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How to Change Birthday Date On Facebook

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Did you mistakenly fill the wrong date of birth while signing up for a Facebook account? Or you want to stop people from viewing your actual year of birth. If any of the two is your issue, follow the tips below to change your date of birth ASAP!!!

How to Change Birthday Date On Facebook

  1. Log in to your profile and click on “About”
  2. In the left column, click “Contact and Basic Info”
  3. Scroll down and hover over “Birth Date” or “Birth Year”, and then click on “Edit” to the right of the info you’d like to change
  4. Click on the “people” button by the side of “edit” to bring out a drop-down menu. On the drop-down menus, use the audience selector by the right to choose who can see it
  5. Click on “Save Changes”
You can change who can see your birthday by adjusting the audience. There are two audience selectors next to your birthday: one for the day and month and one for the year. Friends won’t get a notification about your upcoming birthday if you don’t share the day and month with them.

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Having Problems changing your birthday?

Facebook wants everyone using their service to provide their authentic name, information as well as birthday, so users of the network will always know who there’re connecting with. Because of this, you can only change your birthday a limited number of times.

If you just recently changed your birthday on Facebook, you may have to wait a few days or months before you can change it again. Good luck... Please share this guide!!!
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Unblock A Friend On Facebook | Unblocking Someone - Facebook User Unblock

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Unblock A Friend On Facebook | Unblocking Someone - Facebook User Unblock:  This guide will help you to unblock anyone you desire to unblock from your blocked list. First and foremost, you will need to login to your account and access your blocked list.

How do I Unblock A Friend On Facebook | Unblock Someone on Facebook - Facebook Unblock

How Can I Unblock Someone on Facebook

  • Log in to your Facebook in your browser.
  • Click .net/assets/ on the top right of Facebook and select ''Settings''
  • On the left column of your Settings, click on ''Blocking''. One unique thing about viewing your blocked list on browser is that you have a whole range of options available to you, ranging from Restricted List, where your restricted friends see only what you've shared to the public or what you have shared to a friend's timeline, to Block Users, where once you block someone, that person can no longer see things you post on your timeline, tag you, invite you to events or groups, start a conversation with you, or add you as a friend, to Block MessagesBlock App InvitesBlock Events InvitesBlock Apps and Block Pages. Our focus is going to be on Block Users.
  • Under Block Users, you will see the people who are on your blocked users' list, click on ''Unblock'' next to the name of the person.
  • A notification will pop up telling you what will happen if you unblock the person, go on and ''Unblock''

How to Unblock a Facebook User on App

  • On your Facebook app, tap on the menu button (☰) and proceed to choose “Settings & Privacy”
  • Then proceed to click on ''Settings''.
  • Next step, scroll down to ''Privacy''.
  • Click on “Blocking” The blocked friends' section shows up immediately and you will be able to see the friends that have been restricted from seeing your timeline and sending you messages.
  • Click Unblock next to the name of the person you want to unblock.
  • A notification will pop up telling you what will happen if you unblock the person, go on and ''Unblock''

That's all.

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How to reset or change Facebook Password

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If you have security concerns about your Facebook account, you definitely should consider changing your account password at least once every 6 months.

Changing your password on Facebook won't take a thing from you - -all you need is to follow the steps outlined in this article to ensure that you change your Facebook login password.

The advantage of changing your Facebook password can never be overemphasized as we already know that cyberspace is filled with roaming around, seeking who to attack.

How do you change or reset a Facebook Password?

It is simple... let's begin.

How to change Facebook Password

If you know your current Facebook password and want to change it, follow the steps below on your browser to do that.
  1. Log in your Facebook account details
  2. Click .net/assets/ on the top right of Facebook and select ''Settings''
  3. On the pop-up screen, you click on ''Security and Login''
  4. Under ''Login'' to the right of ''Password'', click on ''Edit''
  5. Once that is done, you enter your current password, then you enter your new password. Note that you will have to retype the new password just to be sure.
  6. After that, you click on ''Save Changes'', then you log out and log in back to confirm if it has automatically changed to your new password.

    How to Reset Facebook Password

    If you don't know your current password, you can reset it:
    1. Visit the Find Your Account Page here: https://web.facebook.com/login/identify on your browser.
    2. Type the email, phone number, full name or username associated with your account, then hit on Search
    3. Follow the on-screen instructions to reset your  Facebook password.

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      How to change your email address on Facebook

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      Maybe you lost or no longer have access to the email address used to login to your Facebook account or that is associated with your Facebook account, you can always change it anytime you want.. We'll be showing you how to change your email address on Facebook.

