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How to Switch Back to Using Classic Facebook - Classic Facebook Settings Mode

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The largest social media platform in the world is Facebook, with its other subsidiaries like Whatsapp and Instagram.

Facebook remains the most common and commonly used social media user in the world.

A lot of people have switched to the new Facebook mode and enjoy it, while others prefer to stick to the old Facebook mode and want to return to the classic Facebook mode.

Some of the classic Facebook mode fans don't know how to go back to classic mode. This article will enlighten you on how to make the switch to the old Facebook mode.

Classic Facebook Mode

The classic Facebook mode is referred to as 'old Facebook' and is popular with many Facebook users and has not gone out of fashion yet. The new Facebook mode is a Facebook design intended to directly replace the classic Facebook mode. The idea is to redefine the Facebook experience for Facebook users all over the world.

A lot of Facebook users today tried out the new Facebook mode and shared their experiences with the new Facebook mode, but the reception and feedback were mixed.

New Facebook Mode

If you're moving from classic Facebook mode, you'll find that it can get overwhelmingly unimpressive at first glance for some. The 'Facebook stories' is at the right, above where you can type 'what's on your mind.' You can also easily see your friends who are active or on-line. Friends that are online also have a green sign and a noticeable button.

You will also note that the shortcut on the left side of the space rail and the web interface is now a bit close to Pinterest (Though that is open to debate).

So, Facebook has completely redesigned the Facebook app, and there are more minimalist interfaces for Facebook users. It's got the official dark mode option on Facebook. But you don't have to look around for dark mode functionality because it's built-in.

There is a total improvement in the icon design and placement to allow a light browsing experience and pleasant User Experience.

If you noticed, all pages load quickly and the news feed features have undergone a significant change and redesign.

Facebook Classic View

This social media site has updated its interface, and while it has brought something different, you should know that the social app always allows users to turn back. Facebook's been upgrading its look. This new design focuses on the material you see from the friends you have and the communities you follow. This new look also has a big navigation bar and so many other features. Although you may be so excited to try out this new interface and design, you should also be mindful that Facebook has made it clear that not everyone will be able to turn back to the Facebook Classic View. And if it's always possible to improve now, you will not know the steps you should take to change.

How to Switch Back to the Old Facebook Mode

If you’re using New Facebook, you can switch back to Classic Facebook at any time. Follow the steps below to switch back to the classic Facebook mode.

  • Click in the top right of Facebook.
  • Select Switch to Classic Facebook

How to Switch Again to Classic (New) Facebook Mode

  • Open Facebook on your computer and Log in.
  • On the home page, click the Menu (Down arrow option) in the top-right corner.
  • From the drop-down menu, select Switch to New Facebook.

Facebook is currently encouraging a large population of people to go back to the old version of the Facebook Classic View. This social company has announced that the "Test Group" will not be allowed to turn back until this new mode has been activated.

That's all in Classic Facebook mode.

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PayPal To Close Down its Domestic Payment Business in India

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PayPal is shutting down its domestic company in India less than four years after the U.S. giant opened local operations on the world's second-largest internet market.

“From 1 April 2021, we will focus all our attention on enabling more international sales for Indian businesses, and shift focus away from our domestic products in India. This means we will no longer offer domestic payment services within India from 1 April,” a company spokesperson said.

In a long statement, PayPal said that its priorities had changed in India, but did not clarify why it was shutting down the company. Recently, the company, which has accumulated more than 360,000 merchants in the country, has been struggling to make inroads in India.

Indian news outlet The Morning Background reported in December that PayPal had abandoned its local payment business in India, an assertion that the company had refuted at the time.

"As priorities changed, some PayPal workers have been reassigned to new teams. Our goal is to minimize the effect on our people wherever possible. Overall, our workforce in India is rising, not decreasing. We are currently hiring in large numbers across our sites in India," said the spokesperson.

However, the move comes as a surprise. The company said last year that it was building a payment service driven by the Indian UPI railroad, indicating an increase in the level of investment it made in the region.

Over the years, PayPal has also collaborated with a number of prominent Indian companies, such as BookMyShow and MakeMyTrip ticketing services and Swiggy Food Delivery Network, to provide faster checkout experience. At the time of writing, all such references seem to have been deleted from the PayPal website in India.

