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Free Facebook Marketplace | FB Free Marketplace Update

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The Facebook Free Marketplace is one of the free online and scam free stores to buy whatever you wish to buy. The Facebook marketplace is only accessible to some Facebook audience as of now which make it more secure for the audience it is accessible to. There are many things you can find on the Facebook free marketplace. On the Facebook free marketplace, you could even list out your own product you wish to sell. According to Mary Ku the director of Facebook product management, Facebook is a place where a lot of people connect together.

Facebook Free Marketplace - Facebook Buy and Sell
She says in this recent days Facebook would be also be used to connect in another way. This way is the buying and selling way. Facebook analytics shows that over four hundred and fifty million people visit Facebook buying and selling groups every month. The Facebook marketplace was hence created as an alternative for the Facebook buying and selling groups. The Facebook marketplace is like a general buying and selling group that anyone can access without having to fill any sort of form unlike some buying and selling groups.

Uses of the Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook marketplace can be used in many ways. A lot of people use the Facebook marketplace discover, buy, and sell items in their community and this is why the Facebook marketplace is still not available everywhere. It can be said that the Facebook marketplace is still under construction.to easily buy a product on Facebook, you can contact any of the Facebook marketplace listing partners. The Facebook marketplace was created for business men and women to list out their products for sale and for locals to find a good product to buy at a cheaper rate. It is rumored that you can even send money n Facebook.

How to Use the Facebook Marketplace

You could easily create a listing, buy, or sell on the Facebook free marketplace today. This is totally free to do. All you have to do is get a Facebook account.

How To Buy Something On The Facebook Marketplace

  • Log in to your Facebook account on the web.
  • Now access the Facebook marketplace by clicking on the marketplace icon at the top left corner.
  • Select the item you wish to buy.
  • Now click the “Message” button or “Ask For Details” to contact the seller or get more information about the product respectively.
To easily see all the items you want to buy along with your conversations with the seller, hit “Buying” at the top left corner of the marketplace.

How to Sell On the Facebook Free Marketplace

  • Log in to your Facebook account and click the marketplace icon you see.
  • Hit the option that says “+Sell something”.
  • Click “Item for Sale”. Enter details for your product listing and add some pictures to give buyers a good orientation about the product.
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How To Tag A Person On Facebook | How to Tag Facebook User in 2020

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Wondering the best ways to tag somebody on Facebook? Tagging is an integral part of using the social media sites solution as it enables you to inform others that you've discussed them, among other usages - How To Tag A Person On Facebook | How to Tag Facebook User in 2020.

Let's take a glimpse at some of one of the most essential methods you could tag others on Facebook. Note that your friends' privacy setups could influence a few of these.

How To Tag A Person On Facebook

1. Tagging in Status Updates

Whenever you publish a status upgrade, you can tag your friends by inputting an @ symbol complied with by their name. As you kind, a small window appears and also updates automatically to reveal the most effective suit for the message you've entered. Click someone's name and also it will show up highlighted in blue on your post. This implies you have actually efficiently tagged them.

You could really tag individuals apart from friends by doing this, consisting of friends of friends, services, and a lot more. And this benefits Tagging others in comments, as well. Just realize that Tagging someone will make your post visible to their friends.

2. The "Who Are You With?" Feature

Facebook allows you to add numerous aspects to your posts, including polls, requests for referrals, and moods. Click the Tag Friends alternative, and also you'll see a brand-new With box listed below your post. Enter several names right here and your post will include them at the end of your post.

While the above approach lets you tag anyone in a post, this lets you tell your audience that you were with certain people. Thus, it just enables you to tag your friends.

3. Picture Tagging

Tagging friends in pictures lets others easily determine them. It additionally includes those photos to the Photos of You section for any person aware. Open up any kind of Facebook picture as well as if there's a face within, Facebook will include a program a box when you mouse over it. Click in the text field listed below and also enter the person's name to tag them.