      How to change your email address on Facebook

      On Your Facebook Application:
      1. Click on the menu button at the top right-hand or bottom right-hand of the Facebook page, depending on your device type
      2. Scroll down and tap on “Settings & Privacy”, from here, tap on ''Settings''
      3. Under ''Account settings'', tap on ''Personal Information''
      4. On the next page, tap on “Email address”
      5. Tap on “Add Email Address” to add the new email address
      6. Type in the new email address and enter your password then tap on “Add Email” at the bottom of the page
      7. If you already have more than one email address registered to your Facebook account, tap on “Primary Email”
      8. Choose the email address you want to place as your primary email address
      9. Enter your password and tap on “Save”

      On Your Browser:
      1. Click .net/assets/ on the top right corner of Facebook page
      2. On the drop-down menu, click on “Settings”
      3. Click on “Contact”
      4. Click on “Add Email Address” to add the new email address
      5. Click on “New email” and type the new email address you want to add and click on “Add”
      6. If you already have more than one email address registered to your Facebook account, tap on the other email address to make it your primary email address
      7. Tap on “Save changes”

      Now you can change your email address on Facebook!
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        How to delete Facebook page on mobile

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        How to delete Facebook page on mobile: This is the simplest way to delete a Facebook page on a mobile device. Mobile devices constitute more than 70 percent of devices used to access Facebook -- - oh! no wonder deleting Facebook page is, even more, easier on a mobile phone than on any other device out there. In this post, I'll show you how to easily delete a Facebook page using your smartphone and without any waste of time.

        If you need to delete the Facebook page on your smartphone, this is the perfect guide for you.

        How to delete Facebook page on mobile

        How to delete a Facebook Page Permanently and Immediately

        If you have fully made up your mind to let go of your Facebook account, then you must check to see that you are the admin of the page you plan to delete, you'll need an admin login privilege of that particular page you wish to get rid of. If you are sure you own that page, then follow the steps underlined below to easily remove your Facebook page.

        How to remove a Facebook Page

        1. Click Settings at the top of your Page
        2. From General, click Remove Page
        3. Click Delete [Page name]
        4. Click Delete Page and then click OK
        Also, keep in mind your Page won't be permanently deleted until 14 days has elapsed, but you can unpublish your Page at any time.

        How to cancel or Undo Facebook Page deletion

        Follow the tips below to cancel your Facebook page deletion:
        1. Go to your Page within 14 days of scheduling to delete your Page
        2. Click Cancel Deletion at the top of your Page
        3. Click Confirm and then click OK

        Kindly Note: In the case where you can't find the delete option on your FB Page, make certain that you're truly an admin of that Page.
        Is this guide still confusing or you find anything hard to do? Please leave us with a comment describing the problem or read these guides:
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          Learn How to Delete Your Facebook Account in less than 5 minutes

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          Learn How to Delete Facebook Account: You can delete your Facebook account in less than no time. Deleting Facebook account seems a bit confusing these days because Facebook had earlier this year changed their settings. But this tutorial has got you covered!

          So you've gotten to the bridge where you have to say a farewell to everything concerning Facebook huh? If your decision is final, then you must make certain that you've downloaded all data concerning your Facebook account because if you hit on the permanent delete button - you won't have the chance to undo it again.

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          www.facebook.com/help/delete account, how to delete facebook account forever, delete my account, how to delete fb account permanently from mobile, facebook account delete option, how can i delete my facebook account immediately?, how to delete facebook account permanently without waiting 14 days, how to delete facebook account without password

          How to Delete Facebook Account 

          Deleting your Facebook account permanently is what you have to do if you truly want to quit Facebook.

          Else, if you just need a break out of it... then you need to deactivate your Facebook account temporarily.

          How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently?

          To delete, click here: https://mobile.facebook.com/account/delete

          Enter your password and proceed to completely delete your Facebook account.

          This post first appeared here: Delete Facebook Account

          If you still find it difficult to remove your account permanently, then leave us with your comment or check out the following guides:

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          How to Remove Someone Who Likes Your Facebook Page

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          How to Remove Someone Who Likes Your Facebook Page: Yes, you can remove anyone who likes your page - I didn't know this Facebook feature existed. I just got into a serious argument with my wife that it doesn't exist. Guess after publishing this post, I'll share it to her wall.

          It is very possible to remove people who liked your Facebook Page and they'll no longer like it. But also keep in mind that Facebook Pages are public spaces, and people you've removed can choose to like your Page again. If you think they are bombarding your page with spam posts, then, banning them from your page is the best option.

          Banning someone from your Facebook Page is like blocking someone from your main Facebook account, they'll no longer be able to like your Facebook page ever again. 
          People you ban will still be able to share content from your Page to other places on Facebook, but they'll no longer be able to publish to your Page, like or comment on your Page's posts, message your Page or like your Page. We recommend banning people who continually publish spam on your Page.

          How To remove someone who likes your Page:

          1. Click Settings at the top of your Page
          2. Click People and Other Pages in the left column
          3. Click to check the box next to the person you want to remove
          4. Click and select Remove From Page Likes
          5. Click Confirm
          How to Remove Someone Who Likes Your Facebook Page

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          www.operamini.com Download Latest Version Of Opera Mini Browser

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          www.operamini.com Download Latest Version Of Opera Mini Browser: Download Latest Version Of Opera Mini Browser for all devices with just these few simple steps I will be introducing to you in a few minutes. Before then, allow me to inform you that there other browsers, like Chrome and Firefox, which are similar to Opera mini. However, Opera mini download for mobile and Opera free download for Windows 7 and all other latest versions, Mac and Pocket PC, as well are totally free. So the steps to download opera mini browser blackberry, Android, and other mobiles like iOS will be discussed here in this tutorial.