India has emerged as one of the world's largest battlegrounds for mobile payment firms in recent years. Scores of heavily backed companies, including Paytm, PhonePe, Google, Amazon and Facebook, are competing to increase their share in India, where the market is expected to be worth $1 trillion by 2023. Several of these companies also provide a variety of payment services to traders.

The company, which said it processed $1.4 billion worth of international sales to Indian traders last year, added that it would continue to invest in "product development that will enable Indian businesses to reach nearly 350 million PayPal consumers worldwide, increase their sales internationally, and help the Indian economy return to growth."

PayPal has been offering support for cross-border payments in India for more than a decade. After entering the world, consumers in India were allowed to pay local currency to online traders.

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Facebook Now Linked With Google for Indexing

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Facebook Google is not far from today's Google search engine, which has become the most commonly used website in the world today. There have been so many search engines before Google, but the trend that google now has is strong as compared to what others get.

Are you surprised to hear about the word "Facebook Google" Or maybe you have seen it before, but you still have to discover the true thing that's all about it? This article is for you, then.

If you are not aware of or have noted this, Facebook is now partnering with Google to boost the quality of its services and products. In the true sense, this will allow users to perform search activities while on the site.

Facebook Google

Recently, Ken Paxton, a group led by Texas Attorney General, filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google. The suit accuses Google of illegally exploiting monopoly control and power in its ad tech business.

According to the attorney general, Facebook had basically baited google to make the offer. On this basis, Google rejected the allegations and, on the other hand, Facebook was not readily accessible for at least one comment.

The suit accused google of entering into an agreement with Facebook to stop it from having header bids and give FB rights at advertisement auctions on its website. Header bidding is for publishers (websites and apps) to sell online ad space.

Header bidding allows multiple advertisers to bid on the same bit of advertising space at the same time as the publisher approves the offer of the highest bidder and advertises it. This is an alternative to the Google Ad Placement method that delivers auctions in a series.

Facebook Google Play

There's no question that the best way to keep friends is via social media. There is no issue of distance on social media. Although there are several applications and items that are not available at all locations.

Facebook Google Play is an app that helps you to do so without stress. What this means is that with the app, you'll be able to quickly communicate with your friends, family, and loved ones with only an accessible app.

Nowadays, staying in contact with friends and family is simpler and easier than ever before. Social networking sites such as Facebook have made it possible for various people to post notifications and images, interact with friends and pages, and even link to communities of interest to you.

Facebook Google Play App

This is one of the best apps the business has ever released. Between 2012 and 2014, it was one of the times that made the app so popular and famous. As part of the FB software, the app also includes advertisements, messengers, marketplaces, etc.

The bottom line of this is that the app was running very well as at when it was released by the company, but as time went on it started to depreciate in its functions. That made a lot of users very worried about the app.

Well, the good news is that this mistake has been corrected by the company with a wide list of applications that have been released so far.

Top Facebook Applications

Today, Facebook has launched a range of applications with distinguished features and categories. Both of these apps have their own uniqueness, and this has been an established reality for all users. Get the list below, please;

  • Messenger.
  • Facebook.
  • Facebook lite.
  • Messenger lite.
  • Facebook business.
  • Workplace from  Facebook.
  • Workplace chat.
  • Portal from Facebook.
  • The study from Facebook.
  • Creator study.
  • FB local.
  • Spark AR player.
  • FB Ads manager.
  • Origami lives.
  • Symphony mobile.
  • Facebook Analytics.

By installing any of the applications listed above, you can build an account for yourself if you don't have one. Don't be confused about what app is perfect for you, get an open app that interests you, and start communicating with your friends and family right now.

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List of Movies to Be Released in 2021

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 2021 is a year to look forward to when it comes to film. The previous year 2020 was, of course, interrupted by the coronavirus epidemic. And because most of the movies that were scheduled to be released were postponed to 2021. So if you're a movie fan, these are, of course, exciting times. In this article, I'll share some of the upcoming 2021 movies with you. And believe me, when I say this, it promises to be an exciting one.