If package doesn't turn up, click Tag Photo below the display as well as drag a box over the person's face. Then enter their name to tag them.
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Update Facebook Application to new Version

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Facebook is a social networks with over 100 millions of energetic individuals. Update Facebook to New Version: It has actually been the total ideal social media sites platform worldwide, for individuals to connect with their old friends, lost households, and also making brand-new friends throughout the world. I'll go straight to the point for today, "how to update Facebook app on Android" smart.

Update Facebook to New Version
How To Update Facebook App On Android

1. Open Google playstore on your Android tool.

2. Search for "Facebook".

3. Click on the shown Facebook Application.

4. If the Facebook App has a current update, you will certainly see "update", if it does not. you will certainly see "open". Click on update to begin the updating procedure.

That's primarily whatever on how to update Facebook Application on Android.

Your Facebook ought to be updated easily and you should have the ability to appreciate the new functions and all recently added features from Facebook. Your Facebook experience will keep expanding with every update.

Facebook not working? Make it function

Yet, let's presume that you actually want the application to work as marketed. There are a couple of things you can do to obtain points back up and running in that event.

First, see to it the application is fully updated in the Google Play store. Facebook often pushes out updates to its app for security updates and also insect fixes. Therefore, older variations of the app could discontinue to function. Initially, open Android's settings and check your available storage. If your device has less than 100 MB of storage space available, you could should remove some space to enable the app to update.

You can likewise cancel as well as reboot the download of the update. If that doesn't help, log out of the Facebook app then attempt the download once again. If it's not functioning, Google Play has a listing of steps you can follow to fix the download of an app.

If that stops working, you could try uninstalling the Facebook app, restarting your device, as well as reinstalling the application from the Play shop. Additionally, you can download the most up to date Facebook APK documents from Facebook straight below:

Switch on automated updates

Making sure you're constantly using the latest version of the Facebook application, turn on automatic updates for the app. To do so, open up the Google Play Store app as well as search for Facebook. When you pick it, touch the ellipsis in the upper right corner of the application web page as well as place a check mark in the auto-update box.

Notifications aren't working

Notifications are exactly what let you know what's happening on Facebook. When they stop working, it can be a migraine. Initially, make certain you have notifications made it possible for on a system level. Those are discovered in your device's setups. Normally you'll go to Applications - Application Manager - Facebook - Notifications. See to it Facebook is enabled to post notifications. If it is, check notification settings in the app to make sure they're established properly. Tap the hamburger menu (3 straight lines) - Notifications Settings. From here you can change exactly what notifications you obtain as well as just how you are alerted.
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Facebook Marketplace Guide in 2020

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Facebook Marketplace Guide in 2020: What is Facebook market place? Facebook market place can be said to be a destination for easy access on the Facebook platform where you can buy and sell items with different people in a particular area or community. In a simple word, you can use it to buy and sell things but also keep in mind that this Facebook market place is not applicable or available to everyone.

Facebook Market Place - Facebook Buy and Sell

Criteria to Be Qualified To Make Use of the Facebook Market Place

For you to be qualified to make use of this Facebook market place you must be;
  • Up to 18 years or older else you will be restricted as an under age
  • Secondly, you must not be a novice to Facebook; this is to avoid fraud, any account newly created cannot be granted access to the Facebook market place. Keep in mind you can check back when the account is a bit old to see if you have been granted access to the market place.
  • Thirdly make sure you are current by downloading the latest version of the Facebook market place. Also bear in mind that this app can only be found in iPhone 5 or recent models of iPhones.

How You Can Lose Access to the Facebook Market Place

If the Facebook market place platform is misused you will be blocked or banned, here are some highlights on how you can be blocked;
Should in case you are using the Facebook market place in a way it goes against the commerce policies or community rules and regulations your access to the Facebook market place will be blocked or totally banned from making use of the platform but should in case you are very sure that you followed the correct procedures and did not go against their rules or policies and your account is blocked or banned, you can contact the Facebook platform so it can be checked and reopened if no error is found.