          Meanwhile, before I proceed with Opera mini browser download, I will give you an overview of what Opera mini browser APK is all about. Opera mini is a very popular web browser designed mainly to be used on mobile phones, smartphones, and other supported personal digital assistants. However, its version 4 and other versions opened doors for other devices to be enabled to use it free of charge.

          Moreover, due to its amazing features, Opera Mini is now mostly preinstalled and enabled in various devices such as Android, bada, iOS, Windows, Symbian OS, and other supported devices. Opera has continued to serve its purpose so well that it had over 300 million active users and 150 billion page views per month as of February 2013.


          Meanwhile, Below are the few features of opera mini web-browsers. However, note that this is not opera mini browser review but just some hints on what makes it truely exceptional from other similar web browsers.
          • Fast loading of webpages and easy tabs management.
          • It is user-friendly.  
          • It has a band new stylish and modern layout that you will like. 
          • It enables and support multiple languages. 
          • Easy to access and use with all type of network connections. 
          • You can choose to retain browsing so that you can review them later on. 
          • The new Opera mini is compatible with other platforms e.g. Opera Mail and Opera Next. 
          • Opera mini browser Application is totally free. 
          • Opera mini is totally free from any form of threat such as a virus or malicious content.


          Having the overview as promised, I shall proceed with guidelines to download Opera mini for mobiles and PCs.

          • Log on to www.operamini.com. 
          • At the homepage, click on ‘Download now.’ 
          • Follow the download procedure step by step to complete opera mini software download. 
          • Install and start free and fast surfing and downloading. 

          I hope these tips were helpful? Please use the comment box for your contributions and questions on: www.operamini.com Download Latest Version Of Opera Mini Browser For PCs And SmartPhones

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 Login Page, Username, Password and Wireless settings

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 Login Page, Username, Password, and Wireless settings: The IP address is used for verities of reasons. Mainly the IP address is necessary to log in to the router, username and password are also necessary with the IP address for login to the router.
          The IP address is a Private IP address and this is used in the Linksys router. Different networking devices use different private IP addresses. However, the public IP address is used on the website. The IP address Login is a default IP address for the Linksys routers. If this is the new device, then the default IP address should be the same but if the device is not new then the IP address can be different. Press the reset button to reset all of the settings.

          These or addresses are commonly called host addresses.
          For setup anything in the router, you need to log in to the router and use the IP address on the browser adders field and click on the Go button from the browser. Now the login screen page will appear and there you need to use default username and password. You will get those login detail in the router box. Check the router backside to know the IP address, username, and password. You may get those detail on a paper sheet.

 Login Page, Username, Password

          If you want to secure the router, then you need to change the default username and password. If you use the default username and password on the device, then it is very easy to log into the router by anyone. That is why it is necessary to change the default login detail. If you change the default username and password, then no one can access your router from your home or office. Now your router is enough secured. If you want to remove the settings, then you can press a reset button.
          Now, setting up the internet is very easy on the router. You have to use your ISP information to set up the internet connection. Your ISP must give all necessary data for setup internet. If you want to set up the internet of a dial-up connection, then you have to use a username and password in the router of dial-up. It is better if you use the Wizard tool for a quick setup of an internet connection in the router. Advanced users can set up an internet connection manually.
          There are different types of settings available in the router control center for Wi-Fi security. Changing the default SSID network name is the main thing, and this is mainly used to identify the network connection. For the security of the Wi-Fi, you should give a unique name of the SSID network name. You should not use family members' names as the SSID network name. So, the people cannot identify your Wi-Fi connection until you disclose it and the connection remains safe. You should hide the SSID network name if your router supports that. By hiding the SSID network name, you will get more security. Read the router manual to know the detail process of hiding the SSID network name.
          Note that the default username and password for general routers are:
          • Username: admin
          • Password: admin
          • Username: admin
          • Password: password
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          Encrypted security is not a new thing and the developer always updates the feature for better security. Encrypted security is WPA2 and PSK. Those are running mostly in all of the devices now a day. You should enable WPA2 and PSK for Wi-Fi security. You should use updated encrypted security always. You need to apply a hard password for WPA2 and PSK encrypted security to make the Wi-Fi safer. Read the manual of the router to know more about the security if you want to understand all features of encrypted security.
          For the Wi-Fi connection, you should use a hard password. You need to use a critical password for the Wi-Fi connection to be safer. The hard password for Wi-Fi is very important. You can use a tool for creating a password. You can create a difficult password for the Wi-Fi connection. You can create the password by yourself with letters, numbers and symbols combination. For building a hard password, you need to use upper and small case letters in the password. The password will be 11 digits long at least.
          Mac filtering is a very important option for filtering the MAC ID for the router. With this feature, you can build a safe list of devices that are allowed to use Wi-Fi connection. You can add and remove MAC ID anytime from the list. You should update the firmware for making the secure connection and the device.

          How to Find Router IP Address

          If you want to set up a new Router or configure your Network, then you will need a Router IP Address so that you can access it and log in to your Router to change settings. Now how to find Router IP address to log in. Here are some default IP addresses, or Check the below links to find more Router IP address.

