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Instagram Sign in Login Using Facebook Account ✅

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This article is an updated post on our previous guide on how to login to Instagram using Facebook Account. I am certain you will find it useful.
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Have you recently checked your Instagram settings on Android or iOS? If you have, then you must have noticed the steps involved in linking your Instagram account with Facebook is now a very simple one. This guide will not only talk about account linking as we have updated this post to include steps to login Instagram account using Facebook login details.

Instagram Sign in Login Using Facebook Account

 Follow the steps listed below:
  1. Access the Instagram homepage from your web browser and click on login with Facebook.
  2. When a new page loads, you will be requested to input your Facebook username and password and then click on login to proceed to the next step.
  3. A new window will pop-up asking you if you truly want to authorize this attempt or not, kindly click on ‘OK’ button to authorize and grant access to your Instagram account using your Facebook profile.
  4. Your Facebook profile information will be pulled from Instagram to signup new account for you. On the new page, you can choose to change your email account or use it as your Instagram login mail and then create a new password for yourself. 
Note: You can use a password different from your Facebook login password but preferably use your Facebook password since you are trying to login Instagram account with Facebook without creating a new profile on Instagram. After that simply click on sign up.
These steps will prompt an account to be created for you on Instagram using your Facebook details and you can easily login with the password set.

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I hope you were able to login to your Instagram account using Facebook? Please let us know your experience and how you are enjoying your linked Instagram account. However, if you have not succeeded in linking your account, kindly inform us in the comment section stating the problem and we will gladly help out.
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