Ways You Can Re-open the Facebook Market Place If Blocked or Banned

  • Firstly you locate facebook.com/market place
  • Secondly you tap on request review
  • Your appeal will immediately will reviewed within a period of one week. Make sure to always check your email that is connected to your Facebook account for updates or current information’s about your account.
Also keep in mind that if your Facebook market place has been reopened or if you have been granted access to the market place, you must refresh or download the latest version of Facebook app.

How You Can Report a Buyer or Seller on the Facebook Market Place;

If a buyer your seller is going against your agreement or terms, he can be prevented from buying if reported by the following ways;
  • Firstly go to your Facebook account and tap on the market place icon.
  • Tap on the listing of the seller or buyer.
  • You scroll downwards and click report buyer or seller, immediately instructions will display on the screen.
  • Then open the messenger’s platform.
  • You then make available the message between the buyer or seller and you.
  • Then place in the top right.
  • After which be sure to click on report buyer or seller.
  • Then follow the instructions displayed on the screen.
Make sure to follow the steps listed to prevent an unserious buyer;

How to Buy Something from the Facebook Market Place

a lot of people find it difficult to buy from the Facebook market place, below are listed ways of buying from the market place of Facebook;
  • Firstly you open your Facebook account.
  • You then click on market place as it will be displayed on the screen.
  • Different , Items will be displayed on the screen be sure to click on the item you want to purchase.
  • Lastly check for details to immediately be given the opportunity to find out about the availability of what you want to buy.

How to Mark an Item Already Sold On the Market Place

There are ways of notifying buyers of items sold on the Facebook ,market place to avoid reordering of the item sold, below are ways to notify them;
  • Firstly enter your Facebook account .
  • Secondly you click on the market place.
  • Thirdly highlight selling on the top right.
  • Lastly, identify the item sold and mark it has sold this will prevent reordering of what has already been sold.
Keep in mind the due process listed must be followed to achieve a good result.

How to Remove an Item from the Facebook Market Place

Sometimes you might un intentionally add something you do not want to sell, the good news is that it can as well be removed even after been put on sale as long as it has not been bought or sold out. Below are ways to remove it;
  • Firstly you open your Facebook account
  • Secondly click on the center icon at the bottom of your newsfeed.
  • Thirdly select the item or items to be deleted on the top right corner
  • Lastly click on manage, and then tap the item you wish to delete.
When these procedures are correctly followed you would be able to buy and sell on the Facebook market place without stress.
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Step by Step to Add Admin on Facebook Group

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Hello there, I am back once again with another amazing subject on Add Admin Facebook Group. Facebook, as most of us understand, is a social media with around 2 billion customers daily. This medium permits you the capability share images, videos and also see peoples view on your posts. You can likewise advertise your brand name, create pages and also groups to improve better communication and increase fans base.

Currently, to the genuine subject for today

Just what is a Facebook group?

A Facebook group is a place for interaction by a team of individuals to share their typical interests and express their opinion. A Facebook group allows people integrated around a common cause, problem or task to arrange, express objectives, go over concerns, article images, as well as share relevant content.

When a team is produced the writer of the group by default immediately comes to be the admin of such group, by that he has the ability to add and remove people on the group he alone could additionally make modifications in the group which provides him a side over other members of the group

For the most parts after teams are being produced the challenge is always how to add admin to Facebook group due to the fact that some type of groups calls for more than one admin relying on the group type.

Add Admin Facebook Group

In this article, I will reveal you very easy steps on how you can add admin to Facebook group.

Allow's go on.

How to add admin to Facebook group

1. Log right into your Facebook account.

Input your correct information in the login discussion given by Facebook.

2. Click on the groups.

Check out the left-hand side of your display you would certainly find a team icon with "groups" written close to it. This is located under your profile and also it is straight located under the "explore" option.