          How to Change 192.16811 Router Password

          If you want to change Router Password then you can. All you need to do is, access Router admin page > go to advanced settings > Router Admin > Change Password > Enter Old and New Password and save. Done!

 Router IP Address

          You can log in to your Router with their default IP address but note that each Router has its Default IP address. So here we are going to share a list of all the 192.168.1. Router IP address and default username and password.

          Router IP address, Default Username, and Password:

          Router ManufacturerIP addressUser NamePassword






          How to Access the Cisco Router using

          Step 1: Connect your Cisco Router to PC using RJ45 cable.
          Step 2: Turn on the Router and PC.
          Step 3: Open Browser and type and press Enter.
          Step 4: Enter the default username and password (admin-admin) if you haven’t changed. Or Enter your username and password.
          Step 5: This will open the Cisco Router Admin Page. Now you can customize all your settings and also change the WiFi password.

          D-link Router Login

          Step 1: Plug D-Link router with your laptop or desktop with an Ethernet cable.
          Step 2: Turn on your computer.
          Step 3: Open Web browser. Type or http://dlinkrouter > Enter.
          Step 4: Log in to the D-Link router with the administrator's username and password.
          Step 5: If you are logging in into for the first time then click on Setup and then go to wireless settings. You can set up it manually or automatically.

          How to Log In to a Netgear Router

          Step 1: First of all, connect the Netgear router with your Windows PC and then open Browser and type > Enter.
          Step 2: Enter the Router’s default username and password. If you don’t know the default username-password then check our above table. Go to Wireless Settings and customize settings.

          TP-LINK Router, Login & IP

          Step 1: TP-LINK Router has an IP address Connect Router and PC with the RJ45 cable.
          Step 2: Type in browser > Enter.
          Step 3: Enter the username and password.
          • IP address: (or http://tplinkwifi.net)
          • Username: admin
          • Password: admin/password
          Step 4: Go to Wireless Setting and change settings that you want.
          If you are facing issues while connecting Router and accessing admin page, then you may have done something wrong. These are some possible mistakes.
          • The IP address is configured improperly.
          • The Incorrect IP address is used in the browser or wrong settings are set up.
          • The router may not reply for the damaged connection with the modem
          • The wrong proxy is installed in the browser. Now reconfigure the proxy properly.
          • The wrong or faulty formed IP address is used like 192.168.I.I instead of
          • The IP address is used as link www.
          Read the manual to know about the Wi-Fi and router settings. You can contact the manufacturer site to know about the settings, or you can ask for help from the router manufacturer. This is a very fast and easy process to know everything about the routers and Wi-Fi setting.
          Some new Routers have auto setup mode. They allow users to configure it but if the user doesn’t want to Setup a new Router then they automatically set it for the user. They find Default Router Login IP address and Password for you.
          If you are still facing issues while accessing admin Login page, then comment below.
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          Charter Spectrum Login Email | Spectrum.net Email Account Sign in

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          Charter Spectrum Login Email | Spectrum.net Email Account Sign inIn today’s article, we are going to give you detailed instructions for Charter email login or as popularly called Charter Spectrum login email account guidelines. With this guide, you will learn how to access your Charter.net webmail account online easily as we have broken them down into a few easy steps. So just continue reading if you already have an account with Spectrum.net.


          However, for those who have not yet signed up for Charter email account, but wish to create an account with the company, we will also take you through how to access your Spectrum.net email online how to create a new account. So even if you do not have an account yet, we’ve got you covered.

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          About Spectrum Email Login Account

          Charter Communications is the third-largest cable TV and telecommunications company in the United States. Besides cable TV, Charter Spectrum.net Communications also offers high-speed Internet and a variety of phone services. Though currently, the Charter’s service is not available in all areas within the United States.

          So summarily, Charter Communications is a telecommunications company that provides cable television, high-speed Internet and telephony to more than 5 million customers in 29 states and it has turned out to be one of the largest operators of cable services in the United States, behind Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and Cox Communications.

          Charter Communications, Time Warner Cable, and Bright House Networks are now one company. And when you sign up for Spectrum.net Charter Communication’s high-speed Internet service, which is categorized as cable broadband, then you will either receive or be able to create a user name.

          How to Create Spectrum Email Account

          To start with, you will have to set up your Spectrum.net username and password, you have the option to create a Spectrum email account which is pretty easier than every other email service providers sign up process. Now here is the breakdown of how to sign up a Charter Spectrum email account.
          • Sign in to https://www.spectrum.net with your selected username and password.
          • Select ''Internet'', then choose ''Create Email Address''.
          • When prompted, select “Create Mailbox” to confirm that you want to set up a Spectrum email account (username@charter.net).
          • Enter your Spectrum.net email login password, then select “Finish”.
          • You’ll receive a confirmation notice that your mailbox has been created.
          • Select “Go to Mailbox” to begin using your Spectrum email account.

          Congratulations, as you have successfully completed the Charter Spectrum email registration process. All that’s left is how to access your email account, so let us show you how to access your Charter.net email account using a laptop computer or from your Smartphone.