Upcoming Films 2021

In this post, I'm going to be short with the dilly-dallying, so I'm going straight ahead to the stage. Although the coronavirus pandemic can be blamed for the delay in some movies, it's no surprise for movies to hop around the calendar. Take the avatar movie, for example (still waiting on that one though). And as the world still gathers up the rubble of the previous year, film lovers around the world should be prepared for some exciting movies.

Some big names have been confirmed and are set to hit our screens in the coming months. And because theaters across the globe are re-opening, what better time to share the best and upcoming 2021 movies with you? But if you want to know the movies you're expecting in this New Year, you're going to have to keep reading this post and its contents.

Upcoming Movies List in 2021

From HBO max to marvels, studios across the globe will be launching projects on projects. And with this list, you're not going to be left out of all the fun. Here is a detailed list of upcoming 2021 movies.


Friday, January 29th

1. The little things (HBO Max).


Friday, February 5th

1. Space Sweepers (Netflix)

Thursday, February 11th

1. Squared love (Netflix) 

Friday, February 12th

1. Minari

2. Judas and the black messiah (HBO Max).

3. Barb and star go to vista del mar (VOD).

4. To all the boys: Always and Forever (Netflix)

Friday, February 19th

1. Nomadland

2. The Mauritanian

Friday, February 26th

1. Cherry

2. The father

3. The united states vs Billie holiday (Hulu).

4. Tom and Jerry (HBO Max).


Friday, March 19th

1. The unbearable weight of massive talent

Wednesday, March 31st

1. Godzilla Vs Kong (HBO Max).


Friday, April 2nd

1. Nobody

Friday, April 16th

1. Mortal kombat

2. Reminiscence


Friday, May 7th

1. Black widow

Friday, May 14th

1. Marry me

Friday, May 21st

1. Free guy

2. Spiral: from the book of saw

Friday, May 28th

1. F9

2. Cruella

3. Infinite


Friday, June 4th

1. Samaritan

2. The conjuring: the devil made me do it (HBO Max).

Friday, June 11th

1. Peter rabbit 2: the runaway

Friday, June 18th

1. In the heights (HBO Max)

2. Luca

Friday, June 25th

1. Venom: Let there be carnage


Friday, July 2nd

1. Minions: the rise of guru

2. Top gun: maverick

Friday, July 9th

1. Shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings

Friday, July 16th

1. Space jam: a new legacy (HBO Max)

2. The night house

3. Cinderella

Friday, July 23rd


2. The tomorrow war

Friday, July 30th

1. Jungle cruise


Friday, August 6th

1. The suicide squad (HBO Max)

Friday, August 13th

1. Deepwater

2. Bios

Friday august 2oth

1. The king’s man

2. The hitman’s wife bodyguard

3. Paw patrol: the movie

Friday, August 27th

1. Candyman

2. The Beatles: get back


Friday, September 10th

1. Malignant

Friday, September 17th

1. A quiet place 2

2. Death on the Nile

3. The man from Toronto

4. The boss baby: family business

Friday, September 24th

1. The many saints of Newark (HBO Max)

2. The eyes of Tammy Faye


Friday, October 1st

1. Dune (HBO Max)

Friday, October 8th

1. No time to die

2. The Addams family 2

Friday, October 15th

1. Halloween kills

2. The last duel

Friday, October 22nd

1. Snake eyes: G.I Joe origins

2. Last night in Soho

3. Rons gone wrong

Friday, October 29th

1. Antlers


1. Eternals

2. Clifford the big red dog

Thursday, November 11th

1. Ghostbusters: afterlife

Friday, November 19th

1. King Richard (HBO Max)

2. Mission impossible 7

Wednesday, November 24th

1. Encanto

2. Gucci


Friday, December 3rd

1. Nightmare alley

Friday, December 10th

1. Westside story

Friday, December 17th

1. Untitled MCU spider-man sequel

Wednesday, December 22nd

1. The matrix 4 (HBO Max)

2. Sing 2

3. Hotel Transylvania

Here's a toast to a sizzling hot and fun-filled 2021!
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Free Movie Streaming Apps To Watch Movies And TV Series

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 If you are looking for free movie streaming apps, then you are in luck because this article is tailored to answer this question.

