a clue at all and I believe that is why you decided to read up this article. This article Facebook Dating USA Launch is all about when the Facebook dating app will be launched in the USA. In this article, I will be sure to tell you when the Facebook dating app will be launched and how you can use it. I will also show you how you can find some Facebook dating apps.

Facebook over the years can be said to have been successful and all the features they have on the platform are fascinating. Without a doubt, anyone would like to use the platform seeing all the benefits they offer to their users. With the Facebook platform, users can not only chat with friends and family members. They can as well share memories and find a date which is partially our major topic for discussion today. Now the platform is totally free to use in whatever you want to do but you are definitely going to be charged with regular data charges depending on your network provider.
Facebook Dating USA Launch Date

Without further ado, let's get to the part of the article that you have been waiting for. The Facebook dating app was launched in the United States on the 5th of September 2019. As of now, the Facebook dating app feature is now available in the United States of America along with some other countries.

How to Use the Facebook Dating App

The Facebook dating app is very simple to use. Also, it is fast and it is cost-free. The Facebook dating app can also be regarded as a feature. If the dating app is now available in your country, you would see a heart icon by your profile. Simply tap on the heart icon. You would be redirected to what is called by Facebook as a dating home. On that webpage, you can set up your dating profile. One thing you should know is that your dating profile will not be visible to mere Facebook users.

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Facebook Selling Page UK - How to Create a Facebook Selling Page

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Currently, Facebook has become one of the most powerful online marketing platforms used by millions of business owners in promoting their businesses online. Online marketing has become a rather powerful medium for promoting and expanding businesses and Facebook is proving to be one of the most relevant of these online marketing platforms.
Business owners can now set up Facebook Selling Page specifically for business purposes, maximize Facebook marketing tools to promote their businesses and reach a wider audience.
Facebook Selling Page
Lots of business owners are already using Facebook as a business platform and benefiting a lot from the online presence their business has on Facebook. You can now make your products available to the right audience on Facebook and expand your market to start making profits.

How To Create Facebook Selling Page

Facebook Selling Page or Facebook store is your Facebook selling page where you can sell your products to reach a wider customer base, it lets you show and sell your products to the right people. Customers can easily browse through your Facebook selling page, gain access to the products you are selling and buy products directly from your Facebook store.
In order to create a Facebook store, you will first need to create a Facebook business page. If you already have a business page, then it is quite easy to set up a Facebook selling page. Once you set up your Facebook store and add items and they are approved, your shop will appear on your page and customers can access it with ease. Follow the steps below to set up your Facebook Selling Page :
  • First, you need to navigate to your Facebook page and log into your Facebook business page to enable you to access the admin panel
  • Facebook pages already have the shop page by default that is accessible to you as the page owner or admin.
  • Locate the shop icon on the left and click on it, you need to activate your template accurately to enable you to see this shop icon. If you don’t see the shop, you will need to activate your templates in the right way.
  • Just go to SETTINGS, then TEMPLATES and TABS, find the current Template area and click on the edit button. You can then apply the shop template from there.
  • After getting the shop tab on your store, click on it, once you click on the shop tab a popup appears explaining the process you are about to go through. You can read through to understand the process before clicking the GET STARTED button.
  • Another pop-up appears on the screen prompting you to enter your business details. You will need to enter important business details as required on each field, then click NEXT
  • You will need to enter info about the state you do your business and tax registration number. You will need to enter your currency and email address if you want to get paid on Facebook. Just enter the right details for each pop-up screen, when you are done click the FINISH button.
  • Click on the SETUP PAYMENT button to set up payment details to publish your shop. You will be required to enter your tax details, accurate business name, employer identification number, and your legal name. After entering the required info, click on the SAVE button, you need to enter the accurate info and cross-check for mistakes before clicking Save because it can’t be edited later.
  • Then finally link your bank to your Facebook store for payments, enter your bank routingaccount number and account name, then click the SAVE button
  • Set up your shipping options and your return policy and customer service email on the SET YOUR PREFERENCES step, and then click FINISH to conclude the process.

