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My Blocked List On Facebook: MY BLOCK LIST ON FACEBOOK ✅

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See My Blocked List On Facebook: VIEW YOUR BLOCK LIST ON FACEBOOK  - Do you feel like locating where your blocked friends are on located on Facebook? We will see how to view Facebook blocked friends list so you can choose whether to unblock them or not to unblock them.

Your Facebook profile account is ultimately yours, and you have all the right to spice it up to your taste and satisfaction. You can as well choose whatever settings available and do whatever you choose to use it without asking for permission from anybody or any third-party app. So, if you have really made up your mind and have chosen to pay a visit to your blocked prisoners ( i.e., Your BLOCKED LIST), it’s entirely up to you. Our aim here is to show you the route to the blocked people prison court (Facebook Blocked list)

Facebook permits you to block and unblock people. You can actually block anyone bothering on your Facebook at any time.

So how do you access those friends or Facebook users that you have blocked?

In this post, we shall see how to find and locate users blocked by you on the Facebook platform.

Facebook keeps a record of every user that you have blocked, enabling you to see at one glance which user cannot contact you in any way when using the social networking site. Blocked users are not actually displayed in alphabetical order, but rather in the order in which you had blocked them, from most recent to least. When seeing/viewing a list of blocked users, you can take only one action: unblocking that user. You can see or view the blocked list when accessing Facebook from your desktop or laptop PC's browser.

One easy thing to do is to sign up and create a Facebook profile; another thing is how to use it effectively. As you may have already known, sometimes you add friends who turn out to become a green snake in the grass and so you are left with no other option than to block them altogether.

Sometimes, due to how frequent people messes with you on the Facebook platform, you may choose to block even innocent people - so you want to go back to cross-check and examine your decision if you had in the process mistakenly blocked your real friends.  How do you get there to see blocked pals? This blog post will be of more significant help to figure it out!

How Do I Locate My Blocked List On Facebook?

Below are the actionable steps to be taken in order to view all your blocked friends on your block list.

To view your Facebook block list, do this:
  • Click  on the top right of any Facebook page
  • Click on Privacy Shortcuts
  • Click on How do I stop someone from bothering me?
  • Click on View All Blocked Users.

How To Locate My Blocked List On Facebook On Mobile Application

You can as well follow the post below if you're using Facebook through a mobile phone app.

Step 1: Open your Facebook application on your smartphone.

Unblock on Facebook - Logo

Step 2: Click or tap on the menu button located in the upper right part of your FB app screen.

Facebook unblock menu

Step 3: Scroll down and then chose the “Settings & Privacy” option, as indicated below.

Facebook unlock settings

Step 4. Find and tap on the “Blocking” option, as shown below.

Facebook unblock blocking

Step 5: Find and tap on the user you wish to unblock.

Facebook unblock list

Step 6: Tap or click on the “Unblock” button that shows up in the pop-up screen.

Facebook unblock popup

So, there you have it on accessing the blocked list on Facebook.

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