3. Click the group you want to want to add Admin.

You would see pending group invites (invitations you have actually not yet approved), simply below where it ends, you will see something like "Groups You Manage" just there you will find the groups than|greater than]@ one group then you would have to click on the group you want to add an admin to.

4. Click members. This web links you to a page where you have all members of the group alphabetically noted out.

5. Click the dotted text box beside a group member.

Just next to the member you wish to make an admin you would certainly see a dotted text box with 3 dots inside it, click it and also you would see a drop-down menu with alternatives.

6. Click on Make admin.

Whoever you want to make an admin must be a group member and you have to take care on which you pick to earn an admin because he or she would certainly have same privileges on the group equally as you.

N/B: As a group admin, "your selected choice admin" will have the ability to modify group settings, eliminate members as well as provide various other members admin condition.
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Best Dating Site Facebook – Facebook Dating Release | Facebook Dating App

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 Have you ever heard of the Best Dating Site Facebook? There are millions of people out there who currently make use of this feature and if you are not there yet, then you are just missing out! People are out there connecting, making friends, sharing moments, dating, and engaging in so much more! Let’s check out the Best Dating Site Facebook and how it works.

Best Dating Site

Best Dating Site Facebook

Facebook has always been about connecting people from different parts of the world. If you are a user of this social media app, then you can also testify to the fact that you can reach your friends, reconnect to old friends, and keep up with family. Right now, it has better and bigger things just for you! It is now possible for you to find other singles on the platform and even date online.

So many people on Facebook have marked themselves as singles and you should not miss out on this amazing chance. Who knows? You may be a single who wants to make new friends, share your life moments, and even date someone. Facebook is out to help you build meaningful relationships with friends and romantic partners out there. Let’s move on for more details just for you!

Facebook Dating Site

The Best Dating Site Facebook is known as the Facebook dating app, which is a feature that exists within the main Facebook app. Users of this app with active accounts are already on the use of this dating site and you should not miss out. So many people are out there building relationships, friendship, sharing life moments, and engaging in so much more. What are you still waiting for? Check the next part of this article to know how you can get the dating app, which is the official dating site on Facebook.

Facebook Dating App

This dating app is the Best Dating Site Facebook that you just need! It is available as a feature within the main Facebook platform itself. This dating home on Facebook is currently used by millions of people who have marked themselves as singles.

So, if you also want to make use of this amazing service, there are details that you have to take note of. This feature is currently available in 20 countries and only Facebook users in these locations can use it at the moment.

You can find and access this service on Facebook if it is available in your location. Not just that! You will need the Facebook app with an active account and you are good to go. Using these, you can be able to set up a Facebook dating profile. Check the next part of this article to see the locations where this feature is available.

Facebook Dating Release

This feature is currently available in the following locations; Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, the Philippines, Singapore, Suriname, Thailand, the United States, Uruguay, and Vietnam.

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Facebook Code Generator – Facebook Code Generator App | Facebook Security

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 What is the Facebook code generator? Do you have any idea as to what it is? If you don’t know, would you love to know? If you want to know then you are in the right place. In this article, I will be telling you about the Facebook code generator and what it is used for. I will also be telling you of every other additional detail you need to know.

Facebook Code Generator 

Facebook Code Generator

Having a Facebook account is one thing, keeping it safe is another thing. With the ongoing run of internet in-security, it is very important that we take extra measures when keeping our credentials safe. Also if you are a Facebook account holder, you should do well to keep it safe. In fact, you need to do whatever it takes to keep your Facebook account safe.

You might be wondering, why one would want to go through all the stress of keeping his or her account safe. Well, there are lots of reasons why you should keep your Facebook account safe. Facebook is a platform that can be used for so many things. You can use it to manage your business on the platform amongst other things. Your account may also contain vital files that you wouldn’t want to share with anyone. And with the latest strain of accounts hack on the Facebook platform, you need to go the extra mile in keeping your account safe.