How To Sell On Facebook Selling Page

Once you have set up your Facebook store, it is easy to start selling products on the platform.
  • You need to first add products you are selling on your Facebook store by clicking the ADD button.  You can choose to add products through the inventory management platform or manually. Adding products through eCommerce/inventory platforms is the easiest way of adding products and making sure they are available too.
  • Manually adding your products is allowed by Facebook too, you will need to add the necessary details for each product manually. You will need to add details like images, descriptions, price and other details. And you can choose to share specific products on your business page.
  • After adding the necessary details on your Facebook store, you will need to start marketing your products by advertising them in groups and creating interesting content. This will help to expand your market and improve your sales as well. Facebook ads are awesome ways of advertising your products; they are affordable and will definitely help you reach your target audience.
  • Once you set up your Facebook store and add products to your store, people who visit your Facebook page can easily click on your store tab and purchase things directly from your Facebook store.

How To Sell On Facebook Buy And Sell Groups

You can choose to sell your products on Facebook buy and sell groups to expand your market and grow your sales. Selling in Facebook buy and sell groups is a good way of reaching a wider audience and gaining potential buyers.
You have to become a member of the group or you can start the group yourself and become the admin of the group and monitor the groups’ activities. To sell something in a Facebook buy and sell group:
  • Click the menu icon, then tap GROUPS and choose the buy and sell group you would like to sell in.
  • Tap on WHAT ARE YOU SELLING? at the top of the group
  • Enter the info about the item you are selling and tap POST
Facebook buy and sell groups are good platforms for promoting your business on Facebook and reaching a wider customer base. It can help in boosting your business and driving up your sales, the groups serve as good platforms for interacting with buyers and getting to know what they think about your business. Group members are potential buyers, and the more buy and sell groups you join the more people you reach.
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How to close down a Facebook group - Delete Facebook group

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How do you close down a group on Facebook? – Facebook group can be used for several purposes – it is very effective when you want everyone to have a say. It’s more like a forum but works better than Facebook pages especially when you really want members to contribute. But what happens if the group isn’t fulfilling its motives? Yes!!! You can archive the group or delete the Group.
How do you close down a group on Facebook?

How to delete a Facebook Group

Groups are deleted when they have no members. If you created a group, you can delete the group by removing all its members and then yourself. Admins can’t delete a group they didn’t create unless the original creator chooses to leave it.
To delete a Facebook group, do this:
  1. Go to the group you want to delete and click Members below the cover photo
  2. Next to each member’s name click on the ellipsis and select Remove from Group
  3. Select Leave Group next to your name once you’ve removed the other members. You will get a notification pop-up asking if you are sure of your decision, here, you tap on Leave Group.
Note: Deleting a group is a permanent action that can’t be reversed. If you’re an admin, you can archive the group instead.
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Instagram search - Instagram Login via Facebook Account

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Many users on the Facebook platform find it convenient to log in to Instagram via their Facebook account. The reason for this is because a lot of users on Facebook find it fun to do so. When you make Instagram login via a Facebook account, you will be offered new benefits and features on the platform. If you are a business owner or a marketer on the Facebook platform then you should make Instagram login via Facebook account, because when you do so your business or market can be transformed into a new populated brand around the world. When your business is being introduced to the Instagram platform with the Facebook account your business will be known by a lot of people both on Instagram and on Facebook.

The benefits of Instagram login via Facebook account are not only enjoyed by business owners or marketers on Facebook, even you as a user too can enjoy the benefits and features. It is applicable to all users on the Facebook platform. A lot of people have found how great and superb it is when you access the Instagram with Facebook account, and now wish to make Instagram login via Facebook account feature. Well, I will tell you how you can do so without stress. But before I will do that, I want to tell what Instagram is.

What Is Instagram?

Instagram is a social media platform that is mainly used for the sharing of photos, videos, and stories. You can share life experiences on the Instagram platform. It is a platform that brings high class and low class together. In other words, celebrities and brands can be able to reach their fans and customers out there. There are lots of activities you can do on the Instagram platform. You can follow people and people can still follow you on the platform. You can also get likes and comments too on the platform. This is what the Instagram platform is all about.

