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Facebook Marketplace is a free platform on Facebook, which is centered on buying and selling just like every market place. It is a new feature that will allow users to buy, sell, and trade items with other people in their locality. Facebook Marketplace is a digital marketplace where users can arrange to buy, sell, and trade items with other people in their areaAll transactions take place outside of the app and are not considered in any legal sense to be Facebook’s responsibility. You may have it in mind to start up your own online shop, but you don’t have the capital required to start it up. This is one thing Facebook came to solve. The FB Marketplace is a gallery of items.

Facebook Free Marketplace
This Marketplace has a setting that helps users locate buyers and sellers near them. You have to go through your FB Marketplace setting and identify the areas you want to be seen (those areas in which you can be seen as a buyer or seller.) You will also see other buyers and sellers found in this environment.

How to Find the Facebook Marketplace on Desktop, Android, and IOS

On your Facebook page, there is a Facebook Marketplace Icon in the form of a store-front. This marketplace icon is found in different places of your page for Desktop, Android, and iOS Devices.

Desktop – For Desktop users, it is found on the menu bar located on the lefthand side of your Facebook page.

Android – For Android users, it is located at the very top of your page, among other icons like the notification icon, FB friend request icon, and Facebook messenger icon.

iOS – For iOS users, it is located at the bottom of your Facebook Page

When marketing items for sell on this platform, it is very important that you take good photoshoots of the items you want to sell includes a detailed description of them. These items are arranged in categories, and if you are a buyer, all you need to do is search for the thing you want to buy. Once you see the item, the seller will be unveiled. All you need to do is send the seller a message and bargain before purchase.

Facebook Marketplace Rules

To learn more in-depth stuff about FB Marketplace, including various products that are allowed or prohibited, take a look at the Facebook Marketplace Commerce Policies.

The Commerce Policies apply to Facebook Marketplace, page shops, buy and sell groups, as well as Instagram Shopping.

1. You must sell a physical item/product.

Anything that is not a physical product for sale cannot be sold. For example:
Services like house-keeping, and event tickets, are only available on the marketplace by coordination through one of Facebook’s partners.

2. The description of the items must match the image you upload.

The photos or pictures of the item you upload must match the title and description that you give.

3. Some particular items cannot be sold.

Facebook maintained a list of items that are not allowed to be sold on the Facebook Marketplace. These items include the following:

4. Before-and-after pictures are not allowed.

Items for sale on the Facebook market can’t show a before and after picture (example: a photo showing weight loss).

Facebook has actually gone through great lengths to ensure that Marketplace is a safe place for people to trade online.

If your item is delisted or removed and you do not think that you have violated the FB Commerce Policies, you may appeal the decision, and the Facebook team will take another look.

If you come across any item for sale that you feel or know that actually violates the Commerce Policies or Facebook’s Community Standards, you have the option to report the item as well as the seller.


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