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Delete My Facebook Account NOW ✅

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How do I permanently delete my Facebook profile account completely right now? Is it actually possible to delete your Facebook profile, messages, photos, videos, and Facebook friends permanently? In this update, we are going to be seeing the complete process of getting rid of your account on Facebook.

You may probably have to navigate through the complex Facebook settings as well as searched on the Google search engine on how to get rid of your Facebook account. But you could not find a perfect way to delete your Facebook account completely.

As you may have probably been wondering if Facebook is barricading the delete settings from users, your guess may just be as right as I would like to think that Facebook doesn’t want to let their users leave the Facebook platform easily. You may have as well tried to deactivate your account on Facebook, but the truth is that; deactivating a Facebook account is not the permanent way to close your FB account.

What should I do before deleting Facebook account?

Below is the list of things you should consider doing or putting in place before saying your final goodbye to the social media giant.

1. Backup a copy of your data by moving to the drop-down menu -> General tab in the left column -> tap or click on “Download a copy” to initiate the download.
2. Send your Facebook friend an email telling them to be aware that you will no longer be using Facebook. You can drop/send a message through a Facebook messenger that you are terminating your Facebook account.
3. Uninstall any FB applications that you've used to login to Facebook in the past. It may be that you are logged in via iPhone, Android Mobile, or Blackberry. These devices may unintentionally cause you to remain logged in to the Facebook account that you intend to quit using, in fact, even after you try to delete your account on Facebook. While you can also log out from these applications, but the safest measure to take is to get rid of them totally.

Below step by step guide will lead you to delete Facebook account forever:

1. Log in to your account and then tap or click on the below secret delete Facebook account link for which was hidden from you by the Facebook team under the settings. Click below

2. Now, a pop-up screen will appear, and you will need to click on the "Delete my account" button.

3. Confirm your delete decision with the popup screen. The popup screen says, “You are about to permanently delete your account. Are you sure?“. Now, enter the Facebook password and security check/captcha and then tap or click on the ok button.

4. After confirmation, again, a new popup screen appears “Permanently Delete Account.“ It reads,” Your account has been deactivated from the FB site and will be permanently deleted within 14 to 90 days. If you log in to your account within the next 14 days, your account will be reactivated, and you will have the option of canceling your request.” (See image)

5. Now, you will be logged out from your FB account. Next, check your email inbox with the subject “Account Scheduled for Deletion.“ In an email, you are requested again to cancel your request of permanently delete your FB account. It shows that FB still does not want to let you go. If you still want to return again to the Facebook world, login with a given link.

6. When you need to log in again, a new popup screen appears. which ask to either “Cancel Deletion” or “Confirm Deletion.“ Now, again, the options are yours, “Cancel Deletion,” if you wish to come back to Facebook later-on or “Confirm Deletion” if you still stick with your decision of erasing your account off the social media.

Things to Remember while closing your account
1. Never log in to Facebook again, at least, for the next 14 days, if you are sure you really wish your account on Facebook to be permanently deleted.
2. If you are intending to come back again, simply follow the login link before the expiration of 14 days.
3. You must and should log out of anything connected with your Facebook account. It may include any mobile app or service that you’ve connected or logged in through Facebook. It may be Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, Calender app, etc. on your smart device.
4. Ensure that you have cleared your browser’s cache and cookies from your smartphone, desktop, and tablets. Otherwise, saved login credentials/details on your respective devices will trigger the account reactivation again.
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