          Check these Useful Links
          How to create a Spectrum Username – http://www.spectrum.net/support/my-account/creating-charter-username/
          Spectrum Sign In Help – http://www.spectrum.net/support/my-account/spectrumnet-sign-help/
          Help for Charter Users – http://www.spectrum.net/support/internet/charternet-now-spectrumnet/
          Spectrum Email Reference – http://www.spectrum.net/support/internet/email-quick-reference-guide/

          Steps for Charter Spectrum Login Email Account

          The steps to login to your Spectrum email account is very simple, easy and accessible once you follow the guide that is written below.

          • Firstly go to the spectrum.net email sign-in page at https://www.spectrum.net/login/. 
          • If this is the first time you are trying to log-in or if you are a customer of a service that has recently been merged with Charter Communications, you might see a form requesting your ZIP code so you can be directed to the correct login page for your particular service. If so, enter your ZIP code and press the Continue button.
          • Next, you will see the Spectrum login page title “Enter Your Sign-In Info.”
          • Enter your Spectrum username or email address. If you have not created a username yet, then use this Create Username link and follow the on-screen instructions and type in your password.
          • You can tick the “Remember Me” box, so your login details are saved for automatic sign-in next time you log in. But note that this option should be used only if you want to sign in to the Charter Spectrum email account with your personal computer.
          • Now click the “Sign In” button to log in to your account. Once logged in, you can access your email inbox, as well as watch TV online, pay your bills, etc.

          How to Reset Charter Spectrum Login Password

          For lost Spectrum email password that leaves you wondering how or what next to do in order to retrieve back your password, you don’t have to worry as you will just need to follow the below simple steps to retrieve back your login details.
          • Go to the Charter Spectrum login email account page at https://www.spectrum.net/login/. Click on the Forgot Password or Username link.
          • You can verify yourself by getting a text message, automated call, or email.
          • When you’ve entered your information, you’ll receive a message via phone, text, or email with your username and/or password.
          • You can also choose to verify your account by entering the security code from your bill, the last four digits of a payment card you have on file, or the last four characters of the MAC address from a piece of Spectrum equipment.

          For any issue with your Charter Spectrum Login Email account process when you follow the procedures below, kindly alert us in the comment section below.

          I hope this article was of great help in signing in to your charter spectrum email.

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          Latest Google chrome version Download For Android, Windows & More

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          Latest Google chrome version Download – In this article am going to be teaching how to download one of the finest webs browser that is owned and managed by google free of charge for quick and easy browsing but first let us know more about it.
          Google chrome is a browser owned by Google that offers together a great and impressive approaches to help Internet users access the internet in a much more quickly and easy way.
          Google chrome is quite simple and less dangerous. I think it’s because Google owns it. There are indeed more than a thousand reasons why you should stick to the Google Chrome web browser.

          With this amazing web browser, you can open web applications and games with no hassle and, above all, quickly. It’s the main alternative to Firefox and Internet Explorer.
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          Also with these, you can save all the most visited websites on your home page of the browser so there will no need of struggling to type in the name of the site you want to visit once you have been visiting the site before.

          Latest Google chrome version Download For Android / Windows / iPhone / iPad and More

          Now the steps below are the steps that you must have to follow in other to ensure successful Download Latest Google chrome version free of charge without wasting time but we are going to take it one after the other.

          Download Google Chrome For android apk

          Now follow the steps below to download google chrome latest version for your android phone to enjoy roaming the internet without crashing of browser.
          Downloading google chrome for your android phone is not a difficult thing to do all you have to do is to click on google play store app on your Android phone type in google chrome app to download and install the app free of charge.
          Apart from downloading the app on Google Play for Android phones, you can also click here now to get the app downloaded from the official website of Google chrome.

          Download Google Chrome For Windows

          To download google chrome for windows please all you have to do is to click here now to visit the official site of google chrome here to download and install the app.

          Download Google Chrome For iPhone

          To download the latest Google chrome Version for your iPhone / iPad please you can do that from the iTunes app on your phone free of charge simply type in the name of the Google chrome in the search box to download.
          Please for your comment and contribution do not forget to make use of the comment box below and we shall get back to you immediately…..
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          Popular Cars in the UK 2019

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          Today, we will be looking at the top popular cars in the UK 2019, so if you need to acquire a car before the year comes to a close, then you should check out this article.

          POPULAR CARS IN THE UK 2019

          1) The Ford Fiesta: 

          The year 2018 ended comfortably for Ford Fiesta ended 2018 as the UK’s best-selling new car, and the supermini maintained that popularity in the first half of 2019; it appears to be dominating the sales chart, finishing July in top spot with 5,646 registrations and a big gap to its arch-nemesis, the Vauxhall Corsa (3,079).
          Despite getting bigger with each new version, the Fiesta remains a delight to drive, with improvements in interior space and build quality over the old car and a great range of engine options further helping to make it a tempting buy.

          2) Volkswagen Golf: 

          Consistent popularity has made the Volkswagen Golf one of the UK’s best-selling family hatchbacks and was the second-best seller overall in August. It’s locked in a close battle with the Ford Focus for best-of-the-rest honors behind the all-conquering Fiesta.
          The Golf is a timeless choice with a high-quality interior and decent driving dynamics, so it thoroughly deserves its success. It also augurs well for the all-new Golf that’s due to go on sale before the end of the year.

