Monday, 20 January 2020

Facebook Lite Login - FB Lite Log in

Are you using a small phone that has little or not enough memory to accommodate the normal Facebook app, if your answer is yes, then you don’t have to worry as you can download the type of Facebook called FB lite login for the small phone?

Facebook lite sign-in was introduced by the world largest social media (Facebook) in the companies quest to making sure that people who are using phones with not enough memory are carried along in the social era.

Apart from people who have phones with small memory, most people use Facebook Lite log in on Android to save data usage. This is simply because the app is built in such a way that it does not consume much data to open, and some features are removed from Facebook lite login or FB lite login for Android to make it load faster.

About FB Lite Log In for Android

FB lite log in on iPhone, Android or any other system is simply a version of the Facebook app which enables users to access the optimal functions of the social platform (Facebook Messenger) even in a relatively less strong network ie you can log in Facebook lite with Slow and unstable internet connections.

So here we shall be walking you through on the simple steps for your Facebook Lite login which involves the process of signing in to Facebook Lite account using the latest Facebook app which is relatively lighter than the normal app you know.

Of course, you must have been aware that before you log in to FB lite login page, you must have created a Facebook account, which would let you access Facebook Lite and its amazing features all for FREE. Below are a few of the amazing features of Facebook lite sign in.

Features Of Facebook Lite Sign In
  • Facebook Lite loads quick.
  • Facebook Lite App is quick to download
  • It consumes less data
  • Connects even in a slow and unstable network.
Now without wasting time, let us look at how to sign in to Facebook Lite Login page using your Android phone, iPhone or even your laptop computer to sign in FB Lite Login.

Facebook Lite Login – FB Lite Login – Lite.facebook.com Log In

Facebook Lite Login - FB Lite Login – How to Login Facebook Lite


  • Visit Facebook lite login page here at lite.facebook.com
  • Enter your “Mobile number or email address“
  • Enter your ‘FB lite login Password’ in the second field.
  • Finally, Click on the green “Login” button as shown in the image above.
  • Once you enter your Facebook Lite login details correctly and click on the FB Lite Log in button, you will be able to access your account completely for free.

How to log out of Facebook Lite – FB Lite Log Out

If you’ve got Facebook lite Messenger on your phone, chances are good that you’ve got the Facebook lite app as well. If you are logged in to your Facebook lite, follow the steps below to log out of FB lite.
  • From the Android Facebook app
  • Tap the More button on the top right (which should appear as three lines)
  • Then go to Account settings, followed by Security and login
  • You’ll see a section called Where you’re logged in, then just select the Messenger session and
  • Tap on the “Log Out” button.
We hope that the guideline about how to log in to Facebook Lite Login page was helpful to you. If yes, use the comment section below to give us your feedback.


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