What Is The Facebook Code Generator – Facebook Security

Logging into your Facebook account is easy. You only need your email address, phone number, and your password. With the Facebook code generator, you will have the edge of adding extra security measures to your account. With these measures, your account will be safer. It cannot be easily accessed by unauthorized users.

The Code generator on Facebook is a feature on the platform. This feature on Facebook is used with the two-factor authentication. When you activate this code on your Facebook account, you will generate a code that you will use to verify that it’s you whenever you log in to your account from a new device or another browser.

How To Set Up Two Factor Authentication On Facebook – Facebook Code Generator App

The Facebook code generator works together with the two-factor authentication. To set this up on your Facebook account, follow the steps below;


  • Login to your Facebook account on Facebook.
  • Click on the drop-down arrow-head icon from the top right corner of your Facebook page.
  • Click on settings and then security and settings.
  • On the next page, click on ‘use two-factor authentication’.
  • Click on the edit tab and then on get started.

You will then have to select the method with which you want to generate your code. You can either generate your code via the text message feature or via a third-party authentication app. make your selection and click on next. Once you have received the code, you will need to enter the code in the verification box and click on finish.

With this, you have just successfully set up the two-step authentication procedure on Facebook. Now you can create a security key, set and save recovery codes and others. Another thing you should do is to assign a phone number with which Facebook can use to text you a login.

Android App

To generate the code for your two-step authentication,

  • Tap on the menu icon on the apps page.
  • Select the settings and privacy.
  • Tap on code generator.
  • After generating the code, use the code to log into Facebook.

You should know that the codes used for this two-factor authentication are always 6 digits long. They also expire after 30 to 60 seconds depending on your device. If the code isn’t working, tap on the ‘my code doesn’t work’ tab to reset your code generator.

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Facebook Business Resource Hub – Connect With Small Business Like Yours In A Facebook Group

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 Have you heard of the Facebook business resource hub platform? This is a feature of the Facebook social media platform. It is, in fact, one of the many features and tools that makes the platform such a productive one. And Just as the name implies, this platform is strictly for business on the Facebook platform. Do you want to know what this platform is and how it works? If you want to know then you need to continue reading this article.

Facebook Business Resource Hub 

Facebook Business Resource Hub

Facebook as a social media platform is always looking out for ways to help its users. They are always researching for ways and means to make the platform more enjoyable. The truth of the matter is that Facebook wants to keep you on the platform, but they don’t just want to keep you on the platform. Facebook wants to make your time on the platform worthwhile. And this is what this platform is all about.

This platform gives you unrestricted access to rich resources for you to effectively manage your business. Just as the name implies, this platform is a resource hub. This means that when you visit this place, all you will get is information and rich resources to help you manage your business more effectively.

Everyone needs help whether you accept it or not. It’s just the basic fact and you have to deal with it. With the coronavirus pandemic currently rampant globally, businesses and companies are having a hard time keeping up and managing their business. In this business resource hub on Facebook, you will be provided with information and resources to help your business grow.

What To Gain From The Facebook Business Resource Hub

As a small and large business owner, there are lots of things you can gain from this platform. Facebook is currently offering supporting the form of cash in the amount of $100 million in grants and ad credits to help in this challenging time. You will also get tips on how your business can adapt and respond to recent changes. You will also be given tools such as the resilience toolkit and quick-action guide to help with your business. With the tools offered to you on this hub, you will have all the things you need to provide your clients, customers, and employees with the required support they need.

Some of the tools you can use or learn how to use on this hub are those that can help you get connected with the outside world. The tools on this hub will also help keep your employees safe and at the same time productive while working from home. You can also find tools on this platform to help you find local candidates for free to help keep your business running.

Connect With Small Business Like Yours In A Facebook Group

In a time like this, it is empirical to find other businesses like yours on the Facebook platform. With this, you can now foster business relationships with these other businesses like yours in various groups on the platform. In these groups, you can also share ideas with other persons and businesses on how to prepare for emergencies. You can easily join these groups on the Facebook platform for free. To join a Facebook group and see other businesses like yours, follow the steps below;

  • On your Facebook account page, click on the ‘groups’ tab at the left side or column of your Facebook account page.
  • On the Facebook groups’ page, click on the ‘search’ tab and enter the name of the group you want to join.
  • Click on the group you want to join from the search results.
  • On the ‘groups page’, under the cover photo, click on the ‘join’ tab.
  • Choose if you want to join as a page or a personal profile.