          3) Ford Focus: 

          Ranking fourth for the month of July with 1,886 registrations, the Focus has (not for the first time this year) lost its second-place spot in the charts to the VW Golf. There’s still enough time for the Ford to bridge the gap before the end of the year, however, as just 1,232 sales separate the rival hatchbacks.
          While keeping a hold of its everyman appeal, the new Focus has a much more upmarket cabin than the one found in previous generations, while continuing to excel in the areas of handling and driving pleasure. And with good standard equipment levels, it’s no surprise the Focus is still a strong seller.

          4) Vauxhall Corsa

          It may be nearing the end of its life cycle but the Vauxhall Corsa remains one of the UK’s best-selling new cars; not far behind the perennially-popular Ford Focus. Vauxhall will no doubt be looking to shift as many Corsas as possible off forecourts before an all-new model replaces the current car later this year.

          5) Nissan Qashqai

          In 2018, the Nissan Qashqai’s popularity appeared to be on the wane as a wave of new rivals recently entered the crowded compact SUV market. But despite the fresh-faced competition and a sales slump in August (it didn’t feature at all in the top 10 last month), the Qashqai is selling incredibly well for the year so far; it currently sits in fifth place overall and comfortably ahead of its next closest rival, the Ford Kuga.

          6) Mercedez Benz A-Class

          The new Mercedes A-class is really hitting the spot with British buyers: the premium hatch accounts for nearly a third of Mercedes’ sales in the UK, and it has a sizeable lead over rivals like the BMW 1 Series and Audi A3, neither of which appear in the top 10 for the first half of 2019. So popular was the A-Class last month, it was only seven registrations shy of passing the Ford Focus for fourth place.
          With a lush interior, segment-leading tech spec, upmarket image, and affordable finance deals, it’s not hard to see why so many motorists are won over.

          7) Volkswagen Polo

          It’s not giving the Ford Fiesta any sleepless nights but the Volkswagen Polo is still one of the UK’s most popular new cars, proving buyers of superminis are increasingly wanting to be seen driving upmarket brands. August wasn’t brilliant for the Polo, however, as its 1,282 registrations weren’t enough to get the Polo into the top 10 for the month.
          Like the Golf, its bigger brother, the Polo is a great all-rounder with efficient engines, good ride quality and arguably the supermini segment’s most impressive interior.

          8) Ford Kuga: 

          It’s trailing the Nissan Qashqai on registrations but the Ford Kuga is still one of the UK’s most popular SUVs, with more than 25,000 being registered in the UK so far this year. The Kuga’s performance is even more impressive when you consider its successor is imminent — an all-new version of the family-friendly Ford Kuga crossover will arrive in showrooms later this year.

          9) Mini Hatch: 

          With just 1,124 MINI Hatchbacks finding new homes in August, the British-built retro runabout was another car on this list that didn’t make it into the top 10 last month. Despite that, the MINI remains one of the most popular small cars with UK buyers, and its appeal could grow once the MINI Electric (Cooper SE) version arrives in 2020.

          10) Kia Sportage: 

          The Kia Sportage has lost a bit more ground to its chief rivals, the Nissan Qashqai and Ford Kuga, though the SUV has done enough to retain its 10th place spot in the year-to-date charts. Like the Nissan Qashqai and the Ford Kuga, the Sportage is a well-balanced all-rounder, though the Korean crossover has one big USP over its competitors: an impressive seven-year/ 100,000-miles warranty.

          11) Volkswagen Tiguan: 

          The Tiguan has to compete with the class-leading Range Rover Evoque, plus other prestige-badged rivals from the likes of Audi, BMW, and Mercedes. However, it makes a good case for itself with a spacious interior and a strong range of engines.
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          Sites That Offer Free Forex Trading Education

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          I had a friend who was interested in Forex market trade but his problem was that he had no background knowledge about Forex whatsoever and he didn't know how to navigate the market, so I recommended some sites for him to start his courses. I will be doing the same for you now. So, let's get started.


          1) BLOOMBERG

          Bloomberg is a great financial website. It provides round the clock information, analysis, trading news, and financial data. For social entertainment, it provides news of events/happenings and sports all around the world. The company behind the website also provides a trading terminal for the banks and other financial institutions.

          It is an all in one-stop-shop. For quick access and reference, the site is further sub-divided into different tabs ( Commodities, Stocks, Rates & Bonds, Currencies, Futures, Economics, Fixed Income, ETFs, Sectors). It is a user-friendly site that affords all users irrespective of location on the globe relevance. It covers the USA, Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle-East, and Japan. If you want to be successful in forex trading, this is a must add to your armory

          The link to the website is - www.bloomberg.com

          2) BABYPIPS

          Babypips is another amazing website that cannot be overlooked when discussing the best forex websites. As their name suggests, it is ‘The beginner's guide to FX trading’. The look of the website cum its simplicity is top-notch. As the name suggests, it grooms baby traders to become adult traders.

          It has created a niche in the forex education because of its ability to deal with topics and discussions in simple and clear terms. There is no assumption with the teachers and administrators of this forex website. Therefore, I'm sorely tempted to rank this as the number one best forex website that every beginner in forex should start off with before moving to the other sites discussed here as the basics to profitable forex trading are well explained therein.