A lot of websites and applications can be found on the internet today, where he or she can watch movies for free. But there's one thing that's always the same with these channels, and do you know what they are? To make use of most of the online streaming applications and sites, you will need to subscribe to them.

Most common movie platforms and applications, such as Netflix, will enable users to subscribe to a package before they can access the services and content inside it. But do you know that there are still a lot of websites and applications out there that still deliver the same services as Netflix platforms for free? Yeah, this is real, and in this article, I'm going to share most of these channels with you.

Therefore, if you are one of the many users out there who have been left with no choice but to subscribe to any of these sites, keep reading the contents of this post to get useful pieces of information that you possibly need.

Top Free Movie Streaming App

In a short while, I'll be sharing some of the best applications and alternatives with you where you can watch movies for free. For these applications and sites, you don't have to pay for a subscription or anything like that. Below are some of these free apps and platforms for streaming movies and TV shows.


Formerly known as FreeDrive, this app and website is owned by Amazon. This app and service is also independent of the Amazon prime network. This very app is not limited to movies on its own, as users can also watch series and shows free of charge. Unfortunately, this app can only be viewed on PCs, IMDb apps and in the prime video service.

Internet Archive

If you're looking for a place to get exactly what you're looking for, like feature-length movies, then this is the site for you. There is no charge for using the services of this website, nor do you need to sign up for an account. If you're in love with classic content, you need to visit this app and platform today. However, the archives of this site are only accessible on the internet. But you're going to need a web browser to use it.


It's a really popular website and app. This app is ad-supported and provides free streaming of both movies and TV shows. Some of the contents provided here in this app and the website are both original and non-original content. You do not need to set up an account to use the services of this app, and it is also accessible on a wide range of devices and devices.


This app and network is very interesting, and they've even made their way to this list. If you have a library card, you'll need to search if your library has partnered with Hoopla. This very site and its service allows you to check out different content, like movies. But if you borrow one, you're going to have up to 72 hours to watch. There is also an option to download for offline viewing on this website.


This platform is much like hoopla, so if your library doesn't offer hoopla, it's probably Kanopy. All you need to do is check if your library has the resources on this website, and if it doesn't, you'll need to ask for it. Started in Australia, this site has made its way to major college campuses around the world. Well, guess what? The website is ad-free.
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How You Can Delete all Your Google Assistant Recordings

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 Google Assistant may bring a lot of flexibility to your life, but that comes with some compromises on privacy. Anything you say to Google is being recorded, but there are a variety of ways to erase these recordings.

Getting the recordings made by Google Assistant sounds more terrifying than it actually is. First of all, it's important to note that Google only records you when the process begins with the "Hey/OK Google" command (or manually). Recordings are then used to enhance voice matching.

Google provides a variety of different approaches for dealing with these recordings, and there's something for any kind of privacy-conscious user out there.

Manually Delete the Google Assistant Recording

Next, let's go down the manual path and remove the recordings after they've already been processed. 

  • Open your web browser and go to myaccount.google.com. Make sure you sign in to the same Google account as your Assistant-powered smart speakers or displays.
  • First, go to the "Data & Customization" page.
  • Look for the "Activity Controls" section and press the "Web & App Activity" section.
  • Now, choose "Manage Activity."
  • Tap on "Filter by Date & Product" and select "Assistant" from the menu.
  • The list will now show only the Google Assistant queries. The queries are grouped by day, and you can remove all entries from day to day by clicking the "X" button.
  • The entries that are connected to the recording are marked by a microphone icon. Click the "Details" button if you want to delete a particular entry.
  • Select the three-point menu icon and press "Delete."

This is it. You can access this page and delete your entries at any time.

Auto-Delete Google Assistant Recording

If you don't want to deal with deleting your data manually all the time, Google can make it easy to delete items automatically after a certain period of time. This helps you to get the best out of both worlds. Assistant would do well to remember your voice, but the recording won't be kept forever.

Opt-out of the recordings

Google allows you to fully opt-out of recordings. It's really quick to turn this off.

  • Open your web browser and go to myaccount.google.com. Make sure that you're signed in.
  • First, go to the "Data & Personalization" tab.
  • Look for the "Activity Controls" section and press the "Web & App Activity" section.
  • Browse to "Include audio recordings" and uncheck the box.