You may have to wait for some time for your request to be reviewed by the group admin. And if your request is successful, you will be added to the group.

How To Access The Facebook Business Resource Hub

Getting access to this platform is easy and it is also available to everyone. To get access to this platform, you don’t really need a Facebook account. All you need is an internet-enabled device. A Facebook account may come handy though. therefore if you don’t have one in place, get one. To access this platform, go to the Facebook business resource hub.

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Facebook Business and Marketing – How to Create a Facebook Business Marketing Strategy

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 Facebook Business and Marketing is one of the best mediums in our world today making it easy to communicate with our customers. 

Facebook continues to be the reigning champions of social media sites, as the place where friends connect and share online. More than just a meeting place for friends, Facebook has grown into a venue for businesses to market themselves through interaction with customers and self-promoters.

Business and Marketing

Facebook Business Marketing

These pages let businesses identify themselves not just through listing product offerings and service, but also by sharing links, images, and posts on a customizable page to give a better sense of a business personality and character.

It helps people connect with your business. They establish your business presence on Facebook so that people can find out about you and connect with you. Potential customers are already looking for businesses like yours on Facebook. Once you have created your page, you can also use it to post content, link to your website, and communicate with fans and followers for free. You also need to create a Facebook business page before you can start using paid marketing strategies on Facebook, including Ads.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page

  • Login to Facebook official portal https://www.facebook.com/pages/create. You need to be logged into a Facebook personal account to get started.
  • Enter your business details.
  • Click on get started under the business options.
  • A menu with different fields to fill in your page Name, Categories, Address and Phone Number.
  • You will ask to upload a profile photo and cover photo then click next to upload the photos.
  • A tips on how to complete your page, click on see all page tips.
  • A menu with several steps to fill will appear on the screen.
  • You are to fill all the required information for your page.

List of Facebook Business Categories

Below is a list of Facebook business page categories:

  • Local Business.
  • Place.
  • Company.
  • Organization.
  • Institution.
  • Brand.
  • Product.
  • Artist.
  • Public figures.
  • Entertainment.
  • Cause.
  • Community.

Types of Facebook Business Marketing Post

There different types of Facebook Business Marketing posts. And they are as follows below:

  • Facebook Text post.
  • Photo Post.
  • Video Post.
  • Live Video Post.
  • Linked Content Post.
  • Facebook Poll Post.
  • Facebook Stories.
  • Pinned Post.

How to Choose the Perfect Marketing Post

  • Know what customers love about your company and your products.
  • Challenges people are having that you know your product can help them address.
  • You have to differentiate yourself from the competition.

How to Create a Facebook Business Marketing Strategy

To build a solid business strategy on social media you need to follow the steps below:

  • You have to define your audience.
  • Set a goal.
  • Plan your content mix.
  • Optimize your page for engagement.
  • Consider using other Facebook tools.
  • Incorporate Facebook ads and Facebook pixels.
  • Track measure and refine.

I hope with this article you will be able to use Facebook for marketing purposes.

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This Is How Facebook Dating Works – Facebook Dating Review | How to Use Facebook Dating

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 This Is How Facebook Dating Works! This article will be referring you to how you can make use of this online dating feature within this social media app. There are millions of people out there who are currently making use of this feature and you should not miss out on this. Let’s move on to see what Facebook dating is all about and how it works.

Facebook Dating Works

Facebook Dating Review

Facebook dating is one of the latest features within the Facebook app. And we all know that Facebook has been about connections. On this social platform, you get to connect with your friends, keep in touch with family, and even reconnect to old friends. Not just that! You are able to find and patronize businesses. What else? You can also get fans for your career and customers for your business and brand.