          This is the link to the website - www.babypips.com

          3) FOREXLIVE

          Forexlive is another top forex website that every forex trader should have in his array of trading tools. It is inclusive of several tabs such as cryptocurrency; technical analysis, Economic calendar, list of forex brokers, robust education, live market quotes, live charts, forex orders, and other several forex tools.

          One other key feature of the site is the social trading (social trading allows newbies to duplicate the workings of an expert trader. Little or no previous knowledge about trading is required to do this. It is however still advisable that intending traders learn the ropes for long-term and sustainable gains as against leaning on social trading.

          You can access their website via this link - www.forexlive.com

          4) DAILYFOREX

          Dailyforex is absolutely a website that every would-be forex trader and those already trading should desire to use. It has a rich column dedicated to ‘reviews’ of different subject matters. It also offers trading signal service. Still, on the features of the site, it is loaded with lots of forex learning resources, market updates, trading tools like daily forex mobile app, forex widgets, etc.

          For those who are eager to test the forex market with paper money, they could also open a demo account with forextime via the daily forex website for free. It ranks as one of the best forex websites.

          This URL will take you further to the website - www.dailyforex.com

          5) INVESTOPEDIA

          Investopedia is a finance and investing website. This website could easily be called ‘University of Forex’ simply because of its rich content as depicted by the ‘academy tab on the website. It provides the users with all that is needed to be profitable in the forex business. It has in its ‘topics’ tab amongst the following – wealth management, Financial Advisors, Personal Finance, Trading, etc.

          In the academy tab, many important topics like- Investing for Beginners, Find Great Value Stocks, Cryptocurrency for Beginners, Financial Modeling, etc are not left out.

          For additional information, go to - www.investopedia.com

          6) NETDANIA

          Netdania is another incredible forex website under our top forex websites for consideration. They provide an array of products ranging from mobile/desktop applications to cloud services, real-time tradable rates from 10 top global liquidity providers indicating best Bid and Ask prices. It is very easy to navigate through the website.

          They also host free NetDania's "Live Trading Webinars" for interested participants. Like every other best forex website site, they have a rich news section.

          Their main website could be accessed via - www.netdania.com


          Forexpeacearmy is a forex website where it all happens. Any information provided on this website from experience are often verifiable. As the name depicts, forexpeacearmy, they assist users of different forex products in the resolution of conflicts that may ensue between them and their service providers. They actually live up to their name. Over the years they have been able to save tens of thousands of dollars for people by way of advice and uncovering shady attitudes of some forex service providers through their forex traders’ court.

          They provide top-notch reviews, strategies, education, and tools. They also have a dedicated community that handles scam alerts, traders’ court, forums, beginners’ Bootcamp, etc. They are acclaimed to be unbiased professionals in their dealings. No compromise in revealing the evils in the forex world. Their source of revenue is by advertisements placed on their website and currently have over five million visitors to their website annually.

          So far, there hasn't been any issue of compromise reported against them. - www.forexpeacearmy.com

          8) FOREXCRUNCH

          The Forexcrunch website looks like a blog page because of its simplicity. In spite of its simple looks, it has all it takes for a forex trader to succeed. It does not require too much expertise to navigate through the page contents. Their slogan is also very appealing – Trade Forex Responsibly. It provides a comprehensive weekly forecast and daily outlook of events. Like other websites under our radar, it has a very rich live forex calendar.

          For further information about this website, readers are advised to access via - www.forexcrunch.com

          9) FOREXFACTORY

          Forexfactory is all-encompassing and one of the best forex websites available today. It is accessible to everyone that has an internet connection on the pc or mobile device. It has a very user-friendly interface. The site can either be accessed as a visitor or as a registered user. The forum section is very rich with lots of useful information and materials for forex traders ranging from expert advisors, strategies, and downloadable books.

          The trade feed and live accounts tab are also very enriching to users of the site as it showcases live trades. The forex calendar on the website can also be customized to suit one purpose e.g. last week, this week, next week, last month, this month, etc.). There is also a comprehensive list of forex brokers on the site.

          Visit their website on www.forexfactory.com

          10) TRADINGVIEW

          Tradingview is a forex website that allows free membership to use their facilities. It requires a free sign-up to enable access to the full contents of their website. It has a very rich user interface. One could launch trading charts without having to download any applications like mt4 or mt5 to the computer. It thus makes viewing of charts on mobile phones/ tablets easier via their URL. The charts are updated in real-time.

          It also has an all-time up to date economic calendar. For ease of reference, readers are enjoined to check - www.tradingview.com

          11) FXSTREET

          Fxstreet is another leading source of forex news, real-time forex analysis, currency exchange rates, a robust economic calendar, education, list of forex brokers, broker news and spreads. It is adjudged to be one of the top best forex websites known at the moment. There is also a section for cryptos. The design of the website is also very good.