The message will open and clarify what happens when you stop saving audio recordings. If you are sure, click on "Stop Saving."

From now on, the recordings will not be saved to your Google account. Simple as that, man.

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How to Edit Tik Tok Video After Posting

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TikTok Editor
So many users of this app have been posting one video or the other and the need for a TikTok Editor has risen, as so many people ask if it is possible for them to edit these videos. How? Most people do ask if it is possible to edit a video after posting. And if you are part of these people, then this article is just right for you. So, if you are not yet a user of this app, you will get to know if you can edit a video on this social media platform before and after posting.
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Continue reading below;

TikTok Editor

The TikTok Editor simply has to do with the editing feature of the TikTok video-sharing app. We all know that social media platforms work to provide its users with so much convenience with amazing features. This also includes TikTok. This video-sharing app gives its users the chance to create, edit, upload, and watch videos! Did I just say edit? Of course, before posting any video, it is possible for you to edit, change, and add amazing effects to make the video look just perfect.
Here’s where the TikTok Editor comes in. The TikTok Editor, which is the editing feature of this social media app gives you the chance to touch and arrange your video before posting.

How to Edit Tik Tok Video After Posting

So many people out there including users of this app, do ask if it is possible to edit a video on this platform after it has been posted. On TikTok, it is absolutely easy for you to create and share videos with your friends on this social media platform. What else? You can also watch videos of others on the platform.
However, it is impossible for its users to edit a video after posting. So, if you would love to make edits and changes on your videos, you have to do that before posting the video. How do you do this? In the process of creating the video, you will be prompted to edit it before posting. Here, you will option, filters, and other fun effects. That’s how it works.

Best Tik Tok Editing Apps

Do you know there are other apps that could help you edit your TikTok video? Of course, there are apps that give you the chance to do so. All you have to do is download any of these apps to your smartphone, open the app, and enjoy the moment.
So, if you would love to get an amazing editor for your videos on this platform, you can check out the short list below. They may be of great help to you.
Using any of these video editors, you can edit and add amazing effects to your videos. Download any of these and enjoy your professional videos right away.
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Google Set to Close Down Its In-house Stadia Game Development Studios

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 Google is closing down its internal Stadia game development division, the company announced yesterday, as it is refocusing Stadia to be home to streaming games from existing developers instead of producing its own games for the service.

"Creating best-in-class games from the ground up takes a lot of years and considerable investment, and costs is going up exponentially" reads Phil Harrison's blog post, Google's vice president and Stadia's general manager. "Given our focus on building on the proven technology of Stadia as well as deepening our business partnerships, we have decided that we will not be investing further in bringing exclusive content from our internal development team SG&E, beyond any near-term planned games."

As part of this move, the company is closing down both its Los Angeles and Montreal Game Studios, both of which operated under the Stadia Games and Entertainment banner. Google says that "most of the SG&E [Stadia Games and Entertainment] team will move on to new roles," but Jade Raymond—a veteran of the Ubisoft and EA industry who headed the Stadia Studio teams—will be leaving the business entirely.

Stadia itself will continue to operate alongside the $9.99 Stadia Pro subscription service, and Google will continue to attempt to obtain exclusive (or timed-exclusive) third-party titles to be offered via its subscription. Any "close-planned" games will still be published on the Stadia, too.

But the closing down of Stadia's in-house studios is a significant blow to Google's gaming ambitions. Beyond the mere technical aspects of the streaming service itself, the fact that Google was able to invest in several first-party studios was one of the most significant parts of Stadia's original vision.

Google's development of games for the fledgling streaming service—titles that would potentially take advantage of its unique cloud technology—marked how seriously Google was investing in Stadia. It was also an indication that the company aspired one day to launch exclusives that could provide competitive competition to companies such as Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, all of which rely heavily on their own in-house studios to produce key exclusive games to push players to their services.

The fact that Stadia will no longer be part of the gaming industry makes some sense: creating an AAA-title is an enormously costly undertaking. But it also means that the future of Stadia is likely to be limited to just another choice where you can play the same games you can play on your PS5, Xbox Series X, or PC.