Right now, it is possible for you to find other singles on Facebook and build up meaningful relationships. So, if you are single and seeking a chance to meet new friends and a romantic partner, Facebook has got you covered! Are you surprised about this? Yes, just so many people are but it is all for your convenience. Join the millions of people who are already there, as you get to connect with so many other singles in the dating home.

How to Use Facebook Dating

Still on This Is How Facebook Dating Works! You would really want to find out how this dating feature works, right? This online dating is a feature within the main Facebook app itself. As long as you have the Facebook app with an active account in it, you are surely good to go. What else? You also have to make sure the feature is available in your location. What does this mean?

Currently, the Facebook dating app is available to 20 countries only. And only Facebook users in these locations are able to find and make use of this feature. So, if you are sure that it is available in your location, you will find it right within your main Facebook app. From here, you have to set up a Facebook dating profile, which will help you match and communicate with other singles in the dating home. This Is How Facebook Dating Works!

How to Activate Facebook Dating

Activating this feature has to do with setting up a dating profile. This Is How Facebook Dating Works! In this part, you will find the steps to help you get a profile. You will use this profile to match with singles, engage in activities within the dating home, and start-up private conversations too!

Facebook Dating Profile

To activate this feature for use, you have to set up a separate profile that will help you in the dating home. This profile will give you the chance to interact with other singles, engage in fun activities, and do so much more. Let’s check out the steps to help you get your profile up and running.

  • Open the Facebook app on your phone or visit the website on facebook.com.
  • Log into your account within the site.
  • On your account, go to your Facebook profile.
  • At the top of the profile section, tap on the heart-like icon.
  • In this part, you have to fill in your gender, location, interests, and a photo of yourself.
  • Confirm the process.

This will take you into the dating home. This Is How Facebook Dating Works!

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Marketplace Buying and Selling – Facebook Marketplace | How to Access the Facebook Marketplace

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 What do you understand by ‘marketplace buying and selling’? Do you know that you can now buy and sell on the Facebook platform? Yes, you can. If you don’t know about this, now you know. You can now do, more than just chatting on the Facebook platform. With Facebook, you can now set up shop. You can also buy from other users on the platform. All you need to do to buy and sell on the Facebook marketplace is to adhere to the policies and principles of the Facebook marketplace feature.

Marketplace Buying and Selling 

Marketplace Buying and Selling

Facebook now has a feature known as the Facebook marketplace. With this feature, you can now be able to sell and buy on Facebook. If you are a small business owner or a retailer then this platform is for you. If you haven’t made use of this platform, then you need to start making use of it.

This is the best platform, to start upon with. This is because selling and buying on this platform is almost free. Setting up a selling profile on the feature is free. Listing items for sale is also free. The only time you will be requested to pay a fee is when you make a purchase on the platform. Facebook will only collect a little percentage of sales via the platform, nothing major.

What You Need To Have Access to Facebook Marketplace Buying and Selling

The Facebook marketplace feature is still in its testing phase. This, therefore, means that it is not yet available to all regions where Facebook is available. To access this Facebook feature you need to be in a region with access to the Facebook marketplace. If you are in a region with access to the Facebook marketplace, you still cannot get access to this feature on Facebook. If you are new to Facebook, you will not be able to access this feature. In a bid to weed out scam accounts users with new accounts on the platform are not allowed access to the platform.

You also must be 18 years and older to get access and you must be using Facebook in a selected and accepted language. Lastly, you must have the latest version of the Facebook app installed on our device. For iPhone users, you must not be using an iPhone model older than iPhone 5.

How to Access the Facebook Marketplace

This feature can be accessed by just anybody on the Facebook platform. You can see this icon at the left-hand column of your Facebook account page. Click on the icon and you will be taken to the marketplace page immediately. Or you can go to Facebook Marketplace.

If you do not see the marketplace icon, tap on see more. This will reveal the icon to you.

