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How to recover my old Facebook account

Your Facebook account is important to you, but you’re in a tight spot because it’s been disabled! Now you imagine where do I start from or what exactly can I do?

There might come a time when your Facebook account is either disabled or locked and when this happens, all that will come to mind is what to do next. Chances are, your Facebook account was disabled by you or someone else. If that’s the case, then this post will show you how to Recover & reactivate a disabled Facebook Account.

Recover disabled Facebook Account

If your account was deactivated by Facebook, then you’ll need to submit an appeal to the company. Bear in mind that depending on the reason for the deactivation of your account, Facebook may never reinstate it. The only option, then, is to create a new account and totally forget about the old.

What if I deactivated your Facebook Account?

If you’ve disabled your account, then the following steps will certainly help you get things up and running again.

Like many users of the social network, there’s a chance you might have grown tired of Facebook, and you’ve simply gone ahead and temporarily deactivated the account. Now, you wonder how to get it back to its regular form, well, the good news is, this can be done quite easily.

For those who have intentionally placed their Facebook profile up for deletion, all you need to do in order to recover your account is to simply log in before the first 14 days as this will save it from permanent deletion. After the 14-days have passed, then there would be no other ways to get it back on track.

OK, so log into your Facebook account by entering your email address and password. If your account was put up for deletion, you should see a prompt asking to either Cancel Deletion or Confirm Deletion.

Simply click on the Cancel Deletion button to save your profile from permanent deletion. The fortunate thing is, your Facebook account will be reinstated as you left it.

What if the Facebook Team Disabled my Account?

If your account has been disabled by Facebook, you’ll see a special message when you try to log in. Facebook deactivates accounts for the following reasons:
  • Using a fake name
  • Impersonating someone
  • Posting content that doesn’t follow the Facebook Terms
  • Continuing behavior that’s not allowed on Facebook by violating Community Standards
  • Contacting other people for advertising, promoting, harassment, dating or other conduct that’s not allowed.
Now, if you feel you’ve been misjudged and punished by Facebook, then it’s time to check if your account is locked. Visit Facebook, then log in using your username and password. From there, if the social network disabled your account, then you should see “Account disabled.” All hope is not lost because the option is there to file an appeal. If you think your account was disabled by mistake, you can file an appeal here on Facebook.

recover disabled Facebook account

Recover disabled Facebook Account

In the appeal section, you will be required to upload a copy of your ID, so be sure to have one. Finally, add details of your appeal in the “Additional info” section, and you’re good to go from there.

Sit back and wait for a response from the Facebook team about the possibility of reactivating your account. It may or may not happen based on why your account was initially disabled as stated earlier, so cross your fingers and hope for the best.


  1. I recently by accident removed my account DougSharonQuarles while trying to change my password. Could you please reactivate it with a code for me to change my password? My email address is:quarlessharon8@gmail.com. and my cellphone
    Is: 520 686 2752 Thank you

  2. My wife has been using old cell numbers and accounts to monitor my activities. And watching inappropriate images and video's to manipulate my friends, family, and unlawful activities. Is there anything I can do to make all of this to stop. From this date all of my activity will be be from my ZTE839 mobile device. My cell number is (272)268-2005.

  3. I deleted the wrong account and would like to reopen my old fb account

  4. My fb fb account was picked by a good friend's son who is spoilt rotten to free up space to download a game!!! I didn't do it? N need help to reactivate it please? Anyone???

  5. I flashed my phone and lost my previous Facebook account, though I have open another one but I still need the previous one


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