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Facebook News Launches in the UK

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 As the United Kingdom prepares to sharpen its attention on how big tech firms are governed, Facebook is taking a big step forward in the role it plays in presenting the media to the United Kingdom. Public, and how it works with the media industry in the region.

Today it launches Facebook News in the U.K., Facebook's first out-of-the-U.S. market for its dedicated, curated news portal—accessed, like the U.S. edition, via an Android or iOS app tab.

The portal will be launched with content from hundreds of local and national media outlets, including Channel 4 News, Daily Mail Group, DC Thomson, Financial Times, Sky News and Telegraph Media Group. The Economist, The Guardian, The Independent, STV, and hundreds of local news sites from Archant, Iliffe, JPI Media, McCain News Association, and Scope, as well as GQ, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Vogue and others, were revealed last year in an earlier list of partners.

Again, as with the U.S. edition, users will be presented with a list of selected top stories of the day; a list of customized stories based on news outlets that you might already be following or interested in (maybe from publications that you have not already followed); and dedicated news sections for sports, culture, health and science and technology. Users may indicate when they like stories, or when they want to cover them in order to train algorithms better.

Facebook has stated to us that it will partner with a service named Upday to curate the stories that appear on the news. "The product is a mixture of curated, top stories and personalized links chosen by the algorithm," said the spokesperson. Upday appears to be a joint venture between German publisher Axel Springer and Samsung, who also operates a news service on their phones powered by it.

It's not clear what the financial terms of the contract are between Facebook and Upday, but it's estimated that Facebook's licensing agreements are cutting publishers to put their content in News collectively to tens of millions of pounds, with the largest publishers making millions a year out of the deal. Although these figures which pale to what Facebook makes of ad sales globally—which amounts to tens of billions of dollars a quarter—they reflect substantial sums for the beleaguered U.K. This is the media business.

People have been using news feeds on Facebook and other social media for a long time to keep up with news while also browsing updates from friends, groups and the pages they follow. Facebook News aims to take this step further, as a curated page for links and headlines from hundreds of publications around the world, to give users of its mobile apps a one-stop spot to read the stories of the moment.

Social media continues to be a big source of consumer news, but as we have seen, it is a somewhat distorted and flawed source of news.

In that sense, Facebook claims that its goal with Facebook News is to offer a more balanced and committed mix of news to people than what they might find in their news feeds, while still tailoring it to the interests of users.

It also allows Facebook News to provide another way for Facebook—which has made efforts in video, entertainment, mentoring and job-hunting, next-door community-style listings, peer-to-peer sales, and more—to continue to diversify away from Newsfeed for those who have become bored with it: now, users can come to the Facebook app to browse news, too.

Yet this international expansion has been coming for a long time: Facebook News first launched as a test in the US more than a year ago, in October 2019, before it was launched to all users last June.

No word from Facebook about how many users or engagement the U.S. edition of Facebook News has picked up, except that, according to a spokesperson, "it has grown steadily."

It's not clear why there was such a long distance between his first attempts in the U.S. and the U.K. Launch today, but in addition to securing certain licensing deals to carry out in this market, Facebook has had plenty to do.

Launching a digital news site, with the message that it is intended to "help" publishers, takes on a new dimension when you realize that Facebook has already been in the crosshairs of regulators in Europe, who have been on a long-term quest to track the scope of major tech firms. In the UK, this will soon take the form of a new "pro-competition" Digital Market Unit, which will re-examine the role played by companies like Facebook and Google in advertising, media and more.

If these regulatory moves would have an effect on how a service like Facebook News operates, or what revenue cuts and usage data are exchanged with news partners, remains to be seen.

In the meantime, there's full steam ahead for further scaling: Facebook announced last year's plans for a longer-term international expansion of Facebook News, with a longer list of countries like Brazil, France, Germany, and India. In today's blog post, Facebook's director of news partnerships in Europe, Jesper Doub, reported that France and Germany were next on Facebook News, although no launch dates have been set.

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How Do I Create a Facebook Account?

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 Have you ever thought about making a Facebook account for yourself? You may not have wanted to join this social network yet, but you're curious. Or maybe you're still using it on a regular basis, but you want to know how to further customize your account, better configure your privacy settings, or create a fan page.