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Marketplace Items for Sale – Facebook Marketplace | How to List Items for Sale on the Facebook Marketplace

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 Want some marketplace items for sale? If you do, then you are in the right place. I will be telling you of the way you can list items for sale via this feature on Facebook. Do you know that you can now list items for sale on Facebook? Yes, you can. There are now features on the Facebook platform where you can now use to buy and sell on Facebook. I will be telling you about one of these features which is the Facebook marketplace. With this feature on Facebook, active users on the portal can now list items for sale and can also purchase items from other users on the platform.

Marketplace Items 

Marketplace Items for Sale

What have you heard of the Facebook marketplace feature? This feature is not the first of its kind on the Facebook platform but it is one of the best. This feature on Facebook directly helps users with buying and selling. The feature has been of tremendous help to retailers on the platform. Selling and buying via this feature is almost free. You don’t need to pay to set up shop on the platform. You also get to list items for sale on this platform for free.

What You Need To Post Items for Sale on the Facebook Marketplace

To be able to sell or list items on the Facebook marketplace for sale you need to be a registered user on the platform. In other words, you need to have a Facebook account. Since the Facebook marketplace is kind of a new feature, it is not yet available to all regions with access to Facebook. You will need to be in a region with access to the Facebook marketplace. If you are a new account holder on Facebook you will not be able to access or list items for sale on the platform.  If you breach the policies of this Facebook feature, you will be restricted or your access might be removed. So be careful about what you post and how you make use of the platform. Make sure all the things listed above are in place, then you will have unrestricted access to the platform.

How to List Items for Sale on the Facebook Marketplace

To list items for sale on this platform, follow the steps below;


  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • Click on the marketplace icon from the left column.
  • Click on the sell something tab and then item for sale.
  • Enter your listing title, price, location, and category.
  • You can also add a description if you choose to.
  • Upload the photo of your listings and click on next.
  • Lastly, click on publish to post your listing.

Android Mobile App

  • Open the Facebook app and login to your account.
  • Tap on the menu icon.
  • Tap on sell at the top of the page and then on items.
  • Enter the necessary info on the product you are listing for sale and tap on next.
  • Select a place to list your items and lastly tap on publish.

That’s all on listing items for sale on the platform.

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Ads Manager Campaign – Facebook Advertising | How to Create an Ads Manager Campaign on Facebook

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 What is an ads manager campaign? Do you know? The ads manager campaign here is in line with the Facebook ads manager platform. If you are an active user of the Facebook platform then you will be familiar with this. Well, you don’t just have to be familiar with the Facebook platform to be familiar with this Facebook tool. You need to be a marketer on the platform. This further means that you already make use of the Facebook platform for business purposes such as advertising and so much more. if you have no idea about this platform on Facebook and how it works, then here is your chance. Keep reading to find out more about it.

Ads Manager Campaign 

Ads Manager Campaign

I remember the first time a friend of mine found out about advertising on Facebook. I mean he was perplexed. He never knew that he too can advertise or use the platform for advertising purposes just like most users using the platform for business purposes. Well, he wasn’t cool about it, not until I told him about it and how it works. This tool on Facebook simply means creating ads via the Facebook ads manager platform. Facebook ads manager campaigns are ads or ad units on the platform. This is a must-use tool as an advertiser on the platform.

How to Create an Ads Manager Campaign

Creating an ads manager campaign is easy. All you need to do to successfully create an ad campaign on Facebook is to visit the main ads manager platform Here. On the ads manager platform, click on the ‘create tab’. When you click on this tab, you will need to set up an audience, budget, placements, and others. When creating ad campaigns on the Facebook ads platform, there are two workflows with which you can choose from. The guided creation option guides you through the steps in creating a campaign to completion. If you are new to Facebook ads, you need to choose this workflow. The second workflow to make use of is the quick creation workflow. This option is for advanced and skilled advertisers who are familiar with Facebook advertisements.

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