Wednesday, 18 September 2019

How to Block and Unblock People on Facebook | View FB Blocked List

Facebook is an extremely well known social networking site for everyone especially the Android and iPhone users.
In our previous guide, we demonstrated how Facebook users can block somebody on FB application from an iPhone device or any other device at that. It is also possible to unblock people on the Facebook website directly. Today, we will reveal an alternative approach to block and unblock individuals on your Facebook account online.


You can follow the steps below to block people or unblock people on your Facebook account using the full website on PC, once this is done, such individual will also be blocked on Facebook Messenger application on iPhone, Android, and other devices.

How to Block Someone on Facebook Messenger

  1. Visit https://www.facebook.com/ from a web browser on your PC or Mac, for example, IE, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and so on.
  2. Sign in your Facebook account with your username and password.
  3. Tap on the drop-down menu icon from the upper right corner to reveal the drop-down options.
  4. From the Facebook Privacy Shortcuts menu, locate the area “How would I prevent somebody from disturbing me?”
  5. Once you find this, Input a name or email, and at that point simply block such person.
  6. When you block an individual using this approach, such individual is totally blocked on Facebook site, blocked when you run Messenger application on iPhone or Android, they will likewise be blocked in your Facebook application on the phone.

How to Unblock People On Facebook

When you block somebody on Facebook, you can decide to unblock them anytime, when this time comes, follow these steps

Note: This procedure is similar on Messenger on Android and on all Facebook platforms, simply do the following:
  • Sign in your Facebook account
  • Navigate to the Privacy Shortcuts menu as instructed above
  • Click View All Blocked Users to reveal a list of all your blocked friends
  • To unblock somebody from the list, simply run through the name lists and tap the Unblock button.
That is how easy it is to block and unblock Facebook users.


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