Facebook is a network that gives its users a lot of choices. This guide will show you how to build your Facebook account step by step, set up all your choices to get the most out of it and open your own page.

Creating a Facebook account is the first step towards starting ads on Facebook and promoting your brand. Let's begin immediately!


To create a Facebook account on your pc:
  1. Go to facebook.com and click on Create New Account.
  2. Enter your name, email or mobile phone number, password, date of birth, and gender.
  3. Click Sign Up.
  4. To finish creating your account, you need to confirm your email or mobile phone number.


To create a Facebook account on your mobile browser:
  1. Go to facebook.com/r.php.
  2. Enter the name you go by in everyday life.
  3. Enter your date of birth.
  4. Enter your mobile phone number. To use an email instead, tap Sign up with email.
  5. Tap Female, Male, or Custom to select your gender.
  6. Choose a password and tap Sign Up.
  7. To finish creating your account, you need to confirm your email or mobile phone number.


To create a Facebook account on your app:

  1. Open your Facebook app and tap Create New Facebook Account > Next.
  2. Enter the name you go by in everyday life, then tap Next.
  3. Select your date of birth, then tap Next.
  4. Select your gender, then tap Next.
  5. Enter your mobile phone number and tap Next. To use an email instead, tap Sign Up with Email Address.
  6. Create a password and tap Next > Sign Up.
  7. To finish creating your account, you need to confirm your email or mobile phone number.


To create a Facebook account on your Facebook lite app:

  1. Open your Facebook Lite app and tap Create New Account.
  2. Tap Next.
  3. Enter the name you go by in everyday life and tap Next.
  4. Enter your mobile phone number and tap Next. To use an email instead, tap Sign Up With Email.
  5. Select your date of birth and tap Next.
  6. Select your gender.
  7. Create a password you'll remember, then tap Sign Up.
  8. To finish creating your account, you need to confirm your email or mobile phone number.
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Log Into Your Facebook Account to Connect to Instagram

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This is the latest guide/steps on how you could login to your Facebook account from your Instagram account.

Instagram is one of the most widely used social media sites presently. It enjoys clicks from a billion users worldwide. Now, that’s massive. After Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, an integration was made within the app to enable users access their Facebook account from the app. This guide uncovers the steps involved in getting that done, both on iOS and Android devices.



Instagram Login Using Facebook Account

Visit the Instagram website via https://www.instagram.com/

Click on the “Login with Facebook” button.

Enter your Facebook login details in the appropriate tabs provided and hit the “Log in” button.

Click the “OK” button on the bottom right corner afterwards to grant Instagram permission to access your account.

Follow the on-screen guidelines to complete the process.

Login Issues

Some issues may arise while trying to execute the Instagram login with Facebook procedure. Don’t panic. There are hacks to solve such issues.

First, you’ll want to uninstall and install your Instagram app. Faucet to release the app, choose to register and then tap on “Use Facebook information“. Once that is completed, click “OK” to allow Facebook to make use of Instagram.

That should take care of any issues you may have had.


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Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Recent Android Update Allows You Schedule Texts, Secure your Passwords and More

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  Google yesterday unveiled the next range of features to be introduced to Android, including a new password scanning tool, a way to schedule your text, along with other updates to products such as its TalkBack screen reader, Maps, Assistant, and Android Auto. This spring 2021 release is the latest in a series of smaller update packages, similar to iOS "point releases," that add new features and functionalities to Android outside of the larger update cycle.

One of the security fronts, this release will integrate is a feature called Password Checkup on devices running Android 9 and above to alert you to passwords you use that have been previously exposed.

The feature works with Google's Autofill, which lets you easily log in to Android apps and other services. Now, when you use Autofill, Password Check will check your credential against a list of known compromised passwords, and then inform you if your credential appears on that list and what to do about it.

The prompt can also guide you to your Google Password Manager page, where you can search all of your other Autofill passwords saved for similar issues.

You'll need to have Autofill enabled to use this feature. (Settings > System > Languages & Input > Advanced, then tap Autofill. Tap Google to make sure the settings are enabled.)

New Messages feature rolling out this update could see prolific texters considering moving to Android since it's one of the most in-demand features since SMS was invented: the ability to schedule your text.

