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Facebook Support Team – Contact Facebook Help Center

If you are used to the Facebook website or platform, then you should be familiar with the Facebook support team. The Facebook support team is a team on Facebook that makes sure everything is running smoothly. When I say to make sure everything is running smoothly, I mean to say you can easily report any problem you experience on Facebook. Now, this might be a massive hit as you might have not heard it yet nor does not believe the possibility of reporting something or someone on Facebook.
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Well, thanks to the Facebook support team, it is very possible, and you can stop receiving spams and all on the platform. The principal place where Facebook support comes to play is when you have a problem with your Facebook account. For instance, if you cannot log in your Facebook account, you can use the support team to help you recover it.

Facebook Support Team Emails

You can use any of the emails below to contact Facebook in case you want to report a problem.
  1. info@facebook.com
  2. login@facebook.com.
  3. warning@facebook.com
  4. disabled@facebook.com
  5. support@facebook.com.
  6. appeals@facebook.com.
  7. privacy@facebook.com.
There you go; there are also other ways of which you can contact Facebook. You can use the Facebook customer care number at 650-453-4800.

Report Peoples Profile To Facebook
  • Simply login your Facebook account on the Facebook website.
  • Go to the person’s profile you want to report.
  • Click on the “more” icon and then on “give feedback or report this profile” tab.
  • Select and click on the option that best describes how the person profile goes against Facebook community standards and click on the “submit” icon.
Report Peoples Post To the Facebook Support Team
  • Locate the post you wish to report and click on the drop-down arrow you find on it. Most times you will discover a three-dot as the dropdown icon, it does not matter, just click on it.
  • Click on either “report post” or “report photo” depending on what you want to report.
  • Click on the option describes best how the post or picture violates the Facebook community standards and follow the on-screen instructions given to you afterward.
Report a Post on Your Timeline to Facebook
  • Locate and click on the post from your timeline you want to report.
  • Click on the dropdown arrow (three-dot icon) from the top right of the post.
  • Now click on the “hide from timeline” tab to hide the post from your timeline.
  • Wait for a box to appear where the post was before
  • Next, click on the “I don’t want this on Facebook” link.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions given to you afterward.
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Report Other Problems on Facebook

To report any other problems you find on Facebook such as technical difficulty, you can use this link https://www.facebook.com/help/181495968648557.


  1. Good morning
    I have issue with Ad Coupon on my business page.
    I made payment for post ad twice $7 each($14), my bank account has been debited already but the money is not reflecting on my page on Facebook, I have gone to bank and I was told that the issue is from Facebook. Please I serious need help on this issue because I need to run advert. Thank you

  2. Good morning
    I have issue with Ad Coupon on my business page on Facebook.
    I made payment for post ad twice $7 each($14), my bank account has been debited already but the money is not reflecting on my page on Facebook, I have gone to bank and I was told that the issue is from Facebook. Please I need serious help on this issue because I need to run advert. I am appealing to you guys to help me on this. Thank you

  3. Sir my account log out issu problems how to log in my fb account pliz helf me sir

  4. i think we need some lawyer to get facebook to shape up

  5. Was soll das warum blockiert Facebook immer meine Videos neht Euch ein Beispiel an Youtube da wird das nicht gemacht ich überlege ob ich Facebook nicht wieder lösche weil das voll....ist😬😬😬😬

  6. Facebook said I posted a picture that did not meet their standards. If it's the The picture I seen. I agree. I did not post it. Yes please remove it.

  7. Hey Facebook Team members my name is Erika Natisha Lorick and yes I have different accounts cause some had hacked my page along time ago and they still hacked my other pages as well I have my kids on all my pages if they not on my cover page they are in my pictures that's on my old Facebook pages as well as my family and friends profile picture too and also they be telling me that they be getting anonymous message from me and I haven't sent anyone any messages at all especially in my old Facebook account that y'all had took down thinking that I was the hacker how can I hack my own profile like really my email that I had on my page was erikalorick_2005@yahoo.com
    and I would give the password too but I don't know if it going to work or not since the real hacker changed everything my email and my password except my new Facebook that I have right I had just two when I had my account hacked one was for my family and friends and my other page was for my kids and music and that's it and now all of this hacking mess going around and ppl look at me like I'm the bad person I have never done nothing to nobody or I have NEVER IN MY ENTIRE LIFE HACKED NOBODY ELSE PAGE whatever they do is their business not mines I already have 3 kids that I need to worry bout and I need to get all my Facebook accounts back so I can get my kids pictures off that page

  8. I want to report a news page for missleading information that could endanger me and my family. I have asked them to change the post amd they have not. Please help

  9. https://www.facebook.com/pg/MikeZeroh/posts/?ref=page_internal I have noticed a FaceBook user using a picture of the late Alan Rickman in a thumbnail to help promote one of his videos. He has also in the past altered other pictures from the Harry Potter Francise. With that aside I still think it is in bad taste to not only use an image of someone who isn't afiliated with Star Wars, but to use one of a great actor who is no longer with us. Please have him remove it or remove it yourselves, it's in extreme bad taste for the memory of Mr Rickman to be used in such away. Thank you


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