          This website can be accessed at www.fxstreet.com

          12) DAILYFX

          DailyFX is a site that will help you get some good ideas on what you can anticipate from the market. It offers great analysts that are always helpful. 
          It doesn't matter if you are a fundamental or a technical trader you will like this site.
          You can check out their website on www.dailyfx.com

          So, this is it! If you know of any other Forex trade education sites that others can learn from, please don't hesitate to drop them in the comment section and don't forget to share this article with your friends!
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          Instagram Login with Facebook or Email

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          Instagram Login with Facebook or Email: In today’s social networking world, we have designated certain social networks to certain features, Facebook is known as the messaging king – although it is expanding in its features, Instagram is known for pictures upload, while on twitter you just get to post the latest and current trends on your mind.
          On one side there’s Snapchat, the selfies queen that permits you to take pictures, edit and tag your friends but do they have the best picture platform in comparison with Instagram? Well let’s leave that for another as we mainly tackles Instagram Login with Facebook or Email
          Read: How to Link Instagram with Facebook
          You may wonder that you only need to sign in to your Instagram account with your Email address or the username associated with your Instagram account, but today we will show you the easy steps to log in to Instagram directly using your Facebook details.
          Instagram Login with Facebook or Email
          Check out the steps to Login to your Instagram account with Facebook below.
          Read Also: Easy Steps to Reset Instagram Password
          Note: We are using the Instagram Mobile App for this Tutorial, so if you don’t own one, kindly download now.
          Before you proceed, it is highly important to know that your Instagram account must be connected you’re your FB account before you can log in to Instagram using your Facebook details.
          Step 1: To login to your Instagram account making use of your Facebook details, click on the label with “Log in with Facebook” upon opening the Instagram platform on Desktop PC browser or after launching the App on your Mobile Phone.
          Step 2: After clicking on “Login with Facebook”, you will be required to enter your Facebook account Login details.
          Upon Validation of this step, you will be logged right to your Instagram profile

          Additional Info: Another amazing thing to do upon connecting Instagram with Facebook is to simply share your Posts, Pictures, and Videos across these websites easily!
          I hope this article was quite helpful?
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          Free Dating Sites In India – No Payments Indian Dating Sites

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          Free Dating Sites In India – No Payments Indian Dating Sites

          Free Dating Sites In India – No Payments India Dating Sites for Singles.

          Undisputably, online dating has grown so popular among single of 21st century because of its simplicity and convenience. 
          Meanwhile, the recent increase in interest in online dating has given rise to the number of paid online dating websites, especially in India. These paid dating websites require payment for dating service rendered hence the need for Free Dating Sites In India so that even without payment you can still get across to new friends and as well soulmates and marriage partners.
          Nevertheless, it would be good to point out that some dating sites are fake and have led so many people to believe that nothing good comes out of online dating especially from online dating sites. This is usually the reason paid dating sites have focused on exploiting a lot of singles looking for relationships.
          However, some free dating sites have been tested and trusted in India because they are exceptional in rendering online dating services.

          READ MORE:


          The following websites offer free credible and genuine online dating in India.
          • METRODATE.COM
          Metrodate dating website is a 100% free Indian dating site. However, with some limits, its free dating service is the best so far. It makes sure members are real, hence must upload profile picture before sending messages to other members. Add contacts, email, phone number and find many real people within Metro Cities India: Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, and so on.
          • MINGLE2.COM
          Mingle2.com is an awesome dating site, however, it requires completion of profile before using any of its services. It 100% free India dating site. It requires n premium subscription.
          • WAMBA.COM
          Wamba.com is another great free dating site in India. The website is free and users can easily link up with local singles. However, this website allows only the VIP members to send emails or contact with other users.
          • FDATING.COM
          Fdating.com It is a 100% free dating site in India however not that popular among India dating, is a powerful tool for an Indian aspiring to date outside India.
          India-Passions.com probably the easiest free dating site in India that you can search for its features through the homepage. Accessing this site is quite simple and easy as you can browse users through the homepage.
          • PROXIMEETY.COM
          Proximeety unarguably is the best Indian website for chatting and dating. It is highly recommended for anybody wishing to date Indian.
          • FLIRTBOX.COM
          Flirtbox is a free dating website in India which however originated from Germany. Create a free account on Flirtbox and start exploring its dating services beyond bounds.

          Meanwhile, for contributions and inquiries on Free Dating Sites In India – No Payments Indian Dating Sites feel free to use the comment box.
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          Tuesday, 29 October 2019

          How to uninstall and install Facebook

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          If you have deleted or deactivated your Facebook account, you should free up more space on your phone by uninstalling the Facebook app. Also, if you want to reactivate your Facebook account, all you have to do is to install the Facebook application again. So do you want to learn how to uninstall and install Facebook?

          How to uninstall and install Fb

          For Android
          To uninstall the Facebook app from your Android:
          1. Go to your Android's settings and open your application manager or apps management
          2. Tap on "Facebook"
          3. Tap on "Uninstall"


          To Reinstall the Facebook for Android app, download it again from the Google Play Store.

          iPhone and iPad
          To uninstall the Facebook app from your iPhone or iPad:
          1. Press and hold the app icon
          2. Tap the "x" that appears
          3. To confirm, tap "Delete"
          To reinstall the Facebook app on your iPhone or iPad, download it from the iTunes App Store.

          Facebook for Every Phone
          To reinstall the Facebook for Every Phone app, download it from https://web.facebook.com/mobile.
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