Android's new scheduled send feature will enable you to write a message ahead of time, whenever it's convenient for you, then schedule it to be sent later when it's more convenient. This can be especially beneficial if you have friends, relatives, or colleagues in other time zones and are reluctant to disturb them while they might be sleeping or enjoying family time after work. It can also support those who always recall something they meant to text when it was late at night and too late to send a reply.

To use this function, simply type the text as usual, then press and hold the send button to pick the date and time to deliver the message. You'll need the latest version of the Android Messages app to work with this functionality.

Another flagship feature that comes with this Android release is aimed at making Android's screen reader, known as TalkBack, easier to use for users who are blind or have low vision. TalkBack today allows users to access their computers with their voices and gestures to read, write, send emails, share social media, order delivery, and more.

The latest version (TalkBack 9.1) will now include a dozen new multi-finger gestures to communicate with apps and perform basic actions, such as text collection and editing, media control, or support. This is going to work on Pixel and Samsung Galaxy computers from One UI 3 onwards, Google says.

Google also responds to user feedback on TalkBack's confusing multi-menu system and has reverted to the single menu system users wanted. This single menu can adjust to the context while providing clear access to the most common functions.

Other updates to TalkBack include new gestures—like an up and down swipe to access more than 25 voice commands—and new read controls that allow users to skip a page, read-only headlines, listen word-by-word, or even character-by-character.

Users may also add or delete options from the TalkBack menu or read controls to further tailor the interface to their needs. Plus, TalkBack's braille keyboard has added support for Arabic and Spanish.

The spring update also adds some slight changes to Maps, Assistant and Android Auto.

Maps is having a dark mode that you can allow as default under Settings > Theme and then pick "Always in Dark Theme."

Google Assistant update will allow you to use the feature when your phone is locked or further away from you by turning on Lock Screen Personal Results in Assistant Settings and then saying "Hey Google" as needed.

The latest cards that appear when your phone is locked are supposed to be easier to read with just a glance, Google says.

And finally, Android Auto will now feature custom wallpapers and voice-activated games like Trivia and Jeopardy! "You can ask for this with the "Hey Google" command.

There are also now shortcuts on the launch screen for accessing your contacts or using Assistant to perform tasks such as monitoring the weather or changing the thermostat. Wide-screen cars would have access to a split-screen view of Google Maps on one side and media controls on the other.

Android Auto features will roll out in the "coming days" on phones running Android 6.0 or higher and work with compatible vehicles, Google says.

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Facebook Set to Restore News Posting and Sharing in Australia

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After reaching an agreement with the government of the country, Facebook said it would begin restoring news sharing to Australian users' feeds in the next few days. The social media giant made a dramatic attempt to limit news content in Australia last Wednesday, following a fight over the draft media trading code that is supposed to be voted on soon. The code allows Facebook and other big tech companies including Google to enter into revenue-sharing arrangements with publishers for content on their social media sites.

Australian treasurer Josh Frydenberg said improvements to the code have been made to "provide more clarity to digital platforms and news media companies about how the Code is intended to operate and strengthen the framework to ensure that news media companies are fairly remunerated," Seven News said.

The amendments mean that the code now requires a two-month mediation period to allow digital outlets such as Facebook and publishers to settle on deals before they are forced to enter into arbitration. The Australian Government will also consider commercial deals that technology platforms have already reached with local publishers before determining whether or not the code applies to them, and will send them a notice one month before making a final decision.

William Easton, managing director of Facebook Australia and New Zealand, said in a statement that the company was "satisfied" with the reforms, adding that they addressed Facebook's "core concern about allowing commercial deals that recognize the value of our platform to publishers relative to the value we receive from them."

Facebook last week's restrictions meant that Australian publishers were prohibited from sharing or uploading content on Facebook sites, and users in Australia were unable to access or upload Australian or foreign news content.

The Australian government announced in April 2020 that it would introduce a mandatory code ordering Google, Facebook, and other tech giants to pay local media for reusing their content, after an earlier attempt to establish a voluntary code with companies stalled.

As it lobbied against the proposed legislation, Facebook first attempted to limit the distribution of news content in Australia last September. Google also stated that user experience in Australia would suffer and indicated that it would no longer be able to provide free services in the region.

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