What Is Facebook?

Facebook is a social media network that enables its users to interact with family, friends and business partners both far and near around the world. You can also share photos and videos even stories on the Facebook platform. But there are lots more you can do on the Facebook platform. You can explore other things like games, job recommendations, offers, you can buy and sell on Facebook, you can join groups and pages, and you can also know weather conditions. There is much more for you to explore when you are a user on the Facebook platform.

How You Can log in Instagram with a Facebook Account

This is the moment a lot of users have been waiting for. I will tell you how to simply access Instagram via your Facebook account. I will give you some guidelines below.
  • Open the chrome or browser on your device.
  • And go to www.instagram.com.
  • Now click on the link “login with Facebook” at the top of the boxes.
  • Enter your Facebook info.
  • And click on ''login''
  • Boxes will be displayed for you to enter your username you will use on Instagram and a password.
  • After you have filled in the details appropriately, click on sign up below the page.
  • You will now be shown some suggested pages or friends to follow on the Instagram platform.
  • To follow them click on the follow button.
  • When you have followed the friends and pages of your choice you can now scroll down and
  • Click on get started.
  • After that, you have created an account on Instagram.
  • You will now be shown your account news feed.
  • At the top of your account news feed, you can add any details about you. Which are; photos of you and your phone number.

These are the guidelines that will help you make Instagram login via Facebook account.
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How can you create a Facebook group?

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A group is meant to be a close circle of people who keep in touch and share on Facebook.

People have different reasons for creating groups on Facebook. Groups may be created around things like:
Books (think of it like a book club)
Their business (sort of like an “insider’s club”)
To sell items locally
Exclusive membership site
Support groups

In my humble opinion, there is no “Wrong” topic for a group, it all depends on the reason for which it was created.

How Can You Create a Facebook Group


1. Find “Group”

From your home page on Facebook, go to the ”Groups” section on the left side menu and find “Create” at the top of the page.

2. You will be required to set up your group. Here are some things you need to do:
  • Name your group: This name can be whatever you want, and you can change it later but try to create a memorable & searchable name for your group so people can find it.
  • Add members to the group: You're actually required to add at least 1 friend to the group before you can create it.
  • Set the privacy to either public, closed or secret: You will need to decide what privacy setting you want your group to have. This is probably the most essential choice you will make while creating your group as there are some limits to changing it as you progress. If you have less than 250 members, you will be able to change the privacy settings as you see fit, but as soon as your groups grows to over 250 members, you can only change an ”Open group” to a “Closed” or ”Secret”, and a ”Closed group” to ”Secret”.
3. After filling in all the information, tap on ''Create'' at the top of the Facebook page


1. Log in your Facebook account on your browser

2. On the top of your Facebook page, click on ''Create''

3. On the drop-down menu, click on ''Group''

4. On the pop-up screen, fill in the necessary details;
  • Name your group: This name can be whatever you want, and you can change it later but try to create a memorable & searchable name for your group so people can find it.
  • Add members: You're actually required to add at least 1 friend to the group before you can create it.
  • Select Privacy: You will need to decide what privacy setting you want your group to have. This is probably the most essential choice you will make while creating your group as there are some limits to changing it as you progress. If you have less than 250 members, you will be able to change the privacy settings as you see fit, but as soon as your groups grows to over 250 members, you can only change an ”Open group” to a “Closed” or ”Secret”, and a ”Closed group” to ”Secret”.
  • Choose whether your group will be visible or hidden to the public

5. After filling the necessary information, click on ''Create'' at the bottom of the pop-up screen.

Your group is now officially created! YAY!!!!!!!
There are, however, a few more items you can customize.
A. Complete the “About” Section
Your about section is important for two reasons:
Gives prospective members an idea what your group is about
Can display any “rules” you may have about the group
So fill it out as you see fit, seeing as this is YOUR group.
B. Choose Group Image Setting
You’re given the 3 options here:
  • use images from group members (will show a maximum of the last 8 active members)
  • use a photo already in the group
  • upload a photo
*Keep in mind the dimensions for this cover photo are different from those on your personal Timeline or business Timeline
C. Edit Group Settings
Next, you’ll want to edit the group settings. You do this by clicking on the gear icon & then clicking “Edit Group Settings”:

Once on the edit page, you’ll have many options to change:

Items you can change:
  • Group Icon
  • Group Name
  • Privacy Settings
  • Membership Approval — Do you want to let anyone add members or should only you be able to?
  • Set a Group Address — Here you’ll have a chance to give the group a custom URL as well as an email address where people could email the group directly
D. Change your Description:
  • Change Posting Permissions — Here you can decide if only admins can post or if members can as well
  • Post Approval — You can require that all posts be approved by an admin before they go live
Once you’re done & happy with the settings, click “Save”.
You’re Group is Ready to Go!

You’ve now successfully customized your Facebook Group!!

Now you can post updates inside the groups — and so can members (if you’ve allowed it).
Group Features to take note of:

1. Notifications- As an admin, you should probably turn the notifications on to receive all updates when anyone posts — just in case someone spams the group & you want to respond quickly.

2. Messages/Chat- One of the great things about groups is you can initiate a group chat/message with either all members of a group or select members. This is especially useful when you have an announcement to make or need to quickly collaborate on an item/issue.

3. Events- A feature probably not used often enough in Groups is Events. Inside the group, you can create events that only members can see & RSVP for. Just click on the “Events” tab & then “Create Event” and a lightbox will load to create your event.

4. Files– Inside groups, you can share files of any kind as well as create Documents that group members can add to & collaborate on.

Think of this as your own little workspace within Facebook — or perhaps a replacement for apps like Basecamp or Dropbox.

Now that you’ve read this post, you can now successfully create a group on your own.
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WhatsApp Hack That Allows People Read Every Message You've Ever Sent

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WHATSAPP scam artists can have access to your smartphone – and even steal files from your device – just by sending over a GIF inside the chat app. Here’s everything you need to do to put down the roadblocks on this worrisome new scam.

WhatsApp users should be on alert after researchers unearthed another worrying scam inside the app.
And this one can be triggered just by sending an animated GIF inside the chat app. WhatsApp first added support for these looping animations back in 2017.

But now hackers have found a way to exploit these looping animations to take control of your smartphone and read all of your texts (something WhatsApp users have already had concerns about following reports of a new UK-US treaty this month). The latest bug, which only affects Android handsets, could allow hackers to steal files that are saved on your smartphone or view a complete chat history on compromised Android devices.

The issue was first unearthed by a Security Researcher based in Singapore named Awakened. According to Awakened, users have to create a specially-laced GIF to send the malignant code.

What makes this hack more worrying than most is how little users have to do to get infected. Since you don’t have to click to open a GIF – it just plays automatically in preview – WhatsApp users won’t even need to tap on the image to kickstart the malicious code, it will be loaded with the preview.

Those who are most likely to be affected by the scam will be running Android 8.1 Oreo and Android 9.0 Pie, which still represents a solid portion of the total Android market share.

Thankfully, there are some easy fixes to keep yourself safe from this scam – and able to send GIFs around to your friends without worrying about the consequences.

Update Your Version Of Android

The GIF attack only works on older versions of Android – 8.1 Oreo launched in August 2017, while 9.0 Pie launched one year later – because it requires an older version of the WhatsApp software. If you’ve been putting off the upgrade to a newer version of Android, like the recently-released Android 10, then this could be the push you need.

Android 10 brings a bevy of new features, including a shiny new gesture navigation system and better controls around privacy and location data, but also boasts a number of security tweaks too.

And most importantly, it drops support for aging applications, like the older versions of WhatsApp that are still vulnerable to this GIF attack.

So, if you update your Android handset to the latest version of Android and then let the Google Play Store update all of your apps… then you’re good to go!

Update Your WhatsApp

But what if you can’t update your Android smartphone itself? Well, thankfully there is still a way to avoid hackers taking control of your smartphone (and don’t worry, it doesn’t involve your banning all GIFs from group chats).

WhatsApp has patched the vulnerability in version 2.19.244 or newer.

So, if you’re running an older version of the app (you can find out what version you’re using via your Google Play Store app) then it’s definitely worth downloading anything newer than 2.19.244.

Thankfully, Facebook – which owns WhatsApp – doesn’t believe the issue has affected any of its other messaging services, including its own Facebook Messenger, and Instagram.

To avoid all these, update your version of Android and please update your Whatsapp!
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How to View Block list and Unblock Friends

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It is one thing to create a Facebook account, another is being able to use it effectively such that it doesn't end up hurting you or your loved ones. As you may have already been observing on FB, you may have added some friends who turned out to be a green snake under green grass and so you decided to block them... Continue below!!!

Also, because of how often people tend to break your heart, you make a mistake of lumping both the guilty and innocent ones together.... so you want to go back to cross-check if you've mistakenly block your true friend. How do you get there? This post will help you figure out!

How To View Block List and Unblock Friends

When you unblock someone, that person will be able to see your posts on Facebook that you share with the public. The person won't automatically become your friend on Facebook. If you want to become friends with a person who you've unblocked, you'll need to send them a friend request.

To view block list and Unblock Someone On Facebook App:
  • Tap on the menu button (☰) and proceed to choose “Settings & Privacy”
  • Then proceed to click on ''Settings''.
  • Next step, scroll down to ''Privacy''.
  • Click on “Blocking” The blocked friends' section shows up immediately and you will be able to see the friends that have been restricted from seeing your timeline and sending you messages.
  • Click Unblock next to the name of the person you want to unblock.
  • A notification will pop up telling you what will happen if you unblock the person, go on and ''Unblock''

To view block list and Unblock Someone On Browser
  • Log in to your Facebook in your browser.
  • Click on the top right of Facebook and select ''Settings''
  • On the left column of your Settings, click on ''Blocking''. One unique thing about viewing your blocked list on browser is that you have a whole range of options available to you, ranging from Restricted List, where your restricted friends see only what you've shared to the public or what you have shared to a friend's timeline, to Block Users, where once you block someone, that person can no longer see things you post on your timeline, tag you, invite you to events or groups, start a conversation with you, or add you as a friend, to Block Messages, Block App Invites, Block Events Invites, Block Apps and Block Pages. Our focus is going to be on Block Users.
  • Under Block Users, you will see the people who are on your blocked users' list, click on ''Unblock'' next to the name of the person.
  • A notification will pop up telling you what will happen if you unblock the person, go on and tap on ''Unblock''

It's your choice to unblock them when you see your blocked list on Facebook. Cheers! Please share this article.

Or leave your questions and comments below.

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How to Uninstall a Facebook App

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How to Uninstall a Facebook App on Android, iPad, iPhone, Tablet, etc: You can download, install and uninstall your Facebook app at anytime you want without any qualms. It’s your device and you’ve got every right to install and uninstall any app that you choose to.
In this post, we’ll see how to uninstall and where to install your Facebook app whenever you choose to reinstall.
How to Uninstall a Facebook App

How to uninstall Facebook app on iPhone and iPad

To uninstall the Facebook app from your iPhone or iPad:
  1. Press and hold the app icon
  2. Tap the x that appears
  3. To confirm, tap Delete
To reinstall the Facebook app on your iPhone or iPad, download it from the iTunes App Store.

How to remove Facebook App on Android

To uninstall the Facebook app from your Android:
  1. Go to your Android’s settings and open your application manager
  2. Tap Facebook
  3. Tap Uninstall
To reinstall the Facebook for Android app, download it again from the Google Play Store.

How to install Facebook for Every Phone App

To reinstall the Facebook for Every Phone app, download it from facebook.com/mobile.
That’s is it… I hope you were able to uninstall the Facebook app from your mobile device. Please share this article or leave us with your comment if you find any step confusing.
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